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The Avatar of Greed, the Accuser, the first Fallen, Satan himself ran a claw through blond spikes in aggravation and clicked pointed fang against fang.

He slammed his iron pitchfork at Lust's head. "Tell me again, fucking chibi, why you let that Seraphim angel go?"

Lust started to cry, large brown eyes tearing at the pain. "B-but Hiruma-san!" The King of Hell, whose name was Hiruma, hit him again, just because. "He was very polite to me!"

Pride, who was reading a newspaper, snorted.

Hiruma, without turning his head away from torturing Sena, said, "Buzz off, old man."

Wrath piped up from the videogame he was playing with Sloth, "Not his fault, yeah? You know Sena can't battle with a guy like that on physical terms only."

Sena looked gratefully at Jyuumonji who in turn, blushed.

Hiruma glared even more and shook the small form of Lust. "And that is my exact problem, fucking chibi. You had him hooked, lined, and yet you didn't sink him. You'd already seduced him, dammit! You didn't have to overpower him! You just had to bring him down here!"

Sena wailed at the obvious threat to his life, hoping for an intervention from the Queen.

But he would be disappointed as Mamori-neechan had several other projects to see to that night.


It had really started with the creation of the Six Other Sins. Hiruma, who'd grown bored of torturing humans, decided to create for himself companions who'd delight with him in the said activity of tormenting God's favorite animals. First was Pride, but Hiruma got the mixture wrong, and there resulted Musashi who was more like an old samurai than anything else. He would not participate in any sadistic tendencies. Hiruma had curse and cussed so much that the sky turned dark, and therefore night was born.

At the very least, Pride's…well pride seemed to also infect some humans, so that wasn't a total failure.

Then there had been the second, who was Gula, Gluttony. And that turned out Kurita who would rather eat than bother other very nice people. Hiruma had gotten so mad that he'd thrown what crap there was around in Hell, that mountains were born from the resulting quakes.

Then the third was born, Sloth. It was the same. Togano would rather read comics and play videogames than do anything productive like a good citizen of hell should. Needless to say, Hiruma had gone off and massacred as many squirrels as he could before the heavens tried to flood him out of the fields. And the seas were born.

The pattern followed much the same. Fourth was Jyuumonji, the embodiment of Wrath, who while enjoying the activity of slamming people on the ground and hitting and kicking them in fury, did not actually enjoy anything much more complicated. Fifth had been Invidia or Monta who really didn't care for hurting other people as that would annoy the Queen very much to the max. Hiruma cared less what the Queen would say to him.

At the very least, their presence seemed to affect humans and bolstered the hidden darkness in them. And Hiruma was fine with this.

Then the Sixth was born, the youngest of them all. His name was Sena, the manifestation of Lust. Long, long legs and creamy skin and impossibly wide caramel eyes and the personality of a flustered virgin had been the perfect mixture. Humans started falling, one after the other, into Hiruma's greedy clutches. Of course, Mamori-neechan objected to her little brother being used as some sort of sex bait and often battled it out with the King of Hell.

Then Hiruma had hit upon the Best Fucking Plan of the century. He could make the other angels fall. Fall specifically for Lust. So, he set the Queen on as many projects as he could, projects of reforming as many criminal souls as she could, just as a good Catholic woman turned Queen of Hell should.

Bah humbug to them. Hiruma had other fish to fry. Like those damn Oujo Virtues.

And so Hiruma had Lust parading around near the training grounds of Oujo in skin-tight leather pants and chains, many many chains. He was allowed a shirt of his own, which was a shirt with a cute cat on it. Hiruma had smacked his forehead in exasperation after seeing it. It had been a gift from the unknowing Mamori-neechan.

The first Virtue that Sena had encountered was Shin, the angel of Persistence.

Of course, Shin had nothing on his mind but training, training, and more training and possibly a dash of more fucking training. So, Sena was merely forced to waggle back and forth in the empty training fields, pretending to walk and enjoy the afternoon sun.

He was very embarrassed about this.

And then Shin had started to run. Sena, startled, thinking Shin had finally caught on to him as a demon, had also started to run. Shin, meanwhile, had been actually just running for training but when he'd seen Sena run, his mind went like this: he wants to train too. Amazed that someone wanted to train with the frustratingly tireless Shin, so Virtue ran after Lust and Lust ran because he thought Persistence would kill him for attempting temptation.

So finally, Lust lost Shin around the suburbs and went back to Hell, metaphorical tail in between legs. And where, Hiruma blew up stuff in fury.

The tune to the Addams Family theme song began to ring in harsh grating sounds. There was a brief static as the song stopped altogether. All six Sins, as Monta was escorting Mamori, turned their heads to the door.

The wood around the knob cracked and a whole section of the door with said knob on it came off the door. It turned and Shin came in. He nodded to each five Sins and set the broken piece of the door on the table and bluntly said, "It broke," as if it was the door's fault for being poorly made.

He picked up the frozen Sena, slung him on his left shoulder, and walked out the door.

Hiruma began cackling. "Bring him back when you're done!"