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A hospital. That was this smell. Gaara frowned a little, scrunching his face against that awful smell. It was vile. It made him want to be sick. He hated hospitals. Gaara opened his eyes and tried to sit, fully intending on making a fantastic escape from where ever he was stuck, but that was apparently not to be. A hand, soft, gentle and wonderfully familiar laid on his chest, holding him down.

"You're still weak." Neji said, his voice full of concern. Gaara turned, seeing the moonstone eyes watching him with worry.

"Where am I?" Gaara asked.

"The hospital." Well, Gaara had figured that from the awfully acrid smell of disinfectant. He decided to forgo the sarcastic response he wanted to use.

"Which village?" He asked. Neji smiled, leaning forwards and taking his hand.

"You're home, my love." He said. Gaara's eyes flicked to the window, and relief flooded him. He could see the bright, cloudless desert sky, and the sandy domed rooves of Suna just peeking over the sill. A thought struck him, and he looked back to Neji.

"Where are the children?" He asked, concerned. Was Keizo alright? And he hadn't seen Tsubaki in weeks, was she okay?

"Just there." Neji said, nodding. Two of the small plastic boxes the babies had been in when they were first born were sat at the end of the hospital bed. "They're sleeping."

"Is Keizo alright? I mean, there was nothing wrong with him, was there?"

"No. The doctors were all amazed by how healthy he was considering how long you two were... gone." Gaara looked down, feeling his own chest constrict. "Six weeks is a long time..." Neji said, and Gaara looked up, feeling his fear. He was building up to something, something that made him nervous.

"What's the matter?" Gaara asked. Neji's hand tightened ever so slightly as the man began to struggle with himself over what was probably to be a painful subject.

"For... for a while I was almost scared that I'd really lost you." Neji said, voice shaking. "I... it made me think a lot about just how trivial our arguments were when you consider what we were risking."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean... I was being a fool, risking your love just because of a ring and changing my last name." He shook his head, hair shimmering in the harsh, florescent lights. Gaara looked down at their hands,

"Its alright, Neji." He murmured. "It wasn't just you. We both were being foolish. Marriage isn't that important, as long as we can be together, I don't care if we're never married."

"You don't?" Neji asked, then a small smirk appeared on his face. "Well, I suppose I'll just have to return this then." He pulled something from his pocket. A silver band glittered in the light, little stones glinting prettily. Gaara narrowed his eyes, looking up at Neji.

"If that ring is not on my finger in the next 10 seconds I will make you suffer." He threatened. Neji chuckled, obediently sliding the ring onto Gaara's finger.

"I suppose, to make this clear," He came off his chair, going on one knee beside the bed. "Kazakage, will you marry me?"

"I see no problems with that."


There was utter mayhem everywhere. The village was in uproar, everything was decorated in celebratory, people danced in the streets, and the desert world seemed to be an explosion of colour. Every inhabitant of the village, even those that didn't approve of someone from another village taking their precious Kazakage, was in a state of frenzy.

Not a single street didn't have some form of party, not a single home wasn't bedecked with anything commemorative that they could find. It was noisy and loud, a sharp contast to the quiet, thoughtful mood hanging over Gaara. His bedroom, high above the insanity, was mercifully quiet, and thanks to strict orders being obeyed he was safe from the 'well wishers' that had been streaming in to offer him congratulations over the past few hours.

Gaara stared at the mirror, watching Shukaku manipulate his reflection into a variety of grotesque facades, not quite sure he could believe this was happening. He, Sabaku no Gaara, the sand psycho, the youngest (and best according to his well wishers) Kazakage ever, was counting the minutes until his wedding. He hadn't seen Neji since Kiba, accompanied by a group of Konoha and a number of his nephews new toys had turned up to take the man for a night of apparently traditional pre wedding drinking. He certainly hoped they didn't allow Lee to have any, that wouldn't be pleasant for anyone.

He stared critically at himself for a moment. He didn't look right for a wedding. Not that he knew what would look right for a wedding anyway. He was wearing his Kazakage robes for the occasion as a way to stop the council men complaining, but his hair had been neatened up by his sister, and he looked... oddly different. He knew exactly what it was, it was the ring. It held such weight on his hand, like it was made of iron, not silver. It was about to become even heavier.

He felt his stomach contract with nerves. He wanted to marry Neji, he really did, but there was just something nagging at him, at the back of his mind, uncertainties and questions about his future with Neji and his children, and the worst one of all: Was this really the right thing? A knock on the door made him look round. Stood there in a pretty pink dress (Sakura's decision) was Temari, smiling softly at him.

"Time to go, little brother." She said, smiling at him. Gaara nodded, turning and hugging out. A small hand slipped into his, and Gaara looked down at Shukaku, in his little girl form, though his clothes were now a dress to match Temari's.

"Lets gooo!" She chimed. They walked in silence for a moment.

"Shukaku, can you go ahead." Temari asked softly. Shukaku shrugged, running off ahead, singing and throwing confetti made of sand everywhere. It caused an awful mess, disintegrating into little piles of sand where ever it fell, but Gaara supposed it was better than what he could have done.

"He seems to be enjoying himself." Gaara said, smirking a little at the antics, though he could feel something in Temari, just as he had long ago when she was trying to talk to him about Neji.

"Yeah." Temari said, and for a moment they were both still in the hall. Then, Temari did something he didn't expect. She flung her arms around Gaara.

"I can't believe you're actually getting married!" She murmured, hugging him tightly. "I never thought I'd see it, see the day when you were happy and hand a family all of your own."

"Temari, you are my family, you and Kakuro have always been my family."

"I know." She said softly. "And it just scares me."

"You don't need to be scared. I'm not going anywhere." Gaara said. "Your house is right next to mine." Gaara couldn't quite understand what the issue was. He'd been with Neji for months anyway. Temari laughed, hugging him tighter.

"You're so, so obtuse, Gaara." She laughed. Obtuse?

"I don't understand." He said, frowning.

"Of course you don't." Temari moved back, smiling at him. "Lets go."


Under the hot Suna sun, a pair stood opposite one another. The entire village, after the insanity of the parties, was scarily quiet, everyone watching as an official stepped away. "By the power given to me, I now pronounce you married." A loud cheer rang out as Neji reached out, finally able to do something he'd wanted to do for months. He reached out and in full view of the public he pulled Gaara too him, kissing the young Kazakage with all the passion he could find. Gaara, naturally, squeaked in surprise embarrassed by such a sudden show of intimacy, but he responded enthusiastically anyway. Kiba was laughing and cat calling, though Kankuro looked distinctly less impressed with his brother being felt up. Temari rolled her eyes, covering her sons too, while Shikamaru gave a small smirk. As Neji moved back, smiling at him, Gaara himself couldn't hold down his own smile. Every fear he'd had left him, and right then Gaara knew something he'd half known for a long, long time. Everything was going to be alright, just as long as he had Neji with him.

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