Okay , this is the sequel to "Anyone but Me" and "The Manly Diary Of Mr Maturity "

if you havent read one of them , you probably should , but i guess you dont nessecarily have to.


This is pretty short , because I've never done Lily's p.O.V before .

Sooooo please guys let me know what you think or ask me any questions you might have . The only thing i ask is that you do it nicely , but most of you do that anyway .

Im really excited about this story , but also kinda nervous as you can clearly see beacause i am literally babbling .

okay enough now ...... ONWARD!!!!


"Lily !"

" LILY!!"


I flinched, and tried to hide under my covers as my older brother flipped on my lights.


I rolled my eyes , having no intention of getting up unless my mother came in and personally dragged me out of my bed .

" Get out James !" I said from under my covers .

It was silent for a second. I was actually foolish enough to think he had listened to me , until........


" UGH!"

I had the breath knocked out of me ,as the weight of and eighteen year old boy crushed me .

" GET OFF!" I yelled, struggling to breath .

" GET UP!" he yelled back.

" NO!"


" HOW OLD ARE YOU!???" I yelled louder ,as he jumped up and down on my bed .


" GET OUT!" I yelled again .

Thankfully , he jumped down. " Fine , I'll get out . But if your not up in ten minutes , I'm coming back with a water gun. I will not be late for my seventh year because you're an insufferable troll in the mornings!"

I threw a pillow at him ,as he slammed my door .

It wasn't even worth trying to go back to sleep . I could practically hear him down at the kitchen sink filling up one of his water canon things . That had always been a strange thing about James , he had his entire closet stacked with weapons of every variety . Water guns, catapults , slingshots ,he had a huge metal pipe in there at one time . Basically it had never occurred to him that if anyone were ever to attack us it would be a wizard , in which case a pipe wouldn't exactly be a choice weapon .

All that weapon nonsense was probably out the window though , because now he could legally do magic . In fact I was sure that he would have just jinxed me out of bed a minute ago , had Mum not forbid him to even think about doing magic in the house unless it was a emergency .

This policy was invoked because ever since he and Wood got their apparition licenses, they have been dong it non stop. SO magic is banned , and if James violates that rule he wont be able to take his muggle driving test next Summer .

I sighed at the thought of James behind the wheel of a car , somthing that had haunted my dreams since he brought it up at the beginning of the summer , and climbed out of bed .

Getting dressed was a boring process , I didn't go over board with my hair or makeup .I didn't see a reason too .

James had apparently already gotten my trunk from my room . So now I had nothing to do , but sit and wait for them to call me downstairs so I could be shipped off to my personal prison for the next year.

I have to be the only one who isn't excited about this year. That's all everyone had been talking about for the last three days , even at the burrow all last week , they were going on and on .I just don't see the reason for it . But of course I was the only one ...... as per usual .

James was almost counting down the days . Apparently his last year couldn't come soon enough . Of course he'd be excited , freedom was so close . Not only that but he's been wanting to get away for a while now . After Teddy and Victiore's wedding , he kept in contact with this girl named Julie . He really liked her , that much was obvious , but about a month ago he got a call from her , she was vacationing in Italy . Apparently she had met some guy named Paolo or some nonsense like that . James tried to pretend like it didn't hurt him , and everyone else pretended like we didn't know he was pretending . Needless to say he'll be grateful to get out of range of her weekly phone calls about the new purse Paolo had bought her . I suppose letters will be easier to ignore.

Al was excited too. Though his reason is a little crazy in my opinion . My other lovable brother also had some relationship issues this summer . His " girlfriend" Leahah , decided that they should " take a break" at least until school started , and then they could decide what to do from there . Apparently Al is under the impression that when he sees her later today, everything will go back to the way it was at the end of last year.

Well I know Leahah , so ....... I know it wont . I just don't have the heart to tell Al.

Hugo's also ecstatic, though his reason I can sort of begin to understand . See my older cousin Fred and his best friend Grizz graduated last year . That means that there are now two vacant positions on the Gryffindor quidditch team ( both beaters , had it been anything else I may have tried out , but I have a rubbish swing ). Hugo thinks that since there will be two rookies on the team , he will no longer be the weakest link .. . which is to say the stooge . Plus , since Fred and Grizz are gone , he figures he'll get a little more say in this group of ours , almost like their absence will make him seem older . Now before you start to think that that's pathetic you have to understand that Hugo has never had authority over ANYTHING. He was always cool about it , followed behind and kept his mouth shut , but I think Hugh wants a little time to shine . Plus Fred told him some rubbish about how the fate of Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes rests on his shoulders . I think that is a dramatization of epic proportions , but hey .... what do I know?

And Rose , oh I knowhow excited Rose is . She tries not to show it , even goes so far as to pretend that she dreads it . But I know the truth . She is absolutely DYING to flaunt her new relationship to Hogwarts and if I'm perfectly honest , I am rather psyched to see some reactions myself . God I hope I'm around when her ex sees them , the slimy toad. See last year Rose dated this slytherin idiot named Nick Layndon . The problem with this was A .Layndon was an douche bag and B. she was uncompromisingly in love with my as good as adopted brother Jordan Wood .

Well Layndon cheated on her , embarrassed her , and then pretty much got the shit kicked out of him repeatedly by various members of team Rose . Leaving her to realize that she did in fact love Wood, and that he was an infinitely better choice for her . They hooked up at Victiore's wedding .

And I haven't heard the end of it since then . That's another thing no one will shut up about . Mum , Dad, Uncle Ron, Aunt Hermione , James , AL , Mum Weasley , even Uncle Percy pulled his head out of the minister's ass long enough to get a word in . Because it wasn't a normal teenage relationship like we were all expecting .

Rose is an emotional time bomb , with a temper to rival an eruptive volcano . Jordan has a ridiculous amount of baggage , with his dysfunctional family and all , and he tries to be as emotionless as possible . We all knew they were gonna end up dating , but we were also pretty sure that they'd drive each other crazy . One of those fanatical on – off relationships like Teddy and Victiore had . But its not , it's almost like ...... they're already married . Not in bad way or anything , their relationship is almost ... adult , its not juvenile . Yeah they have petty fights, and annoy one and other , but the way the know each other and take care of each other . You would seriously think they were married . It was just so natural , like they'd been together since the day they were born .

It's really not fair , I mean everyone else has nothing but crap relationships , and we mine as well be picking their invitation designs!

I am happy for them though , they need each other . At the begging of the Summer , Wood's Mum and Dad had a major row . Apparently Ms. Stacey ( his Mum) ended up going to live with her sister in America , and good old Oliver is with his quidditch mob right now . Neither one of them even thought about Jordan though , they pretty much abandoned him , he could have gone to the states with his Mum , but I'm glad he didn't he gets into a lot of trouble there .He stayed alone at that house for a week , still hasn't told anyone but James , my Dad ,and Rose exactly what was said during the row . At first he had point blank refused to leave his house . He wanted to stay there on his own . Rose went over there one day and changed his mind though . Didn't ask how.... don't really want to know , so he came here .

He's nearly wetting himself with excitement as well. I heard him yesterday going on and on about quidditch , and scouts , and getting signed . Mum actually took him to work a few times so he could talk to some quidditch legends and what not . He's also particularly eager to see Layndon again . Rose told him not to start anything , but honestly with the history between those two all Jordan will have to do is walk past him and all hell will break lose .

It should be interesting .

I however, have nothing to look forward to except for the aforementioned chaos that could possibly ensue due to my rather obnoxious family. There's no one at Hogwarts that I particularly miss , I pretty much despise all my classes, I have no boyfriend ......

As in I haven't had a successful relationship like ...... ever

My last "boyfriend" was a Hufflepuff named Cody Gaines. He seemed alright , until it occurred to me that all we ever did was snog . When I brought this fact to his attention and told him I didn't want it to be like that , he very gracefully dumped me two days later .

And then the "ice bitch" rumors started .

Oh yeah , I cant wait to go back to a place where every guy thinks I'm a spoiled little tease , and every girl thinks I'm a stuck up bitch .


There is nothing special about fourth year either .

Last year we got to go to Hogsmeade for the first time , next year we have our O.W.L.S.


I need something to distract me from my pathetic life .... or lack there of ....

Maybe I should just suck it up and try out for the quidditch team ...... and if I suck , then I can be the water girl .

" LILY LETS GO!" My Mum's voice rang from downstairs .

Grudgingly I walked down .

It seems like every year I get less and less excited and............

"Oh for the love of Merlin!"

James was attempting to do the worm on our coffee table . He was chanting something like " Seventh year , seventh year ".

And of course Wood was being the typical instigator by taking a video of it on his phone . Al just looked amused .

Then Mum walked in .


James and Wood acted like they hadn't even been yelled at ... I guess you become immune to it after a while .

I was the last one into the van , so I was shoved in the back next to Al .

I promise you this now .... if I have to hear James squeal out ONE more song about being a seventh year, I will find a way to suffocate myself in the seat cushions .


Remember this is just an intro ....... what do you think so far?