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"That will be $2.50 please," I said to the blond-haired guy as I handed him his coffee. He gave me three dollars and smirked at me. "Keep the change."

I rolled my eyes. Gee, 50 cents. Yet he acted as if he had just done the most generous deed in the history of mankind.

"Erm…thanks," I said.

"No problem." He leaned in forward across the counter. "But I can think of a way you could thank me. How about you give me your number, and we can hook up sometime?"

I turned my head in disgust. To my relief, I saw a petite girl with spiky black hair approaching the counter.

"Bella, stop flirting and come with me!" my best friend whined once she reached me. The blond-haired guy smirked and slid a piece of paper across the counter before saying, "see you later."

I glared at his back the whole time he walked away. I looked at the paper and sighed. Alice grabbed it and looked at it. "Mike Newton: 845-3359. Are you going to call him?"

"No way," I said as I grabbed the paper out of Alice's hands.

Alice watched me as I ripped the paper into shreds and threw it into the nearest garbage can.

"Well, anyway, come on Bella! You have to come with me!" she said.

"Alice, what's wrong? Why are you in such a rush?"

Alice shook her head and jumped up and down. "Just come with me Bella," she whined.

"Alice, I can't just leave right now! I still have 10 more minutes until my shift ends," I whined back.

"Don't worry, Bella. I'll take the end of your shift," I heard a voice say behind me suddenly. I looked over to see who had spoken.

"Are you sure, Taylor? You already have a long shift after this," I said unsure.

"Definitely! I'd love to help," he said eagerly.


"Great!" Alice said excitedly, and then started dragging me out of Starbucks. "Where are we going Alice?" I asked Alice continued to drag me down the street.

"You'll see," she said breathlessly as we ran.

For such a small person, Alice sure was a fast runner. She pulled me as we ran down the street and dodged a few people in order to not knock them over. By the time she stopped running, I was breathing heavily as I looked at our surroundings.

We were at one of the local parks in San Diego. I didn't see anything unusual going on, but I did see a table that was set up in the park with a girl sitting behind it.

Alice started dragging me once again, until I realized that we were heading towards the table. A few people were on line in front of the table as Alice pulled me to the back of it.

"What are we doing here, Alice?" I hissed at her as the line moved forward.

"We're here to sign up for the carnival that's opening tomorrow," she said as she bounced on her toes eagerly.

"You mean to say," I began in a slightly annoyed tone, "that you dragged me out of my shift and down the street in such a hurry to sign up for a carnival?"


She gave me a look when she sensed my irritated mood.

"But we're not just signing up for the carnival, we're signing up to actually help out at the carnival. More specifically, we're going to sign up to work at the kissing booth!"

I felt my face burn in embarrassment. I couldn't seem to picture myself working at the kissing booth. "What if I don't agree to sign up?" I asked. I knew that in the end, I was going to sign up since there was no way I was going to win an argument with Alice, but I was going to try my best.

Before Alice could reply, we were at the front of the line, and we had reached the table.

"Hello, are you two here to help out in the carnival?" the girl asked politely.

"Yes," Alice said cheerfully.

"Okay, here's the clipboard. You will see every booth that is open for workers in tomorrow's carnival. Most of them still have open spots, but a few of the booths may be already full. As long as there's an open line underneath the booth's name, you can sign up for it."

Alice smiled at the girl and started flipping the pages on the clipboard.

Be full. Please be full. Don't have any open spaces left. I chanted in my head as I watched Alice.

"Yes!" she squealed. Oh no.

"There's two more spaces left. Perfect!" I peered over her shoulder and sighed.

At the very top of the page, the words, "Kissing Booth" were printed in bold letters. Underneath were a huge group of lines, one line after the other. All of the lines were filled with names except for the two lines at the end. Stupid blank lines. Why weren't we slower when we went here?

Alice quickly scrawled her name on the first line, and then handed me the pen. She moved to the side as I leaned down. I hesitated for a moment, and then signed my name on the last line.

What had I just gotten myself into?

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