Redeemed by an Angel 7

Heather O'Malley

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The afterglow was lovely and Tegan occasionally shivered with the post orgasmic aftershocks that rolled through her body. She didn't want to move, as her whole body tingled in pleasure. The fight, flight, or fuck response had made their love making a really incredible experience. With her eyes closed, luxuriating in the sensations, she reached over for her Kimmie but she couldn't find her. She registered a familiar noise and frowned. Something was wrong. Tegan rolled up and hustled over to where Kim was shaking and vomiting.

Tegan hugged the girl and pulled the long red hair back, hoping to get less vomit on it, as it had already been hit a few times. That could be taken care of later, as right now there was a more immediate crisis in her hands. Kim was crying and muttering to herself in a hoarse voice, occasionally dry heaving, "I'm… I'm a monster."

After a minute of this, with Tegan rubbing her back and trying to calm the girl she loved, the green-skinned woman said, "You're not a monster, Princess. You helped me save all those people. You freed them. You're a hero."

Kim raised her head and looked at Tegan in disbelief, her eyes red from tears and her face all blotchy from vomiting, "How can you say that? We had sex right after killing those people! How can that be right?"

Tegan sighed. She should have realized that this would have been the response that her love was going to have to a natural reaction to death. She held the girl at arm's length for a second to look her in the eye and then said, "Kim, the body has several responses to your first exposure to violent death. One is to vomit and freak out, which we both did. Another is to get horny, as if sex helps you affirm the importance of life. Everything we did is normal and that does not make you a freak. You were able to deal with my doing this when I did something worse, not once but twice and now you have to deal with it for yourself. Princess, you saved a lot of people tonight. That is what is really important, the lives we saved not the lives we took."

Kim shook in Tegan's arms, as the older woman pulled her into an even tighter hug, and the red head whispered in a voice so faint that Tegan almost missed it, "I… I think I liked it."

Tegan pulled Kim closer to her, lifting her into her lap and kissed her head lovingly. She laid her cheek on Kim's head and asked, "Was it the killing that you liked or the justice that you brought?"

"Justice?" asked Kim incredulously, starting to squirm away. "What justice was there in killing them?"

Tegan sighed and loosened her hold on Kim, who was now at the anger phase of things. "Kimmie, those men were above the law there. No one was going to stop them. They would have just kept on capturing or buying people and then selling them, shipping them to the states and other places where their lives would utterly suck as if they were no more than cattle, no more than property. We saved those people from lives filled with despair and servitude. How is that bad? Those bastards deserved what happened to them."

"But we killed people Tegan. You and I, we never killed before this. No matter what we did we always had this limit. We never did anything like this." Kim grew quieter as she said this, thinking about the looks on some of the Slaver's faces before she shot them.

"Yeah… we never crossed that line before, but I… I just couldn't take what he had done. Drakken had gone too far and I just couldn't take it anymore, the insanity, the stupidity, the kowtowing to that moron. I snapped bad. So, yeah, saving Tuyen got us to where we are now but you know something, I would not change a damn thing. Drakken was a dog that needed to be put down and I did it. The things he did, the things he was doing to that little… our little girl… it makes me sick to think about it. So yeah, I will make things safe for Tuyen if I have to hunt down every last one of those bastards and remove them from the face of the earth." growled out Tegan, her own memories coming back. "And there is no force on earth that can stop me. Well… maybe you."

Kim took a deep breath and let it out slowly. She remembered that she had chosen to do this because these people really were monsters. These specific slavers that they had decimated were the people who had sold Tuyen to Drakken with her brother, to be tortured and raped, forcing her to watch the rape and death of her brother. They had caused nothing but heartache and sorrow for a sweet little girl who wanted nothing more than to be loved. Maybe, just maybe the world was a better place without them. When she thought about it that way, it certainly did feel better. Kim listened as Tegan said, "I know this isn't what you wanted to happen, Kimmie, but in this case maybe it is for the best."

Kim's voice shook a little as she said, "I don't care right now. Just hold me."

Tegan could not argue with the redhead and held the quivering girl against her. She murmured soft words of comfort, trying to get the girl to calm down even more. There was an awareness that they needed to get out of there before the Army arrived but she did not want to rush her love. She hesitantly said, "Princess, give me a second to get us in the air. Alright? Once we are on our way and safely cloaked we can talk more. Is that okay?"

Kim nodded and released Tegan reluctantly. The former thief and villain took care of things quickly, getting them into the air and one their way home as quickly as she could manage. The cloak was in place about them and the autopilot was set for Middleton. Home, where there daughter was. Tegan smiled, just thinking about Tuyen made her feel better about everything. That girl was a balm to her soul. With a last check of the controls to ensure that there would be no surprises, Tegan headed into the back, where Kim was curled up on one of the couches, a blanket pulled around her shoulders.

"It was okay to kill them... right?" Kim looked forlorn, desperate for someone to tell her that everything would be alright and that she had not done bad things.

"Yes, it was. They were slavers Kim. They lived on human misery and suffering. They killed without mercy or care. They are the lowest of the low. You saved people. Those people owe their lives, their freedom to you. That simple fact is far more important than our gunning down some dirt bags." stated Tegan, hugging the red head around the shoulder.

Kim nodded. She swallowed heavily and said weakly, "I thought I would be okay with this."

"Believe it or not, you were. Kim, we had a perfect mission here. No witnesses and no injuries. We got in and out with no hassles. It was a clean op."

Kim scoffed at that, "Clean op? There was so much blood..."

Tegan hugged Kim close and kissed the girl on her forehead. "Kim, stop thinking about it like this. Remember that Cyclops approves of us doing this. Some of our support comes from her. She is funneling us stuff in order to ensure that we can do this and do it well. She believes in this mission and you said you believed in it as well. So it is more violent than you thought it would be, that happens. But you agreed to this plan and we both carried it out."

Kim nodded, took a deep breath and let it out slowly. Thinking about Tuyen and about what Tegan had said, about how she had discovered the girl and her brother, how the poor girl had been treated, like a thing, like something less than human shifted something in her once again. She narrowed her eyes as a righteous anger filled her. "I'm good. I'm good. I guess I will have to get used to this so I don't fall apart next time."

"Next time?" asked Tegan, raising an eyebrow.

"Yes. Next time." There was some steel in her voice, which made Tegan feel proud. This was the Kim she had fought all of those times she had been working for Drakken, this was the Kim she loved.

"Okay then. Well, let's get home then. We have a little girl waiting."


Tuyen was happy to see the two of them. She had missed them and now, with them back home, she ran to the two women. The women knelt down and hugged their little girl. Tegan asked, "*Did you have a good time while we were gone?*"

The little girl nodded, her eyes big as she very seriously replied, "*Yes. Mrs. Possible is very nice. We made cookies.*"

Kim had gotten up and hugged her mother. "Thank you for watching Tuyen while we were gone, Mom."

"No problem Kimmie. She was a total sweetheart." replied Dr. Mrs. Possible. "I like watching her."

"Would it be okay to leave her with you when we have to go on missions?" asked Kim, a bit worried about what the answer would be, as it was a bit of an imposition.

Anne smiled at her daughter, "That would be fine. Not all the time because I don't think we want to run the risk of me getting called in to work and her having to stay with Jim and Tim. And your father might simply forget she's here because of how quiet she is. You know you can also try Ron or Monique if you needed a sitter."

Kim frowned slightly at that suggestion. "Yeah... I know. I guess I would feel weird about that since they haven't really been kept in the loop with things lately."

"New relationships take time Kimmie. You were focused on Tegan and Tuyen and that would make it easy to lose track of the other people in your life. If they really are your friends they will understand all of that and everything will be okay." Anne hugged Kim and kissed the top of her head. "Now take your family home and have a good day."

Tegan carried Tuyen in her arms as Kim got the girls small travel suitcase. As they sat down in the car, Kim asked, "Kitty, should we get some food? I'm rather hungry."

"Did you eat Tuyen?" The little girl nodded in response to Tegan's question. "I can fix us something when we get home, unless you need something now."

"I can wait. What are we going to do for dinner tonight?" asked Kim rather curious as to what Tegan had in mind.

Tegan shrugged. "I have no idea. I'll have to look in the fridge and figure it out. We can order out if you want."

"Can we see other ba?" asked Tuyen from the backseat.

Tegan smirked, "You want to go hang out with my mom?"

Tuyen nodded. Tegan shrugged, "I guess we can call and see if she is up for company tonight."

The little girl in the backseat smiled broadly.


Tegan knocked on the door politely. Normally she would simply walk in but with the way her life was changing it felt like that would be really disrespectful. Besides, Kim would probably smack her in the arm for being rude and she did not want Tuyen to act that way. She wanted her daughter to be the angel that the little girl really was, so none of her own habits were needed. If the girl took more after Kim she would be pleased. It felt strange thinking about herself as a role model for anyone.

Tegan's mother opened the door and smiled when she saw the three of them. She looked down and grinned, saying excitedly, "*How is my little Tuyen?*"

"*Ba!*" The little girl went into Tegan's mother's arms for a big hug. Both Kim and Tegan smiled at that.

"Come in girls. This is a nice surprise. How are you two?"

"A bit tired. We have been busy." replied Tegan.

"You are not doing anything bad are you?" asked her mother, leveling her gaze a bit menacingly.

Tegan rolled her eyes. "No. It's a work thing that Kim and I are doing together. Like Princess here would let me do anything bad."

"Hey!" protested Kim with feigned indignance.

Tegan kept on going, ignoring Kim's outburst, "Anyway, our little girl wanted to come see you and we thought we should drop by. Is that okay?"

The stern gaze softened, "Of course it is. You three are always welcome. This is your home Tegan."

Tegan began to tear up slightly and sniffled as she wiped the tears from her face, trying to look as if the comment had not had as much of an impact as it had. Once she had accomplished that she said, "Thanks."

Dinner was a simple affair and once done the family said their goodbyes and headed home, where they put their dozing daughter to bed. Both women collapsed on the couch and sat there for a bit, staring at the walls, both exhausted, before turning to face each other. Kim was the first to start chuckling. Tegan looked at her quizzically and then joined in, finding the younger woman's laugh infectious.

"What's so funny cupcake?"

"We are. We take out a bunch of slavers, come home, deal with my mom, have dinner with your mom, put our kid to bed all like this is nothing more than a simple life. How absurd is that?"

Tegan quirked a smile at the words. "Yeah, okay, I can see that. But we aren't like other people so why should our life be like other peoples? If we are okay with it, then isn't that good enough for us?"

Kim thought about what Tegan had said before she answered. "That does make sense. It's just, I never saw myself doing what I am doing now. I know that I am helping people but the way I am doing it is so different from any of the dream I had of my future."

Tegan hugged Kim and kissed her on the forehead. "This isn't what I had in my dreams either Pumpkin. This is not the life I expected to have. We are not dealing with people who had boundaries on what they were willing to do. I thought Drakken had boundaries but clearly the stress of always losing to you pushed him over the edge and he went too far. There are limits and he crossed them. Those people we dealt with today crossed them. We are just dealing with people who are major threats to the life and happiness of regular people, the kind the system often forgets or overlooks. Sure Dementor and Triple S and such need to be dealt with, but their plots take time to set up. This is the daily nightmares that really destroy people. I tried to forget about all of that until Drakken shoved it right in my face, in my home. I just can't look away anymore. Not when she is sleeping in one of my rooms."

Kim nodded along. "I understand that Kitty, and I agree completely, it's just that… the way we are doing it."

"Hey, Cyclops agreed. Hell, she seems to be encouraging us." countered Tegan.

"There is that. It's just… our lives are crazy. Oh… speaking of crazy… we need to talk to Ron and Monique about… this… about us."

Tegan pinched the bridge of her nose, her eyes closed, "Yeah… that's going to be fun. Okay. Let's do this before I change my mind and run screaming into the night."


Ron and Monique were at the food court, looking at each other a bit nervously. Pushing around the chips of his nachos apprehensively, Ron asked, "Do you know what this is about?"

"Nope. Do you?"

"Why would I ask you if I knew?"

"I don't know. Did you ask Wade?" countered Monique, not wanting to be on the hot seat.

Ron sat back, clearly taken aback by the suggestion, as it had not occurred to him. "What? I… uh… woah… you know… I never thought to ask Wade. Oh yeah… that makes sense." He fumbled in his pants for a second and then, "Hey Wade?"

The somewhat overweight young man looked out of the screen and replied, "Yes?"

Ron jumped in right to the point, "What's up with Kim?"

"What do you mean?" asked Wade.

"Monique and I have been asked to meet her here at the food court where their nacos are substandard and there seems to be something off with their soda and we don't have any idea why, do you?" asked Ron.

"Why don't you wait for them to arrive and ask them?" replied Wade.

"Wait a sec… them?" Ron furrowed his brows in confusion and looked to Rufus, as if the naked molerat had any answers.

Wade rolled his eyes and looked at another screen. "Look, can you wait two minutes? They will be there in just a bit. They parked the car and are heading in now."

"What aren't you telling me?"

"Goodbye Ron." The screen went blank and Ron frowned.

"I bet Kim has a boyfriend or something and that's why she has been so busy that she hasn't been able to see us." stated Monique. "It's the only thing that really makes sense."

Ron scratched his chin thoughtfully, "But the only person I know she has seen lately is Shego and some kid. Maybe that could be it? What do you think buddy?"

Rufus shrugged. He did not have much of a clue either. How would he have any more information than his person anyway?

Monique looked thoughtful for a moment, and then shook her head. "Naw. Never mind. She would have told me by now if that had happened. Look Ron. Do you have any other information on this?"

"Uh… Kim yelled at me. Does that help?" supplied Ron, who was searching for anything that might explain the situation.

"And this is new how?" returned Monique, with a slight smile.

"Shut up."

Kim and Tegan walked up to where the two of them were sitting, holding the hands of a little Asian girl. Ron recognized her as the little girl from the babysitting sitch. "Hey there KP. Still doing the babysitting thing?"

"Hey guys. We got a lot to talk about." said Kim. "Let's get something to eat and we can talk."

The trio conferred briefly and headed into one of the lines while Ron and Monique sat there and watched them go. Monique looked at the group for a moment and then broke out into a huge smile. Ron looked at her a bit confused and asked, "What?"

"Nothing. Let's get a table big enough for the five of us."

Soon the five of them were sitting around eating. Kim seemed a bit reluctant to talk, especially with the confused looks Ron and Rufus were giving her and the big cheese eating grin that Monique was giving her. Tegan elbowed her gently in the ribs, to prod her into speech, which earned her a glare from the red head. This got Monique to giggle, making Kim's cheeks redden slightly. "So, yeah… first thing I wanted to let you two know is that Tegan and I are together."

Ron looked at her, narrowing his eyes, "Is this like that thing with you and Bonnie that one time?"

"No you idiot. She means that she and Tegan are hooked up. Way to go girlfriend." said Monique, her grin growing even broader.

Kim turned a bright red and Tegan shook her head, amused with the way that Monique had described the two of them. Tuyen cocked her head a bit and asked, "*What does 'hooked up' mean?*"

"*It means that Kim and I are together.*" replied Tegan patiently.

"*That is a strange way to say that you love someone*" said Tuyen.

"*It is not always used that way.*"

"Hunh?" The little girl was clearly confused with that answer.

"It's okay baby. Don't worry about it. It will make sense when you are older."

"So, you and she? She and you?" asked Ron, pointing between the two of them.

Kim sighed, clearly hoping for a better response from her best friend since pre-K. "Yes Ron. She and me."

"And… uhm… how does the little girl fit into all of this?"

"Drakken was… doing bad things to her and Tegan stopped him. She rescued the girl, came to me and then… well… that's what started everything." answered Kim.

Tegan jumped in, "Her name is Tuyen and she is my adopted daughter. She lives with Kim and I."

Ron blinked a few times, clearly trying to process what he had just heard and then blurted out, "You're living together?"

Tegan smiled broadly and suggestively, "Yep. It's great too. You have no idea Buffoon."

Ron snarled and pushed back his chair, clenching his fists, Tegan just smirked at the young man. Kim snapped out, "Ron sit down. Tegan behave. Honestly you two, you bicker like children."

"She started it!" countered Ron.

"I know Ron, I know. Look, besides us living together I also asked her to join Team Possible."

"What!" Ron snapped to his feet again, his chair falling over making a loud clang, making others in the food court turn to face the group. "You have got to be kidding me!"

"Ron, she would be a great asset." explained Kim.

"She's a villain!" stated Ron loudly.

"She's not!"

Tuyen flinched away from the yelling and Tegan hugged the girl, whispering comforting things to her. She focused on her daughter rather than kicking the Buffoon's ass for scaring her. That would not help matters.

"Look Ron. I am certain that she is not a villain. You can trust me on that. And after some thought, I want her on Team Possible but I won't do that if you won't agree. We are a team and I won't do this without you."

Ron glared at the green skinned woman who was ignoring him and then looked back at Kim, clearly looking hurt. He then sighed and deflated, looking defeated, "Let me think about it."

Once Rufus scrambled up his arm, he trudged away, not looking back.

Monique sighed, "Ugh, what a drama queen sometimes. I am happy for you two. If you need someone to look after Tuyen occasionally let me know. I know what your life is like and how crazy it can be without having to worry about emergency childcare."

Kim looked very grateful and went around the table to hug Monique. "Thank you. That means a lot to me."

"Don't worry about it. Look girlfriend, I just want you to be happy and if Tegan here is the one who wets your whistle then great. You being happy is what matters in the end. Ron will remember that. Just give him time to wrap his cheese fueled brain around it."

The Kimmunicator sang out and Kim answered, "What's the sitch?"

Wade's face came on the screen, "Dr. Director wants to see both you and Tegan asap and didn't say why. If you guys have finished lunch, I can get you transport to where she is."

Kim looked over at Tegan who nodded, then over at Monique who nodded. "Great Wade. We're ready to go."

"Okay. Your ride is five minutes out."

"Thanks Wade."

Tegan looked over at her daughter and said, "*This nice lady will watch you for a while. She will be nice to you okay?*"

Tuyen nodded.

Tegan smiled and then grabbed a few more rushed bites of her food. Kim meanwhile was saying, "You can drop her off at my parent's house if you want but make sure my mom is home. I'm not sure what Jim and Tim would do and neither is my mom."

"It's okay Kim. I got this. You do your thing and I will watch this cutie here."

Kim scarfed a few bites more, hugged Tuyen and kissed her on the cheek. Tegan did the same and the two women rushed outside. Monique looked over at the little Vietnamese girl and said, "It looks like it's just you and me kiddo. You ready for some shopping?"

Tuyen smiled nervously.


The girls arrived at Global Justice headquarters and were rushed into Dr. Director's office. Not waiting for pleasantries, the woman hit a button and there was a red blinking light that came on and the sound of various locks snapping into place. "The room is secure so we can talk freely now. You girls did a great job. That slaver's operations were completely destroyed. Well done."

Tegan looked annoyed. "You brought us here to tell us that?"

"No. I wanted to let you know that we have picked up some chatter that indicates that your action did not go unnoticed. They have not guessed that it was you two specifically, but the slaver network has surmised that some sort of more serious black ops actions is moving against it. You will need to be more circumspect and more cognizant that they are on to you." replied Dr. Director. "They don't think that this was just one slaver taking out another. They can tell that something different is going on but they are not sure what it is. You still have the advantage and that is good."

"Well, this is war." growled Tegan. "I don't want another little girl to suffer like Tuyen has. That has to be stopped."

"I agree. I also wanted to let you know that the government of Vietnam has asked GJ to look into the incident as someone violated their sovereignty and circumvented their laws in this action."

"Like I care." retorted Tegan.

Kim looked worried before she answered. "I care. Is it right to break such laws?"

"Kim, what you are doing is fighting for the human rights of these people, trying to ensure that they actually have a free life, a chance to live and not be owned like chattel. If a nation's laws are violating their rights, enslaving people and condoning this kind of suffering, this kind of human trade, how can anyone simply standby? GJ is trapped by our mandate into obeying all international laws. You are not." stated Dr. Director. "We covered this before."

"I know… it's just that I worry about this all. I don't want to be a criminal."

Dr. Director steepled her hands in front of her at her desk and nodded solemnly. "I understand Kimberley, I really do. And I sympathize. The thing to remember here is the fact that in some countries you are already a criminal."

"What!" Kim's eyes went wide.

"Some of your actions in pursuing criminals and saving the world circumvented a number of laws. Charges were brought up, discussed, and then dropped. But yes, you have been charged with a number of criminal acts before yet they were never enforced because the good you have done has overcome the desire to punish you for your transgressions. Any organization such as ours has to deal with that. International law is replete with such issues. You routinely violate a nation's airspace, enter countries illegally, apprehend people, cart them off without due process in that nation's court of law. And those are just the simple cases that you have been involved in. It is impossible to be a hero in this day and age without violating some laws. I am afraid it is the nature of the beast."

Kim sat back heavily in her chair as this all sank in. Tegan chuckled, "I think you broke her."

Dr. Director rolled her eye. "Anyway, I will continue to send intelligence to Mr. Load so that he can assist you two with your covert ops. Will you continue working as Team Possible?"

Tegan looked over at Kim, who still looked a bit shell shocked. "Pumpkin?"

"Uh… yes Kitty?" Kim replied, a bit dazed.

Tegan blushed and glared at the smirking Dr. Director who was clearly amused by the nickname. "The Cyclops asked you a question."

"Oh… right… what was it again?" Kim blushed, clearly embarrassed by her losing track of the conversation.

"Team Possible?" prodded Dr. Director gently.

"Uh… yes. We are still together and still going to do our regular missions. Tegan will be joining us as soon as Ron agrees."

Tegan snorted and mumbled something under her breath.

"Is there a problem?" asked Dr. Director.

"Ron has issues with me. It might take a while." explained Tegan, not even bothering to clarify her earlier words.

"Well, so long as Team Possible does its job publically, you two will have a good cover for your more covert work. I shall also continue to send the supplies you will need to Mr. Load, to ensure that you have everything you need for your work."

"Thank you Dr. Director." replied Kim.

"This is not going to be an easy job ladies, I can assure you that, and people are going to certainly be coming after you at some point. I will give you all the support I can before they catch on. Do you think you can do it?"

Tegan grinned, "Are you kidding? Kim and me… together we can do anything."


It had taken a week, but Ron was finally able to deal with the fact that Kim was dating Tegan and living with her. That was a great start as far as Kim was concerned snd she did what she could not to push the relationship in her friends face too much. His was still a bit sketchy on the former villain being on Team Possible but he said he was really thinking about it, since the idea made Kim happy. Kim had hugged him and kissed him on the cheek for that, making her best friend blush and turn away. Rufus made awwww noises that only added to the boy's color.

Life got more settled for the two women, as they grew more comfortable into their roles as partners and parents. Tuyen's English got better and better, while Kim's Vietnamese skill grew. Because of that, they were really considering sending the girl to school come the fall, once they helped her catch up to where she needed to be grade level wise.

Tegan's relationship with her family improved, though she still had serious issues with her two older brothers. Hego did the best he could to avoid her which kept the damage to a minimum. Kim really disliked having to come between the two superpowered siblings when they were squabbling.

Things weren't perfect. The two women occasionally fought about things as they tried to figure out how to live together and how to raise a daughter neither had expected to arrive into their lives. Occasionally things got physical, as they were still used to working things out with their fists and feet, but afterwards there were apologies all around. Day by day their lives improved.

The Kimmunicator went off. "What's the sitch?"

"Got a solid lead on a slave transport leaving Somalia. It looks pretty easy and I have solid satellite coverage. I think you two can do this easy. The ship looks like it has a minimal crew and will not be expecting you two to show up out of no where."

Kim looked over at Tegan who quirked a very familiar smile. "Yeah, we can do this. Upload the mission briefing and call Monique. We'll get ready and head to transport. We're ready to go."

"You got to go?" asked a sleepy Tuyen, who was standing in the doorway rubbing her eyes.

Tegan walked over and picked up the little girl. "Yep. We're going to get the bad guys."


Kim grinned and said, "*Aunt Monique will be here to watch you. Won't that be nice?*"


"Besides, it's bedtime for little girls."

Tegan and Kim took the little girl into her bedroom and got her ready for bed, tucking her in once everything was done. Kim handed the girl her favorite stuffed animal and said, "That should keep you safe while we are gone."

Tegan and Kim kissed Tuyen on the forehead. The former villain looked down at her adopted daughter, the girl who had saved her soul, brought her back from a life of crime and into the arms of the woman she loved, saying, "*Sleep tight my angel, your Mommys have to save the world.*"