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"You know, it's such a shame that we can't do this the old fashioned way." Amanda smirked at Sarek as she snuggled back into his side. The late afternoon sun was coming through their bedroom window bathing his skin in orange light making him look ethereal. Of course, Amanda always thought a naked satisfied Sarek looked ethereal whatever the lighting.

Sarek raised an eyebrow. "By old-fashioned I assume you mean repeated copulation in the hopes of procreation?" He ran a hand slowly down her back. "Considering the fact that we have only been back on Vulcan soil for less then 14 hours and have already engaged in sexual activity twice I do not think we need the extra inducement."

Amanda giggled. "Yes, but it would be so much easier to explain to the healers. You saw that eyebrow of his go up. He knew what we'd been up to before our meeting."

"I suspect he knew what we were going to do after it as well," Sarek muttered. "I've always found healers to be slightly disturbing. They seem to know what one is thinking before it is even thought."

Amanda shivered slightly and moved even closer to his side. "Yes, but you weren't the one being examined like a science experiment."

"As far as they are concerned you are a science experiment." Sarek turned onto his side and ran two fingers gently across her brow and down the side of her face, the marriage bond hummed in response. "The scientists are quite eager to experiment with inter-species DNA combinations. While it would be considered unethical to do so without reason, our bonding and desire for offspring has provided them with a compelling excuse."

"Hmm." Amanda closed her eyes and leaned into his touch. "Yes, but do they have to act so condescendingly about it? I know I'm human, but I'm not just an incubator."

"Would it help if I told you it wouldn't matter what species either of us was? They'd be just the same." Sarek kissed her gently. "They are what they are and a puzzle is more intriguing to them than the life forms they are 'healing'. These are not traditional healers, after all, but experimental scientists."

"I am so looking forward to them figuring out the details so we can stop seeing them and start seeing someone with a little..." Amanda trailed off unable to find the right word. She opened her eyes and frowned slightly. "What is it that made Secar so cold?"

"Kolinahr. He is a Kolinahr master." Sarek brushed the hair back from her face. "They tend to give off that effect. If he disturbs you so, I can ask for a change. He is an accomplished genetic engineer, but there are others."

"I want our son to have the best, Sarek. I don't care who I have to put up with. Besides, once the DNA fiddling is done, I won't have to see that man again." Amanda sighed. "It's just, we know this is going to be a difficult process. God knows how many times we'll have to try before we get a viable fetus. And then the chances of my carrying the child to term safely still won't be good. Secar's attitude didn't help."

Sarek frowned slightly. "You do not have to do this, Amanda. The stress on you physically and emotionally will be considerable. While I greatly desire a child with you, I do not require one. I believe your planet has a history of adoption, and you are well aware of the Vulcan equivalent. That is always a possibility. Although I do not know how a human child would fair on Vulcan and the chances of a Vulcan child needing such is remote. The House generally takes care of its orphaned children or the clan if the House is too small or without means."

"I want to try. I do." Amanda insisted softly. "But listening to Secar prattle on about all the things that can go wrong, it's just daunting. When we first talked to him on the comm it sounded much more promising."

"Secar is, as I have said, a scientist. I believe he was informing us of all the particulars because he was enthusiastic about the challenge we have presented him with, nothing more. He was not attempting to dissuade us." Sarek cupped her face gently. "He is an ally in this, I assure you. Once the genetics are finalized we will be free of him until after the child is born. I am sure at that point he will wish to examine his creation." Sarek's eyes twinkled at his wording. "I believe you will feel more comfortable with the healer T-Pau and I have located."

"I do hope so." Amanda replied.

The next few weeks proved to be exhausting. There were more tests and more appointments and more warnings about what was to come. Eventually, Secar and his team were confident in the genetic mix. The normally stoic Vulcan was clearly excited about his achievement when he delivered the news and introduced the healer that would be in charge of Amanda's health during and after the pregnancy.

Salok was middle aged and thin, his nearly white hair making him seem older then Amanda knew him to be. He was also much friendlier then Secar and his eyes held a gentle mirth that Amanda was not used to seeing so openly displayed. He reminded her greatly of Sevok. Amanda wasn't all surprised to find out that he was something of a specialist with children and young mothers - something close to a combination of an Earth pediatrician and OBGYN.

"I see you decided on the Vulcan model." Salok's mouth twitched as he pointed at the genetic chart that Secar had provided him with. "For all intents and purposes your son will appear Vulcan. May I ask if this was intentional or did Secar make the choice for you?"

Amanda raised an eyebrow. "I'm surprised you asked."

Salok gave an almost human shrug. "It is my experience that many of our scientists jump to conclusions about the superiority of our ways and our biology. I thought it best to double check before we start tweaking your physiology to handle a fetus that has a higher copper blood content then your iron based one. Secar could easily have designed the child to have a primarily iron based blood supply instead. It would have made our job easier."

"But it would have meant our son would have a reduced psi ability." Amanda looked down and away. "Secar said that the copper was necessary as a conductive element for his touch telepathy. Without the higher copper content he wouldn't be able to meld properly."

Sarek nodded. "We discussed this at length. Both Amanda and I wish to provide our child with as full a life as possible. Without the ability to meld he would find bonding difficult."

"You two didn't seem to have any problems," Salok insisted. "Secar's theory is just that - a theory. There is little scientific evidence that higher concentrations of copper play any part in our telepathic abilities. Other species have similar talents without our particular mineral makeup."

"I'd rather not take the chance," Amanda stated firmly. "As long as you think we can figure a way out to make it possible for me to carry him to term, I'm willing to go through whatever I have to rather then risk him having a disability in that area. It would be different if we planned to raise him on Earth."

"You do not feel under-represented?" Salok asked softly, ignoring Sarek's glare. "Most parents wish to see themselves in their children."

Amanda smiled. "What makes you think I won't? I want him to look like his father because I love Sarek, not because I want him to look Vulcan. I'd want the same thing if Sarek were human. Besides, many of his facial and physical features are taken from my genetic code. Secar only engineered what he had to. Things like hair color and height and skin tone will all be mostly random."

"So long as you are happy," Salok stated firmly. "If you are, then I am content to begin work immediately."

Amanda smiled, her hand slipping into Sarek's under the table. "I'm so much more then happy. I've gotten more them my allocation of joy in that department." She felt Sarek's agreement hum through their joined hands. "Now, let's see what we can do about our son."