Response to nickeldime17's Max and Alec alphabet challenge. Drabbles (maybe even some longer ones) will be gradually added I think.

A is for


"You're an idiot," it was a whisper, so low Logan couldn't hear her. But then, it wasn't intended for Logan. Alec squeezed her hand and she saw water splash on their interlaced fingers. It took a moment before she realised it was her own tears.

Max wondered dumbly if she should be happy. She'd got what she wanted after all. The cure was there, in her other hand. She and Logan could finally be happy. But at what expense? She never wanted that happiness to cost anyone else their own, never wanted it to affect anyone else at all. She never wanted to lose anyone for their sake of her relationship. She never wanted to lose…

"Had to be done," his voice was hoarse and barely audible. She looked at Alec's face sharply. His left eye was bruised, already swollen shut. Blood streaked his neck and the side of his face. It seemed viciously dark in comparison to his paling skin. She closed her eyes, tried to stop the tears from falling, but apparently her body, or maybe her mind, had other plans.

What was the point of a cure to stop her killing Logan, if the cost was the life of someone else she cared about? When Joshua had stumbled into T.C., literally howling for help, her brain hadn't registered the limp bundle in his arms. She thought Big Fella was the one hurt. When she blurred into command central from her office, her first thought was that the blood on his face was his. She thought she felt her heart stop at his puppy-like whimper. Alec. That was all. Just his name. Alec was unconscious, covered in blood and dirt. His hands were clasped protectively over his chest. Over bullet holes and the precious vial of clear liquid.

"Maxie?" she looked down at him now. Tubes were coming out from his arms, his chest, his nose. There was white gauze covering his chest, only one bare shoulder visible. Four dark patches marked the otherwise sterile white across his chest. She tried again to stop the tears. No luck. She leant and kissed the top of his head.

"Why would you… what would you…?" he cut her off with a small smile.

"For you to be happy? Anything." she closed her eyes tightly. Felt Alec convulsively clench her hand. Faintly heard a voice beside her.

"He's crashing!" Gem pushed her out the way. Ordered her out of the med-bay in fact. Chain of command was the furthest thing from anyone's mind. Joshua had to physically lift her into the hallway, not because she was fighting, rather because she was frozen. All the fight in her was gone. She didn't want to move let alone fight. She didn't want to register what she knew was in front of her. Didn't want to think about it, because thinking about it would make her feel it. And feeling it would make it real. All she could register, think, feel, was Alec's one last word.


I promise the next one won't be so dark.