Lights pulsing and changing colors, a man with pale skin and flaming orange hair was brooding at the bar as he watched those around him have a good time. "Why am I stuck here without a date?" He had come in with a particularly hot chick but just as he came in, some other vamp took her off to a corner. "Damn it."

Hisagi Shuuhei was proud. No, he was extremely proud. He knew how good his date looked, knew how good he smelled and God he knew what he tasted like. A rather fresh bite mark was visible on the other's neck. Renji had not liked going to a club for vampires, but he couldn't argue with Shuuhei, his sempai, his friend and currently the man he was dating. So he had listened when instructed to wear, when told not to move to far from his boyfriend. Widely grinning Shuuhei, closely followed by Renji, moved over too the bar of the club, a drink, dance, a much nicer drink consisting a certain redhead's blood, yeah the night was good.

One persistent human was eyeing him from down the bar. A male and quite good looking in fact. He had shaggy brown hair and wearing plain jeans and a t-shirt. Sniffing, he frowned when the aroma wasn't at all satisfying to his taste. Glancing away dismissively, Ichigo set his chocolate brown orbs searching for a more suitable prospect. An utterly delicious smell wafted to him. And it was coming closer. Honing in on that scent, he focused on a redheaded male with tattoos decorating his face and neck. But what he saw next made his lips curl back and a snarl came from his throat. Shuuhei. Eyes darkened from brown to black. He wanted that human and now no matter who he was with.

Shuuhei nodded towards Ichigo when he saw the man at the bar before ordering the drink he wanted. "Want something too?" He asked Renji, who just shook his head. "Na already had something at home." Renji shrugged a bit before letting his eyes dart along the bar. Not much people seemed to caught his eyes, but that orange haired man sempai nodded at did look handsome. His gaze turned again so Renji was staring in front of him, waiting for Shuuhei to finish his drink so they'd dance cause the redhead knew just how much the other liked to dance.

Holding back a growl that threatened to escape his throat, the irritated man let his breath out slowly and quietly. Inside his mind, Ichigo was frantic about how this man had inspired such a strong reaction from him. Sure he was attractive... That fiery red hair cascading downwards and the tattoos that adorned that exposed part of his body made his look exotic. But that wasn't what sent his blood boiling. It was when this man had glimpsed at Ichigo and he had glimpsed cheery chocolate eyes that seemed to entice him nearer. Or maybe he was imagining it. Yes that had to be it. But just to be sure... Smiling with what he hoped was sincerity, slightly larger, and pointier, canines than normal were exposed, he asked this intriguing man to accompany him to the dance floor. "Would you honor me with a dance?" His words were directed to Hisagi's date.

Renji blinked for a bit, his eyes moving between the stranger, who was obviously a vampire, and Shuuhei. Hisagi nodded. "It's okay, I'll get the next dance." His gaze turned to Ichigo then. "Don't do anything nasty." He warned, eyes narrowing a bit. "Of course I'll honor you." Renji grinned a bit, his hand petting Shuuhei's shoulder for a moment before he moved to stand next to the other vampire, looking at him again. There were waves of danger waving off of this man. Not all vampires had it, Renji had seen a lot who didn't have them but this one did, more then he had felt it with sempai. It made his body wanna turn and run, crawl away, but of course Renji wouldn't do that, no, he wasn't weak enough to do that.

"I promise to handle him with care Shuuhei," Ichigo responded and his smile softened as he turned his attention to the man that agreed to his offer. "Your name?" Ichigo thought it would be polite to first get a little acquainted with him before they went to the dance floor. His eyes were still dark and there was an edge to them. In his tight black tank top, long fishnet sleeves, and black leather pants that molded perfectly to his hips and legs, Ichigo thought he looked quite good. And he liked how his bright orange hair contrasted with his pale skin and clothes.

"Abarai Renji. Nice to meet ya." Renji's eyes were still darting over the other a bit. The contrast was absolutely stunning. And those eyes, eyes didn't lie, eyes never lied. Ichigo was up to something, or so Renji thought. The eyes, they told him. "Yours?" He asked, moving to lean against the bar a bit and rest his elbows on it as his gaze moved towards the moving mass of dancing and grinding bodies.

Watching the way those eyes looked him over, he had seen something in him. He wasn't sure whether it was good or not but he would see to it that Renji thought well of him. Seeing as he still had the old ways ground into his very DNA it seemed to him, Ichigo made a small bow. "Kurosaki Ichigo." As he lifted his upper body to again peer at this man who he now knew was named Renji, he held out a hand and raised an eyebrow.

Renji grinned a bit and reached out to shake Ichigo's hand and then let go of it. "So are we gonna dance or not?" He asked. The redhead always was a person to go at something headfirst. Ichigo asked him to dance, so they'd dance. "Or ya wanna chat some more?" He raised an eyebrow then his grin still in place though.

I meant for him to take it not shake it, Ichigo frown inwardly at the redheaded human's reaction. Sighing and shaking his head at that thought mentally, he resolved that he might never get used to how the youngsters of this era acted. Feigning hurt at how he was poking fun at how he was acting, Ichigo frowned slightly with confusion. "I was only trying to be polite." Though you aren't having very polite thoughts, an inner voice chuckled.

"We got each other's names, ya bowed I shook yer hand. that's a good introduction to me. Ya seem polite, I just asked to be sure, since ya did ask to dance me, not talk to me right? Ya old? You seem old." Renji looked thoughtful for a moment then shook it off and went back to his normal expression. He didn't know what to make of this man. He was different, never had he met a vampire acting that way, it was new and interesting too.

A grin that just barely revealed the many years he had endured came to his lips. "You are right in presuming I am old. I am in fact one of the oldest you may ever meet." The grin turning slightly feral, his dark chocolate orbs hinted at how many experiences of this nature, and more, that had encountered. "Well as you said, I did indeed ask you for a dance so then that is what we shall do." Lightly taking Renji's hand he lead them onto the dance floor, throwing a smile back at Shuuhei. Soon they were in the middle of the pulsing throng of bodies. Sweat and hormones rolled off many there and it made his skin tingle.

Shuuhei rolled his eyes a bit, always so charmy, he kept on watching though, cursing when during the dance people moved in his line of sight. Renji was soon lost in the feeling of bodies around him, music beating loudly. His eyes closed, movements turning more sensual as he only focused on himself. Renji liked dancing, it made him feel free.

His gaze focused and narrowed to the man in front of him when he started dancing. Moving to place his body up against Renji's, he allowed himself to he caught up in the music pounding from the stereo, the people pressing up against him which made him press against his dance partner in turn. Ichigo's body moved in sync with the other's as he was lost in the almost primal feeling of pleasure that came from dancing.

Renji's arms came to rest around Ichigo almost immediately. Ignoring an elbow in his back, he wondered why the other's body felt so good and right against his own. He shivered a bit, leaning his head forward a bit so his forehead hovered above Ichigo's shoulder. Shuuhei sighed relieved when he could see two again, growled a bit as he saw them dance. But really that was the way of dancing around him so he couldn't really obey, biting would be too far though. Renji was his and his alone.

He heard a frustrated growl come from over by the bar. Taking his attention off Renji for the moment it took to see Hisagi's reaction. Not one of approval. Smirking, he knew what was going through the his mind. 'Don't you fucking bite his neck or I'll kick your ass!' Or something along those lines. Don't worry, Shuuhei. I won't bite him until I know he is mine instead of yours. However little time that will be. Placing hands on the rotating hips, his hold was almost possessive in their grasp. He ground his pelvis into Renji's with just a tad more pressure than before.

Renji gasped softly, fingers clutching that black tank top as he ground back, blame the hormones, blame the music, blame the heat and bodies against him. Renji didn't care at the moment, it felt good so he'd make it feel better for him. Simple logic but working logic. One of his hands moved down, nails ranking down just a bit before resting it on Ichigo's side.

A hiss of pleasure came from Ichigo as nails raked down his side. They didn't catch in fishnet since it only reached to about his mid chest. Those nails weren't sharp but he liked the friction it caused on his flesh. It just added to the friction between their hips that was causing this dance to be a very pleasurable experience. "You like that?" He whispered those words into the shell of Renji's ear, pausing afterwards to lick around the curve. A familiar song to him began to set the rhythm of their movements, Let It Rock. A personal favorite of his considering that most music of this century was utterly indigestible.

"Yeah..." Renji whispered. "To be honest ya dance way better then Shuuhei." He grinned there a bit before letting his head tip backwards and bite his lower lip as a sound fell from his lips. Soon he turned around to grind his back against Ichigo's front, rubbing his ass backwards against the vampire teasingly. Once Renji got into the dancing mood he didn't care who he was dancing with, just wanted to dance, to tease, to feel, to be free. That was what dancing did, make him free, strong when surrounding by vampires who could kill him in a second.

"I have been alive much longer than Hisagi so my dancing skills should be better, I hope." My luck to get a man this fiery. I'm not surprised Shuuhei would pick someone like him. Untamable and free. "You are such a tease," Ichigo said, mouthing the lobe of an ear. Eyes now black, he had to hold himself back from sinking his teeth in right there. From the looks Hisagi was throwing his way, a bite would not be looked upon kindly. A fight would break out and people would get hurt.... Having grown up in an era when a gentleman was taken at his word, chivalry was in, he didn't much relish starting a fight. But that aroma... It radiated on Renji in waves that drew him in.

Shuuhei was done, he wanted Renji away from Ichigo and he wanted it now. So he made his way through the mass of bodies. "Renji, I wanna dance now." "Sorry Shuuhei, but I found a real man who can really dance." Renji was a heartbreaker, he knew that, and didn't care since he knew he could get a new boyfriend whenever he wanted. He slithered a hand up and gripped the back of Ichigo's head and pushed him down against his neck. "I'm breaking us off." He then said coldly to Shuuhei. The vampire growled and moved fast as he gripped one of Renji's arms to pull him towards him roughly. "What are you saying?" "I'm breaking up with you. Simple as that. Now let go of me." Renji looked bored, which only got Shuuhei angrier.

"Back off Shuuhei," Ichigo said, placing a pale hand on Hisagi's arm. "If Renji said it's over, it's over." His mouth was turned down in a frown. A few people near them could feel the anger coming off the man with a 69 tattoo and backed away. "Be a man and walk away with your wounded pride. Because if we fight," he grinned," you won't have any pride left." Black eyes held a challenge in them. This young pup needed disciplining and he would hand it out. His father would chastise him later but this would be worth it.

Shuuhei's eyes went black as well, he let go of Renji only to jump at Ichigo, an arm extended to grip his throat. "My pride ain't wounded. Who wants him anyway? A whore, no a slut. He's to low for me and are death." He growled out, Renji just looked bored and began to clean his nails, if Hisagi won he'd get roughly fucked for the week nearly drained to death. If Ichigo won, he'd have a new boyfriend, it was that simple.

Laughing harshly, the orange haired elder pinched Hisagi's forearm between his index finger and thumb. "A slut huh?" Putting more force into the pinch, he heard a bone snap. "I can't get a sexually transmitted disease so what do I care?" His grin now had a wicked edge to it as he dropped Shuuhei's arm and it hung limply. "And have you forgotten that I am among the elders? I could kill you with little effort."

Shuuhei couldn't stop the small cry when his arm was broken. But he did back off, he couldn't take on Ichigo, the vampire was to strong. "I'll get ya..." He growled before turning and heading out hurriedly. "Impressive..." Renji whispered, walking close before tilting his head to the side. "Want a reward?" Damn an elder! He was lucky!

His ebony orbs followed Hisagi's progress until he was out the door and into the night. He knew that messing with Shuuhei had been a bad idea, he had connections to many people, but he had deserved it. His own family would defend him and take his side. Ichigo blinked as Renji's words brought his back from his thoughts. "We haven't seen the last of him." His words had a feeling of a bad omen. "Reward? What exactly do you have in mind?" The fact that Renji wasn't evenly the tiniest bit scared, and if he was he hid it well, was a good thing. Very good. Not many humans could take on an elder in a relationship.

Renji reached in his back pocket and took out a pocket knife, unclasping it before he held it to his left wrist and with one smooth movement cut through it, not even flinching. It did hurt yes, but Renji was used to it, he had been having relations with vampires for a while now. He lifted his wrist and dragged his tongue over the blood that pooled out of the wound. "I think ya know what I have in mind." He whispered, licking his lips clean from that red substance.

"Ah yes," Ichigo said. His voice became husky as he watched Renji sample his own source of life and his gaze locked onto the wrist, deep red welling up from it. "Offering so hastily," he began, eyes flashing from black to chocolate and back. Taking the offered hand, palm up, he sniffed before placing his mouth over the cut. Once the red elixir hit his tongue, he groaned from the heady sensation. Renji's blood was like a fine wine, exquisite in taste and texture to the point it was surreal.

Renji let out a soft sound. "I only offer so hastily to the best..." he spoke, his own voice husky as well before he closed his eyes and enjoyed the sensation. Almost right from the start Renji had loved the feeling of being drained, the dizziness when he got weaker and weaker, totally at somebody's mercy. He loved the feeling, the stronger his partner, the better it was. The redhead shivered and sighed softly.

As arteries wiling pumped blood into his mouth, a voice sternly told him to stop. His eyes having fallen shut now opened as he realized just how much blood he was drinking in. Much more and Renji would faint from the loss. Swiftly running his tongue over the wound, it sealed and there would only be a pinked patch of skin to tell what had happened. He withdrew his lips and pulled his new partner close. "You need food." Ichigo had tasted the lowered amount of oxygen and protein that sometimes signaled the need for sustenance.

"I need ya." Renji groaned back, lips fastening on Ichigo's collar bone, sucking and licking as he was hungry for tasting Ichigo's skin. His eyes closed though and his legs wobbled a bit. So weak, he felt so weak, it was great, perfect, he was going to love the time spend with this vampire that was something Renji knew for sure.

His original chocolate color was beginning to surface out of the abyss of darkness. "I know Renji," he said. "I think it's time I took you home." Without the slightest effort, he swept the red head man into his arms and carried him out of the club. A hand went to his pocket and pulled out a shiny small cellular phone. Pushing a button, he asked that his vehicle be pulled up front. A limo appeared, black, and the ancient vampire shoved his phone into his pocket. Gently setting Abarai in the back seat, he climbed in after. "Home." The single word was directed at the driver. "Yes sir." The limo pulled away from the curb.

Renji was fighting with keeping his eyes open, such heavy lids, so much urge to sleep. A hand clutched Ichigo's shirt before dragging his body close to press against Ichigo's body, curling up against him and resting his head on that strong chest. His eyes won the battle though as they felt closed permanently, sleep taking him over.

The sound of the side door being opened made him crack an eye open to see his father staring at him. And then he stared at the man in his arms. "You haven't brought one home in a while. this must be some occasion." Groaning, he eased himself, and Renji's limp form, out of their transportation and walked up to the front door of the building. "There might be trouble resulting from this." Isshin raised an eyebrow. "Hisagi Shuuhei." "Ah. Well we can take care of him Do not worry." Ichigo smiled and reveal his pinked teeth. "Since when have I worried." Both men walked to the stair way and raced up it.

Renji had stayed peacefully asleep during the conversation but when the race started up the stairs a sound had left his lips and his head had tipped backwards, hanging over Ichigo's arm as the hand clutching Ichigo's shirt lost it's grip and fell down, the arm falling down completely and hanging limply by his side, body completely relaxed.

A few moments later they reached the top of the stairs and opened the door to the pent house. Their living space was clean and well kept, not many personal items decorated the space. They weren't there all the time anyway so why do such things? Checking to make sure Renji was secure in his arms, they retired to his bedroom where a king size mattress awaited. He tucked Renji into his bed and turned to face his father. "I still think Hisagi will take my actions to heart and try to get revenge." The dark brown eyes of his father looked into his. "What exactly did you do to him?" "I broke his arm with my index finger and thumb." "Ah. I can see that hurting his pride." "Yes and he stalked out muttering as well." Isshin frowned. "Well nothing we can do about your actions now. And I do think he needed someone to show who's boss. He is so cocky." Grinning, Ichigo combed his fingers through Renji's hair. "I'll just leave you two alone and alert your sisters in case Shuuhei tries anything on them." Ichigo nodded, and said, "I'll make something for Renji to eat since I drained him of a lot of blood earlier." Both left the room and went their separate ways.

It wasn't all that long until Renji woke up, cuddling into that soft mattress before blinking. Where was his vampire!? He looked around, feeling better now he had slept a bit but still weak and small. He shivered, loving it. Renji forced himself out of the bed and stumbled a bit as he walked towards the door of the room. "Should decorate the stuff..." He mumbled as he watched his surroundings.

Sensing movement in his bedroom, he left the kitchen he'd been rummaging around in to find a drowsy Renji stumbling out. "Up so soon? And here I hoped to surprise you with a meal." Taking a hand in his, he lead the other to the kitchen and placed him in a chair.

Renji smiled a bit. "Couldn't sleep all that long without ya. And a meal does sound good." The human yawned before placing his arms on the table and resting his head on them again, humming a bit softly as he watched Ichigo.

"So you like to cuddle with your partner while you sleep?" He questioned as he opened the fridge and surveyed his choices to prepare a meal with. Their home was always well stoked with food for the staff when they came and any human that might be brought home. Ichigo was a good cook as well, having learned in his free time. "Do you have a preference or style you would like me to make?"

"Nothing spicy, that's all. And yes. I like to cuddle." Renji answered, nuzzling into his arms for a bit then examining the early made wound on his wrist, healed perfectly...or almost perfectly...

Nodding at Renji's words, he began to prepare a Chinese dish. He had loved Chinese when mortal though it had been so long ago, he could still remember the exotic flavors of the orient. And not all were of the red variety. "You wrist will be perfectly fine in a few hours," Ichigo said when he noticed the human's gaze go to his wrist. Lighting the stove, he placed a pan on it and poured some peanut into it.

"I have marks from bites and cuts which still haven't healed. Weak vampires...nothing like you." Renji spoke. "Not so strong and polite, sexy, yeah, yer sexy too." Renji grinned licking his dry lips a bit as he let his eyes fall shut again. He was still tired after all.

"Flattery will get you everywhere. Renji dear." Ichigo smiled and tossed some rice into the wok. It sizzled as it cooked. "Many places." He knew that he was a fine specimen. A wonderful piece of work, perfect as if rendered in marble and had come to life. "As for being polite, Mother ingrained that into my very soul from an early age."

Renji grinned wider, yeah flattery would get him everywhere. He pulled his body up to a standing position again and moved to Ichigo's back, leaning against the vampire and wrapping his arms round him. "It is a good trade..."

Eyes flicking back to see Renji's face close to his, he returned his attention to the food. "And how many times have you distracted others with these techniques?" Ichigo possessed a will strong as iron when it came to taking care of his humans. Their welfare came first and then they could play.

Renji pressed his lips to Ichigo's neck and purred a bit. "Well I"m 21 now, I've been going on with vampires since I was...hmm..15 so that's a whole lot."

Such a young age... "Yes that would be a long time." Thinking back to how he had been changed, he still yearned for mortality. Being changed at the age of twenty-six was a bit early he thought but he had been in fantastic condition so he would always remain so. "How did you get into my crowd?" Ichigo was curious at to know the reason why a man like Renji had taken the vampire route. He had an inkling already but he wanted to know for sure.

"My brother was 5 years older then me. Apparently he was dating vampires, hanging around with them. Ma and dad were gone, out of town and I think it were 5 of his friends that came by. I remember how the first blood was drawn. It was my brother, with a broken peace of glass." Renji tilted his head up and pointed at a scar partially hidden by the tattoo there. "That one. I don't know who it was that pounced on me first, lapping at the wound and then looking stunning. My taste and scent, it gets ya vampires wild. They drained me to the point you did as well, then fucked me and turned me gay. After that time I longed for the feeling to be powerless, and vampires just seemed to be the ones who could give it to me."

Hearing this tale, Ichigo frowned. "So you like to feel dominated?" He had pretty much summed up the whole story with that one question. The rice done, he tossed it in a bowl and put chicken in next. A dash more peanut oil along with sesame oil and it began to brown. "That is quite a story. I've only ever had sisters to share life with. And dad of course."

"I like to submit yes." Renji answered honestly. "That's a shame, meeting and going on with different kinds of people is great, the busy lives of everybody seems different when ya live with a vampire, for a few moments a day you feel as if you'll live forever."

"Well I have had my fair share of human relationships but none very serious enough to warrant including them in the family." The cooking flesh didn't smell delicious as it had once before. But it did not sicken him either. "Though you are the first one I have brought home in a few centuries. So family status might be awarded." Smiling and flipping the meat, he added spices to the mix.

Renji laughed a bit. "I'm honored, and when did ya learn to cook? It smells delicious." He purred, nipping Ichigo's jaw a bit and stealing a bit of the rice. Renji wasn't all that socked that he was brought back to Ichigo's house. He knew that his scent was good, and his taste even better, nah, he wasn't surprised.

Sighing, he smiled at the kiss. "Well you may find this hard to believe but I have lots of free time." Snickering, Ichigo put the chicken on the plate next to the rice and tossed vegetables in next, just lightly cooking them. "And I got tired of asking the hired help to do all the work."

"Being old that give you lots of free time I suppose. Being able to do things on your own is good." Renji grinned a bit, pressing a kiss to Ichigo's neck before he pulled away to get back to the table, blinking a bit to get his eyes clear before he plopped down on the chair, stretching out a bit.

"Yes though being 'old' as you say gets very tiresome." The vegetables left the wok in join the chicken and rice on the plate. Opening a drawer, he pulled out a spoon, fork, and a knife. Ichigo carried the plate and utensils over to Renji and set the food in front of him. "Now eat up. I can't have you fainting when you meet my family." Wicked, pointed teeth showed as he smiled.

Renji smiled a bit, Ichigo looked hot when he showed his fangs like that...well almost every vampire looked hot doing that. Shaking his head a bit Renji happily dug in, he had a very good appetite after all and was hungry, and he knew that eating would get his blood level back to normal soon and then he'd be ready to be bitten again. He hoped Ichigo's family would like him though, since they did seem important for the vampire and didn't want to leave this place any time soon.

Chocolate pools widened as he witnessed Renji all but vacuum down his food. "Please do not eat that quickly. Choking wouldn't be very productive in getting your energy level back up." Taking a seat across from his new pet, the elder placed stern eyes on him. "I'll be forced to feed you myself."

Renji did choke when Ichigo talked about him being fed and coughed violently slamming his palm down on his chest. "All your fault talking about feeding me!" Renji pouted a bit and rubbed his throat a bit.

A snicker accompanied his smirk. "So being feed is another of your likes I would assume?" When teasing him, a slight accent hinting at something Southern, British, and with just a hint of something Eastern. It was obvious that Ichigo Kurosaki had gotten around in his many years of experience.

"Is not!....really..." Renji looked to the side, then looked back again. "So you've been about anywhere? Got a whole lot of accents." Renji grinned a bit and then went back to working his food into his body again.

"If you insist," Ichigo relented from pursuing the subject of Renji's fetishes any further. For now. I wonder what else he might be interested in.... Returning to the subject at hand, he closed his eyes to consider the question. "I have been around the world, in many different periods of history. I've seen much I wish I hadn't and more that I wish I could experience again."

"They do say history repeats itself, so maybe you will relive some of those experiences. What would ya like to relive if I may be so bold to ask." Renji asked proud of himself he had been able to get Ichigo's attention onto something else then his fetishes.

"History does indeed repeat itself," Ichigo agreed. "And I will relish the possibility to do some things again. But some I know I will not." Sighing with regret of things long lost to time and its passage, he picked at the fishnet covering his arms. "What experiences I would like to relive you ask?" Now that was a very good question. So many things had happened to him in his long time on this Earth. "To enjoy the thrill of the hunt would be one. And I certainly do not mean deer hunting." For a moment, his eyes shined with a wickedness that was not nearly as evident now.

"Hmm? To be hunted? Or to hunt?" Renji asked, blinking a bit as he didn't understand. His food was soon shoved down his throat though, so Renji took his plate and went over to the sink, collecting all the dirty things before he began to wash them. Ah, he felt better already!

Shrugging, Ichigo frowned when Renji began to wash the dishes. "You should really let me do that." He got up and moved to take the wet dishes. "I'll dry as you wash." Grabbing a dish towel, his hands dried the plate with swift movements. "As to the hunt, it doesn't really matter. Being hunted and hunting both have their own thrills." Shivering at some past memory, his eyes glazed as he lived it.

"I can do it." Renji shrugged, studying Ichigo a bit. To hunt, it did seem like fun, though he knew he wouldn't be able to play hunt with Ichigo, he was mortal, no fun at all. "Well maybe you will hunt soon again, hunting can still be done, if you find good places."

"I know it can be done but mother urged me to quit. All I ever participate in is catch and release expeditions now." Nodding to himself, he firmly put thoughts of his wild past behind him. "Though if I hunted you there would definitely be no release," he said, voice low.

Renji grinned as he blushed a bit. "I won't be all that hard to catch, but hunting does sound fun..." He trailed off, winking at Ichigo a bit before concentrating on his task as if nothing had happened. Ichigo was sexy, and flirted in just the right way. The longer Renji was with this vampire, the more he saw how different he was from the others, Shuuhei seemed small and nothing in comparison to Ichigo.

"Well then if you are interested," Ichigo grinned, "I do know of the perfect place." Leaning over, he placed a kiss on the human's cheek as he took a piece of silverware from his hands. "But that is for another time. Once these dishes are done and put away you should get some sleep." The finished dishware was starting to litter the counter next to the sink.

"Give me a kiss right here." He tapped at his lips. "And I'll consider listening and sleep." Renji said, grinning, looking at Ichigo for a moment longer and then cleaning the last few parts of the dishes.

Quickly drying the remaining silverware and putting them away, he returned to Renji's side. "You drive a tough bargain Renji, my dear. But your wish is my command." Placing a hand on the back of his neck and the other around his waist, Ichigo pulled the human close. Grinning, he put his lips to Renji's, fangs lightly scratching a bottom lip.