Summary- Being traumatized at the age of 3, I finally get over it as many years went by. I'm now 18 in the military. Although I'm still young, I have earned the utmost respect of everyone. With my fear back, I'm afraid I'll lose it if they find out-

Kiss Me Sweet

***Flashback 15 years ago***

"S-s-sya-kun, I don't think you should do that." A little emerald eyed girl at the age of three said as she watched her best friend drag a stool bigger then him to the kitchen counter.

"Stop being such a wimp Ra-chan. Do you want the cookie or not?" A boy her age said as he put up the stool against the counter and started to climb it.

"But I have a bad feeling Sya! Besides, Papa said not to climb on the counter because we might get hurt."

"That's only you since you're clumsy. He never said anything about me not doing it."


"Look, I'm just getting a cookie. I'll be done in a second. Your dad won't even find out a cookie will be mis-"

"KIDDDS!! Where are youuu?" A voice sang through the big house.

"Tch. That dumb babysitter still thinks we're playing hide and seek with her."

Not wanting to get in trouble, the nervous little girl ran to the door as lookout. Closing the door slightly she said, "Sya-kun, hurry up! If she finds out she might tell Papa."

The boy, obviously not liking to be rushed, rolled his eyes. "Yea yea yea."

His amber eyes searched for the cookie jar. 'Bingo! Target located.' He thought.

He slowly walked to the other side of the counter to where the cookie jar was. Trying to avoid knocking down any boxes, he finally was in reach distance to the jar. Holding onto one of the shelves, he bent down to reach out to grab it. He was still about three inches away. He looked down to see a black rope thingy in his way.

Picking up the black rope, he observed to see what it was. 'What's a rope doing up here?'

THUMP… THUMP. THUMP. The little girl's heart started beating fast. 'Oh no, something is wrong here.' Her woman intuition told her.

Looking around to find the problem, she saw her friend with a rope like thing in his hand. Her dad always told her never to mess with cords or else she might get electrocuted. She didn't know what electrocuted was, but she already deemed it as a bad thing you don't want to have.

As the boy was ready to yank the cord, he heard a scream, "Sya-kun! NOOOO…"



The little boy stared in shock as his best friend grabbed the rope out of his hand and then screamed her lungs out. She was now lying on the floor… lifeless.