Valentine's Day, Fuffy Style: Five scenes

Story 1

She was already second guessing herself as she rang the doorbell, her palms actually sweating against the plastic wrapping she had behind her back. She was, in fact, edging towards panic… how had she ever convinced herself that this would be a good idea?

Yeah, so maybe things had been edging towards – well…being a thing, or something like that… so maybe there had been some looks, and some touches, and some fantasies…maybe there had been some dreams… but that didn't mean anything. And even if it did, how did she know that it was the same for HER? This was FAITH… it probably hadn't been anything at all to her, probably Buffy was just seeing things. And besides, just because they weren't trying to kill each other anymore didn't' mean it would be a good thing- or ANY thing, there were no, ZERO things!


But god, even without all that… this was Faith! What the hell had made her think that Faith of all people would ever want flowers from her?! RED flowers. Red ROSE flowers. Red rose flowers on Valentine's Day…what the hell was she doing?!

Losing her nerve entirely, Buffy turned abruptly, preparing to leave…but just then, Faith opened the door. Freezing as her eyes darted towards her, taking in Faith's tousled dark hair and cleavage-revealing red tank all too significantly, Buffy knew with a flutter of alarm that she would not escape this.

"Hey B… you look good, all…pink," Faith said in her usual husky tone, but despite the teasing tone, there was definite appreciation in her eyes as she scanned the tight pink dress Buffy had so stupidly put on before leaving. "What's that behind your back?"

She nodded towards Buffy's arm, still positioned in such a way that she couldn't see what she was holding. Yep, there was definitely no escape now… she was going to have to go through with this…

Buffy had had a speech prepared, a casual little comment about how every girl should get flowers on Valentine's Day, and since they were both single she'd decided to get flowers for them. Never mind that she hadn't got flowers for herself, Dawn, or any other single female she knew, only Faith. but her mind blanked, and she just thrust them at her, unable to keep from flushing as she mumbled, "I thought you'd like these maybe, they were on sale…"

As soon as it was out she wanted to slap herself. They were on SALE?! On SALE?! Could she get any stupider?! First off, if Faith didn't already think she was weird, she'd be offended- and second off, they WERE NOT on sale, she had paid fifteen dollars for those!

She couldn't bring herself to look at Faith, petrified at what she would see in her eyes…but when the brunette did not speak, Buffy made herself look, dreading what she would see. Was she angry, offended, freaked out… was she embarrassed, amused?

But to her shock, Faith was staring at the flowers in her hands with incredulity, holding them as carefully as if they were fragile and rare glass… and her eyes were glimmering…

"Damn, B," she said at last, her voice lower and hoarser than normal. "No one ever gave me flowers before…"

She blinked, still cradling the flowers gently, and then cleared her throat, moving her head to indicate the door.

"Why don't you come in…get you a drink or something…"

As Buffy followed her into her apartment, still wrestling between relief and nerves only heightened by Faith's invitation, she watched as Faith got a pitcher and filled it with water, sticking the flowers inside. Maybe she didn't have a vase… maybe Buffy should have got her one…

Faith was turning toward her now, a softness and yet a searching in her eyes… an uncertainty reflected in Buffy's own…

"Thanks, B…that was nice of ya…"

She stood a slight distance from her, looking into her eyes…as Buffy's breath caught, she found herself inching towards her, just a bit…

And then they were kissing, neither sure who had made the first move, and neither caring. And as Buffy's lips met Faith's, all her nerves abruptly slipped away.