He twirled her around to Glenn Miller's In The Mood, dipping her down. Her head fell back, her soft blond locks flipping back revealing her blinding smile to him. He pulled her back up and she rested her head on his shoulder for a moment, giggling. He stared at Jack smugly, who smiled and shook his head.

When she pulled away his breath caught in his throat.

Her face was flushed, her cheeks tinged with a rosy glow. Her skin shimmered in the faint blue light of the Tardis, her brown eyes wide with excitement. She was smiling softly at him, her tongue peeking out between her teeth. Her fluffed hair fell about her shoulders, a few strands touching her cheeks.

And in that moment he loved everything about her. Her Union Jack shirt. Her faded blue jeans that looked so good on her. Even her fluffy hair.

This human girl had saved him and she hadn't even know it.

What about you Doctor? What the hell are you changing into?

She had helped him. Made him a better person.

It was funny how many different races underestimated humans.

One silly little ape had changed him, a Time Lord, into something more. And she had no idea.

He opened his mouth, grinning, to tell her he loved how she looked right now. To tease her, of course, or see how she would react, he told himself.

At least that was what he had meant to say.

But what came out was "I love you."

He felt his eyes widen and out of the corner of his eye saw Jack shuffle and give a small cough, laughing.

He watched Rose's mouth pop open in surprise, her eyes growing round with disbelief. He crossed his amrs and stared at her sternly, wondering what she would say and telling himself in no uncertain terms that he was definitely not nervous.

Of course, he hadn't meant to tell her that but he wasn't going to take it back either. No need to let her know his mouth had run off without him. He would never hear the end of it.

But then she gazed up at him and the excitement was sparkling in her eyes again. She stepped close to him, touching his arm tentatively.


The Tardis rocked suddenly, a high pitched siren reverberating throughout the room.

He felt her grip the sleeve of his jacket, trying to regain her balance. Tugging her hand gently away he ran over to the controls, striding to the monitor and pushing a few buttons. At once the noise was cut off. "Bloody hell, Doctor. What was that?"

He glanced at Jack, who was rubbing his ears and grimacing.

"It's nothing. We were just getting a bit too close to the middle ages. But," he spun around the controls, pulling levers and twisting dials, "I can fix that."

He avoided looking at Rose as he paused near the monitor. But she sidled up next to him, her arm brushing against his, and he glanced sideways at her. She was smiling softly, gazing down at the controls.

He tried to hide his own grin as he walked around the controls, setting coordinates.