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WARNING: There is a problematic scene in the first chapter of this story. I don't know what to tag it. Dubious consent? Questionable age gap? I wrote this during a time when I was extremely naive in the ways of consent and how problematic some of the opening themes in this story are. I do not in any way condone the behavior Axel engages in during this first chapter. I have often thought about taking down this fic, so it might disappear sometime in the next year. If it were to stay up, I think it would need a major rewriting.

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Call Me

Deserted and frigid. The overwhelming cleanliness of the complex was both intoxicating and disgusting, a drape upon the senses that nauseated. A lone sanded park in the center of the ring of tall white walls only emphasized The Islands' forlorn ivory. No one really liked this park very much - much less the kids that played there - considering that the Destiny Islands apartment complex demographic was mostly made of rich, sadistic bastards that never wanted to marry or have kids; the ones who did have kids were either divorced or in the process of. Many on the tenants had expressed their opposition to the park being built, protesting the uselessness of its creation, presenting many reasons for why it never should have come into being in the first place. Some said the structure was unnecessary because there were only a total of six children that lived in the complex. Others said it was out of place, that it didn't belong in the middle of the upscale life. A fountain would have suited the atmosphere more than some run-down park, they had said (but no one really wanted a fountain there either).

So what was the truth? The truth was in the eyes of every man and woman who had come to the owner of the building regarding the circular eyesore - the truth was about the money. With tenants like these, it was always about the money. Their quality of life would go down because a playground would repel the most high profile of potential inhabitants of Destiny Islands and significantly maim their potential of entering the city's high life.

The owner, however, stood his ground, saying that the playground was a haven for the children of these homes; children that needed a place to be kids. That was why the five feet tall blue monkey bars were facing the west division. That was why the two swing sets were staring down one another on the north and south ends of the circular playground. That was why the yellow plastic slide hung off to the left of the faux drawbridge. That was why there was a metal zebra, metal squirrel, and metal horse lined up on thin springs next to one another in the sand between the swings. And that was why some dumbass designer had decided that a mixture of murky white plastic and something like dead and dried original flavored bubble gum that bounced slightly (but wasn't quite so soft when you landed on it) was good for the southeast fourth of the playground floor padding.

Still, as much as the children hated the park, the owner of the joint was ironically correct: it was the kids' safe haven.

Especially now.

"Sora, it was gross," Roxas Esment complained, kicking his feet absentmindedly in the sand as his swing started to settle from its previous sky-high adventure three minutes before.

He cringed from the memory, wishing that it had never taken place. Who in their right mind would want to kiss a girl? The thought of his lips touching a girl's made him nearly puke his dinner (which was a poorly cooked hamburger that night) all over the park's rubber padding.

Girls. Disgusting. He didn't mind playing with them, but it annoyed him to watch his friends start to pick out their favorites. Why did they like girls so much? Girls were all slow and weak. They were easy to bruise and didn't last in a fight. They weren't good for anything but sitting and talking to... and even then, girls were boring and stupid.

"Roxas," the brunet sighed as he turned, intending to stare his younger brother in the eyes.

His younger twin wouldn't look at him, so the brunet reached out his tiny hands to the cold chains of the adjacent swing set. He caught the metal, pulling just enough to cause a new ripple of a swinging pattern for the black plastic seat. Roxas reluctantly allowed him to do so, eyes still lowered in a staring contest with the ground. He kicked his feet through the sand lightly, tracing his name in the sand with his bare toes, flip-flops having been shed and left by the surrounding concrete sidewalk. He hardly noticed his older brother get up from his seat until his name was suddenly erased from the sand and he felt hands on his shoulders. The hands forced him to look up and take in the sight of a pair of nearly identical blue eyes shining in the mock-streetlight of the complex. Trying his hardest to soothe Roxas, Sora spoke.

"There's nothing wrong with kissing girls. Besides, Naminé is really nice. You like her, don't you?" Sora murmured tentatively.

"No, I don't, Sora."

He was getting more annoyed with each passing syllable that wormed its way out of Sora's mind and lips. Although he loved his big brother, he sometimes wished that the boy had as much brains as he did have anti-gravity hair.

"But you're so nice to her..."

"I'm just being polite like daddy said to be. Girls are gross. We're eight and she's seven. It's just plain wrong. She's too young," he stated brusquely, never taking his eyes off his twin brother's. They stared at each other for a few moments before Sora lowered his gaze and let out an exasperated sigh.

"I thought you liked her," he admitted while letting go of his brother's shirt, now using his hands to play with the hem of his own, "Kairi thinks so too, so she wanted to help you out. Besides, Naminé really likes you-"

"Sora," Roxas cut him off, not wanting to hear any more of it. He didn't like hurting his older brother when he used harsh tones, but sometimes Sora was in desperate need of a bit of persistent shoving before he got a clue. Even then, he would most likely interpret the signals wrongly as rejection. Sora was just like that.


He looked down at his hands, unable to form any more words. It probably wasn't safe for them to sneak out of their room at ten at night to go play in the apartment complex's park. Then again, they weren't playing. Roxas just wanted to get out of the room that Kairi and Naminé were in.

Why did they want to play truth-or-dare? That's a baby game. I don't play baby games. Seriously. We're in second grade now. I got over that ages ago. Anyways, Mom would have eaten us alive if she'd found out. Daddy would probably laugh at us and tell us that we were too old for that kind of thing. Truth-or-dare... it's stupid.

Nothing could really be as bad as having to kiss that girl again. In fact, Roxas never wanted to kiss another girl in his lifetime. He was better off on his own.

"So, Rox..." his brother's shy voice spoke out, the sound brushing out against the bars that surrounded the park.


Lights on the middle floor were shining too brightly. What were people doing up at this time of night? The Islands was normally silent at night, but there he was watching three figures in the drawn window curtain move about the room. One spiky silhouette caught his attention and he followed the movement with his eyes.

"Do you really think kissing girls is gross?" Sora interrupted. Roxas turned away from the window and stared directly at his sibling.

"Yes, Sora," he sighed, watching the brunet's shoulders slump in defeat, "I do."


High-class life was never something teenage boys budding into adulthood should be experiencing – especially when it included alcohol. With the parties that were held on the eighth floor every Friday night for the young heirs of massive fortunes, alcohol was often found lying out in the middle of nowhere. Then the drunks would just let the kids have their way with the drinks.

The redhead stumbled out of the kitchen and collapsed on the floor of the living room portion of the apartment. The androgynous young silveret who followed after tripped on his sprawled figure, causing them both to laugh hysterically. The owner of the apartment had left his liquor cabinet open while he was away on a business trip, forgetting that his son was supposed to be staying at his place for the night. Without parental supervision, the young redhead had invited his two best friends over, and he and his silver-haired best friend raided the supply. Sober, the two were fifteen-year-old fucktards; drunk, the two were just plain fucked. Teens and alcohol didn't mix and this was a lesson that both Axel Flynn and Riku Gallagher were going to have to learn the hard way.

"Dude," Riku drawled, pinching Axel's cheek. His tanned, unmarked cheeks stretched absurdly, causing the silveret to laugh more.

"What," Axel chuckled back, throwing back his head in abysmally maniacal laughter.

The two collapsed upon each other, giggling like school children, each ingesting the last drops of their alcohol and throwing the cans onto the carpet. From the corner, a lilac-haired teen strode over and popped the cans into the recycle bin before resuming his date with his new book.

"You're drunk." The silveret slung his arm around his best friend.

"Well, you're drunk too," Axel retorted, fish lips puckered up in Riku's face. Riku belched and the two boys burst into roars of laughter.

The lights were dimmed, seeing as one bulb had burnt out a couple hours ago and no one felt like fixing it. Only the bright shine of the kitchen light lit the wide space, and under it Zexion was ready to castrate something.

"You two are morons."

From the back of the room, Zexion Corazza stood up and made a beeline straight for the door. There was no way he'd be able to read with his two friends absolutely punch drunk. For fuck's sake, they were only fifteen. They shouldn't even be drunk in the first place.

"I'm leaving. You two can fend for yourselves."

"Aww... Zmexy, don't go! It's cold outside," Axel managed to slur out as he lifted himself on to his feet and stumbled over to his friend, wrapping an arm around the quiet boy's frame. He pressed his face under the swing of cobalt hair to the other boy's neck. The redhead dragged his tongue across the stoic teen's neck, a trail of alcohol-soaked saliva following in his wake. The teen wiped the spit off his skin and onto his pants with disgust.

"Axel," Zexion shoved the mass of red strands away from his neck, "I'm going to the park."

He huffed to the door and yanked the handle open, but being the frailest of the three best friends, Axel and Riku quickly overpowered his attempt by glomping him against the door and effectively trapped him against the wall. Zexion hated drunken glomping.

"Oh! Lemme go with you..." Axel smiled, his cheeks resembling a hamster's as he hugged onto the only sober soul in the room like a life raft.

"No, Axel," he glared sternly, "You guys will wake up the entire apartment complex."

"Na we won't!" Axel piped up, rocking back and forth unsteadily on his feet.

Zexion sighed and face-palmed with the only free hand he could muster from his side. With Axel glommed to his left arm, it was harder to raise his dominant hand in his usual action.

"Yes, you will."

"Me too! I wanna go," Riku whined, practically molesting his studious friend while trying to find his own balance.

"No means no, you brainless fools."

Zexion squirmed out of the redhead's iron hug and tried once more to go for the door handle. However, Axel decided that just at that moment, the space in front of the door would be the most comfy and convenient place to take a short break from standing. He grinned up at Zexion and started chanting the boy's nickname with an inhuman conviction.

"Zexy, Zexy, Zexy Zexy ZexyZexyzexy..."

Said boy screwed his eyes shut and held his hand to his forehead in annoyance. To make things worse, Axel started fluxing the pitch of his voice like a police siren while Riku moved his voice in the opposite direction, the both of them singing Zexion's nickname until it became just a sound rather than something a very pissy teenage boy would respond to when called.

"Good Lord! All right, you can come with! Just freaking' shut up already!" He let out a high pitched, clenched-teeth scream of frustration and yanked open the door, knocking Axel onto his back.

"Yay! I love you, Zmexy..." Riku giggled as he followed the teen down the hallway.

"Me too!" Axel shouted after them as he sprinted down the curved stretch of carpet.

Zexion hit the button for the elevator, ushering out the two boys before their voices added to the confined space of the apartment hallway gave him any more of a headache. He sighed. At least they were happy drunks.


The situation being more than a little bit scary, Roxas could tell Sora wanted to leave. He was shaking in his spot, nerves or something pumping through his heart. Three older boys exited one of the apartment building's sliding double glass doors. Two of them seemed to be unable to walk straight and the one lagging slightly behind held a book in his hands. One of them had white-ish silver hair, one had purple-y silver hair with long bangs, and the last one had hair in long strands that looked like liquid fire. He couldn't help but stare; it was so pretty. The tall one with the red hair and the shorter silveret were noisy and unsteady on their feet. Wind swept across the park, wafting the smell of alcohol to the two children's nostrils.

"R-Roxas, let's go. Please?"

Roxas got up from the swing and grabbed onto his brother's clammy hands. He led the brunet to the sidewalk and helped him dust the sand off his feet before he stuck his blue flip-flops back onto his brother's tiny feet.

"Sor, just get behind me and follow me, okay? If they try anything, I'll protect you. I promise."

He had to be brave for Sora. That's what brothers do. They protect their sibling. Since Demyx wasn't here with them, Roxas would have to do the job.

"Al... Alright Rox, but... b-but you better make sure y-you don't get hurt too."

"I promise not to get hurt either." The blond reached behind him and latched his hand to his younger brother's. "Let's go on three. We'll sneak past them and run back to the elevator, okay?"

"O-okay..." the small brunet agreed.

The hand that was grasping his tightened to the point where it actually caused pain. Roxas could feel Sora's unclipped nails biting into the back of his hand. He bit his lower lip and took the pain. He had to be strong for Sora.


The three silhouettes were getting closer, their voices escalating in volume. Roxas squeezed his eyes shut for a short second, opening them with a hint of a glare in his eyes.


It was his job to protect his brother, and with that thought screaming in his head, he tightened his grip on Sora's hand, the sweat of their small palms mixing as they clutched to one another for dear life.


Suddenly, Roxas's voice was cut off as the three boys stepped into the park's orange light. The one he'd seen with the hair like liquid fire turned around and grinned at him. Said redhead strolled over to the twin brothers and bent down to examine Roxas, his spiked hair bobbing slightly and brushing against Roxas's untidy blond hair. His face was close enough for the young, eight-year-old Roxas to almost get a buzz off the redhead's breath.

Roxas was familiar with the aroma he was inhaling because his mom reeked of it after she drank that weird-smelling, funny-colored stuff called beer when she got mad at him and Sora or Dad. He hated the way Mom treated him afterward, especially when she got slap-happy. Those nights were the worst and Roxas always wished that he could skip those dreadful hours he spent in bed and wake up to see daylight and a sober mother once more. Sometimes, it could be worse when she was hung over. Still, the drunken beatings were frequent enough to make Roxas sometimes wish he wasn't born. He took most of the hits because he had to protect Sora.

Protect Sora.

He tried to step past the redhead, but the older boy moved and got in his way.

"Nuh-uh, cutie. You're not getting away that easily."

Roxas's eyes widened at the word. What did this boy just call him?

"M-move!" he tried, setting the expression on his face to maximum defiance.

Instead of moving like he was told, the older boy scooped up the blond into his arms and carried a stiff and stunned Roxas to the round, yellow slide nearest to their current position in the park. He plopped down onto the half-circle exit of the slide and settled Roxas into his lap and slid his arms around the boy and rested his head on the child's shoulder.

The blond, however, was curled up into a ball on Axel's lap, afraid for his life to move his legs out of fetal position. He clung to his legs and panicked eyes looked around for Sora. The brunet had gone into hiding behind one of the bushes and was going to be safe there. Roxas sent him an urging look only to receive a vigorous shaking of the head in protest. He sighed in defeat and slumped his shoulders. At least the silveret and purple-haired boy sitting on the park bench didn't seem to notice Sora or care that the little boy was now gone. They were watching their fiery friend on the slide instead.

"You're going to be hot in ten years..." he heard the boy whisper against his neck.

He involuntarily shivered. But it wasn't a bad shiver. It wasn't the gross kind he'd gotten when he kissed Naminé. This was a different shiver that left him with a slight grin and a flushing feeling in his chest afterward. Roxas decided he liked it.

"I-I am?" he asked, slapping a hand over his mouth as soon as the words left his lips.

"Yes," the teen breathed against his skin, "so hot."

Then he felt a pair of lips press to his neck and a warm feeling spread to his cheeks. He was blushing. The arm around him coaxed him into a more comfortable and normal (yet unconventional) sitting position in the redhead's lap. Boys were supposed to like girls, so what was with the way this boy was acting toward him?

I don't get it.

He shifted slightly and heard the teen make a sound behind him against his neck. Moist breath heated his skin as he moved again and heard another one of the same sound come from the male behind him. Was he hurt?

"Are you ok?" he asked.

Shifting once more to turn his innocent boyish face to the teen behind him, he positioned himself on the slide so that he could face the boy without kicking him. He threw each of his legs to the sides of the redhead's hips and scooted himself forward until he was pressed against the older boy's torso.

"Yes..." the stranger breathed, biting his lip.

And then Roxas felt it. There was a hard bump poking up at his butt from the redhead's lap. He moved again and the redhead made that sound again. Roxas looked at him with naive curiosity and reached out his fingers to brush the bulge. The redhead made the sound again and pulled the blond closer to him. This time, Roxas didn't protest as the teen's arms encased his small body and instead he leaned forward and nuzzled into the redhead's chest.

"You're so cute you're almost edible."

He felt the teen move to kiss him again on the neck and bite down gently. A small gasp escaped his lips as a tingling sensation sprouted from the spot and filled him.


He liked this feeling of being held. He liked the way the older boy was making him feel. It reminded him of those Warm Fuzzies that his teacher at school was talking about; the ones that you were supposed to feel when you were happy that you did a good thing for someone. He nestled into the flat chest more, his breath hitching as he felt the hand on his back begin to draw small circles into his shirt. The bump against his rear pressed against him more and he pushed himself down against it, getting another one of those sounds from the redhead. Roxas looked up at the redhead only to have another kiss planted on his forehead. It was all so different, but he wasn't afraid. In fact, Roxas liked this kind of different.

But just as he began to enjoy this new contact, he felt himself get pulled away by another set of hands grasping firmly on his sides. He tried to wriggle out of the unseen stranger's hands, but to no avail. What was the meaning of this? He liked the way the redhead was making him feel! Who took him away? Who?

"That's enough, Ax. You're drunk and we don't need you molesting tiny children."

Roxas watched as the redhead's shoulders slumped and he nodded dejectedly. Roxas struggled to get away from the boy that was holding him up in the air but to no avail. Instead, the purple-silver haired boy ignored his attempts to escape and began to question him.

"How old are you, kid?" the boy who had taken him off of the comfy lap interrogated.

"E-eight. I'm in second grade now!" he claimed triumphantly, glaring at the boy who was holding him off the ground.

A dismayed look crossed the lilac-haired teen's face and he groaned. He set the blond down on the ground and patted the boy on the head, sighing with defeat and a hint of shame. The teen turned to face his friend and smacked him upside the head.

"He's eight, Ax. Eight."

"Aww, fuck," the redhead mumbled, "Well… maybe if he…"

The redhead chewed his lip thoughtfully and suddenly pulled out a sharpie from his pocket. He grabbed at the book from the other boy's back pocket and flipped open to the bookmark some ways into the book. He pulled the note-card out and threw the book back at his friend. Roxas watched with a sort of fixed fascination as Axel quickly scrawled some words onto the thick paper and then folded it up. Roxas was pulled closer by his pants and the folded paper was slipped into his waistband, and secured there as it hung over the side of his thin red basketball shorts. The redhead planted a soft kiss on the corner of his lips and was pulled up angrily by his friend and forced to walk away.

"We're going back inside, douche."

The lilac-haired boy pulled the redhead by his drooping hair spikes and forcefully led the male back to the bench where the silveret was waiting.

Roxas watched the trio leave the park and go back into the building, standing unmoving until they had completely vanished from his sight.


A small hand grasped his own and he turned to see Sora crying. He patted his older brother's head comfortingly.

"Let's go home now, okay Sora? And don't tell Naminé or Kairi... or Mom or Dad. Don't tell anyone what happened."

Sora nodded and sniffed in sharply as a response, wiping his nose with the back of his hand and tightening his grip on his brother's hand. He didn't know what had made him force Sora to swear silence, but it felt appropriate for the situation. Roxas couldn't remember how he'd learned it, but he knew that no one was supposed to touch you or someone else in a private spot.

"Good. Let's go home."

And with that, the twins made their way back, hand in hand, to the elevator and rode it up to their apartment floor. When they'd gotten back in, Kairi and Naminé were already asleep on the floor along with their older brother, Demyx. Sora quickly crawled into bed and hid himself completely under the covers. Roxas, however, pulled the small square of white note card from his waistband and unfolded it.

Akuseru/Axel Flynn: (813)-686-8313
Here's my number. Call me in ten years, cutie.
I'll be waiting. ;D

Smiling, he folded the paper again and slipped it carefully into his pillowcase, snuggling into the plush comfort that now seemed more heavenly due to the new addition hidden in its fluff. Still, he'd find a better place for it in the morning; somewhere that Sora would never find it.

That night, Roxas had trouble falling sleep because of the fresh memories of being held, of feeling warm and wanted constantly replaying in his mind. And when he finally did fall asleep, all he could see was red.

Coffee smells surrounded him and enveloped his senses in a familiar blanket of chaotic calm. Outside on the street, teenagers ran around sporting the latest Jupiter of the Monkey and Tigre Punks designs while busy businessmen and women rushed around in their prissy suits with their cell phones held high against their ears. This section of the street seemed to hold fewer cars than the other major roads.

Axel sat at the WildKat Café, sipping his coffee as he watched the storeowner (his boss) chat with one of the regulars and a co-worker at the counter. He chuckled when he saw orange-haired Neku blush and shove the gray-haired, prissy-looking waiter boy Joshua sitting beside him gently. Joshua pulled out his phone and snapped a picture of Neku blushing. Axel could've sworn he'd heard the word 'blackmail' somewhere in the short, snappy dialogue that followed.

Watch. They're gonna end up together soon.

"You shouldn't stare, even if your shift is over with for today."

He laughed and turned to the boy beside him on the couch who was flipping yet another page in the book he was currently buried in.

"Whatever, Zexy," he chuckled.

Riku returned with a muffin and settled into the middle of the plush red couch. Axel leaned over and pinched off the top of a chocolate chip sticking out of the muffin and popped it in his mouth. The silveret did nothing to stop him, so Axel simply turned and continued to stare at the soon-to-be couple sitting at the counter.

Neku crossed his arms and turned away from his silver-haired friend sitting beside him. Still, Joshua didn't appear to be the least bit phased and simply giggled, calling the boy 'Nekky' with an amused smile plastered across his face. Hanekoma let out a joyous laugh and threw two work uniforms at the pair.

"Reminds me of him."


Axel turned back to face his two friends. The voice had obviously been Zexion's, but the man didn't bother even looking up as he spoke. Not that Axel really expected him to. Zexion never expressed enough interest in people to really make eye contact with any of them.

"That kid with the orange hair. Reminds me of that boy you practically molested in the park eight years ago." The look on Axel's face told Zexion that he didn't remember. "We were sophomores in high school," he clarified.

After a moment of remembrance, the redhead rolled his eyes and laughed. "The past is the past, Zex. Just forget about it." He stretched his arms upward and sank contentedly into the couch. Slinging his arms across the back of the sofa, he leaned his head to the right so that it rested on Riku's shoulder. The silveret turned and head butted him lightly.

"What if that kid didn't forget?" he teased. "What if he calls you in ten years just like how you said to on the note?"

"Psh..." he laughed, taking another sip of his coffee and a bite of Riku's muffin, "that would neverhappen."

"Yeah, maybe, but you probably turned the kid gay at least," Riku joked.

"Well," Zexion added, "either that or you left him to suffer from permanent psychological trauma. My best guess would be the trust and physical contact issues."

Axel kicked his legs up on the table in front of him, settling his boots right beside his cup of coffee. From across the café, Mr. Hanekoma glared at him. Fearing for his reproductive organs, he set his feet back down on the floor.

"Hahaha," Axel managed to laugh as he turned away from his boss's death glare. "Very funny, guys." Sarcasm dripped from every breath of the sentence as he reached an arm over and ruffled Riku's hair. "You two are morons." He sighed a laugh and turned back to the counter he'd been watching earlier. Orange-haired kid and prissy boy were gone.

Probably off making out now in the janitor's closet, he chuckled.

"Anyways," Riku stretched back, "We're going shopping at 104 later, right? I need to pick up new jeans."

"Riku, you don't need new jeans. No one has that many clothes, no matter how flamboyantly homosexual they are."

Zexion smirked and shook his head in mild disapproval at Axel's words, flipping another page in his book and settling into the comforts of their usual red couch.

WildKat Café had some of the greatest ambiance Axel ever had the pleasure to be immersed in. Vibrantly bold colors were selected as an interior décor theme along with art by the famed graffiti master CAT placed all over the modern coffee shop. Currently, Riku was holding a summery yellow in his arms while Zexion had an orange square pillow stuffed behind his back for better posture support. Across the Café was a sapphire blue couch decorated with green and purple round pillows that matched their current seat. Two fake plants stood by the front entrance of WildKat Café, basking deceptively in the shine of the light that came through the glass of two walls that created the large rectangular area.

The name of the establishment only seemed to emphasize its constant trendiness. WildKat Café on Cat Street with art by CAT inside. How much better (or worse?) could it get?

Suddenly, Axel felt a buzzing against his leg. He ignored it at first, figuring that it was Riku's phone, but soon realized he'd been mistaken when the silveret's ring tone failed to play.

"Hey, Axel, your ghetto phone is vibrating," Zexion smirked up at him.

"What if it's him," Riku joked as he nudged the redhead's shoulder.

"Yeah, yeah," he mumbled, "Riku, you just crack me up."

He dug for the phone in his pocket and fished it out. He hadn't changed phones for a couple years, actually. It was more of a convenience thing that he'd also kept his SIM card.

"Yo, talk to me."

There was a huge heap of screaming coming from the other end. Amidst the chaos, he picked out one bright voice alone with another rather moody, brooding one. So there were two callers?

What the hell?

"Hello?" he tried again, cocking his head to the right, confused.

"Sora, I don't want to do this!"

"Hello?" he tried a second time.

"Sora, you imbecile!" the voice yelled at the source of the laughter on the other end, "Did you think I was just going to call this 'Akuseru' guy and it would magically solve all my problems?"

He winced at the sound of his birth name, but decided not to blow up on this guy like he normally did with people who made the mistake of referring to him as 'Akuseru'. Whoever it was on the other end sounded like he was ready to kill someone as it was. No need to fuel this fire. The reason for the hysteria was lost on Axel; only God knows why he'd be so bitchy. Although he attempted to, Axel didn't recognize this voice. Even at most, the redhead could only tell that it was male and younger than he was.

"Axel," he corrected, annoyed and ignored, "That's me."

A gasp came from the other end of the line followed by another set of angry yells.

"It's really him! Now look at what you've done, you idiot!"

He heard a badly muffled guffaw of reply from the other end and the crash of a phone dropping. So there were two people on the phone with him, one of which was yelling and the other was laughing his ass off? Great. He would guess that this was a prank call, but they had his full name and seemed to be arguing with each other more than they were trying to prank him.

"May I ask who is calling?" There were the sounds of an epic struggle on the other line before he got an answer. The sound of heavy breathing on the other end assailed his eardrum, and he jerked the phone away from beside his head. "Dude, seriously, stop breathing into the phone."

Suddenly, there was a slam from the other end and he heard a hushed voice rush a jumble of explanatory words by him.

"Hi, my name's Sora and I'm Roxas's brother. That kid from the park about eight years ago? Yeah, well, uhm, I'm his twin! He's too much of a sissy chicken to tell you himself, so I... wait. Hello? Err... whatever, I'm sure you're there and listening, unless the phone status thingy is lying to me and you've actually just set this phone on a table and you don't have me on speaker - wait, am I on speaker? Does that mean you can hear me? Okay, well, whatever because my point is that you should go out with my little brother!"

The last few words were shouted a trifle more loudly than the previous ones, causing Riku to look up from his muffin in curiosity. Zexion followed suit and stared.


No, that wasn't his inability to listen to rushing words from the speakers. That was disbelief. Apparently, whoever was on the other end didn't pick up on that very well, because instead, the male began repeating himself.

"What I meant to say is that Roxas is the boy from the park in The Islands eight years ago that you gave your number to-" Here there was a succession of more unnaturally high-pitched screaming and door pounding, causing whoever it was (Sora, if he'd heard correctly) to rush the last part of his statement at the top of his lungs, "- and Roxas would be dying to go out on a date with you! What do you say? Accept?"

The words rang out from the small speaker of his phone. Riku stared at it with a more than disbelieving expression on his face that was borderline hysteria. From the phone came the sounds of a crash and a squeal, following by the heavy pounding and panted breathing of a teenage boy running up the stairs. Yells echoed in the background and there was another yelp and a crash. It was at that moment when the horror sank in. For once, Zexion actually raised his head from his book to look at his best friend. Later, he would come to rejoice in the fact that he had, for the look upon Axel's face was blackmail material in its purest form.

Stunned, the apparatus promptly slid out of Axel's hand fell to the floor, folding shut and hanging up effectively on the callers. The redhead looked up at his two best friends in disbelief, his jaw dropped open as they began to laugh until they had difficulty breathing.

"What the hell was that!"

Alright, so two things:

- The aforementioned rubber padding. Seriously. We have some of that stuff in the park by my house and it's ridiculous. I can't believe the developers even thought that stuff could cushion falls.
- I am NOT about to write about an eight-year-old engaging in explicit activities. Seriously. Shame to those of you who expected it! As for why Axel was even aroused in the first place... well, that could be explained by the fact that he was imagining an older version of Roxas. XD

EDIT: This story has been Beta'd by the lovely Aindel S. Druida. She rocks amazingly and is pretty much the best person I've ever had look over my work. May the epicness continue well into the night! :3

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