Helen stood outside her former home. The place she'd lived so many years ago, unsatisfied, craving attention she'd never got enough of.

Nick was the scientist who'd got promoted. She'd just been his trophy wife.

The aging university professors hadn't cared much for an ambitious young woman with progressive theories.

Nick had always been on the move, looking for new prehistoric finds, leaving her behind at home.

After meeting Stephen, the void inside her had been filled for some time. Then he'd befriended Nick and she'd lost him too.

Something in her heart had shattered that night. She'd cried and afterwards had vowed never again to be so vulnerable.

Some months later, she'd noticed an article in the press about odd sightings in the Forest of Dean and she known instinctively she had found her destiny.

That was the day she started to run and she'd never stopped ever since.

Helen looked around, watching the law-abiding citizens in their homely little houses with a sense of amusement.

How much she despised them. Those ignorant people who thought the world revolved around them.

They were so wrong.

Helen had seen the future. Society with all its narrow-minded rules was doomed to perish.
But sheself would not go down without a fight.

She had learnt all she needed to know about life.

She would not fall.

Only the strong could survive in the harsh reality of the future.

You couldn't cling onto idealistic ideas any longer.

Living in the anomalies, outside of time and space, had taught her that.

In the past, and in the future, you had to run in order to live.

Helen had run, faster and more uninhibited than ever before.

She'd watched the majestic creatures which ruled the world with awe and had learnt from them.

She'd learnt to hunt and had learnt to kill.

Eventually she was running with the hunters herself.

Helen looked over to her former kitchen, a fleeting memory in her mind: Stephen and Nick, standing together in the kitchen and trying to install a new water boiler.

She sighed. That life was long gone now.

She'd hurt them both, as a predator she'd gone unerringly for their weakest point.

Until now, she'd hoped Nick would come around again and finally follow her. He'd remained faithful to her all these years after all.

First, it had come as a shock somehow to realize he was her weak point.

Helen still thought of him as her husband and the last bit of human emotion she possessed she felt for him.

His betrayal, his cold-blooded lying had finally killed off those feelings.

Today she would strike for the final time, cutting the last link to the woman she used to be.

Without hesitation, with no looking back. Nick wouldn't know what hit him.

At the end a predator goes ever for the kill.