Author's Note: Horray! I gave Edward(Cullen)something he lacks, a personality(OOC but nonetheless he still has one!) Enjoy my pretties…you most likely won't. ;]

"Hey look," Alphonse pulled out a book from the shelf of a local library they have in Central. "Here's something interesting."

"Is the book about alchemy?" asked his older yet shorter brother, Edward Elric.

"No…" Alphonse turned the book to the back, "It's about vampires and love," Edward scoffed,

"Al, I don't have time to read teen romance smut, we need books on alchemy."

"But maybe you would like to take a break, and read something else?" Alphonse handed his brother the novel. "Just for fun?" Edward stood there, thinking about it for a minute, when finally deciding that maybe it would be nice to take a break from alchemy and read a nice fantasy novel…boy was he wrong.

"Al, I hate you," Edward grumbled, staring out the window of the train they were riding on. "I had only time to check out one more book, ONE…and I wasted it, on that!" He pointed his angry shaking finger at Twilight, the novel that Alphonse convinced Edward to borrow in the first place.

"I could've gotten a alchemy book, to help me improve! BUT NO!"

"I just thought you would like to read it- one of the main character's name happens to be Edward, just like you!"

"Hmph! Edward Cullen." Ed scoffed again, "Please, it was nothing but 'Edward this!' 'Edward that!' 'Oh my god, Edward Cullen is sooo hot! He sparkles, mmm!'" Alphonse did his best to ignore his brother's freighting imitation. "It went on and on, on how much Bella loved Edward, we get it, he's beautiful!" The short blonde took one look at Twilight, which was sitting beside him, and turned away in disgust. "I mean a few things were good, I like that James character and Alice too, but it also lacked a bit. Bella was whiny, though she hated her dad, I can relate to that, but I have a good reason! She also wouldn't shut up about Edward's 'beauty' 'Edward's beautiful! The Cullens are beautiful!'" He put on his best female voice, which wasn't that good, made Al snicker.

"Oh brother, well maybe he was just really good-looking in the book," said Al,

"Well nothing says 'beautiful' than a guy in covered in sparkles," Ed joked, and then chuckled.

--Meanwhile, somewhere in Risenbool, a trash can began to talk. "GAHH! Where am I!? AH!" The trash can toppled over to the ground, where a 108 year old teen rolled out of it. "Trash can? How the hell did I get in there?!" exclaimed Edward Cullen, very confused and unaware of his surroundings. "…Ah, who cares, as long as I'm not in that damn trashcan anymore, HORRAY!" He laughed happily and began to dance moves that were similar to Michael Jackson's. "Heehee~!" He grabbed his crotch MJ style and began moonwalk to who knows where.

-- "Home Sweet Home." Ed sighed, grinning, "Let's go see Granny Pinako and Winry, I'm starving."

Alphonse sighed, and chuckled to himself. But as the two made their way out of the train station, they noticed a weird looking man, moon walking towards them. Of course this certain man didn't see them because when you moonwalk, you do it backwards. So the dancing man ended up colliding with Ed, who really wasn't paying attention where he was going either.

The two fell onto the ground, and on each other.

"Oops, sorry about that -" The man cut off as soon as he realized he had fallen on top of a short, yet attractive, blonde boy.

"Oww…" said the blonde.

"Sorry," said the man, putting out his hand to help the boy up, "By the way, my name is Edward, what's your's?"

"…Edward." answered the blonde boy, getting up from the ground.

"No, I'm Edward, who are you?"

"No, no. My name's Edward too."

"Ohh," The tall Edward smiled, "Who is this?" He gestured over to Alphonse,

"My brother, Alphonse."

"Why is he in armor, is he trying to protect himself from something?"

"Uhh…" The two brothers looked at each other, shrugged, and turned back to the other Edward. "Sure?"

"Ah yes, I completely believe you," The taller Edward smiled, which faded away quickly, "Where are you two going?"

"I don't think that's any of your business…" said the short Edward, "Come on, Al." The two brothers made their way out, leaving the taller Edward standing there.

"They don't trust me…but…but…I sparkle." The sun shone down on him, dazzling a few people who were around. "Maybe he didn't notice…I couldn't read his mind either…" His eyes grew wide, he couldn't the other Edward's mind, like he couldn't read Bella's, and he was cute. "Could it be…TRUE LOVE!?" He grinned and was giddy as a horny school girl. "I must follow him, around where ever he is, that's how I won Bella's heart after all!~" He ran after where the brothers went, he sure wished he had his Volvo, maybe then he can drive around and stalking- I mean harmlessly following the other Edward could be easy.

-- "Hey brother?" Alphonse said, as the two were almost making their way to Winry's home(They could just barely up in front of them)

"Yeah,""What did you think about that guy, the one who ran into you."

"Hm, you mean the other Edward?"

"Yeah…there was something about him that was…strange,"

"Well of course he was strange, he wouldn't stop staring at me!" Ed shivered,

"Yeah, but it's not that, it was something about his look,"


"Yeah…his skin, when I looked at it in a certain light, it would…sparkle."



"Hm…" Edward tapped his fingers on his chin, "How come that sounds familiar…?" He couldn't quite put his finger on it…

Author's Note: Shesh…I'll admit this chapter was sooo long, that I had to cut it into two parts. It was like five pages long on my Microsoft Work Word Processor, which is around….3,000-4,000 words? Yeah. So I cut it up and here you go! Btw, no. I don't like Twilight…but it's fun making parodies out of it anyway ;)