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Could a love that used to shine so brightly, so strongly, die? Could it die so quickly that you couldn't even see it coming, until it was over? This was the thought that I never wanted to think of. Edward and I were together for more than seven years, we had our cottage, our unnecessary cars and most of all our Renesmee. She was fully grown now at age seven, though physically she was 17. We had fought the Volturi and survived, it seemed like nothing could bring us down from the natural high we were on… until now.

Isabella Cullen, Isabella Cullen, I fingered the ring on my left hand and thought about the day I married Edward. I was human then so the memory is kind of dim, but none the less I remembered walking down the aisle with Charlie by my side. I remember saying I do and kissing him. That day, I hope will never be wiped away.

I always knew that Edward and I were meant for each other, it was fate. From that very first day that we met, I knew that nothing could break us apart. But now I wasn't so sure if this was true.

Something was different. The way Edward used to touch me, the way he used to spend hours looking into my eyes. These things didn't happen anymore, like my blurry human memories these were slowly fading away. I didn't ask him about yet, fearing that his response would be something… something I would not want to hear. We lay in bed, him reading, me shielding my thoughts like usual. Even though I could easily let him hear me, I was so used to be the only one he couldn't hear. I looked at him from the corner of my eye, easily glancing at him through my long shades of eyelashes. Whatever he was reading had his full attention. THE HISTORY OF JULIUS CAESAR, a very boring book. It had been sitting on the bookshelf for years, why had he started reading it now? I let out a sigh and fiddled with my hair. That was the one thing that vampires didn't do… fidget, but I needed to get his attention. I needed for him to look at me with complete love in his eyes while telling me that his feelings for me were as strong as they were before. I needed so much from him.

He hadn't noticed my subtle movements because his eyes remained glued to the book. Is this what we had become? Had we lost the flame which once burned without end? More questions that had no answers popped into my head. I couldn't take anymore, like a parasite slowly eating away at a dead animal; it was figuratively killing me not to get these answers. I leaped off the bed with my sharp vampire reflexes and put both hands on my hips. He didn't even flinch. I cleared my throat, hoping that he would notice my stance. No luck. That was it, I needed an answer. I needed to know why Edward hadn't even given me a second glance since this morning when he had told me he was going hunting with Alice. Did something happen? Did I do something wrong? I dropped my protective shield away from me, feeling its elasticity slump in an instant. I screamed in my head, letting all my thoughts run free. I did not like having my shield down, it made me feel weak and vulnerable. But it was the only way that I would be able to capture Edwards's mind…by shattering his own barrier.

"Edward!" Now I had his complete attention, he laid his book gently onto the bed and looked at me with wary eyes. He looked tired almost exhausted, which was weird because as a vampire, we never got tired, we didn't even sleep.

"Why are you screaming?" he asked hardhearted and calmly.

"Because I've been trying to get your attention all night, I doubt Julius is that interesting."

I fidgeted to one foot. Was I doing this all wrong? Why was I suddenly so nervous around him? He finally got off the bed and walked towards me. Once close enough, he pushed a loose strand of hair behind my ear. I looked at him with pleading eyes. He was reading my mind now, hopefully thinking about answering all of my foolish questions.

"I'm fine just a little exasperated with this bank situation. I'm sorry that I haven't been paying attention to you," his golden eyes said.

The family…my family was having a bit of a bank problem which required both Edward's and Alice's full attention. This left me at home alone most of the time.

This did it for me. No longer did I care about my questions. He was sorry and that was all that mattered, I felt bad for thinking such things. Edward loved me and he was here for me. I crushed my lips onto his, wrapping my arms around his neck in frenzy. He didn't open his mouth, despite the fact that my tongue was frantically dancing on the outside of his lips. The lust was short live as he pushed me away from him. I stumbled back a bit, my vampire reflexes catching me before I fell to the floor sobbing. I looked to his eyes for reassurance but found none.

" Your phone is going to ring soon, Renee did say she would call directly at 10:00" Just as he finished his sentence, a loud shrill of a ring resounded in the room. I huffed and darted to the phone, picking it up before it rang twice. Renee was checking up on me again, she was always worried about me and never stopped caring even when I stopped visiting. The whole not aging thing was just as hard for her as it was for Charlie. The call was short and I hung up after exactly three minutes. When my eyes found where Edward was standing before, he was gone. I followed his scent out the front door, probably went to the family house to give me privacy. But we still hadn't talked, really talked. Sucking my shield back into place, I stalked back into the living room. Maybe I'd call Renesmee, see how her camping trip was going. I had let her and Jacob do everything together, but there was a part of me that always worried. Instead I settled into the chocolate love seat that Esme had given me as a wedding gift. Things with Edward were fine, I was just exhausting my mind with silly thoughts… I knew it.

What if I was wrong? What if something was going on? A whole new batch of worries baked in my mind. Forever wasn't looking too good right now I hadn't moved from my solid position and Edward hadn't come back from where ever he was, leaving me alone once again. Did I have a reason to be worried? Or was I making things up? More questions clouded my mind. That was it, I wasn't going to sit here and talk to myself. Running out the door, I charges to the main house. There were no signs of life from the outside but maybe Edward was inside. I walked slowly up the steps, taking time to recollect myself. I was going to make sure that I got all the answers that I needed.