Title: Missed opportunities

Genre: Romance/Drama/Angst

Warnings: mild spoilers for the whole series in later 'chapters'...

Rating: PG-13/R-ish

Chapters: series of drabbles 9/?

Status: WIP

Word Count: 238

Disclaimer: I don't own House M.D. nor the characters.

Summary: Because there was always something between them… My take on Huddy relationship since their first meeting in college. Told in drabbles…


She couldn't believe it was the end of her residency. She had gotten her own office today and her friends threw her a party that evening. Jeff, her long-term boyfriend since med school had organized it all, and she wasn't supposed to know about it, but Wilson was just too much of a tattletale. She smiled at her friend who was ogling his newest bride.

She looked around searching for another familiar face, but he hadn't turned up yet. She heard he had some troubles after that last stunt of him, despite he had saved the patient. She just hoped it all turned alright.

There was a shushing noise, all lights were turned off, and a romantic music began in the background. She looked around suspiciously, when a bright spot light blinded her. Her eyes adjusted and she saw Jeff on his knee before her presenting her a big diamond ring. She watched him shocked. Wilson had not told her about that!

There was a dead silence as whole room awaited her next move. Her insides went numb as she did the only right thing she could. She nodded. And Jeff smiled brightly putting the ring on her forth finger.

In the midst of the following applause, she noticed a tall lanky figure hastily retreating from the room, and her heart sank.

Suddenly, the ring felt too stuffy and heavy, and she just itched to get it off.