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Nick lay curled up on the ground. He heard the 'whoomp' as Warrick dropped heavily down on his knees next to him and felt the vigorous rubbing of Warricks hand against his shoulder and heard the soft words of comfort uttered over and over. He heard Grissoms voice as he snapped commands for the paramedics and became aware of the rest of the team huddling around him all trying to connect to their friend after 24 hours of being buried alive. He was aware of all of it, but at that particular time, he really didn't care about any of it - only that they were there and he was out of that hell.

Unfamiliar voices and disembodied hands took over from his friends. He felt his body being rolled onto his back and the hands poking and prodding over all his body. One eyelid was pulled up and a bright light shone into his eye, then repeated on his other eye. Nick dragged his head away from the light - not having enough energy to form words, he simply moaned in protest. He heard more words of comfort and felt gentle hands stroking the top of his head. Then a sharp needle being pushed into a vein in his arm and secured down. He tried not to flinch but his nerves were too frayed to prevent it. Cold fluid was injected.

The hands were lifting him now and strapping him onto a stretcher. More faces - all worried but none familiar - all in uniforms. Then finally, someone he could see who he recognised. Grissom leant over him momentarily. Enough time to smile at him - another tight, worried smile - and to drape a jacket over his chest. Another familiar face. Grissom stepped back as Catherine's face came into view, smiling down at him and tucking the jacket in tightly around his shoulders and stroking his hair. He closed his eyes and clasped his hands together under the jacket to stop them shaking. Finally, Nick could enjoy warmth.

He had spent several hours being unbearably hot while the light remained on. Sweat had drenched him to the skin as his body had desperately tried to cool itself down. When Nick had shot out the light, the resulting cold of being several feet below ground - coupled with his wet clothes - had driven him to near hypothermia.

He felt the stretcher being lifted but didn't open his eyes. The stretcher positioned in the back of the ambulance, he became aware of both the paramedic taking a seat near his head followed by both Warrick and Catherine climbing in too. He reached out, desperate for human contact after 24 hours of isolation and terror. He felt Warricks warm hand grab his and hold on tight then the smaller and warmer hand of Catherine squeezing his fingers briefly.

Then he was aware of the ambulance moving and heard the wail of the sirens. His hearing was so much more acute than normal. The explosion had left his ears ringing, but he was still feeling hypersensitive to any sounds.

After 24 hours of stillness, the motion of the ambulance was almost intolerable to his stomach and he tried to roll unsuccessfully onto his side, fighting a losing battle against the nausea. He felt the hands of both the paramedic and Warrick hold his shoulders down and felt the burn of acid at the back of his throat. Finally it registered with Warrick what was about to happen and Nick heard him say urgently "He's gonna be sick." The paramedic quickly raised the head of the stretcher a little and held a vomit bag to Nicks mouth as he coughed and retched, not bringing anything up. His nose ran, his stomach was still churning, tears were everpresent and he was, in short, the epitome of misery.

He heard Catherine's soft, mothering tones and felt the cold rush of fluid being given through the intravenous needle in his arm. "That'll help with the nausea, Nick. Just rest now and we'll be at the hospital before you know it." the paramedic said as he wrapped a blood pressure cuff around Nicks bicep and pressed a button on the monitor which did Nicks BP automatically.

The paramedic removed the jacket and started cutting away Nicks t-shirt. Once it was removed, he stuck cardiac monitor dots to Nicks chest and hooked him up to a portable monitor. Nicks body started shivering again almost immediately and the paramedic replaced the jacket as Warricks hand once again started its tapping against Nicks chest.

Nicks breathing increased. His throat felt odd and he became aware of the uvula at the back of his throat. He could feel it and it was reigniting his nausea. It felt odd. Swollen and horrible. His lips were tingling. His skin felt like it was on fire and it was becomming more painful to keep his eyes open as the area around them had suffered so many bites which were starting to swell. The skin around his eyes was becomming so tight.

He retched again at the feeling of his swollen uvula and struggled to catch his breath once the retching settled. He could hear himself wheezing and tried to bring a hand up to rub at his throat but it was still restrained by his side. He heard the paramedic fossicking in the drawers of the ambulance and felt more cold fluid being injected into his arm. "Its alright, Nick." the paramedic said "That's going to help reduce the inflammation. It'll help you breath a little easier."

Nick tried to nod and squeezed his eyes shut tighter, his eyes welling again.

He tried to tell them his breathing was getting worse instead of better. He was finding it hard to get a breath in. He heard the paramedic calling out his name and was dully aware of a lot of sudden movement by his side. He felt his arm jerk against the restraint and felt a leg kick out. He dimly knew that he should be scared but before it could register, he was surrounded by darkness.

Catherine had her hand still resting on Nicks leg when she felt it kick out. She glanced at his leg at the same moment as she heard Warrick call out Nicks name - the urgency in his voice bringing Catherine's attention back to the front. Nicks arms were both starting to jerk now and his head slammed back onto the pillow. They heard the horrible sound of Nicks breathing, sounding moist and irregular as it caught in his throat, his body jerking and thrashing against the restraints. The paramedic was calling instructions to his partner in the cabin of the ambulance - his partner relaying what was happening to the hospital. The seizure started to subside as the paramedics hands were over Nick again, injecting more medications into the IV port before grabbing the laryngascope and gently guiding it down Nicks throat as he started trying to position an airway. Nicks throat was already so swollen - and continuing to swell - that it was difficult to get it down. The paramedic threw the airway to one side and grabbed a smaller one, finally succeeding in getting it down, securing it in place and hooking it up to the portable ventilator.

Grabbing his stethoscope, the paramedic listened to Nicks chest.

Catherine's became aware of her fingers and realised they were cramping up from clinging onto Nicks leg. She was sure it would leave bruises but was equally sure that Nick wouldn't care - he had enough to worry about.

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