I look around me, and realise that this is my life. I can't go back, I can't change a thing. I have to embrace it. Make the most out of it. I can't live thinking what could of being. I have to live knowing what I did was the best I could have of done in my situation. I look down at the bump in my belly, and promise myself to make the best of the situation from now on. Good or Bad, I'm not giving up.

My name is Bella Swan, and my life is a living hell. For you to fully understand what goes on in my life, I have to take you back, back to that fateful day that decided my future.

I knew that my parents were in a loss of money, but I didn't think it was this bad. The food had all being cut down and I hadn't had any new clothes for a while.

But when I came home from school that day, I finally understood just how bad it was. We couldn't afford the house bills anymore, and without me knowing mum had already sold most of the furniture from the house.

Mum was expecting her second child, any time now. Dad had ran off about 8 months ago when he found out mum was pregnant. Mum would do anything to keep the house, she was having a baby for Christ's sake, and in now way would she take to the streets.

When mum said she would do anything to keep from getting kicked out, it didn't quite click that she really meant anything.

So that day when I got home from school and there was the truck their waiting, I finally understood it meant she would do anything. I was being sold.

I walked in the door not really knowing what to expect. Mum was sitting on the couch crying with her head in her hands repeating over and over again " I'm so sorry, Bella please forgive me, Bella I'm so sorry". The muffled sounds coming from her mouth made me realise what was happening.

The men stunted forward, as if stalking there pray. One had a rope while the other had the potato sack. I knew what their intentions were, quietly and carefully I took slow steps back, never losing eye contact with the man with the dull coloured eyes.

His hair was tied back into a ponytail, looking as if it hasn't being washed in months. The other was a black man, with dirty black hair hanging down his back in thick dreadlocks.

I backed up until my back came in contact with the wall. A smirk appeared on the man with the dull eyes face, because he knew he had me.

There was no way out, and the black haired man started humming a song.

" hush Laurant" called the white haired man. I looked over to see Lauraant.

" James, we have no more time to waste. There are two more collections in this area and we have to be done by dwan." Said Laurant

I was serisioly starting to get scared, I need to make an escape and quick.

I turned around and jumped out the open window, the glass sharttered all around me, but fourtanility i was not cut.

I ran out the drive way to only find the truck they had to take me away with a man sitting in the front. I turned around and started to run back to words the house to make an essacpe threw the backyard. I rounded the corner and there were James and Laurant running around to the van. I hid behind the bins as they ran past me and were screaming at the guy in the truck.

I jumped out and was about to make a run for it when two strong hands h me and pushed me into the ground, he got my hands and held them behind my back in a painful postition. I started to scream and kick he had me and now there was no escape. He pushed my hands down even harder because i was kicking my legs to try and kick him and get off me so i could continiue my essacpe.

"feisty one you are" the man said as he sat down on my ass, making shore i could feel his massive hard on. He grinding his dick against my ass, and it nearly made me sick.

"fuck you, you fucking bitch" i screamed at him. I need to get out of here and really fast.

"mmmmm, Edwards going to chosse you for shore, he likes them with a bit of agressions, makes it good in the bedroom" he said i could here the smirk in his voice.

He was really setting off my nerves, i was going to crack and soon. I needed to get out of his grip and the only thing i could think of was the balls.

I went really quite and stopped moving.

"Finally, bitch has stopped moving" he snorted, and that was my last straw. I put all my force into pushing myself off the grounds and pounced to my feet. He took his arm back to swing at me but i was to quick and dove in for the balls.

" fuck fuck fuck, bitch" he screamed and fell onto the ground holding his balls. I walked over to him and put my foot on his cheast and i got a really good look at his face. He was really beautiful. With sandy blond shaggy hair, and piercing blue eyes. He deffinialty had big mussles but was not a big man.

" Jasper, whats going on here" called a velvety voice from behind me. " Have u got the girl". i was trapped and i didn't know what to do. I saw him as he rounded the corner and my breath blew out of me. He was the most gourgise thing i have ever laid eyes on. His copper hair blowing in the wind, as if he had just got out of bed. He stopped in his tracks when he saw me,an leaning over Jasper with my foot on his cheast. I strightned up and i could tell my hair was blowing all around my face, like it would at a photoshoot.

It took him a second to relise what was happening and for him to get over the shock of me standing here.

"shit" He said and i turned to run out of here but relisies that there were 4 other men gaurding my exit. They started staunting foward again, and i took a few steps back forgetting that the god of a man was standing behind me. I took one more step back untill i came against a hard surface, the god looked smug that it had being so easy to get me.

I went to run away but his arm snaked around my waste.

"Not so fast" he whispered in my ear, sending chills up and down my spine.

I tried to pull away agian but he pulled me back again with alot more force and picked my up and chucked me over his sholder. I was more supriesed by this move then anything, and decidied i would just go along with it and maby they would cause me no harm. That all blew up in smoke and patted my ass

"Good little kitten" he cooed into my ear.

That was my final straw, i started kicking and screaming and bashing my hands into his back. He was holding trying to hold my legs down.

"Come on swettie, is that all you got" he said to me. He really was pushing my buttons, as if he new what would set me off. I went to kick again and aim for his balls this time because it worked so well with Jasper. I was about 4 centimeters away from my destenation when he grabed my leg.

"not so fast" he said in a stern voice, i could tell he was getting angrier. But what did i care, so i countinuied to kick and scream.

"Right" he shouted, obviously fed up with me. He chucked my onto the dirt ground and it winded me badly.

" JAMES GO GET THE NEEDLY, WE ARE ALREADY RUNNING LATE AND CARLISLE WILL NOT BE HAPPY" he screamed to James who went scurring off to do what he was told.

I was still clutching my sides when he came over and kicked my shin. My hand immidiantly went down to my shin, i was wimpering in pain. My breath comming out short and suruffy.

" Will you behave now, and stop acting like a child" he sneered into my ear. I shook my head at him, "no" i wanted to say but i couldn"t form the words in my mouth. I could tell i was getting him really annoyed. I smirked at him, as if showing that he would never have any affect over me. I would never do what he wanted me to do. He brought back his hand as if to strike me.

When James came up behind him i could have kissed his feet i was so thankfull. Untill i saw what was in his hand.

" oh no, God please no, Please i will do anything, please" I repeated over and over again.

"Edward, i got double dose to knock her out, she to aggressive to last 2 more trips" James said to Edward. I was lying on the ground trying to think of names that suited this god and as soon as james said Edward i new it was just right. I started backing up, relising that the needle in edwards hand was ment for me. Edward took the needold of of James hands and looked very smug smile in his face as he came to me.

"naw, is tuff little bella afraid of needle" Edward said. I shook my head saying "no" i was trying to brave. But i couldn't fool edward. He saw stright threw my charade.

"Don't be scared bella, i will make shore it won't hurt...... much" he said smiling at me. I was past being brave now, all i could do what being scared out of my mind. I just started shaking my heap, hoping, praying he would not inject it into me.

James came behind me and help me down, as i kept thrashing my head. Edward came and bent down next to me. Placing a rough kiss on my lips. I nearly vomited, but instead i spat in his face.

" You bitch" He sneered at me wiping away the spit and bring the needle into my arm a little too harder then he needed to. Thats when i fell, into my land of dreams.