As I awoke from sleep I restfully sat up in bed, reaching up to wipe the sleep from my eyes, I wondered where I was. I took alert in the fact that I had never being here in this room before, so I abruptly sat onto my knees so that I was able to have movement in my body.

I surveyed my surroundings and took in note that there was a door straight in front of me and another 2 doors to my left. The room was painted an off white colour with one brown feature wall, it had greens through out the decorations and had a brown and a green colored bedspread.

I heard the door open to see Edward come strolling into the room, one had in his pocket and a mighty fine smirk on his face.

'baby' he said sarcastically.

"hm' I murmured quietly. What did he want now?

'You were a very bad bad girl, bella'. He said with a slight smile on his face, as he walked to the end of the bed.

" I was' I asked innocently.

'Yes, and no wife of mine is ever going to disobey me again, got it?' he asked " I'm not going to hesitate to hurt you if you continue this behavior, you now understand what you are here for and I have explained my expectations.'

I let out a tired huff and let my body crash back down onto the bed. God, he goes on and on about silly things, I get that I will obviously have to do what he asks, so that eventually I will be trusted enough to be on my own so that I can escape.

'Baby, are you listening to me?' he asked with a slight edge to his voice.

"of course, I treasure every single word that comes out of your mouth' I said batting my eyelids with a cute smile on my face.


'Edward you disgust me" I said cutting him off mid-sentence not wanting to even here what he had to say.

"Bella, come here. Now." He stated all traces of amusement wiped clean off his face. I crawled to the end of the bed where he was patiently waiting; as I crawled I pushed my ass into the air a little bit, crawling slowly. He raised his eyebrows at me as I reached him and he sat down on the bed and pulled me across his lap face down.

'Now, for that stunt you pulled back there with jasper in the garage you get 20 hits. Which I think is fair, you struggle you get 10 more." He sad as his hands were massaging my ass, very quickly he started putting little slaps on my cheeks to warm them up. I did not want to get spanked and I had an idea.

" Ok, you ready' he asked. Ready as I'll ever be I thought sarcastically. He raised his hand and it landed with a loud slap on my left cheek.

It fucking hurt but I had to stick with the plan. 'mmmmm babyyy' I moaned. Edwards hand hesitated for a minute before it again hit my ass with a loud slap. "yehhhhhh, mmmmmmmm" I once again loudly moaned. I started to feel his dick poking into my belly. Ha, my plan was working.

" Hit me again babyyy' I moaned. This time his hand did not come into contact with his ass but instead grabbed onto my shoulder and yanked so that I had my back on the bed and he was pressed tightly against me.

" you think your so clever don't you" he said tightly gripping my chin. " but baby, I've got you all figured out. See what you did to me, can you feel that" he groaned pushing his hard dick into me. Mmmm, I wanted to moan but contained it. I really want him to fuck me hard. "Ohh sweet bella, is this what you wanted". He asked grabbing my tits. He then sat me up and pulled my shirt off, ripping my bra off as well. I clawed at his shirt till it was gone, as he started on my pants I started on his.

" You better be ready, cause I'm not waiting" Edward stated in a breathless moan as he plunged into me. I cried out in pain.

" Jesus baby, I forgot about that little virginity of yours. Sorry" he said as he dropped a gentle kiss on my forehead.

"Stop" I said softly. He did and rolled onto the bed beside me, I used this as my chance and jumped up and mounted him, his dick going straight to where I wanted it to go. I pumped myself up on his dick, loving the feeling it was causing.

Edward grabbed my wrists and held them tightly together. " Girls always on bottom, sorry babe" He said as he flipped us over. Nuh, I was not having that. I pushed against his chest until he recently flipped us over and I again started to ride him. " Just for tonight then, alright." He stated seriously, as I nodded thrashing my head back and giving into the sensations. He reached up and grabbed my tits, pulling hard on my peaks as I cried out and started convulsing on top of him.

" Yeah baby that's right, see what I can do to you, thank my dick" he said as he groaned and cummed his seed into me. He sat up which made me also sit up, and he pulled me off him and pushed my head down into his lap.

" Thank my dick baby, lick him clean". Oh no, I was not doing that. "clean it babe"

" no thanks" I said with quirk as I stood up and walked to the door which I was praying was the bathroom. As I got to the door I turned back to give Edward one of my sexy smiles.

" Will you ever learn" he asked with a bitter laugh, shaking his head

" Hope not" I whispered over my shoulder as I closed the bathroom door.