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Chapter 1: I've never…

Seeley Booth couldn't believe that she had just said that. He was sure he was bright red in the face and his eyes must be bulging out of his head. He knew that he started sweating and there would surely be a wet spot on his shirt around his armpits. He didn't know where to look at and at the same time felt like he had lost the control over his eyes and the rest of his body. He was staring at her that was something he was sure of. His hands grasped the fabric of his trousers on his thighs so hard that they would be wrinkled afterwards. Not only was the fact that she had said it unbelievable, but what she had said was impossible as well. He wasn't shocked anymore that she kept talking about sex with him and other people, mostly at the most inappropriate times, but what she had just said was just… impossible. It was one thing to hear about her general views on the subject and listen to her random comments whenever it came to her mind, always followed by the explanation that it was a natural thing and nothing to be ashamed of. However hearing about her sex life without any warning and then a thing like this… he hadn't seen it coming.

It had all started out innocent enough when Sweets had asked about his Ice-hockey practice and the relive the aggressive sport gave him. Sweets still had a problem with the fact that there actually was aggression in it and he was still convinced that Booth was seeking aggression everywhere in his life to lose the aggressions he had accumulated in his childhood and youth, but at the same time it was just a sport and a nice way to forget about the problems at work or elsewhere. Booth always felt exhausted and relaxed after the practice or the games, no matter if they won or lost. He just fell into bed and slept like a baby until the next morning. That was if there wasn't any celebration that involved a lot of alcohol and a headache the next day.

After a short discussion about his choice of sport Sweets had directed the question at Brennan and her answer had put an end to any relaxation he might have felt.

He couldn't wrap his head around the fact that such a sexual woman as Temperance Brennan had never… it just couldn't be true. Several scenarios ran through his head and each was more disturbing than the other. Maybe she never allowed herself to do it, wasn't able to let go of that precious self-control of hers. Or maybe she only had met the wrong guys so far? Or she was a weirdo and into some kind of fetish, a fact she didn't know about yet? Maybe she was into the whole masochistic thing and enjoyed being tied up and beaten with a whip... or whatever it was they used to beat someone. Or she had a horse fetish. Hadn't they once talked about this because of a case and she had defended the whole thing? Maybe that was why. Booth shook his head slightly to throw the disturbing images out of it. That was as far as his knowledge about fetishes went and he was glad that he had no extended knowledge that could create more sickening images.

He looked over to Sweets and saw that although the guy was blushing as well, he looked interested and maybe even… amused by her confession and by Booth's reaction to it. While he was glaring at the psychologist Booths mind went into overdrive and he kept imagining ways to help her out of the misery and Sweets face disappeared and he looked right through him and stared off into space while the images clouded his mind.

When he finally got himself under control again after several minutes of silence he decided that he finally had enough. He was not going to sit here and listen to more of those private confessions. This was supposed to help them working together and not make him uncomfortable. How could he work with her again if he kept imagining her in situations like this? In his opinion partners at work shouldn't know a damn thing about each others sex life and Brennan had crossed that line more than once. She just didn't seem to understand how important it was for him to keep a certain distance in order to preserve some sort of self-control and not rip of her clothes and take her. In her office. On her desk. Against the wall of her living-room. In his bed. Right here in Sweet's office.

"I'm leaving," he said and stood up, took his suit jacket and slipped into it.

"Why? Sweets asked me if I had any release recently and I answered his question truthfully!" she protested, not understanding his sudden irritation.

"Sweets asked you about release. Everyone knows that he was talking about sports or any other form of stress release," Booth told her.

"Well, he didn't specify which kind of release. Actually there are several kinds of stress relief and sex is one of them. "

"How often did I tell you that I don't want to talk about sex? Not with you and certainly not with that kid," Booth shot back and jerked his thumb in the direction of their therapist.

„It is a completely natural thing. I really don't get why you freak out every time I mention it".

"We've been there before, done that discussion, I am not willing to discuss this again," Booth said matter of fact-ly. He just couldn't discuss sex with Temperance Brennan or he would go crazy. He already had those fantasies about her, but so far they were based on pure speculation. Knowing anything for real about that aspect of her life would probably destroy his self-control. The single information she had given him a minute before had pushed his imagination into overdrive. How could he work with her if he pictured her constantly under him or on top of him- naked?

"You are such a prude Booth! Instead of helping me out here you're leaving because of your stupid morals," Brennan snorted and crossed her arms defensively in front of her chest. He knew that she was pissed, could see the irrational hurt in her eyes. But had she just said "help her out"?

"What? " he asked confused and stared at her. Did she really want him to help her to get the sexual release she craved? She couldn't be serious! Although with Bones one never knew.

"I want you to give me some advice! By the way you're always bragging I guess you don't have a problem with that and it would only be fair if you help me out here. After all we're friends and partners," she explained and sounded like a pouting kid. Bones pouting? He was really in trouble.

"Yeah, work partners and friends in a "not friends with benefits" kind of way," he sighed and sat back down in his armchair to pacify her.

"I don't understand what that means", she replied.

"It means friends without a sexual relationship," Sweets replied when Booth didn't show any signs that he would enlighten her.

"Who said anything about a sexual relationship?" she asked irritated.

"You! That's all you're talking about," Seeley exploded.

"I never said anything about us having sex," she said defensively. "I mean we could, if that would help…" she added much quieter as an afterthought.

"Bones," Seeley exclaimed and turned his body towards her, looked her right into the eyes. "The first time I will have sex with you won't be simply to give you the first orgasm of your life!" he yelled and the room fell silent. Booth buried his face in his hands in defeat while Bones stared wide eyed at him and Sweets grinned cheekily.

The first time, he had said. That meant that he wanted sex with her, right? A small smile appeared on her face. She was sure he would be the first man who would be able to get her off.