Er… hey. I'm glad you've decided to read this series of short stories regarding my favorite Utawarerumono characters, which means every character except Eruruu. Sorry, Eruruu fans. Some of these stories will be more mature than others, but I'll be sure to give a warning. Anyway, enough with the trivial chatter… let the words start flowing!


Who am I? Am I the tortured beggar on the outside looking in?

Am I the child abused and starved and kicked and beaten? I am.

Who am I?

Am I the unwanted baby, the hapless incident of shameless lust?

Am I the child rejected by his peers, faltering to grab hold in this twisted and horrid universe

Looking listening for the slightest call of friendship and the tiniest beacons of hope? I am.

Who am I?

Does it matter? No one thinks so. But I don't care.

My name is Meaningless, and I am Outcast.

Who am I? Am I the thin teenager, abandoned and beaten?

Was I the innocent, my blood spilling down the cold the hard the cobbled streets, the one lynched for his Differences and not stopped for? I am.

Who am I?

Am I that kid shoved away from everyone else, struggling to get a job with everyone hating me?

Am I the boy who Killed and Maimed out of anger? I am.

Who am I?

No one cares, and neither do I.

My name is Taboo, and I am Shadow.

Who am I? Am I the man who is hated and reviled but doesn't know why?

Am I the one who disobeys society but





I am.

Am I the one who never blinks if he hurts and doesn't know mortality?

Am I the one who might Love

Who loves him and loves him and loves him so much…

But he doesn't love me back? I am.

Am I the beaten, the tortured, the misunderstood? Am I the one who can't fathom the complicated depths of the World and hates and hates and hates but deep inside really cries?

I am… I am… I am… I was…

My name is Hauenkua, and I am Nothing.