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Prestige- A SasuSaku fanfic.

Chapter three:

Sakura waved politely, Sakura had to admit there was one great thing about this school. The guys were gorgeous! Maybe she would like this school.

---- ---- ---- ----

"Okay, I hate this school!" Sakura announced.

"Ahw, don't worry Sakura, the food takes a little getting used to, but it's really not that bad." Hinata exclaimed with a friendly smile.

Sakura picked up a pile of the sludge looking food and plopped it down onto her tray.

"Seriously my parents are paying hundreds of thousands of dollars a year for this?"

"Well... If you hate it that much you could always go make your own dinner." Riku said.

Sakura smiled, "that's a great idea, I'm a great cook you know." Sakura slammed her tray down, and began to walk out of the food hall feeling very proud.

Ino, Riku, Tenten and Hinata trailed behind her.


"Step one to making pasta: melt butter in your pan, and cut up your onions." Sakura announced.

Hinata, Ino and Tenten all nodded. They had all decided to take cooking lessons from Sakura, seeing as none of them could cook. Riku however wasn't so keen.

"This is such a waste of time; can't we just go eat in the hall like everyone else?" Riku moaned.

"You can Riku, but I'd prefer to have a decent meal for once" Tenten, exclaimed as she began to throw her onions into the pot.

"Y-yeah, Sakura is a great c-cooking teacher anyway, you should come j-join in Riku" Hinata suggested.

Riku crossed her arms over her jest and made a kind of 'hmmph' sound.

"Suit yourself Riku," Ino said as she continued to cook.

"Okay now, open your tin of tomatoes and pour it in with the onions" Sakura said, although it was just a simple recipe she felt a great deal of joy teaching her friends. Although Sakura did get the feeling Riku didn't like her very much.

"So... Sakura," Ino began, whilst pouring some oil into her pan.

"I'm putting the garlic bread in the oven" Tenten interrupted.

"Okay," Sakura said, "what was that Ino?"

"What was your old school like?" Ino asked.

Sakura pondered for a moment, "It was... wild."

"Wild?" Tenten asked, joining the conversation.

"Yes, very. Lots of parties, lots of drugs, almost no learning, that why my dad pulled me out. He decided I needed to go private."

Ino nodded and dipped her finger into the sauce she had made, "try it," Ino said.

Sakura licked some off her finger, "yum!"

"You think?" Ino asked even though she knew it was delicious.

Sakura nodded.

"What were the guys like?" Tenten asked.

"Nothing compared to the guys here, I'll tell you that. If I knew private schools had such good looking guys I would have moved earlier"

Laughs echoed around the small kitchen.

"Were there any h-hot guys then?" Hinata piped up.

Sakura smiled and pulled out her blackberry.

"This guy was the best looking," Sakura exclaimed showing everyone the picture she had of Sai on her phone. Everyone must of been curious because even Riku took a look.

"Wow, he kinda looks like a less hot version of Sasuke." Ino said.

Sakura snatched her phone back, "yeah I guess he does, he's my ex boyfriend."

"Really? What's he like?" Tenten asked.

"Well to be completely honest he was hot and popular and loaded, but he was an ass hole."

"Why'd you date him then?" Riku asked.

"Oh it's a long story-"

Knock. Knock.

'Talk about saved by the... Knock' Sakura thought.

"Who's that?" Ino pondered aloud.

Sakura opened the door and was greeted by six good looking boys.

"Uh- hey?" Sakura said.

"Who is it?" Ino yelled.

"Sakura! Please let us in," Naruto pleaded.

"Do you not have your own dorm room?" Sakura teased.

Ino glided beside Sakura, "who is-" Ino began before she saw who it was.

"Of course we do, but we heard you guys were cooking and well any foods better than the food they serve in the cafe." Naruto said.

The rest of the guys nodded, they all looked starving.

"Well I don't know if we have enough."

"Well we could always make some more," Ino suggested.

"Yes, so it's settled, we're eating here." Kiba said as he pushed his way through the door and sat on the couch. The rest of the boys followed.

"Ughhh," Sakura moaned.


"Is dinner nearly ready?" Kiba asked.

Tenten rolled her eyes, "stop moaning and get off your lazy ass and help!"

"Never mind, I wasn't moaning."

Sakura smiled, "c'mon cooking's fun all you boys should get up and help."

Sakura was expecting them all to moan and just continue lying on the sofa, but to her surprise Sasuke got up and made his way into the kitchen. He stood next to Sakura.

"What do you need help with?" he asked in his husky voice.

"Um, well you could help me with these uh onions," Sakura said, forcing out a smile.

Man did she feel like an idiot, that wasn't really something she had wanted to say. If only she could of said something smooth and sexy. Helping with the onions was neither smooth nor sexy.

"Wait if Sasuke's going to help, I will too!" Naruto proclaimed as he made his way over to the onions and began chopping them.

Soon all the boys were up and helping, the pasta was soon done.

Even Riku got up and helped when Kiba did. Sakura sensed something between the two.


"Wow, this pasta is good." Neji said almost surprised, he was sat next to Tenten on the sofa. Everyone had a bowl of pasta. Sakura sighed happily, feeling very pleased with herself.

Sakura made her way over to the pot where the pasta sat, only to find there was no more left. Sakura sighed again, this time it was a sad sigh.

"Sakura..." a cold husky voice said.

It was Sasuke's.

Sakura turned to become face to face with him. She felt her face redden.

"Have mine." He said pushing the pasta towards her.

Sakura frowned, "do you not like it?" she asked.

"It's fine, just have it okay?"

"WAIT JUST A MINUTE! Sakura have my pasta," Naruto offered putting his pasta bowl beside Sasuke's.

"Or you could have mine," Kiba piped up with a big smile.

Sasuke rolled his eyes and took back his pasta bowl.

"What do you think you're doing?" Sakura asked the retreating Sasuke.

"You can have their pasta."

'But I want yours...' Sakura thought.

"Indian giver." Sakura mumbled.

Sasuke smirked as he sat down on the sofa next to Neji.

Sakura took both Naruto's and Kiba's pasta, she poured it into a bigger bowl and the three shared it.


"Look what I have!" Ino said.

Sakura rolled her eyes, she had expected the boys to be gone by now, it was ten past one and she was tired but Ino hadn't given them a chance to leave. Sakura was sure they were just about to leave but then Ino had done this.

Ino pulled out, two bottles of vodka, a bottle of whisky and some sake.

"Time to have some fun," Ino said and with that she pulled out some shot glasses.

"Where'd you get that from?" Shikamaru asked.

Ino tapped her nose with her index finger.

"Let's play have you ever," Riku suggested, she was sitting on Kiba's lap.

"Okay does everyone know how to play?" Ino asked.

"I don't," Hinata mumbled.

"Don't worry its easy, someone states something they haven't done like, I've never eaten a chilli pepper, and if you have you have to have a shot," Ino said.

"Sounds fun," Tenten said, soon everyone was gathered around the small mat in the lounge area. Sakura had a hunch the boys would end up staying the night, it was too late for them to sneak out, the wardens would be patrolling now.

"I'll start," Ino said. "I've never not had a boyfriend for more than four months since I was eleven." Ino said.

Everyone looked confused, "okay I'll do another one, I've never done more with a member of the opposite sex than kissing."

Everyone gave her a sceptical look.

"I'm serious."

Everyone shrugged.

Sasuke picked up a shot glass, and took a shot.

Everyone stared at him, "ahh," he said with a sigh as he plopped the glass down.

Sakura shook her head.

Riku grabbed a shot too.

"RIKU!" Ino gasped.

"What? We can't all be virgin Marys like you." She took a shot of vodka. Ino blushed.

"Ew," Riku said as she placed the glass down.

Daisuke picked up a shot too, and took one. So did Kiba and Neji. Everyone waited to see if anyone else would. A few minutes passed.

"Okay that's everyone."

Sakura sighed, "Not everyone." Sakura skulled back a shot of whisky. She didn't flinch or anything, which gave off the impression this type of thing wasn't new to her.

Everyone looked at her.


Ino shook her head, "nothing, okay Shikamaru you're next."

"I've never played this game before this."

Hinata was the only one who drank.

Riku went next.

"I've never been skinny dipping," Riku proclaimed.

Ino grinned, "pfft even virgin Mary has done that one," Ino sang as she took a swig.

Sasuke drank, so did Tenten, Neji and Daisuke.

"Daisuke, I'm so telling mom," Riku taunted.

Like last time Sakura was last to drink.

Kiba was next.

"I've never had sex," Kiba said with a laugh. Most people laughed until Sasuke picked up the shot glass and drank.

"Sasuke... I mean I guess I sorta thought you had, but you really have?" Ino said.

Sasuke remained silent.

"Okay next person," Tenten said trying to change the subject.

Sasuke looked at Sakura, she looked awkward, his eyes bore into her as if he was waiting for something.

"Ughhh, this game is so lame, I'm going to bed." Sakura announced, and with that she stood up and stomped into her room, and collapsed on her bed.

She felt disgusting, she felt slutty. The truth was she had done it, she had done it more than once.

She was fifteen, and stupid. She wanted to change, to be like Hinata so... pure. Tears ran down her cheeks.

She hadn't wanted to do it, but she gave in and did it anyway. She felt the bed drop a bit, someone was sitting on the end of her bed. It was too dark to see who it was, but she didn't care. She grabbed them and hugged them and cried. She didn't know why but she did.

She knew who it was now, they smelt delicious, irresistible. It was Sasuke.

She pulled away, "I'm sorry she mumbled."

He didn't move he just remained sitting there. Sakura felt safe, not that she hadn't felt safe before. But it was nice to have someone protecting you while you slept.


When Sakura woke the next morning, Naruto was lying on the floor beside her bed. Kiba lay at her feet, and Sasuke looked to be sitting in exactly the same spot he was last night, at the end of the bed. He must have moved though, coz his shirt was off, which must have meant he slept or had a shower or something.

His shirt was off. It hit her, wow he looked amazing. He was ripped.

Sakura giggled to herself under her duvet. She looked around everyone was still asleep. Typical. The sun shone in through the large windows which illuminated Sasuke's torso even more.

'Shit,' Sakura thought to herself.

It was morning that meant she looked terrible. Well not terrible but if you saw Sakura in the morning it would be the worst you ever saw her. Sakura covered her face with her duvet and desperately tried to fix her hair with her fingers, and rub off the excess make-up that lined her eyes.

"Sakura, are you awake?" It wasn't Sasuke who had asked, it was Kiba. All her fidgeting woke him up.

"Uh. Yeah. Sorry did I wake you up?"

"Uh yeah, don't worry 'bout it though. You probably did me a favour, now I might actually be in time for class."


Damn, Sakura had forgotten about that. She emerged from her duvets, to see Kiba smiling at her, Sasuke had disappeared. Weird.


"My head is killing me!" Ino moaned.

"Oh toughen up Ino, you barely had anything to drink." Tenten exclaimed.

"Yeah well this head ache is my excuse to get out of P.E" Ino said.

"And what are you going to tell them exactly, that you have a hangover?" Sakura reminded.

"Good point."

"At least we all h-have P.E together," Ino tried.

"And it's first." Tenten added.

They all moaned.

"Sakura!" Naruto called as he hugged her from behind.

"Ouch, you got my ear," Sakura laughed.


"Oi, Naruto, where are the rest of the boys?" Ino asked.

"Oh there all coming, their a bit slow today for some reason."

Tenten shook her head.



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