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Omake (Bonus Chapter)

Rin's POV

"Do you, Haninozuka Mitsukuni take Kousuke-"

"Yup!" Hunny interrupted.

"Uh, same here." I raised my hand.

"WHAT A BEAUTIFUL WEDDING!" Screamed my mom, with tears rolling down her face.

"You know what? Just kiss her and get it over with." The preacher sighed as Hunny pulled me down for a kiss.

"He's not very nice." I murmured, still a little dazed after we broke apart.

"Does it really matter?" Hunny tilted his head slightly, smiling.

"No, it doesn't." I smiled back happily. "As long as we have a big huge cake, I'm happy."

"I'm glad you think so!" Hunny cheered.

"Speaking of cake, where is it?" I looked around.

"It took up too much space, so we wheeled it into the reception!" The twins yelled out.

"Nothing better have happened to it!" Hunny playfully jumped off the podium and ran off.

Chuckling, I followed him, evading my mom's seat on the way.

"DARLING, DID YOU SEE THAT? RIN IGNORED ME! WHY CAN'T WE GET ALONG?" Leaving the room quickly, I stifled a laugh.

Hunny was now lunging at the huge cake, fork outstretched.

Nekozawa's POV

6 months later

I smoothed out my black cape, so as to impress the guest. After all, it had been several months since I had seen Rin, and she said she was going to give us a lovely surprise.

"How long has it been?" I heard giggles coming from the kitchen.

"It's 4 months now." I rounded the corner to gasp.

There was Rin, and my wife Renge, giggling like little girls.

They didn't look any different from before.

Except for one difference.

Rin was laughing and touching Renge's stomach.

Her pregnant stomach.

My wife.


3 months.

Outsider's POV

"What a cutie." The two girls laughed at the dark corpse that lay on the floor.

"As clueless as ever." Rin laughed as she took off her wig and switched clothes with Renge.

"I'm going to go rest over there." Rin waddled off to an armchair.

"Yeah." Renge dragged her husband's body out of the room. "I hope your baby is a girl, so we can have fun together."

"Don't get your hopes up." Rin laughed as she patted her slightly bulging stomach.

Outsider's POV

5 years later

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Hunny ran to the living room after hearing the scream.

"What's wrong?" He burst in, worried.

"My daughter! My poor poor daughter!" Rin was swinging around a little girl crazily.

"What happened?" Hunny asked cautiously.

"LOOK AT HER HANDS! HER PRECIOUS HANDS!" Rin showed Hunny the bloodstained hands of the little 4-year old.

"They're… red…" Hunny narrowed his eyes in confusion.

"My poor little Sora… Tell mommy who did it…" Rin looked directly at the precious girl.

"…Ron-ron…" Sora answered in a small voice.

"Ronald…" Rin walked slowly towards the living room door. Once out of the room, she stormed off, screaming at the top of her lungs.


Hunny removed his hands from the ears of the little Sora. He silently prayed that the chef wouldn't be killed, his cheesecake was delicious.

"Sora-chan…" He sat down next to Sora on the couch.

"Mm?" Sora looked up innocently.

"Why do you have red marker all over your hands?" He chuckled.

Sora just smiled cutely.

Rin's POV

5 years later

"How was school today?" I asked as Sora stormed into the kitchen.

"Bah." She made a face.

"What happened?" Hunny asked anxiously.

"It's all your fault!" She accused, pointing a finger at him.

"Why?" He looked pretty puzzled at our 9-nine year old.

"I just had to inherit your genes!" She turned around, crossing her arms in front of her chest.

"What are you talking about?" I put my book down.

"I'm always teased at school because they say I have a baby-face!" She pouted grumpily.

"I think you're face is cute." I smiled.

"Well I don't! I don't wanna be cute like daddy; I wanna be pretty like mommy!" She stomped her foot. Twice.

"She reminds me so much of Chika…" Hunny sighed happily.

"Sora, your dad is very manly." I said with an inner laugh.

She looked up at her father, one slender eyebrow raised. "Not with that face."

Karin's POV

2 years later

God, life was a bitch.

When I thought that everything would be right again, that same bitch came back into my life, snatched my potential boyfriend, and robbed me of 30 thousand Yen!

Just thinking about it made me seethe.

After working my ass off for a hell of a lot years, my aunt told me she could get me a job as a maid.

The ideal job for an ex-rich girl.

Whatever, it was better than working 2 part-time jobs at once, so I agreed.

So there I was, in a ridiculous maid outfit, cursing life.

"Alright, so always remember to address then formerly, and you must always smile." My aunt coached.

"Smile?" I scoffed at the word.

"It's a rule of the Kousuke household."

Kousuke… Now where had I heard that before?

"They're coming!" We all formed two lines at the bottom of the staircase.

I kept on racking my brains for where I had heard it, but I just couldn't put my finger on it. Maybe some person from the past-


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