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Author's Note: A little late for Valentine's Day, but hey, it's still something cute and hilarious!

Enemy Cuddles

Glare. Glare.

Snort. Glare.

Growl. Glare.

"I hate you."

"I hate you too."



"What the hell did you say!?" Smirk.

Ah, the joys of two enemy ninja being trapped in an abandoned shack during a dangerous thunderstorm with no hopes of escape until morning.

Sakura Haruno growled again, resisting the urge to punch her reluctant roommate Kabuto Yakushi into the next village over. "Why of all the people I had to be stuck with, it had to be you?" she asked, trying her best to ignore the vein popping from her forehead in irritation. Kabuto only smirked, eyeing the rosette smugly, "Because I just love torturing you, Sakura-san."

'Damn bastard...he really is enjoying this!'

'Wait until this storm is over! Then you can shove his face into the mud!'

Sakura kept in her want to outwardly smirk by moving over to a corner of the shack, "I'm getting some sleep. Sooner I wake up from this nightmare, the better."

"Maybe you'll have a dream where you have a B-cup."

Toss of a boot. Hit. "That hurt, Sakura-san."

"It was supposed to, Kabuto-san. Stupid four-eyes bastard."

Sakura sneezed herself awake sometime in the middle of the night, '...Ugh...great, thanks to this damp place, I'm probably going to get a cold or the flu or something. Stupid rain, stupid four-eyes, stupid floor, stupid...'

Her inner thought rant was interrupted by a sudden clearing of the throat from the other side of the shack. "You know, Sakura-san, I may not be too big of an expert on it, but I do have some of a talent for reading lips, and if I read correctly, I don't think saying stupid all the time is very proper for a lady like you." Sakura growled, taking her other boot and tossing it at his head.

"That hurt."


Sakura turned away from Kabuto, pulling her knees in and covering her now both bare feet with her backpack. 'I don't say stupid all the time. Stupid idiot,' she thought.

'Well, yeah you do, but that's besides the point.'

'Shut up.'

She sneezed again, groaning slightly, then brought herself in closer to preserve warmth. Across the shack, Kabuto watched her struggle with slight interest and smirk, holding his head where her boot hit him.

Sakura was too intent on keeping warm and trying to get to sleep that she didn't hear him crawling over next to her, nor felt the old floor beneath her shift slightly when he laid down beside her. However, when she felt two arms forcing themselves around her waist, the vein she fought so hard to keep away popped at full force.

"What the hell are you doing!?"

"You're cold. I'm cold. It's best to preserve body heat by cuddling together, right?"

"Cuddling!? What the hell!? We are not a couple, so don't use that word! Get your arms off of me! You--"

Kabuto smirked, taking one hand and tapping Sakura's lips, "Shh shh, Sakura-san. You need some rest. Besides, you don't want to catch a cold, do you?" He chuckled lightly as he wrapped his arms tighter around her waist, pressing himself closer to the reluctant kunoichi.

"I hate you."

"I hate you too."


"Sleep tight Sakura-san."

Sakura growled, closing her eyes and trying her hardest to ignore the enemy medic's breathing in her ear. She had to admit, she was a little warmer, but she definitely wasn't enjoying how she was receiving this extra warmth. She felt his toes rub up against her soles underneath her backpack and she frowned.

"I want my boots back in the morning."

"As long as you don't hit me with them again. Those things are dangerous."

"Of course. They are steel-heeled."


Smirk. "Sleep tight Kabuto-san."