A/N So, after so long I finally got a worthwhile idea… I feel so bad, sorry RandomChibiDemon-chan, no matter how I tried, the story we were planning just wouldn't work! Maybe after this story ends I'll try again. In remorse I shall dedicate this story to you instead!

You might not get the first part, so I will explain. The beginning is a few years after the main story, where the main character, my OC is kidnapped. She tells her story now to the one holding her hostage.

Once again, this story is dedicated to RandomChibiDemon-chan, and I'll try to get more posted quickly!

Chapter 1

"This is against my human rights."


"I'll have you arrested for this, you know."


"I happen to know the highest lawyer in the business."


"You don't believe me, do you?"



"Just shut up already, alright? You're a damn hostage. Keep quiet."


"Look, I don't believe you, and my patience is wearing thin. Shut up and I'll get you some ice cream later."

"YOU WILL NOT BRIBE ME LIKE A CH- Wait, what flavour?"


"I want Mocha."

"I said Chocolate."

"I swear, I will tear this place down if you don't move your ass and get me my god damn ice cream!"

"Dang, woman. You never shut up, do you?"

"I'm a girl who's been kidnapped. What do you expect?"

"Well, I've usually seen them crying furiously or begging me while bawling their heads off. None of them have shouted and tried to bite me."


"Now, I'm a bored man. Tell me how you got into this mess."

"What do you mean by 'this mess'?"

"Come on, in this day and age not many young normal girls are kidnapped."

"Che. Why the hell do I have to tell you, bastard?"

"If I enjoy it, I might just let you go, or buy you a Mocha ice cream."

"You sure?"

"Promise. Hell, I keep my promises, lady."

"Pinky promise me."

"Say what?"

"Give me your damn pinky, bastard!"

"If that pleases you."

"Alright. Now, if you don't keep our promise, I swear after I get out of this stupid room I will hunt you down, skin you alive, and then throw every last piece of you into the ocean."

"Lady, you don't scare me."

"You're just too man to admit it. Inside, you're cowering with fear."

"So you've got X-ray vision?"

"No, it's a woman's intuition."

"Just hurry it up."

"Okay, so it all started a few years ago, when I was 17…

I had just entered St. Lobelia's High School and was anticipating the results of the yearly auditions for the Zuka Club…

"Rin! You made it! You made it!" My best friend shouted above the din.


"Yes! Congratulations!" We hugged in the middle of the bustling hallway full of girls.

"I'm so glad!" I smiled and laughed. As soon as the bell sounded for the end of classes that day, I bolted out the door to go to the clubroom.

"Welcome to the Zuka Club, my lovely maidens! As you know, we only take 9 new members each year, but due to the overwhelming talent this year, we have allowed one more girl to be on the list!" We cheered, each wondering if we had been the blessed girl who got the second chance.

"Thank you, Benibara-sama!" We chorus.

"No need, my wonderful flowers. Now, with the first bend of rules out of the way, we have two more discussions to announce." Murmuring, we racked our brains to think of what it could be.

"We have set our eyes on a delicate flower, destined to blossom beautifully! Sadly, this flower is growing amongst weeds, and so we have been trying to rescue the poor maiden from… this!" A giant picture of 6 men in uniforms sprang out at us. A few girls fainted.

"They may look nice on the outer part, but on the inside they are nothing but weeds! Poisonous mushrooms are always colourful and beautiful! Do not be put under their spell! We must save our princess!" A new photo appeared beside it, this time of a girl's face. She was quite pretty, quite pretty indeed.

"Forced to cast away her identity and dress up as a male, this girl is leading the life of a tragic heroine! Not to fear, my flower, I will surely rescue you!" Benibara-sama turned to us.

"I will now pick one of our new 10 recruits to go on a mission to Ouran Academy! We shall set the time limit for 2 months, and if you don't succeed in bringing the flower back, then you shall be forced to quit the Zuka Club!"

Some girls gasped. Quit the Zuka Club? After we worked our asses off to get here? I shook my head in disbelief. This obviously was going to be a tricky job.

"I volunteer!" A pretty girl steps forward. She goes on and on about how she would love to sacrifice herself to save the flower princess, but she didn't fool me. She was a terrific actress, but her eyes kept darting to the poster. She didn't believe in bringing back the flower at all. All she wanted was to get two months with those guys.

"We decline your idea, sorry."

"What? Why?" She pretended to be really hurt.

"I think we all know. The truth is in the eyes, sweetheart." The vice president, Chizuru-san said softly. The girl lowered her head in shame and stepped back into the crowd.

"No more volunteers?" Benibara-sama scanned the girls.

"Alright, I guess we'll just have to do that." She picked up a box and shook it for us to see. "Inside here are names of girls that we decided could go through the mission without any distractions."

I stared with blank indifference. My name was probably in there, when we had been interviewed at the auditions I think I had been too dry when we got to the personal life questions. Several girls crossed their fingers, willing Kami-sama to obey their wishes.

"Kousuke Rin!" I snapped to attention.


"You have been chosen to perform the duty of bringing us back our precious maiden! We have gathered reports about all the club member's real personalities behind those fake masks! From this day on for the next two months, you are an Ouran Academy student!"

"Bloody Hell." I muttered unconsciously.

"Tomorrow your student record at St. Lobelia's will be on hold. Until the end of the two months you are not allowed to step a foot on our grounds, so gather your things!"

"Isn't this a little too early?"

"The earlier the better, is what I always say!"

I groaned and staggered out the door, wincing as I heard a couple sympathetic sighs. When I finally got home, I called my friends and relayed the message. After many rants about boys and how dangerous they could be, I hung up and packed my stuff.

Sitting on my suitcase so it would close, I started reading the reports. A huge DANGER was marked in red pen next to one guy's report.

Ootori Kyouya. I looked at his picture. He can't be that bad.

I dropped the report after I finished reading it. Oh god, I'm going to have nightmares. I gazed at the picture of the other guys.

Yes, they were all strikingly handsome, I had to admit. Suddenly, my eyes blinked. One particular set of eyes caught my attention. Before I knew it, I had raised the picture up and was staring at it, mesmerized.

"Hell girl, are you sick?" I knocked my head a couple of times. Forcing myself to put it down, I finished up my work and went to bed.

Staring at the ceiling, his face appeared again.

"Huh… Haninozuka Mitsukuni, eh?"