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It had been a rather lovely day. The sun was bright, the weather was warm, and Hinata's crops seemed to be even larger and plumper than the day before. She had even received quite a few handsome male visitors who offered to help her around her farm. She turned them down politely, stuttering only a few times.

The sky was just turned orange as the sun made its descent when she heard the knock on her door. She had been making dinner for herself and was wearing a short tunic that was stained with dirt and food, but she answered the door nonetheless.

To her surprise, the sun god himself stood at her door. She was just about to smile and greet him when she caught his worried expression.

"Come on in," she mumbled, wiping her dirty hands on her tunic as she let him inside her quaint home. He just nodded and seated himself on one of the chairs at the dining table. He looked out of place wearing his orange tunic in her drab, wooden home.

"Sit down, we have to talk." It was a request, not an order, and she took the seat across from him. She was worried, but even so she couldn't help but think that he was really the first person that had ever sat at the table at dusk. She had never had a visitor so late.

"Sasuke's dead." Hinata's breath hitched in her throat. This was not a good conversation starter and it was obviously something that gave Naruto stress as he moved his hands about restlessly.

"H-ho-how?" She stuttered, not even bothering to be strong. "H-he w-was ju-just a…I ju-just talk-talked to-to him a-a…" She couldn't finish her thoughts.

"He was going to see Dionysus, or Madara as some know him. I-I tried telling him not to go, but he said he needed to talk to him. He was killed by Madara's followers before he could even reach the temple." Naruto cursed, completely forgetting he was in the presence of a woman, before continuing. "He told me before he left that he wanted you to keep the house. He was going to come back and try to wed you."

"W-what?" She said, feeling her eyes well up.

"He knew you weren't ready before so he wanted to give you time, but now…" The sun god trailed off as Hinata tried to hold back her tears. This was too much.

"I'll be leaving now, but expect me back soon." He smiled at her, a sad smile, before leaving. Hinata stayed seated, not bothering to see her guest out. She needed to think.


Naruto began to show up once a week, same day, same time. Hinata figured that she was only person other than himself that actually knew Sasuke fairly well. It was nice getting to know the sun god, but then..more gods began to show up.

First was Hidan.

"Hey bitch, I heard that crazy bastard of yours up and got himself ripped to shreds by a few girls." The silver haired death god yelled as he walked up the steep hill to her home. Hinata jumped at the familiar voice before running away from her chickens and to the man.

"Damn, why do you live to far away?" He asked loudly. Hinata ran as fast as she could, but she couldn't run fast enough to stop him before he yelled a few more obscenities.

"Hidan!" She gasped as she saw him, waving furiously. "Please stop yelling such horrible things!" She yelled as loud as her timid voice could allow. She might live fairly far from town, but she didn't need odd rumors circulating about the company that she kept.

"Fine fine, but just you fucking wait 'cause I won't stop for long." He mumbled as he finished the long trek up the hill.

"Thank-you." She said with a large smile. She was wearing a short tunic that was stained with dirt, most of her tunics were, and her hair was up in a messy bun.

"You look hot." Hidan complimented as if it was the most natural thing for him to say. Hinata's face turned red at his words, but she otherwise ignored it and invited him inside. Once there he sat down in Naruto's usual seat and she gracefully sat on the other side, careful to make sure her work tunic didn't rise any higher.

"I ain't trying to insult you, bitch. It's just that usually when I see a fucking hot girl I have to kill her afterwards. Not that I don't enjoy the killing part." Hinata shuddered.

"Is that what you've come here to do?" She asked a nonchalantly as she could, but inside she was shaking.

"No no, this is a personal trip for once." He flashed her a handsome smile. She was pleasantly surprised to not hear a curse from him for once; and there was the fact that he wasn't going to kill her today.

"I suppose you aren't here to take in the sights."

"I always did like you, the bastard that was with you, not so much." He started with a smirk that made her shiver. He was still the god of death and she wasn't sure if she could trust him completely. "Too bad he had to leave you alone though. Now you're fucked."

Hinata's thin eyebrows furrowed. "What are you talking about?" She willed herself not to stutter, but couldn't stop from fumbling on the last word. She was nervous.

"Well, that spiky haired bastard made it pretty obvious he was going to marry you, but now words gone out that he's dead. That shiny bastard ain't gonna help you either. He wouldn't dare go up against the bastards that I know are after you." She figured the shiny one was Naruto, but the rest was still a blur. People after her? She asked who would be after her, her voice timid and afraid.

"Well, I know for a fact that war guy will be here soon and the bastard Itachi wants to see you soon." He said with a smirk.

"What can I do?" She stumbled over every word, something she had not done in a while. She didn't want to associate with any more gods except for Naruto. They exhaust her.

"Nothing. You should've gone with the Sasuke-bastard." Hidan said with one final smirk as he got up to leave. "I just came by to warn you as a favor to the fishy-bastard. He felt that you needed to be warned for some damned reason or another." He shrugged, his large scythe moving menacingly along with him, before allowing himself out.

Hinata swallowed hard. If Kisame felt she needed to be warned of the two gods' arrival then they must be coming for something big. She wished that Sasuke was around, a feeling that she got often after she learned of his death. But he wasn't here, so she would meet the gods without him.


Surprisingly, the first god to show up at her door was Itachi. She knew he was there before he had even bothered to knock. It was as if she was in tuned to his aura – it seemed to suffocate her and she ended up dropping the knife she held as she was making breakfast. Eagerly, fear intertwining with every muscle, she opened her front door.

He was as handsome as ever. And also as frightening. His dark clothes stood out in the bright, dawn sunlight, and his eyes seemed to pierce her as she opened the door. He didn't smile, he didn't seem to have any expression at all. Instead, he just followed her inside her small home.

"W-wo-would you-you like some water?" She offered, stumbling over a few words. She couldn't help it – she was visibly shaking by just being in his presence. He didn't even need to speak and she was ready to run away to Thrace or Sparta.

"No." He said smoothly. His voice was like lace and his face was like stone. If she wasn't so scared, she might have reveled in his beauty. Instead, she sat down, rather ungracefully, in the chair across from him.

"You must wonder why I have come." She nodded once, hardly a nod at all. "I have come to see how you fare without Sasuke by your side."

"I thought you cared not for my past or future." She said timidly, eyes downcast. She didn't see the smirk that the god of the underworld had.

"You have grown rather strong without him by your side." He stated, "but you still seek love, do you not?"

His cold words brought back memories she'd have rather not remembered. She took a deep breath and stilled her nerves as best she could. Repressed memories of the day she left her home and started this odd journey came flooding back in harsh waves. Her arrival back from a small village's festival to home being met with the marriage of her cousin and sister; her father denouncing her in front of the town; and finally her complete banishment was like play in her mind, as if it didn't happen to her. Too many events had happened afterwards for Hinata to really think about the incident.

They called her a failure to the Hyuuga name and yet, here she was, living by herself, speaking to Hades himself. She had met the mighty Tsunade and even fought Ares…and finally, she had died in a pool more magnificent that anything her family would ever be able to see. Though it worried her a bit, Hinata was actually somewhat happy that she had been banished from her family.

She was now alone, no one to care for her, and yet she felt happier than she had ever felt before.

These revelations were what sparked her next words…

"Actually…I don't think that I need love to be happy. I might have a few months ago, but now I am rather glad to be without it." She said, looking straight into her eyes. However, as soon as she stopped, she returned her gaze to the ground. She was being insolent – something she had never done before. Who was she and where was the old, jittery Hinata?

She's gone, Hinata told herself, and replaced with someone who can take care of herself.

Itachi nodded, though she didn't see. "I figured as much, here." His large hands took hers and opened them up. She was surprised at how warm they were when he placed something in her hand.

"Seeds?" She asked, looking up at him again. Her face, bronze from the sun, was flushed from her rather small outburst.

"If you feel the need, then eat them. Just be sure of your decision before you do."

She was still holding the seeds when he disappeared in a cloud of black smoke. She looked at them once more before placing them in a jar, she needed to think more about who she was and did not need to bother herself with some silly seeds.


Two weeks later and there was another knock at her door. She knew, yet again, who it was before she opened it. She could feel the heat radiating from his body as she opened the door.

"Gaara, come on in." She waved as a sign that he should come in and stepped to the side. He looked the same, as all the gods did, in his gold armor and leather straps. His bright red hair was as messy as it was before.

"It took me a while to find out what happened to you." He stated emotionlessly as he sat down. It almost made her giggle at the thought of all the visitors she had been having as of late. "I am sorry that Itachi refused your request."

"It's fine, I'm pretty happy." She offered him some water, which he refused, and sat down across from him. "I think he actually did me a favor."

"I do not. You shouldn't be alone." He said quietly. It surprised her that the god of war could actually care for her. She remembered his promise that he wouldn't let just anyone marry her.

"I wish it was possible to work between us." She said sadly. Gaara was a good man, if rather emotionless. He was strong, brave, and smart.

"Yes, I do too." He said almost as sadly as she had. The problem lay with him being a god. The most he could give her was a child, which she was not ready for at the moment.

They sat in silence for a while, both wondering if it could ever work, both knowing that it couldn't.


Hinata continued to get visits from all of the gods. Gaara visited every month, Naruto every week, Itachi every few weeks, and Hidan whenever he felt like it. Kisame even came sometimes, though he only stayed for an hour at most. Rumors began to fly about as to why she received so many odd visitors, but no one bothered her about it since she began to be the main provider of vegetables and eggs to the village. Hinata was content.

After a few more years, Hinata and Gaara finally took a step in the direction of a relationship. It didn't take long for her to bear a child with dark hair, pale skin, and green eyes. A beautiful little boy that Naruto claimed would be very strong and powerful.

The child grew up to live a normal life before going off on an adventure of his own, working for his uncle, Naruto. Gaara grew busy with all of the wars – there seemed to be a new one every year – but he tried to remain in their lives. Hinata never believed that they would be together forever, so after their child left she didn't expect him to visit again. She was right.

Hinata was a beautiful woman, even in her late forties. Her hair was still it's dark blue-black color and she had very little lines about her face. Naruto continually told her that she was the most beautiful human woman and even Itachi complimented her on occasion. She didn't care for either of their comments and was content to garden and grows chickens.

It was just by chance, years later, that she happened upon the seeds. She recognized them instantly as pomegranate seeds, seeing them only once in her 60 years of life. She remembered Itachi's words to eat them when she felt the need to. She was old, older than most in the village. Her garden was long gone and her chickens given to another farmer. She was ready.

So she put the dried up seeds in her mouth and swallowed. A smile formed on her face and she closed her eyes. When she opened them, she was in a familiar place.

"So this was your plan all along?" She asked, her voice bright and strong as it was many years ago. She stood up from her position on the ground, her joints moving with ease.

"I was surprised you never figured it out." Itachi said from his seat on his throne. The room, dark so long ago, was now brightly lit up, revealing a second throne that had been added. Hinata smiled and walked to the throne, taking Itachi's hand.

"I thought you despised me. It wasn't until I was with child that I recognized your hate for something more." She smiled and sat down beside him, never taking her eyes off of him. "But I was always waiting for an advance."

"You know as well as I do that it would never have worked while you were forced to stay on earth." He made it sound like it was a bad thing.

"Yes, I supposed that now, I am trapped for an eternity." She smiled at the man beside her and he nodded back, stoic as ever.

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Hinata began to fall in love with Itachi when she was pregnant. She knew Gaara could never fully stay with her and when he left her she was really not fazed by it. She was always waiting for Itachi to do anything to prove her loved her and when she was old, over 60, she decided to eat the seeds since she felt she was ready for anything. Then, in the Underworld, she realized that Itachi had planned for her to eat them and become his Queen.

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