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"WHERE IS HE!?" Ed felt his head wobble, as the force of his head connecting with the brick building's wall had done quite the damage. "I know you know where he is, now tell us where he is!"

"You sound like you're repeating yourself…"

"Fuck off, you jerk off all night to Celine Dion videos."
"Shut up! You promised to keep that a secret!"

Ed couldn't see who was shoving his head toward the wall; unfortunately, they kept his head smashed against it.

"Where's Cullen?" They hissed,

"and that Bella girl."

"No! I hate her, she whines too much."

"But with her, it will be easier to get Cullen!"

"True, but I am not feeding or changing her newspapers, that will be your job."
"Ugh, fine, you don't seem to want to—

"Excuse me!" Ed growled, growing very impatient and not really liking the fact that his face is being smushed against the wall currently. "Who the hell are you!?" The two mysterious figures didn't say anything. The whole place was dark. Ed knew it was a bad idea to go shopping for beauty products in the night but Rosalie would just not shut up.

"Stuff him in a body bag, we'll make him talk, and make sure he tells us where Edward has taken Aro and Jane too."


Back at Amestris…

"Jacob has her, I just know it!" Hughes growled he and Mustang were discussing business with the police; Hughes has forced Mustang to go with him to the police station to file a report. "Find him, quick, and lock him up behind bars!" Behind this father, he was burning with rage; he loved his little daughter more than anything and would do anything to get her back.

"Calm down, sir," said one cop, "I'll make sure we find this guy quick…now…how did you say he looked like again?"

"Has short black hair, olive skin…possibly from another part of the country." Actually, part of a different universe, but he was partially right.

"Ishvalan?" asked the cop.

"Actually no, his eyes weren't red….they were brown. Kinda like…that." Hughes then pointed to a portrait of an Indian the cop happened to have laying around his desk for some reason. "Only, he didn't have the whole getup and he cut his hair a week ago…"

"Alright, I'll see what we can do. What was his name again?"

"Jake…Jacob Black."

"Weird name for an Ishvalan."

"He isn't Ishvalan!"

"Oh…ok, why didn't you say so? We'll get this Ishvalan if it's the last thing we do. Come on, men!" and thus, the police men ran out of the station to god knows where.

"Maybe we should just go looking for Jake ourselves." Mustang mumbled,

"Good idea," agreed Hughes, and thus, the Colonel and the Lieutenant Colonel were on their way too.


"What?" Marcus blinked a couple of times, wondering about Ed's story which he just told to the rest of the Volturi right now.

"Can't we just torture him till he tells us the truth?"

"Shut up, Caius, you're useless, go make some blood red kool-aid, using real blood."

"Marcus, these drinks are ridiculous! We are supposed to be bad and drink blood straight from victims."

"Shut up! I'm just trying to make things a little bit more fun is all…"

"Excuse me, if you really give a crap about where your vampire friends are, you'd shut the hell up and let me talk!" screamed Ed, and the rest of the vampires turned their attention toward him.

"Fine, but we're killing you afterword and mixing your blood in kool-aid for coven." Marcus said,

"Coven? You're witches too?"

"No…just vampires."

"Really? I thought covens were supposed to be a group of witches."

"Well, we aren't witches or anything, we're just vampires."
"Don't really seem like it."

"Ga—Bah! Would you just shut up!?" Marcus whined, and then turned to his heel to walk away.

"Wait!" called Caius,


"Come back, he's going to tell us about this mysterious dimension where Aro and Jane are at!"

"Oh yeah." So Marcus turns back and faces the short, blonde boy. "Tell us everything you know."


"He hasn't even called…" Winry mumbled, feeling quite disappointed that her dearest childhood friend, Ed, hasn't called her or visited, she really did want to check up on his automail to see if it was in top shape or not. But she couldn't help but feel weird out-ed by the whole thing that was going on with Edward Cullen coming to life from Twilight. Could all book characters do that?

"Maybe…" Winry mumbled, then squealed feeling quite excited, she pulled out her copy the first Harry Potter book. "I've always wanted to go to Hogwarts!" but that point, she heard yelling and screaming coming from outside her home. "What the…" She made her way outside, where she spotted the green scenery and the bright sunlight.

"Who's making that entire racket?" Winry said, though she didn't really speak up, so she could have just been talking to herself still. Then, she spotted them, two incredibly pale guys, and her childhood friend, Ed.

"Edward! Er…who are they?"

The two guys turned to each other then Ed, "Your name is Edward too?" The one with black hair asked,

"Well Edward isn't exactly an uncommon name, you twit." The blonde one growled,
"You're the twit!"

"No, you are!"

The two began to argue, but was soon interrupted by a flying wrench to each to their foreheads. Don't worry, they were vampires, it didn't hurt then.

"Owwwwww~" Marcus cried,
"That really hurt." Caius pouted, rubbing the sore bump on his forehead; it had more color than the rest of his face. "Just who are you anyway!?" He hissed at the blonde mechanic.

"I don't see how it's any of your business…" Winry placed her hands on her hips, turning to Ed, "Who are these guys."

"No, we asked you first!" Caius yelled,

"Shut up, you pale freak!"

"Oh yeah, well your head is shaped oddly, ha, take that."

Winry continued to ignore the two, turning to Ed. "Ed, what the hell is going on…?"

"…More vampires."

"Are these guys from Twilight too?"

"Yeah, the bad guys, they're forcing me to find Edward Cullen and their leader…I have no idea who he is though, I never read any more of the series."

From a far, Marcus and Caius just stared at the two who were whispering toward each other, and only each other.

"I wonder what they are talking about." Marcus mumbled,
"Who cares." Caius said, "We need to find Aro and Jane, and then kill these two Edwards."

"Can we still have—?

"Dammit, Marcus, no sissy kool-aid!"


Back to Winry and Ed, they continued to whisper to each other as if they were passing along juicy secrets, really, they just didn't want those two pale dudes interfere with their conversation.

"So they're part of a coven?" Winry asked,

"Apparently," Ed answered

"I thought those only existed for witches."
"Well, I guess vampires can have covens too if they wanted…"

"Well, whatever, you had me worried sick."


"Wait!" Marcus told Caius, turning his attention toward Ed and Winry. Slowly, some dorky smile formed on his face. "D'awww, how cute."

"Huh?" Caius frowned, turning toward the two himself, he noticed that Ed was looking down on the ground, rubbing the back of his forehead, Winry looked annoyed at first, but then smiled and giggled. "Oh, I forgot…" Caius grumbled, rolling his eyes. "You can recognize relationships and what not."

"Shh! Let them have their moment!" said Marcus,

"Why do you care? Don't you realize you have that power to share useful information with the Volturi, and not to gawk and random strangers?"



"I happen to be an EdWin fan, ok?"

"Uh, what?"

Author's Note: Alright! Finally finished with chapter 23! There's…still more to go, but it shall soon end, probably toward the 30th chapter or not. More is to come and finally, both Eds are in Amestris. Hope you enjoyed that.