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Kitty felt herself falling, through and through everything. First through the roof where she had been doing repairs with Miss Monroe, and now through Bobby's bedroom, and a startled Bobby himself actually and now through the couch where Logan sat drinking a beer. Finally she reached her destination and slowed herself so she could land gracefully on the basement floor. Once her feet hit the ground, she wasted no time in sprinting over to the electrical power system. Knowing she didn't have time to punch in her security numbers, she quickly phased her hands through it and let out the breath she had been holding in when everything went black around her. She heard the collected protests and cries of the residents of the mansion above her.

Kitty turned around and began trying to feel her way back through the pitch black basement. However, after she banged her knee off of something large, cold and metallic (which Kitty almost mistook as Colossus) she decided she knew a better way.

"Screw this," she mumbled as she began phasing on air and then through the ceiling.

Her half phased upper body was greeted by Logan, who gently took her beneath the armpits and tugged her the rest of the way up.

"Half pint, you mind telling me why my baseball game got cut short?" He gestured to the now blank TV. The room was growing darker as clouds began to cover the sky, a sign that Storm had cornered Sam and Ray and was giving them a piece of her mind.

"Yea, I'd like to know why my hair straightener suddenly died, as well as all the lights," Rahne added as she and Jubilee stumbled their way into the room, her hair appearing more like her wolf fur rather then the pretty copper locks they were accustomed to seeing.

"Like I'm really sorry about that, but a little darkness is better then having Sam and Ray electrocuted," Kitty answered as more students filled the room, all complaining about the sudden lack of power.

"Huh? What are you talking about?" Jubilee asked, fiddling with the light switch next to her.

"She is talking about this," Miss Monroe came into the room, a guilty Ray and Sam in front of her.

"Could of guessed it was you two," Logan barked, rolling his eyes.

"Oh geez, what did you do now? Are we gonna have to rebuild the boat house and roof again?" Scott asked, looking alarmed at the possibility of another Cannonball and Berserker disaster.

"Hey now don't just blame us, Amara was in on the last one too!" Sam hurriedly said as Ray nodded in agreement.

"When you said we were gonna play dodgeball, I wasn't fully aware that powers would be involved to that extent," Amara spoke up from the back of the crowd.

"Well, after the roof began pelting us we all became aware of it," Rouge said, rolling her eyes.

"Okay, that doesn't explain why we're all standing around with no electricity," Jean reminded, trying to keep her voice even. She had been working extensively at her laptop on a summer college course project, which was now probably lost and gone forever. Her left eye began to twitch and everyone wisely took a step back away from her.

Ray began fidgeting from foot to foot as he tried explaining.

"Well, you see Sam and I were trying to fix the gate, and we kinda turned off the wrong power source, but we didn't quite realize it. So the wire's were alive and I was kinda using my powers to spark the system," He began.

"And Kitty and I noticed from the roof and stopped him before he could kill us all," Miss Monroe said in a smooth matter of fact voice. Her dark skin was still sun kissed from the earlier summer sun. The day had been unusually hot for the middle of May, though no one was complaining, it had been gorgeous out.

"Oh, well now this is great, it's getting dark out and we don't have lights, or TV, or video games," Bobby yelped, working himself into a panic.

"More importantly, we don't have any defenses up," Scott said.

"Now that we do have, I used the backup generator for that," Beast said walking down the halls in his usual manner, where he leaned most of his weight onto his front hands.

"However, we'll have to wait until tomorrow for the main electricity."

"Can't they just make an emergency call and get their bum's here?" Roberto demanded, clearly unhappy with the idea that he'd have to go that long without many modern day conveniences.

"We don't exactly work with a local electrician for our specific needs, we call in the big guys, they're more or less thought of as the Japanese Mafia," Logan said gruffly, finishing off his beer and grimacing at the thought of dealing with twelve mutant teenagers with no electricity.

"Oh.." Bobby chuckled a bit. "Cool."

"Nein!" Kurt's sad tragic cry filled their ears as it sounded from the kitchen. He came pouncing into the room holding a squishy looking carton of ice cream.

A collective gasp among the boys made the girls roll their eyes.

"The horror," Jamie gasped as Kurt pulled of the lid to show the slushy and mushy contents that were once formerly Moose Tracks.

"We have no oven, now! Or microwave, toaster... nothing, we've got nothing! It's over now, we're done, finished!" Sam's voice began rising in a panic.

"Oh good god, we'll... we'll starve," Ray whimpered.

"Are you telling me, that we can beat opponents and war machines and escape near death, and even though we have a mutant who can generate electricity, another who can derive power from the sun, one from magma, and two who can create plasmic blasts and we still can't make a meal?" Rahne asked, raising her eyebrows.

"Good point," Roberto said, as the boys stopped their lamentations.


After a horribly burnt meal of burgers (or veggie burger on Kitty's part) and charred French fries, all courtesy of a combined effort from Amara and Bobby (who had tom keep putting out little fires), the young adults took their leave for their bedrooms, some of them using their powers to light the way as others went with candles or flashlights.

Kurt lay restlessly in his bed. His thoughts kept drifting to his girlfriend, and the other girl. He was supposed to love Amanda, then why did it feel as if they were using on another, Kurt using her to try to get a taste of normalcy and her using him simply because she wanted a mutant for a boyfriend.

"Verdammen," he muttered. Sure Amanda was a great girl, but it just wasn't there anymore. He saw her as a bunch of opportunities rolled up into one, an opportunity to get over the other girl, an opportunity to feel normal and accepted, and he had taken those opportunities. She was pretty and sweet, but then the attraction faded and he felt a growing discontentment. And this relationship with her had done absolutely nothing to stop his feelings for the other, just gave him a distraction at first.

Sighing, Kurt knew the only cure for this, and that was food.

Porting into the kitchen, Kurt hopped up onto the counter opposite the fridge and opened a cabinet beside him and pulled out the cookies. A loud hum was coming from the ancient and formerly broken generator which powered the fridge. Mr. McCoy and Kitty had managed to get it working with a jump start from Ray

Speaking of one such Kitten, Kurt heard a muffled thud and then sharp intake of breathe. Already he could smell Kitty and the scent of the candle she was carrying, trying, but obviously failing to light the way from her room to the kitchen.

Another thud.

"Ow, forget it, I'm staying phased," Kitty mumbled as Kurt choked back a laugh. He'd seen Kitty dance in the most graceful manner, had seen her and Miss Monroe doing yoga together and almost challenging Kurt's own infamous flexibility, he'd seen her pounce and move with the agility of her namesake, but never had he'd seen her be able to walk in the dark.

Kurt's own yellow eyes could see incredibly well in the dark, as all his senses were very well tuned. They weren't as good as Logan's or Rahne's but still sensitive enough that he could smell very acutely and hear whispered conversations, making him the haven of all gossip and secrets of the mansion (which he often used to his advantage by blackmailing one of the girls into cooking for him).

Kurt pounced up onto the hanging light fixture above the table, having an inkling of what Kitty was about to do but wanting to catch her in the act, like he had many times before.

Kitty came into the kitchen, and from the soundless way she made her approach, Kurt assumed she was walking on air, a relatively new thing she had learned to do with her phasing power. Her face was illuminated by the flickering flow of the candle and her normally blue eyes looked sleepy and grey, Kurt could also see that she was wearing the shirt that she had claimed she won off of Kurt's back (literally, she'd phased it right off of him) after a tickle fight. Her hair was down from the normal pony tail and the thick shiny brown locks reflected the light of her candle. Opening the fridge and grabbing a carton of milk and celery sticks she made her way back to the table. Kurt's eyes narrowed, he knew it all along.

Kurt waited for her to bring the milk carton to her full lips when he nimbly dropped down onto the table and snatched the milk away. Her surprised eep and widened eyes never betrayed the fact that she had known he was there all along.

Kitty smiled slightly as she gazed into the yellow eyes in front of her. Kurt nearly blended in with the shadows, and even her candle didn't do much other then outline Kurt's crouching silhouette on the table, his tail whipping around triumphantly, though Kitty could still see him perfectly, every detail of his face ad every contour of his body.

"I knew it! You're still doing this!"

"Oh fine," Kitty huffed, crossing her arms. "You caught me, I still don't see what the big deal is!"

Kurt groaned. "Katzchen, it's like making out with everyone in the institute."

"Sorry Fuzzy, but the kitty likes her milk," Kitty answered with a shrug, her eyes flickering down from his eyes to watch the white gleam of his teeth and fangs as he chuckled.

Kurt had changed in the last few months. He was taller now, more muscular, though still lean and agile. His fur made him seem deceptively soft, but Kitty knew that beneath the fur was threatening muscle. He'd also changed his posture, standing straighter and taller was becoming second nature to him, though he still preferred to drop to all fours and pounce around. He'd also cut his hair, the front was still rather long but the back was short and dark blue wisps. Kitty found his most drastic change was that his eyes were now an unbroken gold that seemingly glowed with whatever emotion he was feeling.

Kurt broke into a smile before hopping off the table and grabbing a glass from the cabinet and returning again. He honestly didn't mind that she drank from the carton, it was fun teasing her though. Pouncing back he replaced his pose on the table and poured her a glass.

She remained relatively quiet through this and took the glass with no qualm. Her gaze remained on him as she raised her glass to her lips and closed her eyes and took a sip. Kurt watched her, his tail whipping around. After setting down the glass she licked her lips and offered him a small smile.

"See Leibling, not so hard is it?" Kurt teased as he watched her stretch her arms over her head, tiny sighs and moans escaping her mouth at the delightful pull of her shoulders and back. Her chestnut hair, which had grown down to her elbows was rumpled and messy, suggesting that she had been tossing and turning in attempt to fall asleep.

"No, but I just like to make it hard," Kitty answered with a wink.

Kurt's eyes widened, never did Kitty make a dirty joke. She was spending too much time around Alvers.

Kitty giggled and began to munch one a celery stick.

"Is there something meine kleine Katzchen is not telling me?" Kurt inquired, trying to keep a joking voice, though the rage at the thought of anyone corrupting Kitty was hard to cover.

Kitty gagged on her celery stick.

"Do you see any dead bodies around that are the doings of Miss Monroe or Mr. Logan?" Kitty asked, referring to the two adults who practically viewed Kitty as their daughter.

Kurt chuckled and agreed.

"Vas are you doing up?" Kurt asked suspiciously. He knew of Kitty's sleeping trouble lately, though whenever he asked her about it she would claim to feel fine.

Kitty sighed, her chin resting on her hand.

"I couldn't sleep again, I don't know what my deal is Fuzzy. And when I do sleep, it's all nightmares. The most sleep I've gotten this week has been a few snippets here and there."

Kurt knew how dangerous it was for Kitty to have nightmares. It was fairly dangerous for anyone in the institute to have nightmares, as many would lose control of their powers. Jubilee for example would light her room up in a show of fireworks if a clown, even a friendly clown, appeared in her dreams. Jean's whole room would shake and quiver during her fright nights and Kurt had one time been woken up by the sound of half a dozen Jamie's crying out that Kitty's muffins were trying to get him. Kurt himself would often wake up and realize that he ported to wherever his dream had taken place at. So far he'd been woken up on the kitchen table, a group of grumbling students complaining about fur in their breakfast, he'd woken up in the library, and one more then one occasion, in Kitty and Rouge's room, which he would cover up by saying he had had a dream where he and Rouge were happy siblings in the form of Hansel and Gretle. That excuse had earned him a lot of glares and pillow throwing from Rouge.

The professor had been a little concerned when he had heard that Kurt was porting in his sleep. Kurt couldn't port to where he couldn't see, for risk of getting trapped in a wall, though he had argued that he could see places perfectly well in his dreams. Kitty however, was source for much concern. While having a nightmare she would often phase down and keep going, which posed a risk if she phased right though the ground and into the earth and suffocated before she could get out.

Often frantic mental cries from a still sleeping Jean would wake Kitty up and she would solidify before she sank further into the ground. Kurt had finally tired of worrying about a falling kitty and moved temporarily into the guest bedroom bellow her, where he still was now.

"You know Kitty, you can sleep. My bed is right below you and I always wake up when you phase through me," Kurt pointed out. He moved onto the bench next to her.

"Yea, but then I'm interrupting your sleep," She began to nibble on her lower lip.

"Do you see me sleeping now?" He inquired. When it was just the two of them together they were very different, older yet still fresh and new. Kurt would joke but with Kitty he'd let down the act and be real. Kitty would lose the ditzy, happy go lucky valley girl and would voice her concerns, her hurts without any worry of judgement. It was all part of being best friends.

"I know, I just wish I could get a handle on this. I've been here for almost two years and still I wake up sometimes and find myself swimming through dirt," Kitty huffed, her normal whine was now replaced with genuine frustration.

"Liebes, no one has control when it comes to nightmares, you're being too hard on yourself," Kurt answered, his tail wrapping itself around her waist.

"We just have enough problems then to have to worry about me," kitty sighed, rubbing her temples. She hated being a burden to everyone. Sure, she fit the role of naive little sister and thus forth everyone felt protective over her, hell even Jaime who was four years younger then her had almost gotten rid of his pet ferret after it scratched her. He only relaxed and forgave the furry thing after Kitty had repeatedly assured him that it was by accident. She felt so helpless and useless.

"Kurt can we go to the roof?" Kitty asked hopefully, knowing that this would raise her spirits.

"Yea, let me grab you a blanket," Kurt bamfed away and Kitty rose to put away the milk and then blew out the candle. Kurt returned, wrapped the blanket around her and ported away.

They reappeared on the roof, the stars almost dropping from the sky. The moon was full and the light danced off the bay.

"Beautiful," she murmured.

"Absolutely," Kurt agreed, though his eyes weren't on their surroundings.

"I've missed this Fuzzy," Kitty whispered.

"What? The roof?" Kurt asked, a little confused. "I have to admit that it was getting annoying not having a roof over the bathrooms after the guy's blew it to hell, so um I guess I missed it to. I must say, we did a fine job rebuilding it."

Kurt leaned back and stretched out as Kitty followed and laid her head on his chest, her hand absently sliding up his shirt to admire and feel his fur. Her fingers brushed against the beads of his rosary, one of Kurt's most treasured possessions.

Thankfully, maybe out of habit from traveling with a circus and having to keep your prized possessions close, Kurt hadn't lost that during the explosion of the mansion because he carried it with him, along with his two other dear things. Kitty knew that one of the other things was a picture of Kurt when he was a small child, curled up in his adoptive parents arms, though Kitty had no idea what the other thing was that Kurt loved dearly enough to put in the league with his rosary and parent's picture. When she asked him about it, he had simply smiled and said "Safe, that's all you need to know about my other Schatz". Damn elf could be so mysterious sometimes. Kitty thought for a moment on all that they had lost during the explosion, thanks to Mystique, Kurt's biological mother. Losing her laptop and her stuffed dragon Lockheed made her the most upset, as well as photo albums filled with perfect moments at the mansion, though it was a lot of fun going on a shopping spree financed by the Professor. Kitty sighed and tightened harder on Kurt. He was something irreplaceable.

"No Fuzzball. I meant us. We've been so busy lately and we haven't had any time together," she sighed. The sky was literally crying stars on the two of them.

"I've missed it too meine Leibe," Kurt said. He was her best friend, her support, but Kurt yearned for more then just that. A deep aching echoed against him every moment of his existence. Sometimes he could nullify the feeling with a difficult workout or sparring session, but always it would find it's way back to him, plaguing him in the most delightful, yet torturous, way.

It was wrong to want her, and how could she ever want him, he was blue. And furry. And had a tail. Did he mention he was blue? And had a tail?!

Kitty yawned and nuzzled her face into the crook of his neck.

"How are you and Amanda?" Kitty asked, her breath tickling Kurt's neck. He was also quite aware of Kitty's fingers, which were drawing lazy circles across his chest, pushing the fur the wrong way.

"Ve are okay I guess," Kurt mumbled. For the last couple weeks his and Amanda's relationship was fast deteriorating, and Kurt found that he really didn't care. He didn't want to hurt her, but now it seemed as though he didn't want anything to do with her at all. He knew he'd have to end this standstill relationship of theirs so that they both could move on.

Kitty sat up and looked down at him. Slowly she removed her hand from his shirt and began tracing his face. She traced his lips, which were a dark blue color and then his high cheekbones. She made her way up to his ears.

"I know my Fuzzy Elf, and I know when he's trying to cover something up," Kitty said with an arched eyebrow.

"It's been weird, I guess," Kurt sighed, Kitty's blue eyes filled with sympathy. She knew plenty about weird relationships.

"What are you gonna do?" She asked quietly, biting her bottom lip.

Kurt closed his eyes a moment. He knew what he was going to do about Amanda, just not about what he would do with Kitty.

"I don't know yet. I know what I want to do," Kurt answered finally. "Let's not worry about that Leibling." Kurt said gently, wanting only to have this night to think and be with Kitty, not about anyone else.

Kitty nodded and resumed her position.

"I like your slippers," Kurt laughed gently, noticing the dark blue fuzzy slippers on Kitty's tiny feet. They might as well had pointy ears on them.

"What can I say, I've developed a fur fetish," Kitty giggled, poking Kurt slightly in an accusing manner.

Kurt blushed slightly. They lay silently for a few minutes, enjoying each other. Kitty thought back to what Kurt had said about it being weird with Amanda and considered for a moment if now was the right time to ask him the question. Kitty opened her mouth, about to ask it, but her courage failed her, and she realized that right now, what she needed most was to simply lay in Kurt's arms and to know that this security would always be with her.

"Kurt, you'll never leave me right?" Kitty asked softly, breathing in the scent that was distinctly Kurt. It was musky and clean, and never did Kitty smell any of that God awful cologne on him. Scott would practically drown himself in old spice and Kitty would often have to bite back the urge to point out to him that he was neither old nor spicy and half the other guys were obsessed, and Kitty meant obsessed, with Axe or Tag. Finally, after a few weeks of the guy's practically bathing in the crap, Rahne, who had advanced senses, got very ill, threw up and suffered headaches. The girls and Logan and Kurt (who were having similar reactions as Rahne) raided the guy's rooms and flushed the stuff. After Logan's intimidating threat, most the guy's know opted for eau de natural.

Kitty sat up to glance into Kurt's golden eyes as he answered her question.

"Nie, mein Katzchen. I don't believe I ever could," Kurt answered, tightening his hold on Kitty. Kitty smiled and curled into him once more.

"Good, I'd be lost without you," Kitty murmured before drifting to sleep. Kurt soon followed suit, his dreams full of blue fuzzy slippers and falling stars.