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Chapter 11

Sara's eyes were wide with fear as they bound her arms and legs and strapped her to a chair, "What the fuck are you doing? Hank, what the hell look, if you let me go, we, we can talk we can get through this…." She was grasping at straws, she was fuelled by the fear of what she thought would happen to her and desperation.

"It's too late for that Sara, honey, it's just too late."

"It's not, no it's not Hank we could make it work, you and I," she was lying through her teeth.

Natalie stepped forward and slapped her hard across Sara's cheek, "Shut up."

"You ready?"

Natalie nodded, and pressed something on the video camera.

Knowing that they intended to send this to the lab, she did her best to look completely emotionless, blank. Just keep thinking blank, of nothing, nothing at all.

But she had no idea what was coming, when Hank made his way towards her, so she screamed, and screamed.

Back in their prison Catherine was freaking out, she couldn't stop thinking about Lindsey. Was she ok? Who had her?

And Sara, goddamnit hadn't she been through enough? Hadn't they both?

She was seriously scared for her friend, what if she didn't come back? She sure as hell didn't put it past fucking psychotic Natalie and deluded Hank. They both needed some serious counselling. With specially trained psychiatrists. In a locked room. In a very secure facility. Where their lives could be made hell.

In the middle of her cursing the two of them, and trying to think up some very painful deaths for both of them she heard a scream.


Damn the fucking bastards.

She wanted to kill them. Preferably very slowly and very painfully.

But all she could do was sit and wait.

After what felt like longer than a lifetime, the door to their prison is opened and Sara is thrown in.

Immediately Cath jumps up to comfort an apparently distraught Sara, who has gained several bruises on her face.

"You bastard!" Catherine yelled through the door. "You fucking bastard!"

"Don't," Sara said quietly.

"Oh, Sar," she said lightly touching the already fully formed bruises on her face.

She winced, "Sorry," Catherine said.

"It's ok."

"What did they do?" She asked fearfully. "I, I heard you scream." She shivered at the memory.

"They made a video, they're going to send it to the lab. I screamed when he cut open my top."

She didn't need any more clues, "I get it." She said quietly.

Thankful that she didn't have to spell it out, Sara slumped on the floor feeling defeated a single tear running down her face.

Cath slid down the wall next to her, and put an arm around her.

"He... he didn't do it. But that's what he threatened on the video." She said softly.

"We'll get out of this," she whispered, "You'll get back to Gil and I'll get back to Lindsey, we'll be fine."

Sara just nodded.

Because she knew, and Cath knew really it was just words. Just words used to try and convince herself more than anyone else.

"We should try and get some sleep, keep our strength up." Catherine said.

Sara lay down quietly, lost in her own thoughts, and Catherine was left wondering, "Why is it always Sara? Hasn't she been through enough already?"

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