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"Hello, I am James, and I will be your server for the night."

"Hello James," Edward greeted him politely. I smiled at him and then went back to looking around the restaurant.

The place was basically split up into two sections. On one side, was the C-level lounge that looked more casual then the rest of the restaurant. The side that we were currently in however, was not as casual. The lights from above lighted the restaurant with a warm glow, and it made a huge affect on the rest of the place. Everything was arranged and placed in just the right places, creating a very nice affect of a calm and open feeling.

The only thing that seemed to be shared by this side and the lounge was a full bar.

It was absolutely beautiful.

But the best part of the restaurant was the view.

The skyline view was enchanting, to say the least. The sun was just beginning to set as the lights from the buildings and sun sparkled across the water.

I stopped staring at the breathtaking view when I finally realized that Edward and James were speaking to each other, and only caught the very last part of the question James had asked.

"-bottle of wine?"

Edward nodded. "Yes, please bring a bottle of your finest wine," he said smoothly.


The food was absolutely delicious. The flavor, texture, and all-around taste was magnificent. Edward had ordered a very nice bottle of wine; so nice that I wasn't sure if I wanted to even know the price of it. For an appetizer, we had both gotten the Lobster claws that James had suggested. As for my meal, I had ordered the fillet mignon. Both had been entirely tasty.

The rest of our dishes had been cleared away as Edward and I were now sharing a rather large slice of cheesecake for dessert. Throughout the whole meal, we had conversed a great deal, and I had gotten to know a lot about Edward.

For instance, next year would be Edward's third in college just like me, and his birthday is June 20.

However, I still didn't know one thing that I had been wondering about for a while now.

"Hey Edward? What are you planning to be when you graduate college?" I asked curiously. I ate a small piece of the cheesecake, savoring the sweet taste.

"I plan to become a doctor. A pediatrician, most probably," he said. He seemed to be thinking about something as he smiled.

Wow, a pediatrician. Could he be any more perfect?

"What about you Bella?" he asked me as he ate some of the cheesecake.

Suddenly, my goals for my job seemed to be pretty low compared to Edward being a pediatrician. Oh, well.

"I would like to become a journalist. Writing is my passion, and I think having a job of doing just that would be perfect," I said.

Edward gave me one of his dazzling smiles. "That's great, Bella! I'm sure you'll do wonderful," he said with full honesty in his voice.

This time I was the one who smiled.

Did I mention that Edward was perfect?

I was about to spoon out another piece of cheesecake when Edward stopped me.

I looked at him, confused.

"May I…may I feed the cheesecake to you?" he asked gently as he stared into my eyes.

I gulped. "Um, sure…"

He smiled at me as he took a piece of cheesecake off with his spoon. Without realizing it, I leaned closer towards Edward as he leaned towards me. Slowly, he reached over to me and stopped right in front of my lips. I parted my mouth open and watched him lean even closer as he put the spoon in my mouth.

I closed my eyes as I ate the sweet and delicious food.

When I opened my eyes, I saw Edward starting to get more cheesecake to feed me.

I stopped him, just like he had stopped me before. And just like before, this time Edward was the one to look curiously at me.

I smiled. "My turn," I said as I reached over to the cheesecake and took of some of it into my spoon.

I slowly leaned towards him as he did the same towards me, until we were both leaning in quite closely.

I reached over the very short distance and fed Edward the piece of cheesecake.

He ate it slowly, as if he were savoring the taste as I had done before. He didn't blink once as I stared into his eyes. His green eyes were sparkling as he gave me another dazzling smile.

Forgetting all about the cheesecake, I started leaning even closer towards him until we were directly face-to-face, just a few inches away.

Edward stayed frozen for just a moment, and then began to lean further towards me, until we were just a couple of inches away.

Just a couple of inches away from those perfect, soft lips.

I wanted them. I needed them.

So I went for them. I pressed my lips against Edward's. He immediately responded by deepening the kiss just a bit.

It was truly an amazing kiss. Probably even better then the first two kisses I shared with Edward. It seemed that each kiss we shared seemed to get better and better.

I would definitely not mind kissing Edward again and again. I mean, practice makes perfect, right?

But our kiss was interrupted in what felt like 2 seconds when I heard a voice coming from my left.

"Oh, look Harold! Aren't they just the cutest couple?" I looked over to see an elderly woman looking our way as she held another older man's hand.

He nodded in agreement as he smiled.

My face turned bright red. Did we really just look like we were a couple?

Huh, I could get used to that. It seemed that being Edward's girlfriend would just be amazing.


When Edward and I had finally finished feeding (try saying that three times fast?) each other, we of course had a small fight over who would pay the check. Of course, Edward had managed to win easily. Darn those dazzling skills.

We were now in his Volvo on our way back. It was a pretty short ride to my apartment since I live so close to the harbor. Although, I'm pretty sure it also had to do with the fact that Edward and I had been talking throughout the whole ride. Not to mention holding hands.

When we reached the parking lot of my apartment, Edward had gotten out of the car with me. "You don't have to come," I said. I didn't want him to feel obligated to bring me to my room.

"But I want to," he said sweetly as he smiled at me. He opened the main door of the apartment and held it out for me to go in first.

"Thank you," I said as I smiled at him as well.

We headed up the apartment in the elevator and to the door of apartment room Alice and I shared. I turned to Edward, a little sad that our special night was coming to an end.

"Thank you, Edward, for everything. Tonight was truly wonderful and special to me," I said.

He gave me a crooked smile as he said, "It was truly my pleasure. Thank you, for sharing the night with me," he said sweetly.

Sigh. Was he dreamy or what?

Now holding both of my hands in his, he leaned toward me and without any hesitation, pressed his lips fully on to mine.

It was a very gentle and simple kiss. Yet when we pulled away, Edward had still managed to leave me standing there, dazed.

"Bye, Bella. I will see you soon," he said with one last dazzling smile.

"Bye Edward," I breathed out.

We stared at each other for a moment longer, until he slowly made his way to the elevator. He waved to me when he had reached the end of the hall, in which I waved back.

When Edward was no longer in sight, the door to the apartment room flung open.

"Wow, Alice, you have perfect timing! You didn't happen to be eavesdropping, were you?" I asked as I giggled.

"Er, maybe. Sorry Bella! But I couldn't pass up the opportunity," she said sheepishly.

When I headed towards the living room with Alice trailing behind me excitedly, I saw Rosalie sitting one of the couches once I walked in.

"Hey Rosalie, " I said, a little surprised to see her here. I sat down on the couch next to her.

Before Rosalie could respond, I heard an extremely loud squeal. Alice attacked me with questions as I stared at her wide-eyed.

"Calm down, Alice," Rosalie said with a laugh. "I think you're scaring Bella." Alice huffed, but listened to Rosalie and stopped talking to breathe deeply.

When she had finished calming down, she immediately pounced on me again.

"So tell us what happened!"

Rosalie grinned as she added, "yeah, I came here just to hear what happened!"

I rolled my eyes. "Nothing really happened…" I said innocently.

"Ooohh, that means something happened!" Alice said knowingly. She plopped herself on the floor and stared at me as if I were telling the most fascinating story.

"Please, tell us what happened Bella?" Rosalie whined.

"Okay, fine. I'll start from the beginning," I said, bursting with as much excitement.

Then I told them everything. From being seated at our window booth, to the amazing kiss, and then to the car ride home.

Rosalie and Alice had "awed" when I told them about my amazing kiss experience, and everything that Edward had done sweetly.

"Well, I know one thing's for sure," Alice said once I had finished.

I looked at her curiously.

"You've got it bad," she said. She smiled me in a knowing way as Rosalie nodded her head in agreement. They both stood up and started to head out of the room. "Meet us in my room after you brush your teeth," she said happily.

I stared at their retreating forms as I thought over what Alice had said.

Could she be right? Did I really have it bad for Edward? Were the feelings that I were getting, even stronger then a small crush?

Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. The jealousy I felt when other girls had hit on Edward. The way he made my stomach fill with butterflies. The over-whelming amount of attraction I felt towards him.

I just couldn't believe it. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that it made sense.

I was in love with Edward Cullen.

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