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The rain battered against my window, waking me up from my deep slumber and reminding me of the horrid day ahead…the first day at Forks High, ugh. I have been in Forks a week and I still hated it, but I had to move, for my mom and Phil. They needed to be alone and enjoy each other without me as a distraction. Although I was already missing them terribly I had hoped that the bright green and rain of Forks would make it better, but it didnt. I had secluded myself in the house my first week, only leaving to go to the grocery store to cook for my dad. I didn't think that I was quite ready to face the social life of Forks just yet, at least not until today. It was nice that I had a car though. I smiled to myself remembering the drive back home from Port Angeles Airport with my father, Charlie.

The silence was welcoming, it was nice with Charlie, with no need to fill the empty silence, I stared out the window until he broke the silence.

"So Bells, I was thinking, I know that you don't want me to have to drive you around in the cruiser to school every day I thought I would get you a present," Charlie looked at me hesitantly waiting for my reaction.

"Really, Char…Dad! What did you get me?" As if the answer wasn't obvious.

"Well Bella, it's not new or anything, and it's not the best around, but I thought I would get you a car. Think of it as a welcome home present."

I about squealed with excitement. I had been saving for a car, for the same reasons as why Charlie got me one.

"What kind of car is it Dad?"

"Well, Bella, it's a 74 Chevy Nova. I bought it from Billy Black, his son, Jacob is really into cars and Billy gave me a great deal on it."

"Dad I'm so excited to see it," and the truth was, I was excited.

As we finally arrived home after an hour wait I saw my new car. The gold 2 door vehicle was beautiful. Of course it was rusty, but that was expected. I was just excited to have the car period.

My memory faded with the dread of today. I popped back into reality remembering that I still had to shower for school. It was a good thing that the hard rain had woken me up a little early. I showered quick, only drying my hair a little bit and put on my new Forks wardrobe. I slipped on the long sleeved white shirt and my dark jeans, putting my coat and tennis shoes on to complete the look. I looked in the mirror and sighed. Why couldn't I be glamorous and beautiful? I ran my hand through my long dull brown hair and looked at my dull brown eyes. My skin was much to pale too be considered anything more than fair. Finally, I glanced at the clock and realized the time I had been dreading had finally arrived, I snagged a granola bar and jogged past Charlie.

"Bye Dad," I glanced at him on my way out the door.

"Bye Bells, have fun at your first day," I chuckled to myself as I hopped in my car and was finally off to Forks High.


I walked around the house before school was supposed to start. Although normal humans would have left a while ago, we had time. The new girl was supposed to arrive today. Although she has been here a week there have been even more whispers because no one has even seen her. I wasn't excited in the least. I have seen enough uninteresting high school girls to fulfill me for a while. For some reason, Alice seemed extra excited about today.

"So Edward and I were thinking," Alice started, looking around at everyone. Emmett sighed, Rosalie rolled her eyes, and Edward let out a laugh grabbing Alice's hand.

"Anyway, we were thinking, soon we should go to Denali for a week or so, to visit Tanya and stuff. Oh yea, and since we were on the topic of meeting people; you should talk to her today Jasper. Isabella, I mean. It will take so much longer if you pretend that you don't care,." I gave my "sister" a look of surprise, and annoyance. Who was Isabella? Was she the new girl? I could feel the excitement bubbling from my pixie of a sister.

Emmett let out a laugh. "Finally little brother is gonna get some action!" Rosalie hissed, disgust seeping from her. I sighed; this just might prove to be an interesting day.


I got to school with enough time to get my papers, parking a couple of rows behind a shiny Volvo and a beautiful Ducati. I wondered who in the world would ride a motorcycle in rainy Forks? I let the question linger a moment longer and then concentrated on walking to the office to get the forms I needed. I heard hushed whispers behind me. Great, the mysterious Isabella Swan has finally appeared; I snorted to myself as I approached the desk.

"Hi, I need to pick up some papers, I'm new here," the office lady glanced up at me, surprise etching her features.

"Oh my goodness, you must be Isabella Swan. I have all your papers right here, dear. Just have all the teachers sign it and bring it back after school, okay?" I tried to give her my current imitation of a smile and took the papers.

"Thank you."

"You're welcome, dear. Enjoy your first day at Forks High." I was looking at my sheet and map figuring out where all my classes were when I smacked into something that felt oddly like a rock. A tall, cold, rock, that caught me before I could give myself a concussion.

I heard a sharp intake of breath and looked up at a God. A blonde, curly haired god who seemed very unhappy to have caught me. He had eyes black as coal that seemed to assess me. I think I might have stopped breathing myself. Holy crow! He was gorgeous, more than gorgeous. He was unbelievable, and angry. Was he angry for catching me?

"Excuse me, are you alright," the model-esque man even spoke gorgeous if that was even possible. I stuttered my answer to him. The chimes of his voice ringing in my head.

"Ye..yes, I'm fine, thank you." He instantly released his hold on me and nodded his head, walking to what I assumed was his first class. The bell interrupted my thoughts as I struggled to find my first class. Wow was the only thought running through my head as I arrived in English.

I gave the sheet for my English teacher to sign before the bell signaling the beginning of classes rang. I sat in a seat next to a harmless looking blonde.

"Hi! I'm Jessica, you must be Isabella right? Isabella Swan?" She looked interested in hearing about me.

"Well Bella, actually," I corrected her automatically. She smiled at me again.

"Okay, Bella. So how has your first week at Forks gone? I can't believe you came from Arizona, you don't look very tan. What are your next classes?" I answered her questions, happy to think I may have already made a new friend.

My next classes went fast. I had classes with a couple other people who readily introduced themselves to me. I also already had a too eager guy named Mike Newton trying to get my phone number. Jessica and Angela were in my last class before lunch and had asked me to sit with them. I was relived that I would not have to worry about embarrassing myself by asking if I could sit with some random group of people. I went through the lunch line and somehow ended up sitting between Mike and Jessica. I heard Mike mumbling to the guy next to him, Travis? Or was it Tyler? I didn't remember I was too busy staring.

"Of course all the chicks are checking out Jasper Hale. I don't understand why all the girls care about him so much. He is definitely not even close to as good looking as I am."

Mike didn't have anything on the god that helped me this morning. Jasper lead in a group of four others. A beautiful short pale spiky haired girl danced behind him, holding the hand of a tall pale laughing guy who was also very handsome. I looked behind them, and saw what could only be described as the most glamorous person I have ever seen. It pained me to even see her beauty, no wonder why Jasper wasn't with anyone. They had to compete with her. The blonde could only be described as a supermodel with long flowing hair, and face that matched the others, and designer clothes. She held the hand of a big burly man that was just as handsome as the bronzed hair guy but much larger. They all sat at the same table, talking only to each other.

"Wow," I whispered to no one in particular. Jessica assumed I was talking to her and answered the questions that popped in my head.

"I know, right! They are the beautiful but secluded Cullens and Hales. The one alone is Jasper Hale. Single, but I wouldn't try. The short girl, that's Alice Hale, her and Jasper are twins. Her boyfriend, the sadly taken Edward Cullen is "brothers" with the big guy, Emmett Cullen. The super pretty girl, that's Rosalie Hale. They all live together and are together if you know what I mean," I could easily detect the jealousy over Rosalie and the single Jasper. As I glanced over to look at them, Jasper and Alice both looked at me. Alice seemed…happy? Jasper seemed angry still, his eyes a burning black. I felt the others look at me at the same time. I wasn't sure what to think of all strangeness of today's events. I was excited for lunch to finally be over.

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