"I think you have an unnatural predilection for cheese," Dan commented as he and Casey ate their lunch.

Casey's macaroni and cheese stopped halfway to his mouth. "Where did that flyball come from, Danny?"

"Every time you joke around at the anchor desk, you always incorporate the word cheese somehow. Not to mention your preference for cheesy dishes and cheesy music."

"I though we closed the Starlight Vocal Band discussion like a year ago."

"The cheese obsession stands," Dan nodded sagely.

Casey rolled his eyes. "Okay, just for that, next time I want to put you off, I'll talk about something else."

"You could talk about zucchini," a voice behind the two men suggested.

Both jumped. "Jesus, Natalie. A warning would have been nice," Casey clutched dramatically at his heart.

"Door was open," Natalie pointed out. "It's not my fault if neither of you noticed I came in." She slapped first Casey, then Dan upside the back of their heads. "That's for ignoring me, by the way."

Still rubbing his sore head, Dan asked, "Zucchini? You think zucchini is on the same level of funny as cheese?"

Natalie nodded. "Fun to say at least."

"Like Pixley," Dan grinned.

Casey groaned. "How about that's over with and we stop talking about it?"

"Pixley," Dan said, "Pixley, Pixley, give me a reason to shut up Case, Pixley and zucchini, Pixley and zucchini, Pix-"

Casey's lips descended upon Dan's effectively stopping the chanting.

Natalie's eyes widened in shock and she backed off. "I'm just going to go now. Casey? Dan? I'll just be leaving you to your public display of affection right now." She scurried out the door.

Casey pulled back from sucking on Dan's tongue. "Danny?" he whispered.

"Yeah?" Dan seemed to be struggling to look into Casey's eyes instead of at his lips.

Leaning in so their lips barely brushed, Casey solemnly whispered, "Cheese," as he pulled Dan into another explosive kiss.

"Have I," Dan spoke a few words whenever they broke for breath, "mentioned lately… that I… love cheese?"

From then on, instead of laughing at the word cheese, Dan would merely blush.