Set in "Never Leave Me". Or kind of, I am afraid to say I don't remember the episode that well (though I did reread the shooting script to make sure I wasn't being incoherent or anything)

I don't own it. To coin a popular Sunnydale phrase: duh.

Anya drabble x less than 200 words

Once they were done with interrogating Andrew, Anya flipped her handy agenda open to the 'To Do as a Mortal' section (the one after 'Happy Money (AKA finance)' and before 'Women to Visit for Vengeance Gigs'). Her eyes swiftly surveyed the Not Sexual column (picnic at the Grand Canyon; kiss underwater; monkey pet—her heart cried at the memories). At the fifth position was her tight scribble "Act out scene from cop movies". A little arrow with a question mark above pointed to the sex section—she remembered imagining kinky costumes and dirty questioning.

It hadn't turned out like that, obviously. But still—cop games, check. She was proud of how good she was at accumulating experience. Only a few things remained undone. Riding a horse into the setting sun whilst singing, trying out threesomes, getting married and getting old with Xander…

Anya closed the agenda when all she could see were blurry shapes of letters and of doodle-hearts. She wiped the tears and snot with the sleeve of Xander's borrowed sweater.

Getting her heart broken then repeatedly trampled on? Definite check.


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