Junjou Romantica -THE NEW STORY-

Act: 2

Vol: 1

Couple: ReKe Disclaimer: I don't own the animes I use in this chapter!!

A/N: im sorry I havent been writing this lol xD but im back!! I have to get used to the characters again so don't be hard on me! .

I love you……I love you… those are the words he said. Im still confused about my feelings for him. I was drunk that night and didn't know what I was doing. Before I decide what I want to do I need to know what exactly happened after I got drunk and I also need to know….did I enjoy what me and Ken did? The only person who could tell me is Ken himself. Hopefully I'll see him today…I hope. "Another day of work eh?" I say to myself as I wake up. "mmm I hope I see Ken today" I walk downstairs and "HUH??!!??" "Oh Ohayo..Ren-chan!! ^_^" "H-How did you get here!!!" "I found an extra key at your front door and I made you breakfast see? Eggs and rice ^_^" I sigh. "Ok" I pick up my chop sticks and dip my eggs in soy sauce. "Sugoi!! These are really good Ken-san!! How do you do it?" he laughs in a jokingly way. "It's a family recipe" he winked. "Its really good! I love it!" "Thanks." "So do you often cook Ken-san?" "Yeah.. Since I was little my mother taught me how to cook. I loved cooking with her all the time it was so much fun" "I see" then I kept on eating. I felt really awkward being with him right now eating, but I have to keep him here and ask what happened that night. "Do you watch Anime Ken-san?" "Yeah I watch Gravitation and my favorites Okane Ga Nai." GAH!! THERE ALL YAOI!!! "Ugh.." I cough. "Uhmmm those animes are pretty good." " Yeah..which ones do you watch Rei?" "Well I watch Cowboy Bebop and Death Note I love the art of Takeshi Obata" "Those are some pretty good anime to you watch" " Yeah the type of genres we like are so different ^_^' you know you like yaoi…and I like I guess violent shonen." "You should try to watch Okane Ga Nai its really good you know" "Maybe I will one of these days ^_^" I realize I still have a full plate of food so I just keep eating my eggs and bowl of rice. "We have a nice conversation going don't we Ken-san" I laugh" "Yeah we do its great to have a conversation like this you know." Now's my chance to ask. "Umm Ken-san about the night before wha~!" He slammed his hands on the table in Rage and slammed the door and left. What did I say did it really bother him for me to remind him. D-oes he not really…Love me?