What's Mine is Yours.

Soi Fon remembers when she was small, looking up at the catwalk with her father. She remembers watching a Goddess walk across the platform, dressed in her finest robes and silks. Yoruichi Shihoin, the princess of the Shihoin Clan, soon to be the new head of the military. Soi Fon remembers her father's words, telling her that she will live only for that lady. Live only to give her everything.

Soi Fon remembers after being accepted into the military, training with other members of her squad, disgraced at how easily they all fell. A commotion caused her to turn to see a shadowed figure easily defeating the other members. The figure turned to her. She ducked the round house sent for her head then blocking a second kick, grabbing their foot with her palm. It was then she was able to see her opponent. Her eyes widened as she recognized The Commander. Yoruichi's eyes also widened but it was because Soi Fon had blocked her attack. Yoruichi didn't hesitate, she grabbed Soi Fon's head in-between her knees and threw her over her shoulder. Soi Fon sat on her knees as Yoruichi approached her, stuttering out her name when Yoruichi addressed her. Not bad, was all she said before leaving. Soi Fon remained on her knees silently vowing to herself, I will give you everything. What's mine is yours.

7 years after joining, Soi Fon was promoted to Yoruichi's personal guard squad. She couldn't of been happier. This was her chance to protect her Commander. Her Lady. Her Goddess. I'm expecting great things from you Soi Fon! Soi Fon bowed to her Lady thinking, and you shall Lady Yoruichi, for what's mine is yours.

Time passed and the seasons changed as the two became closer to one another. Yoruichi would tease Soi Fon, making her blush and stammer cutely. Asking her to share her time with her and to share in her joy. Soi Fon would always smile and respond what's mine is yours.

When Yoruichi stole food from Soi Fon's plate in the mess hall grinning as innocently as she could, Soi Fon would role her eyes at her friend then ever so slightly, nudge her plate over to Yoruichi. Sighing she would say; what's mine is yours.

Even after a hundred years of hurt and betrayal, Soi Fon found she was still willing to give Yoruichi everything and anything if she but only asked for it. So that night, when Yoruichi slipped into bed with Soi Fon asking her to share it's warmth Soi Fon scooted over in her bed to allow room for the other woman mumbling a groggy what's mine is yours.

And as Yoruichi wrapped her arms around Soi Fon, asking her to not just share herself, but to give herself completely to Yoruichi, Soi Fon responded by pressing her back into the warmth and security that was Yoruichi, telling her that she would gladly give her whole self to Yoruichi, because you know; what's mine is yours. Always and forever.