Redeemed by an Angel

Heather O'Malley

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It was the sound that alerted her that something was awry when she entered the lair. The male laughter was rough and raw, unlike what she normally heard. It even sounded like Dr. D was in there with them cackling as well. But underneath all of that there was a pitiful sound, something that tickled the back of her ears, raised her hackles and refused to become any clearer. Shego knew that she needed to find out what was going on and she really hoped that she was not upset when she discovered what it was. She did not need this tonight.

The noise and the crowd were filling the main laboratory, and there were too many shapes and voices for her to clarify the sound that was bothering her, that she could barely register. But the visual she got when she saw the henchmen caused her hackles to rise up even more and her hands to clench into fists. Several of the henchmen were standing without pants joking with each other and a few more of them were starting to take theirs off. They were all erect and obviously ready for something, and what that was did not comfort the thief. Just who or what were they gang raping?

Drakken was over by some sort of machine, cackling as readings and recordings were being taken, fiddling with knobs and dials. What ever was going on in the center of the room it was occurring with Dr. D's express permission and was occurring on a night she was usually out. This had been planned then for this time. And if that was so then it was not going to be something she was going to like. She had better figure out what this was so she could get out of there and not have to deal with this nonsense. She cleared her throat.

That sound caught a number of henchmen's attentions. They turned to face the noise, and froze upon seeing the green skinned woman glowering at them. The look she had on her face was the one that announced that the beatings would now begin. A hush fell upon the men and the sound that she hadn't been able to clearly make out rose up clearly in the growing silence. It was the sound of a young girl crying in deep despair and pain. The sound brought back memories of her own and her eyes grew a darker shade of green as anger grew within her. Her words were growled out, carrying a threat of pain greater than any of them had ever heard, including Drakken. "What the hell is going on here?"

"Ah, Shego, good, you are in time to hear about my latest invention. I was watching this movie from the eighties that seemed really interesting and I realized that if I could capture the thoughts and emotions of some one going through some truly horrific events I could use a beam to deliver them to the target, making them endure the events themselves, as if they were going through them. It would subdue anyone, even the great Kim Possible! Bwahahahaha!!" Dr. Drakken seemed inordinately pleased with himself, rubbing his tiny hands together in malicious glee.

Shego swallowed back the bile that had risen up in her throat at his words. Drakken's usual plans for world conquest were one thing but this, often being collections of poorly thought out whacked out plans but this, this was something else entirely. This plan was evil. Pure evil. An evil that must be stopped in a way she hadn't done since she had left her brothers. A wave of calm washed over her at the realization that she ad to do something and she could feel her body center, preparing itself for action. Her voice was measured and cold, barely a moment from snapping, the precise clipped tones caused the henchmen to flinch away. They had heard this tone a few times, but never this bad. "So let me get this straight…you ordered these…men…to rape a little girl while you recorded the results? Did I get that correct?"

"Oh yes Shego…see, I always knew you were paying attention to me when I explained my plans. We already have recordings of when we tortured and killed the boy and we were working on the last parts with the sister when you came in. We have a few puppies for later if you want to help me. We were going to kick them." Drakken missed the obvious stop point long ago and blithely went on as if nothing was wrong. The grin that covered his face screamed of madness and that was enough to set Shego into action.

The first henchman that was hit with a side kick that slammed him back into another, starting a pile up and she lowered her leg and moved. She waded into them with hands and feet flying, using her knees and elbows as well to good effect, teeth and blood flying from the men. Kicks to the erect members drew wincing from any of the men still standing and not engaged in combat already. They began to panic and fight for their lives for all the good that it did for them. A few just collapsed and whimpered. Occasionally, she let burst flashes of her power, but none of them hit any person there and that was confusing the henchmen, which only served to fuel their panic. Soon the frenzy of violence was over and she stood over their fallen bodies, looking down at them in disgust. There was groaning and clutching of body parts from the few unlucky ones who were still conscious. Drakken was incensed at this, unable to figure out why her employee had just done this. "Shego! What are you doing?"

"Torturing and killing little kids Dr. D? Kids! That is low and despicable and evil. Well, let me tell you, this is going to end here and now." She leapt over the monitors that had given him the illusion of safety, grabbed the blue skinned scientist by the throat and lifted him aloft. As he struggled to breathe and complain, feet kicking ineffectually in the air, she slagged the computers, making sure everything in them was melted under the heat of her plasma. Nothing was going to remain if she could help it and there were no automatic back ups for this lab, mostly as a safety precaution.

She reached up with her free hand and zapped him in the head, rendering him unconscious instantly. She tossed his body to the side, like the discarded refuse he really was. How could she have let herself work for this idiot for so long? Once that was taken care of the thief rushed to the table and freed the little Asian girl by burning through the straps with one finger lit. The naked and trembling child sat up and clutched her savior's clothes tightly, jabbering a mile a minute in Vietnamese. Shego said a few words of comfort to still the girl's cries some and walked from the room, holding the child in her arms protectively. She kicked one of the henchmen in the head as she walked out.

Once outside of the laboratory, she closed the metal blast doors and welded them to the doorframe and each other, like she had done with every other exit to that room. Her use of her power in there had been deliberate. There was no way out of the lab at this point, which she had made sure of. She started a few fires on her way out to increase the damage and activated the self destruct as she left the lair, smacking the hidden button a bit harder than necessary. She didn't look back but headed straight for her car.

Her car was soon pulling away from the spot when the road shook under the blast wave, the massive fireball from the fuel air bomb that she had insisted be used lighting up the night sky for miles around. She didn't care any more, didn't care about the fact that the henchmen and Drakken were possibly still alive in that lab with no air, food or water, flames sucking free the last remaining oxygen as tons of rock buried them inside. She didn't care that she had broken her rule about killing by doing so in a big way. She didn't care that she had broken her word to Drakken, one of the few things she still believed in. She didn't care because it had been all she could do for the weeping little girl who still clung to her, nestled between her body and the steering wheel.

Her thoughts raced as she sped down the hill, going over the last five years of her life, ever since she had left her idiot brothers in a fit of righteous indignation. Shego had been Drakken's sidekick for years but he had crossed a line that was inviolate to her and she had given a most definitive letter of resignation. Her vision grew bleary as she drove and she blinked the tears from her eyes. She didn't really have the time to cry over this right now. This screwed up situation had neither been the actions of a world renowned thief nor the actions of a superhero. These had been the actions of a person driven beyond all endurance to fix a major wrong in the world. This sort of thing had to be stopped and she was going to do it alone if she had to. She felt like this was a declaration of war on her part. No one should ever have to endure what had happened to the little girl. No one.

Shego realized in that moment that if she was going to start tilting at windmills because of this, she needed to go to the one person who could help make everything better for her and the little girl so terribly thrust into her life, whom she would never let any one hurt ever again. She would need someone who could help her make this happen and there really was only one person who that could be. Despite all of their differences Shego knew how good and honorable the person was.

She drove towards Middleton still blinking away tears, determined to get help from the only person she really trusted at this point anyway. Her favorite red headed foe, Kim Possible.


Kim woke quickly when she heard the sound of her window sliding open. She looked up as best she could while still trying to look like she was asleep, which wasn't all that easy with one eye barely open. A familiar shape came through the window gently, holding something protectively in her arms. Kim knew it was Shego from the way the woman moved and the body mass and she readied herself to fight if necessary. It was a completely crappy way to be woken up. Since when did the thief break into her house to start a fight? However, things didn't go as expected.

"Kimmie…wake up." Shego's voice didn't sound quite right and she wasn't awake enough to catch the nuances in the tone.

"What?" Kim grumbled some. Why the hell had the thief come into her room in the middle of the night anyway? Surely she could have waited until morning or rung the doorbell like a sane person.

"I need your help, Princess. Like right now." The tone of Shego's voice startled Kim and she sat up, flipping on the light. The sight before her threw her for a loop and her mouth fell open in surprise.

This little Asian girl wrapped in a blanket yelped in fear and cringed in Shego's arms, face turned away from the red head. The thief rubbed the girl's back gently and murmured something to her in a language that Kim didn't know. After shifting the kid some, it was clear that the kid was naked under the blanket and was shaking. The girl was obviously terrified of something, and not just the light. "Oh my God Shego…what the…?"

The green skinned woman flinched slightly at the use of the name she had used for so long, from when her brother had decided to have them become superheroes. She had gotten used to the name but now it just grated on her. "I'll tell you later. I need your Mom's help Kimmie, right now. I also need to talk to GJ right now as well. Please Kim, I really need this help."

Kim nodded numbly at her nemesis and stumbled to the stairs to get her mother. As the red head dashed downstairs to her parent's room, Shego sat the girl down on the bed, got her to let go of her so that she could grab a t-shirt of Kim's to put on the child and then let her grab hold again. She had just managed to get the shirt onto the kid when Kim returned with her mother in tow. The girl cringed back from this new stranger but Shego calmed her down again with a few words.

Anne took one look at the scene in front of her and snapped instantly into her Doctor mode. It was clear who the patient was and that she had endured some sort of trauma. From a cursory glance she could tell that the girl looked like she had been beaten and molested. There were still wet areas of fluid on her and dark bruises were forming. A few cigarette burns were on each of her arms as well. This sight was terrifying. "What happened?"

Shego started to explain things as Anne proceeded to start her examination of the girl. The little girl never let go of the thief's hand the whole time Anne was working. "I came home from a bar tonight, as I was bored and just wanted to take a long hot bath and relax. When I got into the lair I could tell something was wrong. Drakken and the henchmen had planned to do something terrible while I had been gone and I caught them at it. When I found them they had beaten this girl, Tuyen, and then began raping her, all while Drakken was taking readings of her thoughts and emotions with some new device of his. Earlier they had tortured and killed her brother while doing the same thing right in front of her."

Kim had gone pale at this and her mouth was partially open in shock and disgust. Surely no one could be that inhuman? And since when had Drakken been that vicious and heartless? The redhead's stomach churned with nausea. Anne's face hardened from being all too familiar with such inhuman acts and continued her search, moving lastly to the girl's violated area.

"I beat them into unconsciousness, rescued Tuyen and melted all the escape routes in the lab closed. I welded the blast doors shut as I left, set things on fire and blew up the lab with the self destruct. They may still be alive in there, but I kind of doubt it. Once out, I knew I needed Kimmie's help so I raced here." finished Shego, her voice tense with the anger that had started this chain of events.

"Oh my God Shego…wha…?" Kim had no response, as too much of this was just insane. Things just seemed too strange and her mind was threatening to stop taking in any more information.

"That bastard wanted to take those readings and make the readings into some sort of weapon, so he could hit you with it and cause you to relive their pain." Shego grew angrier just thinking about it and her hands began to glow, as flickers of plasma danced around them.

"Uh…right…Global Justice…" Kim fumbled for her Kimmunicator. Shego was obviously irritated about the readings Drakken had been making for several reasons and Kim was getting the strange feeling that the older woman was feeling protective of her. It was a bit disconcerting but it also made her feel warm inside. She got hold of Wade, who yawned at her from the screen. "Hey there Kim, what's up?"

"I need to make an emergency call to Global Justice, now. Please and thank you."

"Okay. Give me a moment." Wade turned to face another screen as he furiously made the connection. "Okay. Here you go Kim."

The face of Doctor Director filled the screen, looking a bit surprised at her. "Kimberly, to what do I owe this call?"

Shego plucked the Kimmunicator from the red head's hand and looked into it, glaring some. She didn't waste any time talking about nonessentials. "I need you to have troops deployed to that blast site right away. It was one of Drakken's lairs that I blew up. He might still be alive by the time you get there, but I kind of doubt it. He and a bunch of henchmen should be in the remains of the main lab."

"Shego!" The green skinned woman's presence surprised the normally unflappable Betty Director.

"Also I wanted to let you know, I quit. I'm not doing this any more, so just you and your people leave me alone. I have a bigger priority right now and I don't need you to screw that up." With that the dark haired woman tossed the phone back to Kim and sat down gently next to Tuyen. The girl grabbed her and held on to her tightly. She was crying again so Shego hugged her again, trying to make all the pain go away.

Anne looked into the deeply saddened pair of bright green eyes that seemed to be asking her about the girl. After what the woman had said about the events she had witnessed she could understand the woman's pain and to a degree her protective nature over the girl. She would have done the same thing. "She needs to have a few stitches down there due to tearing but other than that she should be okay after a while. We need to get her to the hospital, so I can have all the correct tools on hand to get this fixed. Do you want me to take her?"

"No. I'll come with you. I'm not letting her out of my sight for a good while. I'm going to keep her safe, come what may." Shego's resolve in this was unshakable and Anne had to admire it. It was just how she felt about her Kimmie.

Meanwhile, Kim was off to the side, pacing and left talking to Doctor Director. The head of GJ was trying to figure out what sort of plot the thief was up to as too much of this didn't make any sense. Surely, this was some sort of plan. "What is going on Kim?"

"According to Shego, Drakken and his goons captured and killed a little boy and then beat and raped his sister, all while they were recording the person's experiences and feelings. Shego caught them at it, got pissed and extracted vengeance, blowing up the lab in the process. She's trying to keep the girl she rescued safe right now and we're getting ready to head off to the hospital." replied Kim.

Betty was silent for a moment, clearly thinking, putting the various pieces together and it didn't quite register. She needed more information before she could make any kind of decision. "Very well. I will send agents out there as she asked. And Kimberly…"

"Yes Dr. Director?"

"Let her know I will want to talk to her about this later. Just talk."

Kim nodded and ended the call, since it looked like Shego, Tuyen and her mother were ready to head out. Kim grabbed a pink hoodie and slipped it and some shoes on as they all trooped out to Mrs. Dr. Possible's car. The drive was done in near silence, with occasional sobs coming from the girl and comforting noises from the thief. Anne drove with a purpose, going just enough faster over the speed limit that it was clear that she was a bit worried.

Kim was intrigued by this side of Shego. She had never seen the thief acting so gentle, so caring, so protective, even when she had been Miss Go after the Attitudeinator incident. It was nice, didn't feel fake to her and Kim felt a strong connection to the green skinned woman at that moment. There was a tremendous pull towards the thief right now, more so than a number of other times in their history. It didn't help quell any of the confusion she was feeling right now.

They rushed into the ER with Shego carrying the Vietnamese child in her arms, where a pediatric surgeon was waiting to fix the damage caused by the rape. Anne had called ahead to make sure everything was ready for them. Shego paced nervously in the waiting room while the three of them were waiting to hear back from the doctor. Kim came over to her, matching her stride for stride. "So…Shego…"

This time she caught the woman's flinch at her name and that surprised her. "What was that all about?"

The thief shrugged, somewhat embarrassed and conflicted. "I don't know. That name feels dirty to me right now, tainted by this. I…I just don't want to hear it right now. Okay, Princess?"

"Sure, but what should I call you?" Kim tried to keep her tone light, not forcing the issue. She would take whatever the woman was willing to give her if it would allow them to keep talking.

Instead of responding right away, the dark haired woman stopped walking and looked at the floor, as if something was going through her head. It was obvious to Kim that this really wasn't a simple issue. If she was having trouble dealing with her name then who knew what would happen. The thief's voice was soft when she replied, "Tegan. My real name's Tegan."

"Tegan? Than why the other?" Kim was clearly confounded by this development. She had always wanted to know Shego's real name but Tegan? What kind of name was that?

"My brothers wanted all of us to play superhero, remember? These stupid codenames were Hego's idea. I just left my real name at that point for several reasons and embraced that one. Now I'm not so sure I ever want it again." Her eyes began to tear up, the emotions of the evening catching up with her. She shook some and began to cry.

The sight threw Kim, shocked that Shego…uh…Tegan…uh… who ever she was, was crying. The tough woman never cried. However that moment passed and Kim embraced the taller woman comfortingly, empathizing with her. Tegan's arms came around Kim and held the red head almost like Tuyen had held her. Now it was Kim's turn to comfort the woman and to let her know that it hadn't been her fault this had happened and that the woman had saved the child.

Tegan finally quieted down after a few minutes of being held by the teen and wiped her eyes, trying to whisk the tears from her face. Her chest was still tight with emotion. "Thank you Princess. It means a lot to me to know that you were there for me and her."

"No big, She…uh…Tegan. If you can't trust your nemesis who can you trust?" She tired to make a little joke out of it.

Tegan smiled at her, glad to have been comforted by the teen hero. She felt close to the teen, especially with their history for fighting. Tegan had learned everything she would need to know about the red head by fighting with her. It was pretty incredible how much of a person's truth came out when you were fighting. "Well, thanks."

The Doctor came out of the room where Tuyen had been treated, heading straight for Anne. "I fixed the tear, and gave her a sedative. I want to keep her here for a day or so to have an MRI done to check for internal injuries and make sure that she is healing okay. She will need a lot of care."

Anne looked over at the two girls who were standing quite close to each other, having not really moved apart after their hug. There seemed to be some sort of intimacy between the two that bore watching. The villain looked upset and shaken over all of this, which was understandable. She might even be in some degree of shock, for all Anne knew. She had to think of a way to help the young woman herself. "Can we go up with her to the ward?"

"Sure. We're moving her now."

The three of them followed the orderlies who were pushing the bed, leading the way to the pediatrics ward a few floors above them. They watched them get Tuyen settled into the new bed and Tegan told the nurses her name and what other bits of information she knew, like her language. She also mentioned that as long as she was there she could translate for them. This was gratefully received as the translation service they called wasn't as good as a real person.

Once that was done and the nurses had finished their initial check of the girl, Tegan pulled over a chair and sat down next to the bed, holding the young girl's hand even though she was still asleep due to the sedative. Kim looked at her mother and then back at the scene. It was touching and pulled at her heart. She wanted to be here for Shego…uh, Tegan. "Mom, I'm going to stay here with her for tonight. I think she needs someone with her right now."

"I think you're right Kim. See if you can get her to talk a bit or even better, to rest some. She is wrung out right now emotionally and physically and I think that little girl will need all the strength the woman has to get better. Stay here and help out."

"You know I will Mom."


The grip on her hand woke Tegan and the dark haired woman looked up at the girl in the bed. The child was shaking some, looking around wildly until her eyes rested on the mass of dark hair. Then the girl calmed some when she saw her savior. Tegan smiled gently at Tuyen, her heart aching at the pain and fear that she had seen in the girl's eyes. "*It's okay little one. I'm here.*"

"*Thank you from saving me. Surely you were sent to me by Kwan Yin.*" The reverence in those words shook Tegan some. She was just a thief, nothing worth really caring about and certainly not sent by some Bodhisattva.

"*I am sorry I did not arrive sooner.*" It was rare for her to apologize to anyone, but she felt like she had to in this case. She felt responsible for all of this.

"*You saved me. That was enough. Thank you.*" The girl started crying and Tegan stood in order to be able to pull the girl into her arms. She just wanted to comfort the girl like no one had been able to comfort her.

This movement woke Kim, who watched the two of them, one crying and the other running a hand over their hair, trying to soothe them. It was a very maternal sight. Her nemesis was doing everything possible to comfort the scared child and it amazed her. It seemed so out of character for the green skinned woman but watching Tegan with the girl, it all seemed so natural, so right. She wasn't sure what to do with this and why it made her feel warm inside, like she was watching something special. She felt honored to be here.

"*Tuyen, let me introduce my friend. This is Kim.*" Tegan kept her voice calm to avoid frightening the girl any further.

The girl shrank back a little, staring at the teen all wide eyed, her lip trembling in fear. It was clear that se was afraid of being taken away and back to the bad men.

"*It's okay Tuyen. Kim is a nice person.*"

Kim figured something was up since she had heard her name mentioned twice. She smiled at the little girl who turned her face into Shego…Tegan's shoulder. This whole name thing was going to make her crazy for a while.

"*Can you say hello to her?*" asked Tegan gently, softly running her hand over the girl's shoulder length dark hair.

The girl turned her face from Tegan's body so that one eye was uncovered and able to see the girl, her voice barely above a whisper as she said, "*Hello.*"

Kim looked at her confused. It was clear that the girl had said something to her but she didn't know anything about Vietnamese. Tegan rolled her eyes at the teen's response. "She said Hello Princess."

The red head blushed in embarrassment, figuring she should have known at least that much. What else would the girl have said? She waved and said "Hi."

Tuyen turned back into Tegan's shoulder, shaking some. Tegan's voice was soft when she said, "*Thank you, Tuyen.*"

The thief then turned back to face the teen hero. "Thanks, Kimmie. She's really skittish after what happened and who can blame her. Gah, I can't believe those bastards."

"I can barely believe it myself. Do you think all that failure finally made him snap? I mean, what else could it be?" Kim was curious about what Tegan thought about these things. Based off of the events that had been related to her, it was painfully clear that the man had lost it and become an even greater threat to the world.

"Probably. He had issues about most everything. Hopefully that threat is gone now. I feel dirty just thinking about the fact that it occurred there, where I lived. I worked there, knew those people and never thought they would act like that, ever. It's really disheartening." Tegan shook her head in disbelief and her long hair crossed over Tuyen who giggled some as it tickled her.

This brought a faint smile to Tegan's dark lips. To know that the girl was starting to feel better enough to laugh was a big thing in her opinion. She looked down at herself and then took a quiet sniff and determined that she needed to do something about this. She stank and it made her uncomfortable. "*Tuyen, I need to go get changed. It may take a while. Will that be okay?*"

The girl shook her head back and forth vigorously, clearly a no, which caused Tegan to sigh in resignation. She couldn't leave the girl in this state. "*Okay. I'll stay with you.*" She then turned to the red head and asked, "Kimmie, can you get me my bag from my car. It has some changes of clothes in there and some other stuff I might need. I need to shower and change before I get too ripe."

"Uhm…sure. I can do that." Kim wasn't sure if leaving the woman here alone was such a great plan, but getting the bag made sense. But then again, it wasn't like the thief was going to run out on the girl.

"Thanks." Tegan turned back to the girl who had started crying again. That took all of her attention. She helped shush the girl, letting her know it was okay.

Kim watched the thief for a moment, standing there hugging the child and then headed out. She was going to do that for Shego…Tegan or whatever her fucking name was. It was the only thing that she could do at this point to show that she believed the thief. She needed the time also to clear her head and to process what the hell was going on.

Shego had come to her for help. She could wrap her head around that one fairly okay; it wasn't too odd after all. But the way she was caring for the kid was a different thing entirely. And what the hell was with the name? And why the hell was she felling all funny when she was watching the older woman with the kid? It was making her crazy, because she had no idea what the hell was going on in her own life any more.

The teen hero made it back home with no clear answers for everything, as her thoughts had run all over. She got the overnight bag from the car and started to head back to the hospital. Instead of letting her thoughts wander all over the questions as she had done on the way there, Kim decided that working on one thing at a time might be the best plan in trying to understand all of this. Hopefully it would help her find an answer to all of these questions that were rolling around in her head and confusing her. She hated feeling so disconnected from what she knew and this sitch was making her crazy.

So, first question that she needed to look at was what the hell was with Shego? The way she showed up at her house and with that little girl in tow had been strange. It was clear that something beyond horrible had happened and that the thief cared for the kid but the problem was that this whole thing seemed so out of character for Shego or at least the Shego she knew. Did she even know the woman enough to make that statement with any certainty?

And what was with Tegan? What kind of name was that? Shouldn't her name have something that started with an S? That was another confusing issue. She needed to talk to Shego about that as well. These things were enough that Kim knew that they would bug her until she got some answers from the thief.

And then there was the issue that really made things confusing, what the hell was she feeling for the woman? She had never really hated the woman, well not more than the once, and was more frustrated with her than anything else. She respected the woman in a lot of ways, now more so for what she had done for the girl than for any of her physical skills. She also felt closer to the woman, as they had been wonderful enemies, sticking to business and when it wasn't time to fight they didn't. They had actually gotten along a time or two.

The Miss Go incident ran through her mind and only muddied the issue even more. Shego had been her friend at that time. They had grown really close then, spending time shopping and chatting and the pictures of the two of them from the photo booth were some of her most prized possessions. She often found herself looking at them, at the smiling face next to hers. Seeing Shego now in such despair, such worry made her feel the same way she had then, that this woman could be her friend if not more. When the green skinned woman smiled at her with those black lips, she smiled back. If it weren't for the fact that Shego was a woman she'd think that what she had been feeling was a crush. So what was going on? What was she feeling? It was making Kim crazy and uncomfortable and she hated that.