The gods have spoken to young, Hyuuga Hinata, and she is sent on a journey that has only two outcomes: undying love or death. Hinata Harem

Prologue/Chapter 1


The roads weren't safe anymore. Villages were raided by other villages. Innocent, or as innocent as they come at a time like this, men were killed for carrying money. It wasn't a safe time for anyone, especially a young girl.

Clad in a dark cape, hood up to mask her face, the girl walked down the dusty path to Konoha. Underneath her cape was hidden except for the small hem of a long white tunic. Her feet, pale and slim, were bare, covered only in a thick coat of mud.

The roads were empty. It was far too late for even a soldier and too far from a city for a thief. The next city, then next farm even, was over a mile from where she stumbled.

Even in the dark, quiet atmosphere the girl was comfortable. Even after walking most of the night she was content. Her long legs were aching and she wondered if she would ever be able to wash the dirt off of them. She kept her thoughts of cleanliness (a surprisingly important aspect of Konoha) and refused to believe when had happened just a week before was true.

When pushed to the brink of exhaustion, she kept on. Her legs were ever wearier as time went on and her ankles were swollen to the point that tears streamed down her face, but she refused to stop until she saw the ocean. It was a sign that she was farther from Konoha than she had known, more than two days walk to be exact.

She stumbled to the cliffs and looked over at the vast ocean. It was more beautiful in the daylight, but even in the night it had an ethereal appearance. Overwhelmed by her thoughts, the girl didn't notice that she had stepped too close to the edge. It was too late to stop her weak body from falling over the white cliffs.


The girl's eyes opened and immediately shut again. Her cape was gone and the sun was high, blinding her momentarily. "Ah," her lips pursued as she slowly opened her eyes to see that it wasn't just the sun that blinded her.

Above her was a sight that many would have died to see. A goddess was before her, a smile on her ethereal face. The sun was shining behind the goddess, but she seemed to outshine it. Long blonde hair, thick and voluminous, went down to her collar and framed her thin face perfectly. The goddess's body was different than pictured. Her chest was much larger than any statue's and she was all-around more voluptuous. The girl found herself blushing when the goddess spoke.

"Hello, Hinata." Her voice was deeper than many women, but it still sounded like liquid gold.

"H-h-hel-lo." She stuttered back, eyes stuck to the goddess's face.

The goddess smiled. "I see that even after all these years you still have that problem." Hinata's eye widened. "Yes, I have been watching you for some time; though I must say that I'm troubled by the way your life has turned out," the goddess trailed off, looking distraught for a brief second, "anyways, I saved you for a reason."

"S-s-a-ved m-m-me?" Hinata gulped absentmindedly. Her last memory was of the beautiful sea before… "Oh."

"Yes," the goddess said curtly, "and I must say it was a hassle trying to pry the information from Jiraiya." Hinata hasped at the name of the god. He was considered by some as 'the father of the gods' but many now-a-days just called him the 'head god'. The goddess frowned at Hinata's reaction and continued. "Well, I must say that you're much different than how I pictured you eighteen years ago." Her mouth twisted in a mix of confusion and anger. "I had hoped you'd be running your clan and married by now."

Hinata silently looked at her feet, noticing how dirty they were in the goddess's light. "I-I'm s-s-s-ory."

"Don't worry because I have a plan." Hinata looked up at the news and the goddess grinned. "You, Hinata, will marry someone famous," the girl cringed, "but at a price." The goddess held up a finger. "And don't even think about complaining since it's not as if you have a better option. You can't go back to Konoha and a girl like yourself would never make it in Suna or Mist by yourself." Hinata frowned, more of a twitch than anything. "That's why I proposed this. Every god except for two agreed and that's only because one of them believes you should find a way by yourself and the other is just a cold person in general."

Hinata's brain racked from trying to think of who the two gods could be. The goddess saw her confusion and her smile widened. "You'll figure them out soon enough because you'll be visiting both in your journey. That's the price you have to pay for love : convince the two that you deserve love."

"B-b-u-t-t I-I don-don't thi-think I-I'm wo-wo-worthy." Hinata stuttered, taking a step toward the goddess boldly.

The goddess rolled her eyes and crossed her arms, further accentuating her large chest. "Don't give me that attitude. I had to convince the hard-headed Ino, goddess of love, that you deserve love. That child believes that you only deserve love if you're bold enough to get it and I told you that you're bold enough. Are you going to shame me in front of my underlings?" Hinata shook her head, more scared of what would happen if she didn't answer than of her task. "Good. It's not as if this task is truly hard. You don't have to kill anyone or commit any crime. All you must do is go to Suna and then the Underworld."

Hinata's mouth opened, but no sound came out. Her feet moved towards the white cliffs, back against the stone, by themselves. "What?" She choked out, stutter absent from shock.

"Trust me, Hinata. If you can convince Gaara that you deserve to have love, then going to the Underworld will be a simple task. All you will have to do is visit Kisame, or anger Gaara." The last part was a joke, but Hinata was too shocked to laugh. That, and it wasn't funny to the frightened girl.

"Ga-aara as-as in the-the g-god of w-wa-war?!" She squeaked, not even bothering to ask if 'Kisame' was really the god of the sea from fear of knowing.

The goddess nodded. "The one and only. He and Itachi were against the whole 'let's give her love' plan and Ino refused to help you without their votes." Hinata was close to hyperventilating. "Don't worry. Do you honestly believe I'd give you a task without help?" The look in the goddess's face compelled her, almost magically, to tell the truth.

"We-well yo-you ar-are gi-giving me-me a ta-task that i-is virt-virtua-lly im-impossible. I-I thi-think I-I-I have a rea-reason to-to believe th-that you're go-going to-to send me with-without hel-help. " She mumbled hesitantly, looking down.

The goddess just laughed. "See? It's that attitude that made me want you to marry well and be strong." She flashed Hinata a smile that practically blinded the girl. "And I promise that I'll give you help. Naruto and Sakura," god of the sun, goddess of wisdom, Hinata's head spun, "are already excited to help. Also, I've prepared some encounters that will help you in the Underworld. Two men that will definitely want to meet Itachi." The smirk on the blonde's face unnerved the girl. "And they'll be perfect candidates for marriage."

"Mu-mus-must I get mar-mar-mari," Hinata couldn't even say the dreaded word. Marriage was one of the reasons for her downfall from power and she preferred not to think of it.

"Yes, but don't be scared. For this marriage you'll actually have a choice. I watched what happened with your…family and I was disappointed. Not just in you, but in your father and cousin." She said the words with malice. "So don't worry. I want you to find love and I'm sure that you'll find it after this journey."

"Bu-but why ma-marriage?" She felt tears come to her eyes, but held them back.

The goddess smiled again. "Because I have much more planned for you." The smile-turned-smirk scared the girl, but she accepted it. "Now, go to Suna. When you reach the border's in a few days, Naruto will meet with you. Though, I have a feeling you'll get some help before then. Here," a soft, purple cloth appeared over the girl, falling limply on her head. She looked at it and saw a new cloak. "He'll be looking for this specific color, but don't expect that idiot to see it immediately." Hinata giggled before nodding.

The goddess lifted the girl up to the cliffs and waved as she ambled towards the vast country called Suna, home of war and destruction.

"Do you really believe she'll be okay, Tsunade?" The goddess didn't even need to turn to see who addressed her.

"Of course, Jiraiya. She's much stronger than she knows and I'm certain Gaara and Itachi will see it." She smirked as she turned to the god behind her. He wore his trademark grin, white hair wild around his head. Tsunade would have smiled at him, but she noticed (with the expertise one only gains from experience) that his eyes were much lower than her face. She glared at the man and walked past him, up the golden steps to Olympus.

The god continued to grin as he followed her up the stairs. "I'm not so certain." He said from behind her, his stare getting lower and lower the higher they went.

Tsunade ignored it. "Don't worry; I'm sure I'll be right."She mumbled more to herself than to the perverted god behind her.

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