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Author's Note: The color of Blair's bedroom walls intrigues me. The kids are currently in 8th grade. It's Blair's 14th birthday.

November 18, 2004

"So, you decided to show without a present, Bass?" Blair Waldorf glared at one of her (best) friends.

"Now why would you think I would come empty handed, Waldorf?" Chuck Bass took a sip of the scotch in the flask he was drinking out of it.

"Because I've been through all the gifts and nothing screams Bass, nor was your name on anything," she pouted.

"Patience is a virtue."

"You know what virtue means?" she smirked.

"Play nice or I won't give you your gift."

She perked up and moved to her bed, where the boy was, and sat beside him. She gave him an innocent smile. "Please?"

Chuck turned half an inch to better face her and stood up to retrieve the gift. He strolled over to Blair's book shelf and picked up the 400 plus page novel, then returned to his position on her bed.

"A book?" she looked at him questioningly and took it from his hands.

Les Liaisons dangereuses

She flipped through the pages and turned back to Chuck. "In French."

"I got it in Monaco. You'll like it, Waldorf."

"You're read it?" she threw him a smirk with her tone laced with disbelief and sarcasm.

"Just don't tell," he winked and stood up again.

"Enjoy," he said as he began walking out of the room.

She was too focused on the old French novel to pay attention to his departure.

"Happy Birthday."

Blair looked up as the door shut and then turned her gaze back on to the unusual gift.