Dragon ball z

Goku and bulma

Chapter 1

One day a long time ago Goku was out with Master Roshie for a little training.

Goku asked Master Roshie," Do you Think Bulma is hot ?" " What do you mean," Master Rroshie asked. "Well" Goku said, I have had kind of a krush on her ever since I met her when I was a little boy." Master Roshie was clueless.

But while Goku and Master Roshie were training Chi Chi and Bulma were shoping ( like most women love to do) at their favorite store "Supa Shop."

While they were shoping Chi Chi asked Bulma if she still had a krush on Yamcha after they had sex in the bushes. Bulma said, "HELL NO I LOVE GOKU I EVEN HAVE DREAMS ABOUT HIM DAMN IT BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Chi Chi's mouth hung open. Then Bluma said, " OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH SHIT, Did I just say thet out loud !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" "Yes you did you fucking bitch and now I am very pissed off now because you now I married him you bitch and he is the fucking father of our children Gohan and Goten damn bitch ." Chi Chi replied.

Now we will go back to Goku and Master Roshie . Well now some of Goku's friends come to training with him. There names were Gohan, Goten, Piccilo, Yamcha, Tien, Krillen, and Vegeta. They all start talking about how much of their money the girls would spend at the supa store.

They thought the girls would spend over 10,000 dollars. But it turns out that the girls only spant 9,992 dollars.

Later after training and shopping they all met at Goku's house.

They all went out to eat. Goku had to go to the bathroom. But as they were walking in the restaurant Goku told Bulma to go to the bathroom and that he would be back soon . So once every one sat down Goku went to the bathroom. First he knocked on the woman's bathroom door , then he called Bulmas name through the door , next she came out of the bathroom , they finally they went into the stal in the men's restroom and Goku made sure the door was locked so well that no one else could get in……………………………….............................................................

I hope you like this chapter because chapter 2 will be up soon .

By: the-new-peter-griffen