Me: You guys ready?

Piper: New story? What's this one about?

Me: Oh… nothing much. Just the Back Yard Junk atmosian tour. You guys know who I own and who I don't. Now on with the story.


"Oh my god! That was amazing!" Piper squealed, hugging Topaz and emerald, two twins of a rising band, BYJ, or better known as Back Yard Junk. Emerald slipped out of the hug and slipped her neon green guitar into it's case. Topaz smiled and put her highlighter yellow guitar into it's case. Carla sat off to the side on a black sofa filing her nails. Chris walked in with a frown on his face.

"Why is there a thong on the stage?" He asked. Finn started to laugh hysterically as Stork cringed. Saphire raised her eyebrow.

"Is It pink with blue frills along the top?" Aria asked. Chris nodded. " That would be mine."

"What?!" Aerrow demanded, turning to face his sister.

"I was only kidding. It belonged to the sitting next to me." Aria exclaimed, a smile on her face.

"Saphire the hell-"

"Other side." Aria snapped.


SLAM! Everyone looked up as Chase Stormed in, his eyes dark and annoyed.

"What's With you?" Tia asked shaking her green hair out of her eyes as Tina pulled her pink hair into a High pony tail as she walked toward the door.

"Do you want the good news or my annoyance first?" Chase asked, turning toward them.

"Good news. Cushion the blow." Emerald exclaimed.

"We've been challenged by the third best band in the Atmos, Chainsaw. Next Thursday at 'Club Shelda' at 10." Chase exclaimed. They all started to cheer until the door slammed open into Tina, knocking her to the floor. A with pale skin and lavender hair covering one of her dark red eyes stood there. She wore a dark blue mini skirt, black knee high boots, and a white one shouldered belly shirt with dark green letters cross the front.

'Back Yard Junk'

" CHASE!" The cried, sorrow twisting itself in her voice.

"Marla…." Chase growled.

"Introducing Chase's Annoyance… MARLA! His ex-girlfriend." Chris exclaimed in annoyance as He helped Tina up off the floor. Carla groaned and walked out onto the balcony as the strange ran to Chase and clutched him.

"Chase… please… give me another chance!" She begged. Chase shoved her away from him almost harshly, his eyes dark and angry.

"Marla, get the hell out!" Carla growled darkly, leaning against the door frame between the balcony and the dressing room. Saphire stood off to the side, now filing her nails a nail filer she pulled out of her purse.

"Chase… please… I am begging you. Just one more chance!" Marla begged, grabbing at Chase, not even bothering to correct her skirt as it showed the straps of her black lace thong.

"NO!" Chase snapped sternly. " Get out."

"Chase, I don't care if you get to together with me for me or for our son. Just as long as Jase has his father. Please…" Marla whined. Aria spat out the water she was drinking as they heard Carla choking on her beer.

"Chase has a son?" Aria whispered to Carla who appeared again in the door away.

"I told you he's not mine. If you remember we had only once with three different protection objects. You and my brother didn't. Either it's his or it's one of the other guys you screwed while we were . "Chase snapped, getting out of Marla's Clutches, making Aria sigh with relief. Carla shook her head and walked back out onto the balcony.

"You know what Marla, Just get the hell out!" Chris shouted. Marla ran over to Topaz.

"Topaz… please… you're smart, reasonable, and responsible... you understand… don't you?" Marla begged. Topaz's stern expression soften mush to the other's disbelief.

"I think I do." Topaz exclaimed. Before she could continue, her twin spoke.

"I do too." Emerald snapped. " I understand that you're a desperate with a kid so you go to your rich famous ex-boyfriend and beg him for money."

"And that you didn't get an abortion!" Topaz added with tart laughter. Laughter of the others echoed around the room, causing Marla to turn bright red. She turned around, looking for someone to make understand. She ran to Aria and broke down crying. Carla was leaning against the railing on the balcony watching.

"Bad choice." Carla murmured as she watched, laughter echoing in her voice.

"Please… I just need someone to help me raise my son, Jase. He's sick a lot. But his father won't forgive me for something I had no control over. I just want my son to have his real father to be loved by. But how can I if he won't forgive me? Do you understand?" Marla whimpered, her eyes big like a doe's. Aria bite her lip before nodding.

"I do understand. I know-" Marla cut her off.

"SEE! She understands!"

"Yes. I do. I understand that you have a son. I understand that you need money. I understand that you have no life, no value in life, that you are the lowest scum in the Atmos, attempting to use a richer man to escape your problems. I know your type. Coach bag, Gucci boots. Series skirt and a 50 dollar t-shirt explains it all. The Lace thong just confirms it. Slut. Whore. Striper. All very good names for you. It's time you take responsibility for what you did." Aria spat her voice going soft in the beginning to harsh at the end. Marla growled and slapped her.

"I am not a . "Marla spat.

"Oh but you're a ?" Aria asked. Marla spat in her face, causing Chase to go over the edge and shove Marla harshly to the floor.

"You will show her the appropriate respect." Chase Spat. Marla's eyes widened.

"She's your friend isn't she?" Marla asked. Chase's lips didn't move when he almost inaudibly whispered some to Aria before she nodded.

"Yes. I am. Now you will go." Aria said sternly.

"And next time you meet her, you will treat her with respect."

"She's not really your friend!" Marla snapped, slowly rising to her feet.

"Oh really?"

"If She is. Prove it!" Marla snapped. Chase smiled and kissed Aria passionately on the lips. Saphire wolf whistled and clapped her hands

"Whoa! You go ! God I will never get tired of watching that. They are such a lovely dovey couple." Saphire exclaimed as Piper joined her seeing the situation.

"They are amazing." Piper exclaimed. Topaz and Emerald whistled as Aria and Chase slowly separate, both dazed slightly. Marla's eyes narrowed dangerously. She pointed at the two.

"You two will regret this. I promise you chase, You will return to me and Jase. You will." Marla hissed before storming out of the room. Chase smiled and turned to Aria.

"Thank you for posing as my friend." Chase exclaimed. Aria smiled.

"Always glad to help a friend." Aria chirped. Saphire smiled.

"You know what we need?" Saphire asked. Aria smiled.

"I totally do!" Aria cheered.

"Girls night out!" The s chimed. Topaz and Emerald smiled. Carla shrieked, jumping into the room as a loud bang of thunder was heard bringing down buckets of water down with it. Carla walked in soaking wet, her black hair covering face as she glared.

"Okay… actually I think the correct term is s night in." Topaz exclaimed.

"You mean if we can get out of here right?" Emerald exclaimed. Topaz laughed.

"Let's go. We have our limo waiting for us. Darla will send over the instruments tomorrow. Come on. Aria, Saphire, you to head out first. " Topaz exclaimed. Aria squealed.

"WE get to ride with?!" Saphire squealed.

"Duh. Carla, followed by Finn, Emerald and I, Chase, Piper, Aerrow, Tia and Tina, and then Junko. Okay? It'll seem like a security guard thing. Kay? Topaz exclaimed.

"Umbrella's?" Carla asked, wringing out her hair.

"Oh… um… no. Sorry." Topaz frowned. Carla sighed.

"Go s!" Topaz exclaimed. Saphire and Aria nodded, running out of the building and pushing people back behind the red velvet ropes as Carla ran and jumped into the limo to keep from getting any more wet then she already was. Finn helped Aria hold back this guy who was attempting to get to Topaz and Emerald, both getting soaked as they calmly waved. They stepped into the limo and disappeared from view. Chase took Aria's Hand and led her to the limo, grabbing Saphire's Arm along the way.

"Get in before you catch cold." He told them. They nodded and got I, quickly followed by Chase and Chris. Tia and Tina were ushered in by Aerrow, both s each carrying a single rose. Aerrow and Junko climbed in and closed the door. Chase sat down next to Aria, noticing her stare.

"What are you looking at?" Chase asked, looking out the window with her. Aria pointed to Marla who glared at the limo from the other side of the tinting. " Don't mind her. She can't do anything"

"She's really mad. How do we know she can't do anything? Aria asked. Chase shrugged as the limo pulled away from the curb and drove off.


"She will die. I will take her place and get that money." Her dark hair covered her eyes a child cried from the other rooms. " SHUT UP!"


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