I made my way through my house and all the fucking girls were there and drinking the cases of Busch Light that we had bought to make this party a success. Normally I would have a hititandquitit chick on my arm but I was only looking for one girl: the fucking brunette with the tight ass and the mouth that was made to be wrapped around my dick.

I saw her earlier and she had on the beer hard hat and she just looked so fucking cute and sexy and innocent drinking the fucking beer through the straw that was hanging lazily in her mouth. I was staring at her with my own beer in my hand leaning up against the back wall trying to be all inconspicuous and shit. There were a lot of horny mother fuckers at this kegger and no one was going to grope all over her like a ten cent hooker.

Pictures were being snapped of her and her girls. Facebook blackmail I say, but whatever. Girls did what they did and no one ever knew why. She would pose and stick her little tongue out with the little evil glint in her eyes and the flash would snap. She would switch places and smile sweetly while she sucked on the straw of her beer cap, yes it was still on her head and it was just freshly refilled with two ice cold beers by some fag who was just asking to get his face knocked in. She was laughing and acting all drunk and silly and cute and I was just staring. She pushed her friend, the tall blonde one with killer tits and ass onto a chair and straddled her like it was her business. She turned her body to smile seductively at the camera while she stuck her little finger in her mouth. Innocent and sexy and all fuck.

She was drunk, but still semi coherent as she turned around and instead of straddling Blondiemissfuckme, she sat on her lap and leaned back into her, squashing Blondie's tits and giving me a perfect view of hers, which were perfect. She smiled at me and blew me a kiss. I nodded my head in acknowledgement. Flash, another picture was taken. Damn her. She was so fucking hot. Iwould never let her know she had me by the balls. A man has some dignity to preserve. Emmett came by with his pussy ass Crushed Menthol Cig and blew his smoke right in my face.

"Fucking Bella is mmm…" he scrunched his face up into a grimace as he fucked the air in front of him like he was pounding her from behind. I laughed and punched him in the shoulder as my eyes traced her figure from across the room. I took a drag from the cig and let the menthol burn my throat and cool my lungs.

I felt her walk by me and drag her finger nails across my chest, she smiled evilly at me, "Take a picture Cullen, It'll last longer than you on your best day." I grabbed her wrist and pulled it to my mouth kissing her pulse point before letting her go.

"Wanna test that theory Swan?" I grinned at her and watched as the initial shock eased off of her face and her smooth controlled smirk came back. She turned around right after dragging her fingertips over her bottom lip.

"Get me drunk enough and maybe you'll have a chance." She called over her shoulder as her ass swayed from side to side.

I smiled and watched her walk away. "Fuck Dude." Emmett scrunched his face up again and pounded air-Bella into oblivion. After ten minutes I followed her out of the room until I found her again. I was being inconspicuous and all that shit…this went on for the whole night.

I continued sipping my beer as the shits around me passed out one by one, either leaving and walking across campus to their pathetic dorm rooms, or just finding a free space on the floor, and conking out. Bella was draped on some fuckers lap in front of the TV, obviously passed out as her head lolled to one side. I threw all the inconspicuous shit out the window as the sorry motherfucker made a move to skim his hands underneath her skirt. Fuck No. That's why I watched her. She was careless when she was drunk and she really let the alcohol get to her.

"Newton go fucking date rape your mom." Newton looked at me and glared but knew better than to fuck with me in my own house. "Out of your league pencil dick. Get the fuck out my house." I scooped Bella out of his lap and carried her upstairs. Newton got up and slummed his way to the door before slamming it shut.

The guest bedroom door was cracked slightly and I kicked it open to put Bella to bed. Unfortunately Emmett was already in there with blondietits'n'ass. Needless to say, he wasn't air fucking anymore. Her blonde hair was everywhere, hiding her face. Emmett had her bent over on all fours and was pounding the fuck outta her. Emmett had red scratch marks all down his chest and it looked like Emmett was really taking it from her too. He tugged on her hair and she let out a small moan as he brought her eyes to mine. He was mid-thrust and it didn't look like he was stopping any time soon as he leaned over into her ear, "Looks like we have a spec-fucking-tator." I laughed and was about to close the door when I saw Blondie flip herself over and lay on her back, her legs wide and open to me.

"Wanna join in Eddie? Could use another dick in here." She smiled at me in a hooded daze as she moved her fingers to her swollen pink pussy. Holy shit. Emmett turned her face and gingerly put his dick into her mouth while laughing and waving his free hand in front of her pussy like Vanna Fucking White. She moaned loudly and her other hand squeezed her tit. Her fingers were still circling her clit and her hole was just waiting to be filled. Fuck Fuck Fuck.

My dick betrayed me and twitched in my pants. I wanted to go and fuck the shit out of TwoDickBlondie but I was holding Bella in my arms all bridal style and that shit just wouldn't fly. Oh, and the thought of Emmett's sword crossing anywhere near mines was not appealing.

I took one last look at the pussy I was turning down and shut the door. I heard Blondie laughing as Emmett probably threw her against the dresser. "You. Are. Such. A. Fucking. Tease." He said between thrusts, her moans growing louder with each one. I heard her laugh followed by a hard slap, then a growl and some more laughing and moaning. I laughed. Fucking Emmett. Sure hope he can handle Blondie.

I had no choice but to bring Bella to my room, There was no way I was gonna put her back on the couch downstairs with drunk horny frat boys passed out all around her.

I pushed back the black satin sheets. Yes, satin sheets. That shit ain't fucking around, it was cold when it touched my skin and I like it so shut the fuck up already.

I lay her down and she curled into a little ball and shivered a little. She looked so tired and wasted and still fucking beautiful. Her dark chestnut hair scattered all over my black pillow like a dream. I stroked her cheek for a moment and she moaned softly, unconsciously leaning her face into my hand.

Fucking dick twitched again.

I drew back my hand and pulled the cool satin sheets around her soft little body and walked my happy ass to my couch and laid down, pulling my iPod with me. I wasn't about to pull a Newton and go all rapist on the girl. That was Bella. You don't mess with perfection, and that just wasn't my style. I preferred a girl conscious and begging for my dick, thank you very much.

I settled into the cool leather of the couch and enjoyed the cool leather on my skin. It felt almost as good and as cold as the satin… almost. I turned it up as high as it could go and drowned in the drum beats and bass of some random track that I didn't bother looking up. I closed my eyes and let my head lean back against the arm rest and swung my legs up so that my feet were on the other end of the couch. I prepared myself for a hurting back and a stiff neck tomorrow morning.

I was on my maybe the 6th or 7th track and was getting pretty damn drowsy. I was getting restless so I let my mind wander to the bed, not more than 3 feet away. I sighed deeply when I imagined touching her soft skin and feeling her little body underneath mine. I wondered if she would be warm and hot, or soft and cool. I wondered if I would fit inside of her, if she would like it. I wondered all the different ways I could make her cum. I imagined her dragging her bottom lip through her teeth and pulling on my hair as I licked her pussy.

I let out a small moan as my dream got more vivid. I could almost feel small tiny warm hands on my legs traveling up to the button of my jeans. What the fuck? I jerked up and my eyes opened to see the top of Bella's chestnut brown head eyeing my, now hard, dick straining against the denim. She looked up at me and her cheeks were all pink and her mouth was all pouty and her dark brown eyes gave my mind a fucking orgasm. I hissed as she stroked me above the fabric and I grabbed her wrist wanting her to stop. She was drunk, wasn't she supposed to be passed out?

She bent down and her hair tickled my waist as she bit the hand that was restraining hers. Fuck. My eyes rolled back and into my head as she continued torturing my dick with delicious friction and my attempts to fight her off were futile. She climbed up and onto my lap and I couldn't find the strength to pull the deafening earbuds out of my ears. I was drowning in drums and bass and Bella.

She slowly pushed her tight miniskirt up so she could straddle my lap and I got a view of her dark black panties. She smelled like fucking flowers and strawberries and shampoo and I was in sensory overload. She pushed her tiny little waist onto my lap and I felt the warmth from her pussy seep into my jeans, and my dick throbbed. I could feel her wetness surrounding me and she knew exactly what she was doing.

Her straps fell slightly off of her shoulders, exposing the tops of her tits and the black lace bra that was pushing them up and into my face. She looked gorgeous and for a moment I thought I was dreaming because her hair was all perfect and sexy, her face was blushing and her eyes were smoldering and she just looked too perfect.

Bella Swan is perfection.

That snapped me out of my reverie as I pushed her away, which was a big mistake on my part because that cause her to lean back and push her wet and waiting pussy harder onto my already twitching dick. I had to get her off of me. You just don't fuck with perfection.

I hissed and let out a low "fuu-uck" as I flipped her underneath me and got up from the couch tearing the earbuds out of my ears. She laid there all surprised and blushing and angry.

"What the fuck Edward?"

"Swan," I closed my eyes, clenched my fists, and used the last of my self control to refrain from jumping her bones. "You are drunk and don't know what you are doing. Go back to bed and go to sleep. You are pissing me off." I said that with a little too much bite and her face showed the sting.

But this was Bella Swan we were talking about. She lifted her tiny little body up and stood on the couch cushion and looked me straight in the eyes. I coughed back a laugh because she was just so tiny and angry and so damn cute and a little drunk. She was about to say something mean and angry. I could see it on the edge of her tongue when she opened up her mouth to snap at me. But mid-thought, she changed her tactic.

She closed her eyes and when they opened they had the dark smoldering look they had just a couple seconds ago and she said to me in the most innocent, sweet, and sexy voice I had ever heard, "Please Edward, I'm so wet already, please? Please just fuck me. Please?" Her hair was still all sex and her body was all pink and flushing. She was barely whispering. Fuck. What did I say earlier?



Tight ass.






Begging for my dick?

CHECK fucking MARK.

Shit I was pretty wasted myself and damn that alcohol. I personally hold the liquor responsible for my lack of self control. Who the fuck could resist her when she lifted up her skirt and showed me her lace black boy shorts that hugged that tight little ass of hers. Who in their right mind could resist her when she turned around and bent over, steadying her hands on the back ledge of the couch while her tiny feet balance themselves on the cool black leather? How do you not get breathless when the vision of her ass was practically touching my dick and then on top of it all, her fucking cute little hands stripped off her wet panties? How the hell do you refrain from touching the most perfect pink pussy I have ever seen? And believe me I have seen my fair share of pussy.

I slowly reached my hand out and cupped her wetness and she let out a deep moan that made my dick that much harder. It was actually painful, how hard my dick was for her. And when I calculated her waist to pussy ratio, I seriously doubted that I could fit in her.

She reached behind her and lifted the rest of her dress off of her body, leaving only the black lacey bra on. Her tits were teasing me as her small little hands ran through her hair. She looked back at me and licked her lips.

I think I lost it when I saw her hot pink tongue because I felt two of my fingers slide into her. She was so fucking tight and wet and warm. I let the heat engulf my fingers as her moans assaulted my ears. The heat was just so, so excruciating and wonderful and not cold like the leather or the satin. This was Bella. Bella was making my blood boil.

My fingers still curving inside of her I wrapped my other arm around her waist and turned her, pivoting her on my fingers, and carried her so that she was straddling me as I carried her to the bed. Each step I took forced my fingers deeper into her tight wetness and she was so beautiful as she threw her head back and let her hair cascade down her back. Her tits were bouncing in my face and I wanted to taste them.

I threw her down on the cold satin sheets and I saw her nipples harden beneath the lace and I think I growled. Yes. That was me, growling. She arched her back up to me as I lowered my face to the black lace and licked her nipple through the lace. I withdrew my wet fingers from her warm pussy and circled her clit in and agonizingly slow movement. Her tiny warm hand fisted my hair as she moaned. Her other hand was working on the zipper of my jeans.

She dug her hands into the denim and found my dick waiting for her. She smiled when I gauged her reaction, "Commando?"

I lifted my face so that it was level with hers, never moving my eyes from her lips, "I like easy access." I kissed her softly while I let my fingers dip inside her pussy and curl before pulling them out. Her lips were so soft and delicious that I kissed her again, pushing one more finger inside her as my thumb circled her clit.

"Fuck Edward." Her small hand grabbed my dick and gave it a tug. She could barely wrap my girth as she stroked my up and down. She felt my pre-cum seep from the tip and allowed it to coat her sweet little palm as she teased my head. She felt wonderful and so warm and hot.

I grunted and thrust into her hand as I kissed her lips. That shit just felt so fucking good and I wanted to make her feel good too.

Her breath washed over me and my dick felt the cold air of the room as she pushed my jeans down with a considerable amount of force. I took the opportunity to lose my shirt and I smiled when I saw her dragging her eyes over my well muscled chest and stopping at my dick.

I looked over her perfect body and brought my lips down to kiss her smooth flat stomach. "Mmm" I let my tongue taste her warm skin as I kissed down further and letting my breath wash over her pussy. Her chest was heaving in anticipation and slowly lifted her leg above my shoulder while looking into her brown eyes. Slowly, I let my other hand grab her ass and pull her up so that her wet core met my waiting tongue. I marveled at the beauty before me before I tasted her and I sighed in content.

Fucking delicious. I licked her sensitive clit as I drowned myself in her aroma, her heat, her taste…

I took her sensitive bud in between my lips and let my tongue run circles as I watched her reaction to my ministrations. I let my fingers play at her opening and her wetness coated my fingers. She was glorious and I loved watching her squirm.

I entered my three fingers and my dick twitched at her wetness and I continued sucking on her clit, lick her, tasting her. She tasted like a warm summer day, flowers and freshness, and just fucking so good. I continued licking and teasing and pushing and pulling her to the brink but bringing her back. I didn't want her to fall over the edge just yet. I wanted to prolong her pleasure.

And when I thought she couldn't take it anymore, when I felt her fist pulling at my hair and heard her voice calling my name, I curled my fingers into the just the right spot and pushed and stroked that spot inside of her as I ran my tongue over her clit over and over, taking it into my mouth and sucking on her when I felt that familiar twitching and tightening around my fingers. "Fuck Ed-waaard. Ah Fuck!." Her back arched off of the bed and pushed her pussy into my mouth as she rode out her orgasm. She was Venus, too beautiful for this world.

When she had come down from her high, she opened her eyes and straddled my lap, as I sat up and found myself face to face with her gorgeous tits. I snaked my arms around her back and quickly unclasped her bra and watched as I saw them bounce and in front of my eyes in all their glory. I was enjoying the feeling of her hand wrapped around my dick, her hand reaching down between us and tugging on me as I licked her nipples. I moaned into her and felt my pre-cum seeping, and she did that glorious thing with her hand again and I thrust into her hand.

Without warning, her warmth fucking engulfed me and I had to rip my mouth away from her tit as I bit the inside of my mouth and fought hard against my twitching dick to not lose it all right then and there. "Fuck Bella, don't fucking move." She stilled and let me get used to her tightness and heat and my fucking dick throbbed the more I thought about it. Dead fucking puppies Edward, think dead fucking puppies.

She pulled my hair and forced my eyes to meet her dark brown smoldering ones. "What did you say?" She half moaned out.

"I said don't fucking move." I hissed at her. God she felt so fucking good.

"No," she lowered herself onto my dick angrily.

"Fuck Bella, please wait." I held her hips still as I twitched inside of her.

"That's it baby. Say my name again." She roughly pushed my hands away and rocked her hips into mine, causing a totally new and fucking amazing feeling as my dick rubbed and hit the inside of her walls. What the fuck is wrong with me…

"Bellllla" I fucking hissed out and I said her name because I liked what it did to her. Understanding dawned on me that I had been calling her 'Swan' since the day we met.

I figured my chances of premature ejaculation would lessen if I were in control so I flipped us over so that she was underneath me and thrust into her tight fucking pussy. "Ed-ward… mmmm" her moaning made me harder than I already was and that throbbing feeling was back, but I could handle it this time. Fucking tight ass pussy.

"Bella get on your stomach baby." I bit her earlobe as she flipped over onto her stomach. She lifted her ass to my dick but I pushed it back down onto the bed. "Stay flat baby." She moaned into submission and I pushed her knees apart slightly and positioned myself at her pussy.

What most guys don't know is that this is the optimal position to hit the mystical G-spot of women, this is mind blowing, seeing stars orgasm territory, and I was fucking going to claim Bella and make her mine.

She was still wet and waiting when I leaned over into her ear, "Are you ready Bella?"

All I got was a tight nod as I pushed into her tight core and her mouth let out the most erotic moan I have ever heard. "Yeah that's it baby." My voice sounded think and gritty as I pounded into her hard, the tip of my dick hitting her sweet spot with each thrust.

Her moans were turning into soft screams and I used my mouth to muffle her sounds. She sucked on my tongue as her pussy sucked on my dick and that sensation, the heat and the tightness and the flowers and the strawberries with her mouth and her taste was all to much and I felt that feeling building in my stomach as each thrust sent me further into ecstasy.

I couldn't hold out much longer and I was trying to pull away from her, because fuck if she wasn't on birth control, fuck condom, fuck fuck fuck. But everything was feeling so good and her sweet little mouth wrapped around my tongue and she whispered into my mouth, "cum with me baby" and I felt her hand reach back and push my ass into her and that was all I needed to let everything go and fucking just fucking cum. And my dick throbbed as her walls clamped down and milk my dick for all it was worth and I felt myself getting weak and my head hurt because it was all too much and it fucking felt so sexy and erotic and just fucking good.

I opened my eyes and saw her breathing heavily with a satisfied smile on her face, my dick still twitching inside of her, aching and spent, in her still throbbing pussy. I pulled out and hissed at the additional stimulation of my already sensitive tip and laughed as I lay down next to her, grabbing my shirt off the floor and wiping myself off, after which I leaned into her and cleaned her off too. She was smiling at me and I couldn't help the goofy grin on my face as I recovered from the best orgasm ever.

"Birth control?" I asked warily, remembering my pre-orgasm dilemma.

She nodded and smiled, and pulled me in for a sweet kiss, lazily pulling my in beside her and nestling herself in my arms as we both drifted off into sleep.


This is my FIRST lemon, I know, I know, Im a lemon virgin. But let me know: Was it as good for you as it was for me?