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Naruto's POV

"Are you sure you want to go? You know it's not too late to turn back right?"

"That would be rude Naruto, after all the trouble Tsunade-sama went through to set this up." Hanabi replied, a stern look on her face. "Besides, I think it'll be fun." I opened my mouth to respond but before I could, she cut me off. "And don't even think about using a Kage Bushin to get out of it."

I immediately closed my mouth, wondering how she knew about my escape plan. "But."


I sighed, taking another step towards the imminent doom that was waiting for me. Gotta think fast. What can I do to stop this from happening? Don't get me wrong, I would like nothing more than to spend time with Hanabi and baa-chan but... just not with the both of them at the same time.

Forget about all the suicide missions and numerous death matches that I experienced so far in my life, those things are nothing compared to the embarrassing stories that baa-chan has on me. From the moment I heard we were having dinner with her, it could only end in two ways.

With me dying from embarrassment or me dying from baa-chan's cooking.

"Why don't we get her a bottle of Sake?" I asked, trying to delay the trip. "We can't turn up empty handed. That would be rude. I know a great stand that's about fifteen minutes away."

Hanabi merely smiled at me and with her left hand, pulled out a scroll. My eyes drifted through it and I coughed, slightly choking from the information written on it. "Are you kidding me? How do you even know someone like him?"

She giggled and pocketed the scroll. "Well, considering that he's my godfather. I should know him pretty well."

I stared at her, shocked at the news. "Tokegi Himura is your godfather?"

"Yup." She answered, kissing me on the cheek. "I'm glad that someone like me is able to make the great Uzumaki Naruto speechless."

What are the chances? One in a million, no one in a billion that my girlfriend has Tokegi Himura as her godfather. Not only is that man known throughout the elemental nations as the finest sake maker, he is also known as the master of the drunken fist style.

"I'm not speechless... just caught off guard." I muttered, my fingers still intertwined with hers. "Don't you think giving her a bottle of Tokegi's finest Sake is going over the top?"

It was a weak excuse but I'm desperate. I don't know what else to do.

Hanabi rolled her eyes, "My godfather has more than enough sake to last him three lifetimes, one less won't kill him. Besides, in exchange for this one bottle, we're going to be having dinner with him when we're in Suna and -."

"Wh-what? I'm meeting your godfather?"

What kind of crap is this? Meet the family week? I completely stopped walking, my system still in complete shock. Hanabi felt my fingers slip out of her hand and she turned around, an amused smile on her face.

"Are you that nervous Naruto?" She coyly asked. "If you are, I can always ask him to drop by Konoha and we can all sit down together. You, me, Tsunade..." She left the thought hanging in the air but the impact was immediate.

"No!" I shouted, "Absolutely not! When hell freezes over will I let baa-chan know about this! Promise me you'll never mention this to her."

Hanabi giggled and walked up to me, wrapping her arms around my neck. "He's important to me Naruto. Just one dinner with him."

I sighed and nodded my head. "Fine, but in exchange, whatever happens tonight stays between us. You will not judge me nor will you tell anyone about anything. Not even Anko. Deal?" I held out my hand, wanting a handshake to seal this agreement.


Instead of the traditional handshake that I was expecting, she ended up sealing the deal with a kiss, not that I was complaining. Ever since our first kiss back in the competition, I found myself drawn to her more and more everyday. There was something about her that's sucking me in. I had crushes before, feelings about girls back in my childhood days but what I feel for Hanabi... it's something that I can't describe but I know for a fact that what I'm feeling for her is different and that, excites me.

The more time we spent together, the more I felt my restraints giving in and I felt myself longing for her touch, her lips on mine. It was like a hunger that I can't seem to satisfy.

"Wow." I said, after pulling away for air. I could still see the faint pink tinge on her cheeks and I chuckle. "That's one way to seal a deal."

"I agree." Hanabi answered, her eyes looking into mine. I couldn't help but smile, pulling her a little closer to me. I took a deep breath, the smell of jasmine infiltrating my senses. I don't know what happened just now but just seeing her made me lean forward, connecting our lips for a second time.

Hanabi's POV

We are so late. I can't believe that we spent the last ten minutes making out, in front of Tsunade-sama's house no less! Just the way his lips felt on mine was enough to give me goosebumps. "We need to hurry up Naruto." I said, dragging my reluctant boyfriend through the gates.

"She won't mind Hanabi! I swear!" He answered, slowly taking his time to reach the door. I couldn't help but smile at his antics. It would seem like my boyfriend is nervous to have dinner with Tsunade-sama after all.

"Are you sure you're okay?" I asked, taking delight in his fidgeting. "She's not going to eat you alive Naruto. Tsunade-sama is a very nice person."

"No she's not!" He quickly replied, his tone hushed. "You don't know her like I do. You see her as this perfect role model for women kind but underneath that exterior, lies a sinister person. She drinks, she gambles and she doesn't let go of people's embarrassments." He sighed, "But... the woman's always been behind me no matter what the situation is. Fine, you win Hanabi. Let's go ring the bell."

I inwardly smiled, celebrating that my persistence finally paid off. It was no easy task, getting Naruto to come here. For the past week, he's been trying to convince me not to come, to turn down the invitation which naturally meant he was trying to hide something. What he was trying to hide, I didn't know but that didn't stop me from finding out.

At first, I tried the discreet approach, driving the conversation to specific topics that would make him unaware of my plan but that quickly went south when I found myself on top of him, my hands on his chest. To this day, I still blush at that particular memory.

Once I realized that discretion wouldn't work with Naruto, I went for the direct approach. Of course, he merely turned the tables against me and what was suppose to be my interrogation turned out to be me ranting about the lack of high ranking female officials in Konoha. It was only after I went home that I realized what really happened.

Just as he was about to ring the bell, the door quickly opened with the host of the house standing before us. "Hanabi! Brat! It's about time that you guys show up. What happen? Did you guys get lost on the way here?"

"Tsunade-sama." I properly greeted. "Please excuse our lateness. We had an issue that needed to be dealt with first."

"Baa-chan." Naruto replied, his arms folded against his chest.

"Naruto!" I hissed, my face growing red with embarrassment from his lack of respect. "Don't call her that!"

Tsunade snorted, "Don't mind him Hanabi. He's been calling me that since he was little. If I couldn't change his mind then, I certainly cannot change his mind now. Although, with you being in his life now, maybe I can finally get some respect out of the brat."

Was that an approval from her? My eyes darted to Naruto who merely rolled his eyes but he nodded his head. Smiling, I bowed my head once more, "I will try Tsunade-sama."

This actually means a lot to me, to get Tsunade-sama's approval. I've never been this far in a relationship where I would meet my boyfriend's parents but seeing as how Tsunade-sama is the closest thing to one for Naruto, it was basically the same thing in my mind.

I'm not going to lie, I was probably more nervous than Naruto. From what Kurenai told me, she was so lucky she didn't piss on herself when she met the Third Hokage, who was Asuma's father.

"You can call me Tsunade Hanabi. Just don't make me a real grandmother yet okay?" She responded, winking and I felt my cheeks burning. "Are you guys going to stand out there all day or are you going to come in?"

I started to stutter, surprised at the comment but I felt Naruto grabbing my hand, leading me inside. "Tsu-Tsunade-sama, it's not like that!" I tried explaining but it was futile. The idea was already in her head.

The medic laughed, "Oh? Then tell me what kind of business you had standing outside my gate for the past ten minutes or so? Did you guys find something interesting that made you want to inspect the durability of my wall?"

"I had to fix my shirt baa-chan." Naruto replied, rubbing the back of his head sheepishly. "It got loose on the way here and I didn't want to look like a snob you know."

"Uh huh and I bet Hanabi found what she was looking for inside your shirt right? Or was that on the side of your neck?"

I quickly turned my head, my eyes focused on his neck and what I saw continued to set my cheeks on fire. There on the side on his neck was a hickey that I gave him just outside Tsunade-sama's house and since we got caught up in our little makeout session, I forgot to check to see if I left any sort of mark on him.

"It looks like Hanabi branded you as hers Naruto." Tsunade laughed, her hands clutching her stomach. "And you guys aren't even married yet. Wait until Shizune hears about this."

Oh my god, I can't believe me, Hyuuga Hanabi, could have been so careless. I wanted to make a good impression on her and look how well that turned out. She probably thinks that I'm just another girl whose going to use Naruto. I can see it now, she's going to kindly take me into her backyard and beat me senseless.

"Easy baa-chan. Hanabi's new to all this. Don't scare her off with your cruel jokes just yet." Naruto said, pulling me into his embrace. I silently thanked him because if he hadn't done that, I would have been on the floor hyperventilating.

"Are you okay? I tried to warn you about this side of her." He whispered as Tsunade walked on ahead, a sly grin on her face. I nodded my head, surprised to see this side of the legendary sannin. The entire image that I had for Tsunade-sama just shattered into a billion pieces.

Naruto was right. She wasn't just a sannin and medic. She was what Anko wanted to be. I shuddered, the thought of Anko eventually turning out to be like Tsunade-sama brought chills down my back.

"Are you kids coming or are you actually going to give me my first grandchildren in the hallway?" I heard her holler and we quickened our pace, the blush still clearly present by the time we entered the kitchen.

When we finally entered the kitchen, I was expecting something ravishing, fit for royalty but instead, it was the total opposite. Not only did I do a double take on the kitchen, I also did it for the person sitting besides the table.

"Ho-hokage-sama." I said, stuttering once more. Why is he here? How is he here? I put a hand to my heart, trying to calm itself down. I don't think my heart can take it anymore surprises. And what is with that book he's reading?

"Eh? Kakashi's here as well?" Naruto exclaimed, letting his head bang against the wall. He quickly recovered and narrowed his eyes. "How the hell did you manage to escape the paperwork? I made sure that you would have to stay in the office all day."

"Oh? That was you?" Kakashi asked, his eyebrow raised in curiosity but his tone dropped several degrees. "You caused that huge disturbance in the market that required twenty ANBU personnel to sort out, not to mention three teams of genin to clean up? You're responsible for that mess?"

"Nope, not me. Didn't do a damn thing and you have no proof."

I dropped my jaw a little, completely caught off guard by the scene before me. "Let go of me Kakashi!" I heard Naruto yell, being stuck in a headlock by the Hokage. "Don't make me kick your ass like last time!"

I was completely speechless, unsure of how to act in a situation like this. My expectations were again shattered; to see the Hokage who is respected and loved throughout the village... acting like a teenager.

"You'll get used to it." Tsunade said, holding out a cup of tea for me. "This is just their way of saying hello."

I graciously took the tea, noticing that it was Oolong Tea. My favorite. "Um, Tsunade-sama, with all due respect, Is it alright for Hokage-sama to be here?" I asked.

"Yeah, its fine. He's probably here to avoid the paperwork." She replied, snorting at the excuse. "And to score a free meal."

"Ah, that's not true Tsunade. I was able to successfully complete my paperwork on time today. What kind of kage would I be if I didn't use all my available resources?"

"Which meant you used the Kage Bushin and ditched work." Tsunade asked, smirking as she challenged Kakashi's excuse. "What kind of example will you be setting for the future generation of Konoha if people found out?"

"The great kind." He replied and then he turned his attention to me. I could feel everyone else just standing still, waiting to see what was going to happen next. If we were keeping count, this would be the first time I'm personally meeting the Hokage and the second time that I'm meeting Tsunade-sama.

The little girl in me is probably screaming for joy but the older, mature woman is probably sweating right now.

Woe is me.

Naruto's POV

Uh oh, Kakashi finally turned his attention to Hanabi and I could see her squirming under his gaze. Stupid Kakashi, using the same intimidation technique that you used on me when I was a genin. Of course, it would probably be ten times more effective since he's now the Hokage.

I quickly elbowed the man in the stomach, causing him to wince slightly. "That hurt Naruto." He replied, faking injury in his voice. "All I wanted was to ask how you guys are doing, seeing as how you two are my favorite couple."

I rolled my eyes, scoffing at his lame attempt in finding out the truth. "Fine Kakashi. Just fine." I answered, dodging the question.

"Then why was Tsunade telling me about you kids doing the dirty out in the hallway earlier? or was it in her garden rolling around without clothes? I could never get those facts straight."

Hanabi spit out her tea, the question catching her by surprise. "N-no Ho-Hokage-sama. We weren't doing anything like that."

"If that's what you want me to believe Hanabi." Kakashi replied, humor present in his voice. "Now tell me, how has our little Naru-chan been treating you?"

I banged my head on the table, regretting that I didn't get to warn her about my nickname from my childhood years.

"Naru-chan?" Hanabi asked, turning her eyes on me. "That's so cute Naruto. I would have never pictured you as someone who had this kind of nickname."

"Oh there were others too Hanabi but Naru-chan was a personal favorite among us." Kakashi answered, "Why, there was this one nickname -"

My eyes widened, already know which nickname he was going to use. "No! haha, just Naru-chan was my only nickname." I quickly shouted, intervening before this got out of hand.

"Can I call you Naru-chan?" Hanabi asked teasingly. "Although, I don't think I would use the word little though..."

I let out a groan, knowing just how this will turn out when we leave this place. I can definitely see Anko's influence on her.

"If you thought that was cute, let me tell you about the time when I first met our little Naru-chan here." Kakashi said, putting his limited edition Icha Icha Paradise away.

"Oh I got stories too." Tsunade added, the tea in her hand forgotten. "Oh how fast our little Naru-chan grows up."

"No way." I said, gaining everyone's attention. "We won't be talking about it."

The biggest surprise wasn't from Tsunade or Kakashi since they know I don't like talking about the past, particularly my past but the surprise came from Hanabi who had a deep look of regret on her face.

"I'm sorry Naruto." She said, regret on her face. "I didn't mean to cross the line but it's just that I like you so much and I don't know who else I can turn to when I want to know more about you."

I closed my eyes, guilt now on my conscience once again.

"I know I could just ask you but it's not the same. I want to know more about you Naruto but I also want to know about you from people who care about you."

It wasn't her fault. God, I feel like an ass when all she wanted to do was to understand my past but a part of me is screaming no. No that I shouldn't be telling her or else I would be scaring her off.

"Okay." I whispered, going against myself to agree with her request. "But I will be the one telling the story."

Hanabi looked at me carefully, taking my hands into hers. "Are you sure? I don't want to push you when you're not ready."

I shook my head, disagreeing with her. "It was time anyway... right guys?"

The other two snorted. "It's about damn time." Baa-chan answered, "Remind me to knock some sense into this brat later Hanabi."

She laughed. The sweet melody of her voice filled my ears and felt myself drawn to her. The song of the siren as Ero-sennin would put it. He always said that the voice of the woman is never to be underestimated but appreciated. I never understood him when I was younger since I thought he was just trying to corrupt me but just hearing her laugh was enough for me to understand his message.

"My childhood wasn't exactly normal. I wasn't exactly normal either so I guess it both worked out." I said, chuckling. "Growing up as an orphan was something that I don't wish on anyone. You miss out on so many things in life. A mother's hug. A father's pat on the head. You miss out on these little things that others would consider irrelevant. Everyday was a struggle for me, mainly due to the guy in my stomach but because of who I am, prejudice was a common thing for me. The third had tried to make my life easier, visiting me when I was alone, putting ANBU outside my door so I was able to get through the night which Kakashi... thanks for the birthday present when I was five. I liked that pinwheel toy."

"I always thought you knew."

I nodded my head, "Of course. You were the only person I know that had white hair. You should have covered that with a Genjutsu by the way. More effective."

Tsunade laughed, "ID'ed by a five year old. That is so sad Kakashi."

"Beaten by a rookie with a half baked Rasengan is more embarrassing I would say." Kakashi retorted. "And let's not forget about the time he wiped you out in cards with only a two and three over your four of a kind."

"Lies!" Tsunade shouted, "He cheated!"

Laughing to myself, I took Hanabi's hands into mine, feeling the warmth and comfort coming from her. She leaned forward and kissed me, catching everyone by surprise. After a wolf call from Tsunade, we broke apart, with her head leaning against my shoulder. "What was that for?" I whispered.

"No reason." She replied, and gestured me to continue.

I let out a small cough, moving onward to my genin days. "Life did get a little better once I entered the academy and graduated. Not at the top of the class -"

"No one would mistakenly take you for one anyway. You were the dead last of the academy for two years straight." Kakashi interjected, causing Hanabi to giggle once more.

"Well, this dead last caught a traitor and learned an B-Rank technique so suck it Kakashi." I retorted, "Anyway, like I was saying, after I graduated, I was assigned to Team Seven, and the rest was history."

"Idiotic history." Kakashi said, "You forgot to mention that we had an avenger, a fan girl and a dumbass loud mouth with no talent."

I rolled my eyes. Leave it to Kakashi to tell my girlfriend things that I didn't want her to know. Why don't you just tell her about the time I ate a poison blueberry? I'm sure she would get a kick out of that one. I gritted my teeth and smiled, giving Kakashi his small victory. I make a mental note to torture his life at a later point.

"Ignoring the comment from our resident cyclops here, after my first genin year, things went south for a bit until Ero-sennin, or Jiraiya, decided to take me on a trip to find baa-chan here."

"You were the one who brought back Tsunade-sama?" Hanabi asked, her eyes widened at the surprise. "We were told that she accepted some kind of proposal from the council."

"No. That was me." I softly replied, kissing the top of her head. "It almost killed me but I made her see it my way."

"Aside from being the most stubborn, annoying brat alive, you managed to do the impossible." Tsunade replied, a grin on her face.

"After I brought her back, I decided that I wasn't strong enough, not yet anyway and with Akatsuki out for my head, I decided to leave the village, to train and get stronger but what I didn't know was that Pein, the leader, saw things differently. Instead of taking their time to scout and move discreetly, they came here, tearing up the village and well, you know what happened."

"And it wasn't his fault. I don't know why people blamed him for this shit." Baa-chan reached out and gently grabbed Hanabi's hand. "It was the mistake of the council to withheld information like this from Kakashi. Hell, if Kakashi knew -"

"It's fine Tsunade-sama." Hanabi answered, "I'm not that same girl anymore. I'm old enough to make my own decision and it's my decision to stay with Naruto and besides, I've already forgiven him. I know my cousin well enough that he wouldn't want me to hold a grudge against someone whom he respected. I don't know if Neji-niisan ever told you but he really respected you Naruto. Not as a comrade but as a friend, a brother."

"I... I didn't know that." I answered.

I never knew that Neji held me up in such high regards. To me, he wasn't just a friend. He was a brother that I never had. Even though he was a year older than me, it didn't feel that way. The times we talked, the spars that we had. We truly were like brothers.

"I honor his memory by living my life the way I want it and I want to be with someone that truly understands me for who I am."

"You can't find anyone better than our little Naru-chan here." Kakashi said,

"I think you're right about Naruto here but let's be clear about one thing." Hanabi answered, a predatory smirk on her face.

"Oh? And what is that?"

"He's my Naru-chan."

I groaned at that nickname but before I could do anything else, Hanabi tugged on my shirt and I happily complied, capturing her lips once more. Her hands went around my neck, pulling me deeper while my hands went around her waist, pulling her closer. I could feel the emotions coming from her. Happiness. Sadness. Love. Hope.

"Thank you." I whispered into her ear. I felt her shiver and I smiled. "I'm glad you're here with me."

She nodded, leaning her back on to my shoulder. As I looked around, I saw Tsunade sitting there with the biggest smile on her face while Kakashi put down his teacup. It was times like this that I found myself enjoying life, spending it with people that I consider my family.

"So did you even get a chance to read Gaara's letter yet?" Tsunade asked, changing the subject.

"Gaara? As in the Kazekage Gaara? You didn't tell me you knew him."

"Sorry, I didn't think it would come up." I replied. "I'll fill you in on it later. And no, not yet baa-chan. Why?"

"Baka!" I never knew how she does it but every single time, her hand manages to slip through my defenses and slap me on the back of my head. "You were suppose to have read it and given him an answer last week!"

She sighed. "But luckily for you, I already told Gaara that we would be there next week so while you're off doing god knows what with the other annoying brat, Hanabi and I will be off spending the day together with Temari. You remember her don't you Naruto?"

"Yeah." I answered, laughing nervously. The idea of leaving Hanabi alone with both baa-chan and Temari immediately set off warning bells in my head. Kakashi quietly tapped the table and held up his hands in a prayer.

I mentally groaned, both of us males knowing full well what kind of danger it is with leaving your girlfriend with people you're close with. "At least tell me Kankuro is going to be there."

"Like I said, the other brat found something and he's waiting for you to show up before they go accomplish it."

Again, warning bells started going off. Maybe it was the past experiences that taught me this lesson but whenever you start hearing bells, it's time to bail.

"Then again, I don't think I can make it baa-chan... Kakashi might need me for another mission." I shot a hopeful look towards my old sensei, praying that he would understand the message. My eyes started blinking, hoping it would get his attention away from his stupid book.

"Can't help you there Naruto. I already promised Gaara that you would go assist him."

I dropped my head to the table, feeling defeated. "How bad can it be?" Hanabi asked, whispering into my ear. "I'm sure it'll be fine."

I couldn't even turn my head to look at her, knowing full well that when someone says those two phrases, it will always turn out to be bad. Hell, the last time Kakashi said that to me, I fought my way through three ambushes from three different villages. I came back looking like I took a trip through the meat grinder.

Knowing that there was just no way out of this, I sighed. Maybe Hanabi's right. Just how bad can it be?

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