Chapter 42

The Voices are Stilled

I had been standing in the lobby ready to walk myself down the aisle, but the world started spinning and as I tried to get my balance, I knew I was losing blood pressure and going down for the count. I landed on my butt, my bouquet flying out of my hand. I didn't completely pass out, but I was dizzy. Chase was in the back having just come from the bathroom. He saw me start to lose it and rushed out to help me to my feet.

"Let's sit you down for a second." Chase pulled a chair out of the room for me to sit on and then brought me a drink of water.

"Thanks." I said as the water glided down my throat.

"Are you sure this is what you want? You're biting off quite a bit."

I had to laugh, Chase was probably the fiftieth person to ask me that in the last two weeks. "I'm sure. I'm very sure."

"Then, why don't I give you an arm to help you down the aisle?"

I liked Chase, he was always kind and fun to be around, "That would be wonderful Robert."

He put his arm out and I took it. We went over and picked up my bouquet as the music started again. I hung onto Chase, maybe a little too tightly, because I felt him tense from the pressure. We walked down the aisle which was flanked with round tables rather than chairs. I wanted everyone to be comfortable with a glass of wine and water. Blythe and Jennifer were at the table closest to Greg, Furey and Jim. Sarah was being babysat upstairs in their hotel room so that the Wilsons could have fun. I then saw Greg. He looked so handsome; I wanted to kiss him right then and there. He was smiling at me, his eyes bright and happy. Next to him was a mini-House, my sweet, sweet Furey. He also looked happy and handsome in his tux. I couldn't resist giving him a kiss on his cheek. The psychic noise had died down and most of them behaved through the ceremony, which lasted fifteen minutes.

Do I remember the wedding ceremony? No. I remember looking into Greg's eyes and mumbling things, but until he gave me one of his deep French kisses; I don't remember what was said or done. The baby was now doing gymnastics whenever I stood still and the wedding was no exception. I kept feeling the butterfly feelings of the baby doing his thing. I do remember one thing about the ceremony; Greg said, "I do" rather loudly and to the cheers and applause of the teams from the hospital. When it was over we went out to the lobby and then outside to pose for photographs.

Did I tell you it was one of the happiest days in my life? It was.


At the reception the psychic chatter was overwhelming. I would walk up to a table and be greeted by civilians (those without psi ability) and then be bombarded with questions in my head from the Intuitives. I'm sure the civilians thought there was something wrong with me.

"Congratulations, Auri. You make a stunning bride. How far along are you?" Karen, the new woman on Greg's team asked.

At the same time, Marcus, my gay friend from the FBI psi school, was blasting questions at me, How long have you known this gorgeous man you married?

I was hearing Marcus, but looking at poor Karen. It was like having a blue tooth in your ear and the people around you don't know what you're hearing.

"A year."

Karen tilted her head, "That can't be right Auri…"

I looked down at her and realized that she had asked a question. "I'm sorry Karen, what did you ask?"

Marcus shook his head, He's really good looking. No one can be that good looking, smart and not have something wrong. I bet he has a small penis.

Karen shook her head, "Doesn't matter, House looked handsome."

I laughed, "He's really hung."

She turned a bright red and then I realized what I had just said to her, apparently out of the blue, "Oh, Karen, I'm sorry, but I have a voice in my head talking to me."

She was completely confused so I moved on to the next table.


It was Alexis, the psi who was kicked out of the FBI for smoking dope.


Can you settle a bet I have with Ken Jeffries?


He says that your stepson is psychic, I said no.

I was about to answer, but Furey did for me.

I'm not psychic, I'm just plain cute.

Alexis looked around and found Furey staring at her.

Auri, he's strong, isn't he?

Yes, very talented. I projected.

Thank you, Mom.

My heart pounded, he had never called me Mom. I walked across the room and looked into his eyes. "Furey, you called me Mom."

He nodded, "I think my Mom would have liked that."

I started crying. Greg came over and bent down to look at me, "What's with the tears?"

I turned and held both of them. The photographer caught the moment. Greg was still confused, but realized that weddings were emotional and I was hormonal.

Furey looked at his Dad, "I called her Mom."

Dad threw his head back and rolled his eyes. He kissed me, "You're such a pushover. Don't forget, he's the spawn of the great manipulator."

The cake was gorgeous, a three layer chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and white swirls. It was very modern. When we cut the cake, Greg took some and was poised as if he was going to smear it on my face. I closed my eyes and prepared myself to take it. Instead of cake, I felt two lips on mine. I opened my eyes and, after the kiss, he gently fed me a piece of cake. I was surprised that he didn't smash it into my face.

Jim gave the Best Man's Speech and Lisa also gave us a toast. We had a disc jockey who played music from mostly the sixties and seventies, lots of disco. Greg selected our first dance, Blues in the Night (not my choice.)

My mama done tol' me, when I was in knee-pants
My mama done tol' me, " Son-- a woman'll sweet talk"
And give ya the big eye, but when the sweet talkin's done
A woman's a two-face, A worrisome thing who'll
Leave ya to sing the blues in the night

"Okay, now tell me again why this song is appropriate for a wedding?" I asked as I saw the mystified looks and heard all the psychics ask each other, Blues in the Night?

"Well, for one, it's one of my favorite songs, and, it's also true."

We continued our somewhat limited dance, because of his leg, around the floor.

"Huh? You're the one who was two-faced…almost kissing my friend!"

He whispered, "Ah! But, it was your friend who was really two-faced, trying to get me to kiss her. Besides, it's a cautionary tale to our sons."

I squeezed him, "I'm not going to argue, I'm just going to enjoy holding you in my arms."

"Good idea."

Now the rain's a-fallin', hear the train's a-callin,
"Whooee!"Hear dat lonesome whistle blowin' 'cross the trestle, "Whooee!"
A-whooee-ah-whooee ol' clickety-clack's a-echoin' back th' blues in the night

From Natchez to Mobile, from Memphis to St. Joe, wherever the four winds blow
I been in some big towns an' heard me some big talk, but there is one thing I know
A woman's a two-face, a worrisome thing who'll leave ya to sing the blues in the night
My mama was right, there's blues in the night.

Blythe, with a serious look on her face, grabbed the microphone when we were done, "Auri, I want you to know I never did tell him that women were two-faced."

We all laughed. The next dance, Greg and his mother took the floor and I grabbed Furey to dance. Again, the song wasn't my choice, Memories Are Made of This, but I wasn't complaining. I had left the music up to the musician, so what did I expect?

In the end, the porters helped us take all the presents to the hotel room. I got undressed while Greg went next door to make sure that Furey was settled in his room, which had an adjoining door to ours. He came back to the room and removed his tie, belt and shoes. Going over to the champagne, Greg poured us two glasses. Figuring one glass wasn't going to hurt the baby; I sipped on it while I hung the dress, removed my makeup and took off my slip.

He looked at me and started laughing.

"Excuse me? What are you laughing at?"

"You're standing there in a garter belt, bra, panties, nylons and very pregnant. Let me preface what I'm going to say next by the fact that I love you dearly, but I feel like I'm in a French farce."

I took my champagne over to the bed and put it down on the night table, "I take it that you're telling me I don't turn you on?" I took off the garter belt, nylons, bra and panties, then crawled under the covers, assuming that this must mean we weren't having sex.

"Honey, you turn me on, but right now, it's more by touch than by sight. Although the view from behind isn't bad." He must have seen my mouth turn down, "Auri, you're beautiful, not sexy, but beautiful in that 'glowing pregnancy' way, okay?"

I could accept that. I tilted my head, "Do you want to make love?"

"Are you too tired?"

I thought about it, "No, I could if you wanted."

He thought for a second, "I think I'd rather have sex tomorrow, but remember, we have a plane to catch at noon."

'Where are we going?"

"You'll find out at the airport, right now, just snuggle up to me and we'll get some sleep."

He climbed in naked behind my naked body. It was funny how good it felt to have a warm, hairy man holding me as I fell asleep.

I opened my eyes and saw a sliver of light through the pulled privacy curtains and realized it was morning. I slipped my hand between his legs and started to slowly stroke the inside of his thigh. He was still asleep, but I saw some movement between his legs. He still seemed asleep as my tongue played with him. I was surprised when he came so quickly.

Greg looked down at me and yelled, "Oh Crap! I thought it was just a wet dream! Wow, that was bizarre." He shook his head and took a deep breath, "I had a dream where we were on the USS Enterprise and screwing in the captain's chair."

"Really? And what was I?"

"A Betazed."

"I guess that makes sense." I mopped my mouth and took a swig of water, "I didn't expect you to shoot your wad! I guess that leaves me out in the cold."

He smirked and motioned for me to get on my back, "When did I ever not please my wife?"

It was a joke since we had only been married twelve hours, but it brought home the fact that I had a husband. I jumped on him and hugged him, "My husband! Oh my God! You are my husband!"

He chuckled, "You know that's what weddings are all about, I become your husband, you become my slave."

"Yeah, well, who's going to go down on me?"

"I guess that would be the husband. So, lay back and spread those legs."

Being the good wife, I did what I was told. There is nothing like a good tongue to get you started in the morning. With all those endomorphins flowing through my body, I was one happy camper.

We eventually packed up the gifts into the Wilsons' van and sent Blythe and Furey home with them. Blythe was staying an extra week to look after Furey while we went on our honeymoon. I could tell that she was ecstatic. The idea of being with her grandson for a week plus being able to snoop through the house was her idea of a good time. Greg and I put our bags in the trunk and took off for the airport.

We got up to the check-in and I was surprised to discover that we were going to Paris, France. Why? I'd been to Paris several times and as much as I enjoyed it and the French, I wasn't exactly excited about going back. In fact, I had hinted on a few places that I did want to go, like Argentina, Italy, Nepal, but no, I was getting Paris!

I didn't say anything, but I was somewhat subdued. I had been really excited about Greg choosing a place to go on vacation. He knew I'd been to Paris several times. I just didn't understand him.

We arrived at the Hotel le Mathurins around midnight, Paris time. It's a gorgeous boutique hotel, somewhat modern French. I was pleased with the location, on the right bank in the Madeline section of Paris, close to the Concorde. We checked in and prepared for bed.

I forget that Greg is somewhat psychic himself, because he climbed into bed and watched me as I sat on the edge of the bed reading the hotel brochure.

"Breakfast is from 7:00 am to 10:30 am." I turned and looked at him to see his reaction.

He grimaced, "All right, what's wrong? You don't like Paris?"

I felt bad, he had obviously done a lot of leg work to pick such a wonderful hotel and flying over in Business Class. Now I felt sheepish for being a killjoy. I crawled up next to him and cuddled, "I'm sorry honey, I'm just curious as to why you chose Paris?"

"Because I'm bored with Paris." He said.

Now, I was completely confused. "You chose it because it bores you?"

"I've been here a few times. It has its charms and beauty, but I think the entire city is overpriced."

I shook my head in disbelief, "So why are we here?"

"Because for five years Stacy wanted me to bring her here. When we broke up, she said something to the effect that, if I had really loved her, I would have stuffed my feelings about Paris and taken her. I guess Paris is my way of saying I love you more than Stacy."

I started laughing and hugging him. He gave me something he never gave Stacy, even though it was something I never wanted. It was actually a very grand gesture and I adored him for it.

He kissed me, "By the way, we have two more nights in Paris and then we fly to Venice. We're going to spend three nights in Venice, two nights in Florence and then back through Paris."

I screamed and hugged him! I was so excited! I love Venice, I love Florence, I love my husband! "Tomorrow baby, we're going to have lots of sex, so get to sleep. I'm going to call your Mom, let her know we're okay, check on Furey and then get some sleep myself."

I woke up the next morning to see Greg sitting on the balcony in his jeans and long sleeve t-shirt reading one of his damn journals. I started to take off all my clothes, but remembered that my pregnant belly wasn't exactly a turn on. So I put a robe on and went over to the window and opened the door, it was chilly outside and I could feel my nipples harden. Perfect. I undid the robe on top and, as Greg looked up, I exposed my breasts without exposing the lower half of me. The fact that half of Paris could see me if they looked up caused him to smile. He pulled me over and started to suck on my nipples.

"We better move this inside." I said as my groin began to feel tingly.

"Can't we just do it out here? You could unzip me, take off your panties and we just do the nasty out here?"

"You're a little old to be an exhibitionist? It's chilly out here honey. Let's…Oh…" He was licking and sucking while I tried to talk. As I closed my eyes, I felt a hand up my robe, rubbing me through my panties. I was getting wet and ready to ride anything. He wasn't budging so I stood up, pulled my panties down and then unzipped him. I could feel the bulge pushing at the fabric of his boxers. I fumbled around and pulled him through the slat in the boxers. He was sitting in the Paris sunshine with a perfect boner, shiny and wet, ready to go. I straddled him and lowered down, grinding lightly on the tip of his erection. He grabbed himself and rubbed my clit causing me to wince with pleasure. He pushed up inside of me ever so slightly, teasing me over and over. I grabbed him and lowered myself on his shaft, he began to pump faster and faster, his hands on my now semi-covered breasts. Anyone watching would know by our movements that we were having sex, but they wouldn't actually see skin. I looked over at the apartment building and saw a man in his living room. I don't know if he saw us or not, but we were a pretty big target.

Leaning forward I pulled up Greg's t-shirt and rubbed my breasts on his chest while nibbling his ear lobe. He picked up the pace while letting out the occasional grunt and moan. We were this huddled mass bouncing up and down on the patio chair, until Greg, face buried between my breasts, stopped, let out a gasp, bucked up, let out a moan, bucked up again and moaned again. After a few seconds he started to push me up.

"You're going to have to get that tank you call an ass off of me, my leg can't hold you anymore."

I jumped up and clutched my robe. He stood up, grabbing my hand and hobbled to the bed, throwing me on the bed. He started rubbing me and dipping his fingers into me. I wanted to come, but the disruption in the sex had slowed my libido down. But as he continued, the blood rushed to my groin and I felt my libido kick into overdrive. The wave of the orgasm started from my clit, spread to my vagina, my thighs and then up to my breasts. It was too much.

"I'm coming, I'm coming! Oh God, oh God…that's it, Greg, Greg, Greg…oh, my God." The waves came strong and hard. I started to feel uncomfortable so I rolled away.

He started to laugh. "You're an orgasmic bowling pin. How's the baby?"

"I don't feel any protests, he must have enjoyed it."

"Probably scared him when he saw the one eye monster coming up the canal."

"You wish, he probably thought it was Puff the Magic Dragon. Well, no more sex on balconies if you're going to call me fat!"

"Bowling Pin, I called you a bowling pin."

"Just shut up and let's get going. I'd like to go to the Musee de Orsay today."

He kissed me and rubbed my belly before finally standing up to take a shower. We dressed and went to the museum and then walked the shops and restaurants on the left bank, my favorite part of Paris. By the time we got back to the hotel, my back was hurting and my feet were aching.

As we lay in the bed in Paris, the City of Lights, I realized that I was incredibly happy. I was safe in the arms of the man I loved, pregnant with our baby, step-mother to a good kid and relatively healthy. I knew I was tempting fate by being content, but who could fault me? After all we had been through, we had managed to find and hang on to each other. I looked over at him, his eyes closed, his face calm, satisfied and wondered if the was as happy as I was?



"Can you believe this? I mean, can you believe that we're married?"

"When I get the bill for the reception I will." He opened an eye and looked at me, chuckling at the look on my face, "Auri, if anyone had told me when I was young that I'd be married, not once, but twice, have not one, but two kids, I'd have laughed my head off. But I've learned that I have to let go of the reins and let life take me where it has to go. And right now, it has to go to sleep. Now, get your fat ass over here and let me give you the cuddle you so pathetically want."

I got my fat ass over and we cuddled.

The End.

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