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"Ours?" I turned to him in awe.

"Yes Bella, well for the weekend this Greek island is ours." He squeezed my hand.

He grabbed both of our bags and started to walk towards a small bungalow. This had to be a dream; this island was beyond amazing and it was ours for the time being. I turned and looked at Jasper. His eyes were fixed ahead so I took this moment to stare. I loved Jasper with all of my heart; although my heart could no longer beat, every time I looked at Jasper I could feel his love slowly bring it back to life.

"What are you thinking darlin'?" He didn't look back but tighten his hold on my hand.

"How lucky I am to be with you, to be loved by you," He stopped walking and turned fully to look at me.

"It's me, who is the lucky one Bella; I'm blessed to be with you." I smiled and leaned in to kiss him. "Mmm Bella, you have no idea what you do to me." I pulled away and smirked.

"Come on, I want to see inside," I pointed to the bungalow that sat ahead of us.

Jasper smiled as he pushed open the door. I couldn't stifle the wow that came out of my house.

Although it was small, it was absolutely breath taking. The furniture was mostly wood and ranged from oak and maple. The walls were made of logs of wood and were decorated with beautiful paintings and pictures. I walked up to one of the pictures and started to laugh.

"Oh, yes that is a funny picture." He came up behind me and snaked his arms around my waist.

In the picture Jasper was laughing while hugging Esme, they looked so happy and well human. I shuffled over to the next picture and bit my lip; it was a picture of a very intimate Alice and Jasper cuddling on the couch that I recognized as the one in the main house. I could feel him stiffen behind me. I turned a smiled at him.

"It's okay Jasper…it's a nice picture." I said lying; I didn't want our special place to be plagued with reminders of what we left at home.

"Darlin' I know it makes you uncomfortable, you can't lie to an empath you know." He reached behind me to move the picture. "Esme decorates all of our private getaway houses." He placed the picture down on a nearby table.

I moved to left to look at the next pictures. I almost died; figuratively speaking, when I saw the black and white picture on the wall. It was a picture of Edward and me when I was human. He was playing the piano and I was staring at him with what some would interpret as complete admiration.

"You don't have to ask me twice to take this down." He pulled it off the wall and tossed it behind him. I laughed and walked over to the picture.

"Esme probably wouldn't like it if she found out that we broke all of her pictures" I picked it up and placed it on the table along with the other one.

"Sorry darlin', I just didn't want our weekend to involve them." I smiled and placed my hand on his cheek.

"And it's not going to be, so what plans do you have for us today?" He pulled me close to his chest and buried his nose in my hair. He inhaled deeply and pulled away.

"Well I was thinking that we could go scuba diving, and then hunt. How does that sound?"

"Sounds great! Let's go change." He nodded and took my hand leading me into the master bedroom.

The room was just as beautiful as the other room. There was a huge bed in the top corner of the room; it was covered in an ivory colored silk bedding. I rummaged through the bag on the bed and pulled out my favorite swimsuit. It was a navy blue top and white bottom. I pulled my shirt up over my head and took off my bra. I could feel Jasper's eyes on me. Without turning around, I slipped off my jeans and underwear.

"If you stand there watching me Jasper, we'll never get to go scuba diving."

"Do you really want to go scuba diving?" He came up behind me and held me tightly against his chest. His voice was husky.

I leaned away from him and turned to face him. He had a wicked smile plastered to his face; I shuddered at what he could be thinking.

"Yes actually I do so get changed" I stepped away at the same time he stepped closer.

"Ah Bella but your feelings deceive you," he drawled out in his southern accent. He knew what it did to me when he talked like that. I stepped away smiling.

"What are my feelings saying?" His eyebrows furrowed as he continued to walk closer, the desire in me spiked. A slow smile crept across his face.

"That we're not going scuba diving." I eyed the door and measured the distance; if I ran fast enough I could make it outside. I giggled at the thought and ran for it.

I could hear him laughing as he ran after me. Before I knew it, I was pinned onto the bed with his head nuzzling my neck. I laughed some more; this was just so much fun. He deepened his kisses on my neck which made me laugh even more. I struggled underneath his hold and kept on laughing. I could feel his head lift up. I looked up at him and smiled.

"You're really bruising my ego darlin' what's so funny?" I laughed again.

"It tickles." He frowned. "Sorry?" I laughed again.

"Bella I'm trying to make love to you and you're laughing?" I stopped immediately at his seriousness.

"You were?" he rolled off me.

"Yes I was but you were too busy laughing to notice." I could hear the smile in his voice.

"Aw I'm sorry Jasper but I really want to go scuba diving." I pouted. He smiled and got up; reaching a hand out to me.

"Then let's go," I smiled at the man I loved and took his hand.

The water was so warm and comfortable. We swam around for hours while kissing and laughing at times. When we got back to the bungalow it was late and the moon was shining the vast of purple skies. My hair was wet so I went into the bathroom to blow dry it.


Tonight would be the night that I would make love to Bella, we would officially be one. I shuddered at the thought of being one with my Bella. I had waited so long to make love to her but we were always disturbed and the southern gentleman in me told me not to rush her. I went back into the bedroom and listened to the sound of the blow dryer. I laughed at the fact that it mattered to her that her hair was wet. I know that she was just as nervous as I was, but we weren't supposed to be nervous, vampires don't get nervous. Then why did I feel like a human about to make a speech in front of millions of people? This was my Bella; whatever happened tonight would be magical. I sat on the edge of the bed, laid back and ran my hand through my hair. I had to calm down. I didn't want Bella to sense my anxiousness.

I could hear that she put down the dryer and was now getting changed. I took that moment to quickly light candles around the room. I turned off the light and stood at the edge of the bed. She stepped out of the bathroom and stood in the doorway. I sat up and was immediately swept away by her beauty. She wore sheer, sinuous, spaghetti strapped, nightgown that hugged her in all the right places; I could see just how much she had changed from her weak human days. Her long, dark hair swept over her shoulders and down her back. She smiled as she walked toward me.


The room was dimly lit with candles everywhere. If I could cry I know I would be right now, it was so beautiful. He pulled me into his arms and kissed the top of my head. He pushed me away slightly and cupped my face, thumbs gently brushing my lips.

"I love how soft your lips are darlin'" he drawled out before lips lightly brushing his lips against mine. He kissed me a lightly while whispering how much he loved me. I reached my hands to his hair; I softly tangled my hands in it and gently pulling his face closer to mine so I could deepen the kiss. I pressed my lips harder against him and he growled into my mouth. I slowed my kisses and nibbled on his lower lip, gently sucking it into my mouth. I could feel his whole body tremble against mine. If our hearts could beat; they probably would be beating out of my chest.

His tongue brushed against my lips, begging for entrance. I moaned his name and met his tongue with mine; sucking on it. He growled into my mouth again and I could feel the heat from our passion threatening to consume us. I broke away to look into his eyes. I wouldn't go any further until he knew how much I love him.

"I love you Jasper, with everything in me."

"I love you too, and I have loved you since that day on the mountain, and I promise to love you for the rest of my life." he said, his fingers slowly caressing my face. I can't imagine spending my forever with anyone else."

I looked into his eyes, my hands reaching up to touch his face, his. I pulled his face to mine; eagerly kissing him, our tongues curved around each other, tasting and touching. I reached up and wrapped my arms around his neck, pressing my body to his. He broke our kiss, and I whimpered at the lost but then I felt his mouth trailing to my chin, my jaw, my neck. I could feel warmth spreading from the pit of stomach to my center; the heat radiating down my legs and throughout my body. He gently pulled the strap down my shoulder and kissed my collar bone; sucking and nibbling. I moaned and arched my head back,

"Jasper…Oh God I love you Jasper…….." I moaned, pulling his face back to mine.

"Bella…I love you so much .Please…let me love you…. Let me make you mine." he groaned against my lips. My need and wanting to love him conquered those feelings of nervousness.

"Yes…" I whispered. "Jasper, please…make me yours" I gasped. His hand reached down; cupping my breast through my night gown, his thumb gently brushing my already hardened peak.

He pulled me harder against him, and my legs instinctively wrapped around his waist. His mouth found mine again and his kisses became rougher more urgent. I felt his hardness against my core, so I ground myself against him. I didn't have to be an empath to feel how much he wanted me. He growled loudly, his hands grasping my backside, pressing my hips harder against his. I arched my head back and moaned his name. The feeling of something building inside of me was new for me. When I was with Edward, everything was so controlled. This was primal and spontaneous; something I had never felt before.

Jasper quickly pinned and pressed my back against a nearby wall, grinding himself into me while kissing me. He grabbed my hands, bringing them above my head and pinning them against the wall with one hand, while his other hand under my gown. I didn't really like this position; I needed to be closer to him. I arched further against him, my breasts practically begging for his touch. His thumb and index finger closed around my nipple. I growled into his mouth while moving my hips more urgently against his, rubbing my arousal against his. I could feel the pressure building, I didn't want to cum yet I wanted to feel this while he rocked inside of me.

"No, don't fight it darlin', cum for me baby," I grinded against him and felt the pressure at its breaking point. "That's it darlin'" I could feel as the waves of pleasure crashed over me, I shook as my first orgasm overtook me.

"Jasper!' I shrieked, "Ooohh Jasper, oh God…" I cried out as my body shuddering against his, my breath coming in short rough gasps.

Jasper held me as the waves of pleasure wash over me. His hips were still rhythmically moving pressing his hardness against my throbbing center. When I finally came down from my orgasm, I looked at him and smiled while leaning in to place a chaste kiss on his lips.

"Do you want to feel what you do to Bella?" I nodded. Suddenly I was hit with anticipation, arousal, lust, nervousness and most of all love. "You make me feel all of these things Bella…let me show you how much I love you my Bella."

His eyes focused back on my mouth. He crashed his back onto mine, and the heat began to build inside of me again. I ground my hips; rubbing myself against him and he growled. He lifted me off the wall and walked back to the bed, while still locking his lips to mine. I kissed him hungrily, my tongue tracing his lips. He laid me down on the bed, his eyes never leaving mine, only for a second though to look up and down my body. He knelt between my legs, his hands on either side of my head.

"You're so beautiful Bella" he said gently. "I love this on you," he said, running his hands over the sheet night gown I wore. "But I think it has to come off." he said, his fingers running over the soft lace. He slowly lifted it off me, leaving my body bare except for the underwear I still had on. His mouth again found mine, his hands running over my bare breast. "So beautiful" he moaned.

He kissed my throat, moving slowly down. The tip of his tongue leaving a wet trail behind. His right hand grasped my one breast as his mouth closed on the other, sucking gently. I couldn't help as my back arched off the bed, my eyes closed as I yielded myself to his touch. His mouth left my breast, and then moved to the valley in between. His mouth altered from sucking and licking as he moved to my other breast. The pleasure was indescribable; I felt like a human losing her mind in immense bliss.

"Jasper… I need you now." I whimpered. He continued to kiss my breast.

My hands moved between our bodies and I grasped his hardness through his jeans. He closed his eyes and when they reopened they were pitch black. I guessed mine probably were too. I lifted my head, kissing, and lightly biting his neck as my hands moved higher, grabbing the bottom of his shirt. I quickly pulled it over his head and yanked his body down to mine. The feeling of his bare skin pressed against my breasts caused my nipples to harden again and sparked butterflies to fly through my body.

He leaned over me again, his mouth finding mine. He tasted so good; I didn't want this moment to end. His hands reached down, pulling my legs up on either side of his hips.

I pulled away, and quickly moved to straddling him. He watched me as I ripped his jeans off him. His erection was straining against his boxers. I ripped those off too. I pressing my center against his length as I leaned over him, kissing him with everything I had in me. He moaned as my wet heat made contact with his member. I felt him throbbing against me. He flipped us so that I was on my back. His kisses became more intense. He grinded his hips against me, rubbing himself against my wetness. I whimpered again as his mouth left mine, only to trail down my body with open mouthed kisses. He moved lower, licking and kissing my stomach, his tongue dipping into my belly button, then lower.

He gently nudged my legs apart, his hands running up and down my thighs. He kissed each of my inner thighs. His lips closed over my core as his tongue whipped out, tasting me for the first time. My hips shot up and he pressed his mouth harder against me, licking and sucking my sensitive flesh. I grabbed his hair and pushed him closer to me; not wanting to lose this sensation.

"Mmmm" he moaned "You taste so good darlin', I don't think I want to stop." He moved his hand between my legs, his finger brushing against my opening. "So wet,. Are you wet for me Bella?" he whispered, and I felt my head nod up and down over and over again.

He slipped a finger into my hot core and began pump it in and out. I gasped when I felt another finger slip into me.

"Jaaaspeer" I mewled, my body arching off of the bed. He bent his head down again to tease my bundle of nerves with my tongue. "Holy crow!" I shrieked.

"Do you like that Bella? He asked seductively.

"Oh yes….please Jasper…Ooh" I begged, my voice high pitched as my climax was building. He slid his long finger completely inside of me again while his tongue lashed out against my clit. He slid his finger in and out of me, adding another as my body surrendered to him. Everything turned around me looked blurry as my orgasm rocked through my body hard. I screamed out my release as Jasper continued his ministrations. I collapsed back onto the bed and tried to calm myself down from my euphoria. Not that I was complaining but I needed this to feel Jasper inside of me. The need to be one was overwhelming.

"Please Jasper; I need to feel you inside of me. Make me yours, forever yours." I whispered in his ear.

Jasper leaned down and kissed me hard, the taste of my arousal still on his tongue.I felt him push forward slightly, opening my body to him.

"This is for forever darlin', are you sure this is what you want?" I looked up at him and smiled.

"You are what I want Jasper…forever. Please I need you, I want this," I practically begged.

He slid slowly into me, allowing my body to stretch and accommodate his size. I could feel myself stretching around him as he pushed in deeper. I could feel as the now familiar burning in my stomach began to build. His hips pulled back and I felt him slide out of me, only to feel him press forward again, this time fully sheathing himself deep inside of me. It felt like my passage was stretched to the limit, but it felt so good. Edward and I were only intimate on special occasions so I wasn't totally experienced. He slowly pushed in and out of me, and I lifted my hips to his, finding his rhythm. He would withdraw until he almost completely left my body, causing me to whimper but only to plunge back in, hitting the same nerves deep inside of me. Our mouths moved together, tongues moving together in the same rhythm as our bodies. He moaned against my mouth, and I whimpered against his as our orgasms built. He moved faster, his hands grasping my backside, lifting me against him.

"God Bella…you're so tight darlin'"

This angle made him slide deeper into me, and I tore my mouth away from his. My head thrown back as pure ecstasy moans poured from my lips.

"Harder…go harder Jasper" I cried out, and he complied, pounding harder into me, shaking the bed in the process. Each time he plunged back into me, his pelvis hit my clit, bringing me even closer to my rapture. I felt my walls start to clench around him, as he pressed deeper into me, grinding himself against my clit. Then I exploded. Every nerve ending in my body pulsated from the climax.

"Cum with me darlin'"

He pulled completely out of me, and then pushed hard back into me, his hips slamming against mine, reaching even deeper inside of me and exploded again, screaming as my second release came in a matter of a few seconds. He joined me in ecstasy and I felt him shudder inside of me as he reached his own climax, feeling his white cold fluids shoot deep into me. I felt his member twitch inside as he spilled himself into my body. He moved mouth from mine and collapsed onto me, resting his head into the crook of my neck.

"You were so amazing Bella" his voice was husky.

He moved off from on top of me, and I whimpered as he slid out of me, immediately feeling empty. He laid down next to me and pulled me onto his chest, holding me close. I traced lazy circles on his sculpted chest with my fingertips as he buried his nose in my hair.

"I love you so much Jasper, more than anything." I murmured.

"I love you too Bella, forever."

All my dreams had come true, I was with the man I loved. The future never looked brighter.