I am Natsume Hyuuga's girl

Summary: Every girl wants Natsume Hyuuga for herself excluding a certain brunette and her stoic best friend. Then a contest was made to be Natsume's girlfriend. Of course, every girl joined. Mikan never plans to have a connection with Hyuuga until her best friend, Sumire, was dumped by him. Now, she plans to join the contest, win it and break the guy's heart for revenge for her best friend and for herself. Will she succeed?

Disclaimer: I do not own the Gakuen Alice and its characters. Only this story and the plot.

Natsume Hyuuga is every girl's dream boy. He is considered as a perfect man but one thing is missing. He has no girlfriend. Every guy in the academy has a girl of his own except for him that is. So, he and his best friend Ruka Nogi planned to have a contest for every girl to join to be Natsume's girlfriend.

Soon a flock of girls wanted to join, not hundredths but thousands!

But this story is not based on Natsume's life alone. It's about Mikan Sakura too. A funny, bubbly and lovable girl, not to mention dense too. She has the looks and the brains though she has no boyfriend of her own.

Mikan has many friends but only four girls are the closest to her. It's Hotaru Imai, Sumire Shouda, Anna Umenomiya and Nonoko Ogasawara.

"Mikannnnnnnn!" cried Sumire. Tears kept flowing out of her eyes. She run to the arms of her best friend and hug her tightly.

"Sumi-chan, what's wrong?" asked Mikan as she wipes her friend's tears.

"I was dumped by Natsume-sama," She blurted out. "I finally confessed to him but he dumped me and even humiliated me."

"Sumi-chan, you already have Koko as your partner. You couldn't possibly two-time him, can you?" Mikan said as pats her back.

Sumire gave a long sniff. "Well, if Natsume-sama takes me in then I'll bid my farewell to Koko-kun."

Mikan frowned at her friend. That was practically not nice at all to be hearing those kinds of words from your best friend.

"I'm kidding," Stated Sumire who was still crying. "But if Natsume-sama actually takes me in then I'll really say goodbye to Koko."


"I'm kidding!"

Mikan gave a long sigh. Natsume Hyuuga is really ruining her life since the very day she came to the academy. She has to act now. She has to do something about it. She looked to her side and saw a pamphlet:

Natsume Hyuuga is seeking

For a beautiful maiden.

Want to be his girl?

Then join this contest:

'Battle for Hyuuga'

-Contact Hyuuga-san or Nogi-san for more details-


And for the first time, her mind started to work for an evil plan. She laughed to herself causing Sumire to be horrified.


Then Mikan started to laugh hysterically. "I finally found a way to ruin that Hyuuga's life."


"I'll join that contest…"


"…And I'll do this and that to him." She laughed once more to herself, not minding her friend is in front of her and staring at her. Then Mikan left Sumire with confusing thoughts in her mind.

I'll join that stupid contest, win it with flying colors, be that arrogant jerk's girl for a moment and then I'll make him drool over me and then I shall break his heart to smithereens, thought Mikan.


Then Mikan began to grin and laugh hysterically at herself and her devilish plan.


The brunette fell on the floor with a loud thud. "Ouch, that hurts Hotaru." She said as she rubs her sore butt.

"It's not my fault at all," stated Hotaru. "You're basically grinning and laughing to yourself causing me to have goose bumps. So it's entirely your fault."

"Hotaru, can you just leave me alone for a second?" asked Mikan flatly.

"Oh, aren't you the one who can't leave me alone for a second?" posed Hotaru as she neared her eyes at her friend.

"Whatever." Mikan said in defeat.

"Anyway, Sumire told me to check you out if you gone nuts. And oh boy, you sure have. So what's the cause of this?" inquired Hotaru. "Love, perhaps?"

Mikan smirk and simply said, "Sec-ret." Then she skipped her way to her room.

"She's definitely planning something. And I ought to find out what." Thought Hotaru.

"Natsume if you keep saying 'No' to every girl who joins then what's the use of this contest for?" asked Ruka.

Natsume sighed. "I want to find the perfect match for me and I want to see her join in this contest too."

"Natsume, why do I get the vibes from you that you just wanted her to join?" asked Ruka, suspiciously.

"What do you mean? Man, this guy is sharp." Stated Natsume.

"Don't 'what-do-you-mean-me'," Said Ruka. "I know what you're planning."


"Why yo-…" Nut Ruka was interrupted when he saw his girlfriend, Hotaru, go towards them.

"H-Hotaru!" exclaimed Ruka "What are you doing in here?"

"My friend, Mikan the Idiot, is acting strangely. Did this Hyuuga brat do something to her?" She asked.

"Me? I'm innocent. I didn't even get near at her today. I'm sitting here all day longgg." He said with a small smile carving on his face.

"Really? Then why does my instinct tell me that you're the suspect of this crime. Mmm?" Inquired Hotaru as she neared her eyes at him.

"Imai, human beings have no instincts only animals have. Hmph, but you're probably one an animal yourself." He said.

Hotaru glared at him and whispered to herself, "I'll find out why that Idiot is acting strange."

To be continued

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