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Just one more report to go...

It was the only thought that agent Olivia Dunham could manage to run through her head at eleven thirty on that Thursday night, and was what she was repeating to her half-awake self to keep her going, since the never-ending stack of reports sitting mockingly beside her on the desk weren't going to analyze themselves.

But as another unexpected heat wave passed through her body, it became even harder to concentrate on the given task. Olivia hurriedly pulled off her jacket as a fresh wave of nausea hit her, and a clammy sweat broke out on her forehead. Feeling sick, she stood up and was about to finally give in to her yearnings and leave the Bishop's lab for the day, but a glance at the reports made her resort to sitting back down and instead leaning her forehead onto the cool, refreshing surface of the metal desk.

I'll just stay like this for one more minute, until I feel a little better, and then get back to my reports, she told herself, letting her body finally relax in what seemed like forever as she wrapped her arms around herself protectively, her back crouched over so that she could remain sitting and keep her forehead on the cold desk also.

Just for one more minute...


"Olivia? 'Liv?"

She could hear her name being called, but it was a struggle to open her eyes, the stupor of sleep she had fallen in fighting to make sure she continued having some well-needed rest. She tried to move from her awkward position over the desk, but found a sharp pain go down her back as she did so.

Fortunately, the owner of the voice seemed to realize what she was doing, and she suddenly felt two strong yet incredibly gentle hands tenderly grab her by the shoulders and help her sit up.

Eyes still completely closed, Olivia fought back a hiss of pain that was trying to be released from her mouth as she sat up, her back screaming from soreness. All of a sudden she felt one of the strong hands on her shoulders move down to her back and begin soothingly massaging it, and she unintentionally leaned into the comforting touch, processing that it was helping with the pain a lot.

The kind voice spoke again.

"'Liv? Are you okay?"

She felt the hand that was still on her shoulder shift to her clammy forehead, and then a barely audible gasp. "My God 'Liv, you're burning up!"

Unfortunately Olivia couldn't disagree. Her back feeling better thanks to the constant massage going on by her unidentified savior, now all of the other uncomfortable symptoms she was enduring before accidentally dozing off came back to her full force. She placed a hand over her mouth to keep from moaning in pain, and her eyes still remained tightly shut.

The gentle hand on her forehead moved down to brush a strand of hair from her moist face, and then rested on her chin, softly holding it up. Then the voice spoke again.

"Open your eyes, 'Liv."

Olivia would have much rather kept her eyes squeezed shut, seeing as it was one way she was bottling up the pain inside of her, but the voice was so soothing and etched with such a surprising amount of concern that she decided to open them. Plus, it was the least she could do for whoever had helped her so much in just the past few minutes.

Biting down on her bottom lip to keep from audibly exposing how much pain she was in, she slowly flickered her eyes open.

Peter Bishop was crouched down to her eye level, his deep blue eyes staring at her intently, revealing intense anxiety in them as he saw how much pain she had been hiding in her own eyes before opening them.

"My God 'Liv, are you okay? What happened? How are you feeling?" The words came out in a rush, and Olivia averted her eyes to the floor, embarrassed by his concern and at how horrible she must look, being all dishelved and clammy.

"I don't know," she admit honestly. " Ever since our last case with Mr. Jones and those lights-" Olivia suppressed a shudder here, since she was still having difficulty dealing with how close she had come to not turning off the lights and not preventing a horrible massacre that could have killed millions of lives, "-I've been feeling a little off, I don't know why, but-"

All of a sudden Olivia was cut off by a powerful wave of nausea hitting her, and although she quickly squeezed her eyes shut and put one of her abnormally cold hands over her mouth, she couldn't stop herself from leaning over into Peter's chest and letting out a small whimper of pain.

Peter immediately wrapped his arms around her, keeping her locked safely in his embrace, and helped her stand up with him. He once again pressed the back of his hand against her forehead, as the other one supported her by holding her around the waist, and his eyes widened in alarm as he noticed she was rapidly getting hotter. Without thinking, his hand moved down to pop a few buttons on her white blouse, which was sticking to her like a second layer of skin from her body temperature, open, trying to lower her fever.

Olivia opened her eyes at Peter's touch, unable to shake off the foreign feeling of electricity that shook through her when he made contact with the tender skin centimeters below her neck.

Seeing that she had opened her stunning blue eyes once more, Peter took this as a sign of consciousness and quickly spoke to her.

"Olivia, you need to go home, maybe even the hospital if this gets worse! You need to-"

But she interrupted, fully waking up at his absurd words. "Peter! What are you saying? I have a stack of reports that still need to be looked at, Broyles wants them in by tomorrow morning-"

However, Olivia was cut off by Peter's low, exasperated groan, and he rolled his eyes before looking at her shocked face again. "I swear, only you would be more concerned about some stupid reports then your obviously poor current state of health!" Olivia feebly opened her mouth to speak, but he wouldn't have it.

"Olivia, at the moment you are not physically stable to sit here and analyze reports 'til God knows when. You are going to leave the lab and go home, and you are going to get some rest." Peter knew these were foreign words to her, she spent an overwhelming amount of time at work compared to relaxing like normal human beings at home.

"But-" Olivia weakly began.

"No 'buts,' Miss Dunham. I don't want you to get any more sick than you already are, so please listen to me." Peter spoke with so much concern and, if she was honest with herself, Olivia knew what he said was right, she did need some rest in her condition, so she finally gave in to his request and nodded feebly.

At this Peter smiled widely, letting out a breath that he hadn't realized he had been holding, and it swirled over Olivia's face, smelling deliciously like mint, much to her pleasure. His strong arms that had been holding her began loosening their grip so that she could get her things.

However, the moment Peter let go of her, her knees suddenly buckled and gave way, her body too weak to support itself.

Olivia only had time to let her eyes widen in surprise at how frail her body had suddenly become, but Peter fortunately managed to swiftly snake an arm around her waist and put his other hand protectively under her neck, pulling her back up.

Moving his hand on her neck down to the small of her back, he looked at her, an eyebrow raised up at what had just happened, but worry etched deep in his eyes as well. Olivia blushed at his expression, totally embarrassed, and furious at herself for acting so weak. Composing himself from what had just happened, Peter cleared his throat.

"Okay, new plan then: I will be driving you home tonight."

Olivia sighed and hung her head down, but didn't object to Peter's order.

Surprised, he stared questioningly at her, and when she just stared back at him with the same confused expression, he remarked, "What? You're not going to object to me driving you home? What happened to 'I can take care of myself, Peter'?"

Olivia rolled her eyes and sighed once more, before finally saying, "Well, as much as I hate relying on people, I can't deny that there's a small chance I'll safely get home if I drive, so..."

At this, Peter smiled widely, having an internal celebration that the extremely independent Olivia Dunham was finally beginning to listen to him. He didn't know why, but for some reason he really enjoyed having her listen to him and letting him take care of her.

He looked down at her and brushed the same stubborn strand of hair that tried to cover her face to the side, but frowned once he realized her fever had risen even more.

Seeing him grimace kindled Olivia's curiosity, and she cocked her head to the side in an unintentionally cute way, while asking, "What's wrong?"

Peter quickly covered his gloomy expression at her words, and grinned at her instead.

"Nothing. Ready to go?"

Olivia grabbed her jacket, which was lying right next to her on the chair, and miserably nodded.

Peter couldn't help but chuckle at her gloomy expression on having to leave the reports behind, muttering how she was a "workaholic" under his breath as he adjusted them both so that they walked side by side, keeping a hand around her waist to support her as well.

Grateful that at this late at night he didn't need to worry about being teased by his father or Astrid for being so "physically close" to Olivia, Peter patiently helped an extremely worn out and aching Olivia walk through the lab, ignoring her feeble protests to walk by herself since he knew very well that she really wasn't capable of doing so.

Much to Peter's dismay, it was freezing cold outside when he and Olivia began walking across the Harvard campus to her car. He pulled her closer to himself, rubbing the side of her waist in an attempt to keep her warm.

Unbeknownst to him, however, were the fireworks that were exploding in Olivia from Peter's touch, making her both feel wonderful and angry with herself for reacting in such a way to his touch.

Still, by the time they reached her car Olivia was shivering, much more cold than Peter because she was sick (well, by now that was easily the condition she was classified under). She quickly handed Peter the keys and he helped her into the passenger of the car before walking around the SUV to sit in the driver's seat. He immediately turned on the heaters into full force after turning on the car, and, after noticing that she was still shivering after a minute inside the now toasty-warm car, took off his striking black winter coat and wrapped it around her.

The addition of Peter's coat finally did the trick of stopping Olivia's shivering, and he could see that whatever illness she had had really taken the energy out of her, since she was even more pale than usual. Her beautiful eyes were half-open, struggling to stay awake, and he could tell she was barely hanging on by a thread from going into a slumber again.

Not before taking one last glance at her, Peter now focused on driving her home as quickly as he could. It seemed like all the stars were out in the gorgeous Boston sky, and at that moment Peter felt immensely happy and content, a combination of emotions he hadn't experienced in a very long time.

He had a feeling it was because of the beautiful blonde agent sitting next to him right now.



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