Summary: 10 years ago she was just a girl who was in love with the boy that held the key to her heart. 10 years later she was just the girl missing the boy. The story of an epic love that will never die even when people do. Chuck/Blair! AU!

Disclaimer: I own nothing! But if I did, Chuck and Blair would have their own show and a certain blonde boy would never be there!

Rating: T

A/N: Hello lovely people! This is my TRUE new story! I deleted the other one! This is an idea I got from reading a love story it is an actual story! It will be a good journey so I hope you enjoy and always review! *kisses and hugs*



Ten days ago her phone rang. She was in bed with her husband in a deep slumber. When the phone rang she had no idea what it would do with her world.

When she was a teenager she had been alive. When she turned into an adult she went back to the life she once knew before being alive. As of right now she was stuck in a world of nothing and nothing could ever change that now.

Today when she walked into his house she saw the one box that was left, the box that had all her belongings in it. One thing caught her eye, though, a journal that she had never seen before.

She opened up the journal and started reading the first paragraphs. She was enriched with the words for she saw it was her in the journal being talked about.

For in the journal were the words of her and her one true love being talked about. She looked around for a moment to make sure she was alone before she would embark on a journey of her past.

For this was the journal of Chuck and Blair.