A Case Of Redemption

By Andie O'Neill

Fandom: Psych

Rating: PG-13 (Subject to Change… maybe R in later chapters)

Warning: Some Spoilers For S3, Slash (Obviously)

Pairing: Shawn/Lassiter (Eventually), Gus/Juliet

Genre: Romance, Angst, Humor, Action, Mystery

Summary: Henry Spencer's old partner is back in town for a visit, but things go from bad to worse when a killer is found dead and Henry goes missing.

A/N: Not much longer! I'm thinking just one chapter left maybe… we'll see how much I can pack. In the mean time… Shawn faces off with Eddie! Enjoy!

Disclaimer: Steve Franks and the USA network own the show and it's characters.

Part Eight

It was getting late, and they were running out of time. The church was miles away and if Lassiter went any faster the car would probably lift off. Shawn was still trying to connect the missing pieces to Eddie's plan. It had to be a trap. Why would Eddie want Shawn to find him? Lassie was right, it didn't make sense. Eddie had been so careful, barely leaving evidence behind unless he'd meant to, and only clues Shawn would understand. As a child Eddie would often give Shawn advice, wanted to see Spencer become a detective almost as badly as Henry did. At one time Shawn had looked up to his 'Uncle Eddie,' but now that same man was planning on killing his father. Nothing fit, and Shawn was having a hard time connecting the dots. Still, he felt more clear-headed than he had since the moment he'd realized his father had gone missing. For once it wasn't just Gus that believed in him, was supporting him. Lassie was behind him to, and somehow Shawn had never felt more confident.

They were getting closer to the church and Lassiter turned to look at Shawn. "Spencer… I don't want you or Guster following us inside. Let O'Hara and I deal with this. Back-up is on the way."

"Are you kidding me?! Lassie, I need to be in there! I need to finish this! If anyone can stop Eddie it's me!" Shawn protested, desperate to see this case to the end. He knew he wasn't always the bravest, or the most heroic guy around, but he wasn't going to just sit by while his father's life hung in the balance.

"Shawn, Carlton's right. You're already in this too deep. You're emotionally involved. It could affect your judgment," injected Juliet.

Spencer shook his head. "No, I am not just going to let you guys go in there alone! We're going in with you, right Gus?" Shawn looked back at his best friend, seeing the hesitation and immediately frowned. "Gus?!"

"What?! Every time I get involved I end up with a gun to my head, Shawn! I care about Henry too, but I'm not trying to get killed either!" Gus said a slightly guilty expression on his face.

Internally Shawn understood his friend's hesitation. Gus had been in some dangerous situations and Shawn knew he would never forgive himself if his friend was hurt. "Fine! You can stay by the car and make sure he doesn't escape while the three of us go in!" Shawn turned back to look at Lassie, praying that he'd understand how important it was to Shawn, how much he needed to face Eddie and save his father.

Lassiter turned the next corner, only a block away from the church, and let out a heavy sigh. "Alright fine, but you stay close to me and I swear to God if you do something stupid I will shoot you myself."

Shawn smiled, thankful. "Don't worry Lassie, I'll be a good boy," he assured the detective.

Lassiter rolled his eyes, making a quick U-turn before parking in front of the church Shawn had given him directions to. "Okay, this is it!" Lassiter pulled out his gun and glanced back at Spencer, then climbed out of the car. Shawn and O'Hara were fast behind him as they rushed to the door. Lassiter didn't even bother to see if it was open, choosing to bust it down instead. The church was dark, and Shawn swallowed the lump in his throat as the hairs on the back of his neck stood up. Lassiter was cautiously moving inside, and Shawn made sure to stick to his side, ducking down just a bit as if somehow it would help him. They could barely see, and Lassiter motioned for O'Hara to go around the other way, meeting him at the front of the church. They would cover more ground that way, but somehow Shawn didn't like the idea of them splitting up. Still, he said nothing, and kept close as he'd been instructed. It was rare that Spencer listened to anything Lassiter said, but for once he wasn't about to take chances.

"Carlt-" came a shout from nearby and Shawn jumped, recognizing it as O'Hara, but she never finished, and Shawn knew Eddie was there… watching.

"O'Hara?!" Lassiter called back without thinking, and suddenly the lights were turning on and Shawn blinked as his eyes adjusted, temporarily blinded. When he could finally see once more O'Hara was lying still on the dirty carpet floor with a gash on her forehead and Eddie McCall was holding a gun to Henry Spencer's head.

"Dad!" shouted Shawn, taking a step forward before Lassiter quickly grabbed his shoulder and pulled him back, positioning himself in front of Shawn, his weapon trained at Eddie. Henry was lying on the floor unconscious, arms and legs tied.

Eddie smiled. "Shawny, look at you! You're all grown up. Been a long time… you look good, kid."

Shawn was looking over Carlton's shoulder, tense as he stared at the gun. Eddie's finger was on the trigger and the safety was off. Spencer forced himself to look up at Eddie, seeing the usual wear of age on his face. "Hey Eddie," he greeted back, trying to keep the fear from his voice. "What's up man… you know… besides the murder thing?" His voice was shaky at best. He couldn't stop glancing down at the gun, and his father.

"Drop the gun, now! You're not gonna escape from this, McCall. Back-up is on the way," said Lassiter, eyes trained on Eddie, ready to shoot at the first sign of movement.

Eddie stood still, a small smile on his face. "Detective Carlton Lassiter. I've read all about you in the papers. Tell me, what's it like being caught in Shawny-boy's shadow? I mean, we all know he's a better detective than you'll ever be."

Shawn looked over at Lassiter, watching the detective's finger tighten just a bit, itching to fire his weapon and take Eddie out. "For your information Lassie's a great detective. You wish you could solve crime the way he does… and look hot while doing it. He's practically McGruff," Shawn defended.

Eddie's smile grew. "You always had to be the funny one, didn't you Shawny. I swear sometimes I wondered how the hell you could ever be a Spencer with how different you and Henry are. Some things never change."

Shawn refused to play Eddie's game. He wasn't going to break down. He needed to be strong… for his father. "Plus I have all my hair. I mostly take after, Mom."

McCall nodded, letting out a faint chuckle before he looked down at Henry. Shawn could see the bruises and cuts on his father, his heart beating faster and faster with every second. Henry had to be okay… he just had to be. "Well, at least I can say there's one thing you got that could only have come from your father. Henry always was one hell of a detective."

It was time for a different approach. "Interim Chief Michaels took the case from him, Eddie. There was nothing he could have done. His hands were tied."

"Oh come on, Shawn! You're smarter than this! You actually believe Henry didn't have a choice?! We all have a choice, kid! You've still got a lot to learn. Henry knew something was fishy about the whole damn situation! He wouldn't have been a good cop, or a good detective if he hadn't figured Michaels had an agenda. Michaels knew what his son had done! He knew his son was involved and he tried to cover it up! Henry wasn't a damn fool, Shawn! Everyone knew he was hiding something!" shouted Eddie, his anger rising, and Shawn knew he'd made a mistake. Lassiter was standing quiet in front of him, gun aimed straight at Eddie, ready for whatever move the other man made. Shawn's heart lifted just a bit when he heard Henry groan, obviously waking up, perhaps thanks to Eddie's shouting.


Henry groaned once more, trying to fight his restraints before he opened his eyes and looked up at the gun pointed straight at him. He immediately froze. "Shawn?" he managed, swallowing hard.

"I thought you'd like one last moment, Shawn," said Eddie. "This is the last time you're going to see your father, and despite everything I knew I couldn't kill him until you had a chance to say goodbye."

Shawn closed his eyes for a moment, trying to keep a cool head. "Eddie, you can't do this!" he finally spoke, looking up at the man once more.

Eddie's eyes were focused on Henry, now fully conscious and staring back. The retired detective didn't say a word. "And why not, Shawn? He deserves to pay for his sins. James deserved justice, but was denied for YEARS because your father didn't have the courage to face the Chief."

"Eddie, I had no choice-" Henry began.

"No!" interrupted McCall, his gun shaking for a moment with his anger. "No excuses! No apologies!"

Shawn knew they were getting nowhere, and fear gripped him as he realized just how close he was to losing his father. He glanced back at Juliet, noticing she was also regaining consciousness. Suddenly hope swelled inside him. Perhaps if he could keep Eddie occupied… just maybe they had a chance. His thoughts immediately went back to his childhood. "You know Gus is outside. He's still my best friend even after all this time. We're still partners… run Psych together."

Eddie didn't pull his eyes away from Henry, but smiled none-the-less. "I know, Shawny. I read the papers about you two."

"You and Henry were partners too, Eddie. Why are you doing this? You were to my Dad what Gus is to me. You used to say you'd take a bullet for him… and now you're standing here ready to put a bullet in him. Last I heard friends don't shoot each other." Shawn was glancing back at Juliet, watching her feel the ground for her gun. She was sliding over toward it.

Eddie shook his head. "Friends also don't betray each other."

"You're mad at my father for not solving a case? Seriously?! You two were partners!"

Finally Eddie looked at him. "It wasn't just some damn case! James was my brother! He deserved justice! All I wanted was loyalty from a friend! He knew just as I did that Chief Michaels was hiding something, but he chose to let it stay buried!"

"Eddie, there was nothing I could do. We had no evidence-" Henry began.

"Shut up! Just shut up!" snapped Eddie, taking a step closer to Henry, his arm tensing and Shawn held his breath for a moment. Again he looked over at Juliet. She'd almost reached her gun. He just needed to stall a little bit longer.

"Listen to him, Eddie! The evidence was gone! I understand why you killed Keith Michaels. Hell, I can even understand why you killed his father, but my Dad did nothing to you! He doesn't deserve this!" Shawn called out.

"Drop the gun… this is your last warning," said Lassiter.

Eddie shook his head. "I can't let this go. I must see this through!"

Henry took in a deep breath. "I know I made a mistake, Eddie. I blame myself every god damn day for how things went down. I failed you… and James. Keith Michaels took your brother from you and I was supposed to bring him to justice. I know that, but killing me won't bring your brother back."

"No…." Eddie cocked his gun, and Shawn's heart stopped. "But the guilty must pay, and now it's your turn."

Juliet reached for her gun, accidentally hitting a loose brick from the wall that had broken on the floor and Eddie immediately turned, ready to shoot. "No!" shouted Shawn at the top of his lungs when he heard the loud echo of a gun firing and suddenly everything went still. Shawn knew he would never forget the look in Eddie McCall's eyes as they widened, just before he fell backwards from the hit, falling to the floor while the gun dropped from his hands. Henry was struggling to free himself from the ropes, trying to get to Eddie. Despite everything Henry and Eddie had still been friends for a very long time. Lassiter's gun was smoking, and Shawn knew he'd been the one to pull the trigger. He was frozen, time slowing down as he watched Eddie look up at him. Shawn could already see the blood spilling from his wound, and finally pushed himself to run over to the man, Lassiter following behind as he kicked the gun from Eddie and helped O'Hara up. "Eddie?" This man had lived with his hatred and pain for too long, had let it eat away the good man Shawn remembered from his past.

Eddie looked up at Shawn. "You know Shawny… I always knew you'd make one hell of a detective. It's what you were made to do." There was a smile on Eddie's lips, and silently Shawn wondered if it hadn't been just to allow for a last goodbye that Eddie had left those clues for Shawn to follow. Perhaps it was one final test to see if Shawn had what it took. Or maybe Eddie never really had it in him to kill Henry despite how close he'd been to pulling the trigger… perhaps subconsciously he was still the same man Shawn remembered, the one that loved the Spencer family. All Shawn did know is when Eddie's eyes finally closed, the smile hadn't faded from his lips… and he looked more at peace in death than he'd had moments before when he'd been pointing a gun at Henry's head.

Shawn turned away from the man lying dead before him, looking up at his father who was staring on with sadness and regret in his eyes. "Dad? You uh… you okay?" he asked awkwardly, moving over to untie him.

Henry looked beaten, tired, and in pain… but at least he was alive. "Yeah kid… I'm okay. Thanks to you and Lassiter."

Shawn followed Henry's gaze, looking up at the lanky detective standing over them, holding up his injured partner. Shawn could see the worry in Lassiter's eyes, and gave him a soft smile to let him know he too was okay. Finally he turned back to his father, giving the elder Spencer the best smile he could muster. "Yeah well, Lassie's the real hero… which uh reminds me… we may need to talk later," he told his father with a quick glance back at Lassiter, thinking once more about the kiss he'd shared with the detective. At some point he was going to have to tell his father.

Henry raised an eyebrow, looking at them both with suspicion. "Do I wanna know?" he finally asked.

Lassiter blushed just a bit, and Shawn looked back at his father. "Let's just say, you should remember you owe Lassie-face here, your life and leave it at that for now," he spoke, helping his father up.

Henry let out a tired sigh. "I'm gonna need a drink for this aren't I?" he mumbled grimly.

The crisis was finally over, and the pressure that had been building was finally passing away, and Shawn couldn't believe the relief he felt at knowing his father was okay. He allowed himself a faint smile. "Come on Dad… Gus is waiting for us outside, and we need to get you to a hospital."

When he looked up at Juliet, barely managing to stand on her own, he heard Lassiter's sigh. "Correction… I think we need to get them to a hospital," added Carlton. As always back up had the most impeccable timing, and they hadn't even made it out of the church when they heard the sirens from outside. With one last glance at Eddie McCall, Shawn helped his father out of the church. It was finally over, even if a part of Shawn wished things had ended differently. He couldn't forget the Eddie McCall from all those years ago, the one that had taught Shawn so much. Not for the first time Shawn wondered what it would be like to be able to forget, but as he looked up and saw Lassie's comforting blue eyes, he let the image of Eddie fade and replaced it with the kiss he and Carlton had shared. Maybe Shawn couldn't forget, but there was something to be said for all the good things he could remember. For once, it was enough.

"Hey… Shawn, you okay?" his father asked, stalling for a moment as he looked at Shawn, almost studying him as if trying to solve a puzzle.

Shawn simply smiled, pulling him along. "Yeah Dad… I am now."

To Be Continued

A/N: I was a bit worried it might seem a bit rushed, but if I tried to edit any more I'd start pulling out hairs. Let me know what you guys thought!