It took a moment before Renji could even let out a normal sound that sounded close to a word. But he managed eventually. "Definitely fun…" He grumbled out against Kisuke's neck, nuzzling against the sweat slick skin a soft smile on his features. It took another moment before the soreness of his muscles reached his brain, making the redhead groan. He felt sore, sticky and dirty, but couldn't really make himself care.

A throaty chuckle left Kisuke's mouth as he heard Renji speak. "I would say that was more fun than I've ever had." His eyes were now a deep gray and they sparkled with mischief as he looked over to see Ichigo slumped against Renji. "I would have to agree Kisuke," Ichigo panted as he slowed his heart and gulped down oxygen. "Renji is such a good boy." His amber eyes opened to settle on the pair of handcuffs still restraining Renji's arms. "No need for these anymore." Ichigo grabbed the key from the bedside table and unlocked them. He unsnapped the metal and replaced it in the drawer it had come from.

Renji sighed happily once his arms got there freedom back. He leaned a bit back against Ichigo and let one of his hands run up and down over Ichigo's side, that was the most he could do in his current state. "Never had such a good pet before?" He asked, leaning his head back as well so he could rest it on Ichigo's shoulder, where his eyes shut and he still panted. The other hand made a small trip over his own abdomen and chest, feeling his fingers run through sticky white fluid before bringing his fingers up to his mouth to lick his fingers clean and then have them return back to his chest to just repeat the process.

Kisuke removed himself from inside Renji very slowly so as to lessen the pain. He himself knew what such an ordeal felt like though, thankfully, he had the healing power of a vampire so the next morning hadn't been nearly as bad as what Renji would feel. Once completely out of the red head, the gray eyed hemovore laid back on his bed and closed his eyes. "You have worn me out for the time being Renji my dear," he said with a smile. Ichigo also withdrew from the abused human body and placed Renji beside Kisuke just before sandwiching the red head in between both the vampires' bodies. "In fact I have not had such a good pet as you Renji love. And watching you taste yourself may entice me to experiment further if I wasn't so concerned about hurting you even more," his auburn eyes were following the process as Renji repeated it. Turning Renji's head to the side, he kissed him softly and savored every inch.

Renji flinched a bit as both retreated from him, morning was going to be hell…Renji chuckled tiredly before returning the kiss and sighing contently into it as he rested one of his hands on Kisuke's sides and tangled his legs with Ichigo slowly, as not to move his ass or tense up those muscle, no success though as he flinched a bit more…morning really was going to be hell…

Withdrawing his tongue as he felt Renji flinch against him, Ichigo pulled back and rested his chin on top of his head. "Since you will be incapacitated in the morning, I shall take care of you and Kisuke will help as well. We can wait for the piercings if you wish." His voice was low, and he felt completely relaxed after the amazing sex they had all participated in. "Yes Renji-kun, you should probably wait." Kisuke agreed with Ichigo and snuggled up against the red head. He sighed and laid his head on Renji's chest.

"I'm not a kid, don't tell me what to do." He wanted to sound at leased a bit hurt, but it sounded tired. He yawned a bit then and rubbed his eyes, cursing the fact that he was human and didn't have the healing ability both vampires had. Still being a human was nice, he was alive, young...he had so many years in front of him still.

Kisuke let out an amused chuckle as Ichigo sighed with slight frustration. "Such a willful pet you are," Ichigo muttered but smiled as he saw him yawn. "You should sleep Renji." His voice broke no argument, not that the human could in his condition. Gray eyes looked on, amused and touched by this display. "You are growing soft my dear Ichi. How long have you known Renji-kun?" "Long enough." Ichigo replied and smiled.

"If I wasn't wilful it wouldn't be amused ne?" He chuckled tiredly. "Ichigo-sama." He purred before yawning again and then closing his eyes. One arm wrapped around Kisuke and holding him close, his head leaning back against his orange haired lover.

"All too true, dear one," Ichigo smirked and managed to pull some covers up and over the trio. Kisuke was already in his trance like sleep. He murmured a something as he wiggled against the redhead in an effort to get more comfortable. Ichigo ran his fingers through Renji's hair and hummed a lullaby.

Renji enjoyed the smoothness of Ichigo's voice for a bit longer before he fell into a deep sleep, completely unaware of his surroundings as he snored slightly, closer to a purr then a real snore though.

As soon as Renji's breathing evened out and he began to snore, Ichigo let himself begin to drift into a trance. His body had been worn out more than useful due to their enthusiastic lovemaking. His eyes closed and a small smile lingered on his lips as he gave into his exhaustion.

Renji slept for a while, and when he did wake up he instinctively curled up closer to the for of heat and his pillow, a.k.a. Urahara Kisuke. A low whine left his throat though when even that slight movement caused a sharp pain in his backside, oh fuck he felt so sore and raw. He tried to relax but really that wasn't easy with a throbbing pain like he had.

A sound caused Ichigo to become more aware of his surroundings to the point where he could feel Renji shivering against him. Moving his hands to rub soothing patterns over his shuddering partners back. He tried to comfort him since he knew the pain must be intense. The thought of it made him wince himself. Soon he felt the movement of Kisuke coming to, muttering something about pandas. Raising an eyebrow, Ichigo chose to not comment on that odd sentence.

"Stick them up yer hole."Renji grunted in reply to the odd sentence. He found Ichigo's hand to be soothing, the pain was still there, the throbbing and burning irritating and annoying he couldn't ignore it. "I don't care what ya dudes think but I'm no taking both of ya for a while." He said that now, but he knew that when asked in a position he was in last night he wouldn't object or hesitate for a second.

Ichigo chuckled at Renji's reply, it was clipped and sarcastic which probably indicated he wasn't in the best of moods. Who would after that sort of treatment? Not that Renji hadn't enjoyed it for one second but seriously that had to be painful. "You'll heal completely before we attempt that again. And there shall be stretching beforehand so we can go at it more positions," Ichigo said, his honeyed orbs dancing with mirth. "They're too fuzzy," Kisuke mumbled to Renji. "Plus bamboo splinters in my ass doesn't sound very nice." Kisuke opened his eyes only to blink as he fully realized who was in his bed. "Almost forgot you two were here. I don't know how I could have now that I look at how appealing the sight is." A wolfish smile crossed Kisuke's features.

Renji smiled a bit at Ichigo as he heard him speak. Ichigo would take care of him, be good and nice to him. Ichigo seemed to prince on the white horse at the moment, so easily to fall for. But Renji wouldn't fall for somebody that fast, not after getting his heart broken before. "My ass is off limits the rest is at yer service." He spoke, lifting a hand to pet Kisuke's head a bit.

"I just may take you up on that" Kisuke grinned before stretching. His movements were like those of a content cat. His blonde hair sway gently as he got up from the bed and began dressing. Ichigo watched with mild interest seeing as his friend hadn't said where he was going or what he was doing. Kisuke wouldn't tell unless asked and even then he could choose to not say.

Renji purred a little bit as his eyes followed the blonds movements. His mood getting a bit better seeing he could concentrate on something else then the pain. "What ya gonna do handsome? Get me some food?" He asked, grinning as one of his hand moved to play lazily with Ichigo's hair.

"In fact," Kisuke started and paused long enough to pull a shirt over his head, "I am doing just that." He would have been content to just stay in bed and lay around naked all day but when going out in public one must wear clothes. Otherwise one can get charged with public indecency not matter the fact no one complained about seeing him naked. A sound suspiciously like that of pleased purr left Ichigo's throat as his hair was messed with.

"Nothing spicy please, I'll make up for it." He grinned wide and woflish. "Can count on that." He promised, turning his head to place a kiss on Ichigo's lips and then cuddle up further with his blankets and pillow. "Ichi..." He whined. "I want a super fast regeneration power too..."

"I'll hold you to that Renji-kun," Kisuke said as he opened the door and left. Once the two were alone, Ichigo snuggled up against Renji and sighed. "It's not worth changing into a vampire to get the perks. Believe me... If I could go back and reverse becoming a hemovore I would."

"I want to be a human until my strength start to decrease or when I get a illness things like that. Because of the time I spend with vampires I know it's not all good. Still having a healing power would be great right now, since I can't go without sex for a day and in this position I'm in no way to get laid." He sighed a bit, stroking Ichigo's face and shoulders.

Ichigo nodded into the covers he was wrapping around them. "Yes it can get tiresome to have to abstain from sex until you heal. But then it will be worth once we being again. Everything is so sensitive after a break." Smiling, he ran a thumb over the red head's lips.

Renji parted his lips and let the tip of his tongue peak out to stroke Ichigo's thumb. "True also, I don't think you'll mind having a horny willing red head in your bed to please ya." He chuckled a bit. Shifting a little bit to make it easier for Ichigo to wrap them up in the covers, even if it cause another pain wave running up through his spine.

Lowering his hand away to caress the tattoos littering the skin of his neck, he used the other hand to shift Renji to help him avoid igniting any more pain. "Oh yes, that is always an adventure with you Renji."

Renji closed his eyes and tilted his head to the side, a content sound passing his lips. "Noting better then excitement and adventure." Moving a hand to stroke the two slash marks on his collar bone. "Hungry?" He asked. "Ya can feed if ya are."

Eyes following the pathway of the stroking fingers, Ichigo nestled his head into the crook of Renji's neck but made to effort to drink from him. "I will be fine for now, love. You need some nourishment before either of us feeds." His lips placed small kisses on the new ink.

"Alright." Renji spoke, more like whispering as he felt soft and gentle caresses, he like cuddling, because not many would cuddle, sex, or just sleep in separate beds, sometimes in one bed but then kicked off, and no touching if not sex. Both his hands buried into Ichigo's hair, stroking through it, tugging a bit before massaging the others scalp, neck and the sides of his face.

Humming into the soft skin of Renji's neck, he expressed his pleasure at the attention he was receiving. Normally, Ichigo hadn't had such attentive pets. Mostly they were looking for a quick fuck or to freeload off a rich elder. Sometimes he indulged in their wants but there were those who had been kicked out because they were simply a nuisance. Sliding his fingers down Renji's spine he thought about how his mother would react to Renji. She would most likely have approved and congratulated him on finding a nice person.

Renji's hand kept on working to relax and pleasure Ichigo. It was in his nature to help and please, to have an elder to please and live with was really lucky Renji thought, but usual he was a lucky guy, just because of the things he could take and his power to adapt. He let out a soft sigh of contentment as he felt Ichigo's fingers on his spine and skin

They laid there for about ten more minutes until a door opening downstairs alerted them to the fact Kisuke had arrived back. The aroma of cooked beef drifted into the room. At least Ichigo could smell the cooked flesh and fried potatoes that were in the bag. There was also a soda in there as well. Footsteps on the stairs were followed by the bedroom door opening and the blonde elder entering. "I come bearing gifts," he grinned.

"Only because of that you are allowed entrance and no castration." Renji grinned, he knew Kisuke had food with him, he couldn't smell it though, his senses weren't as high as vampires their senses after all. "Now be a nice vampire and feed me." He said, his hands were busy after all! He couldn't well didn't want to pull them away from Ichigo's hair…besides he was lazy!

Kisuke grinned and quickly rid himself of all clothing as he joined the two tangled up in each other's limbs. He scooted over the twisted sheets to wiggle under them beside Renji. "Feed you, you say?" Wrinkling his nose, the blonde set the bag down on the bedside table and withdrew the soda to set it on the table so it wouldn't spill easily. "'Course darling. Though it smells disgusting to me." Putting his hand back in the bag, Kisuke pulled out a few fries and wiggled them into the red headed human's mouth. Ichigo wrinkled his nose as well before setting his nose into Renji's collarbone to drown out the horrible smell.

"Disgusting? Junk food is the best thing on earth!" Renji smiled happily and leaned in with parted lips to take the fries in, nipping Kisuke's fingers as he did so before taking the fries way from the digits and munching them down before opening his mouth again, letting out a seductive little moan and a wink as he moved one hand away from Ichigo to tangle it in the blond hair of the other vampire.

"I must say you do enjoy this all too much," Kisuke chuckled and put a few more fires into his mouth, his fingers stroked Renji's lips as they withdrew. "I have never partook in this 'delight' as you say and I never will. Not that I mind." Leaning down to press a kiss on the pulsing wrist before the fingers tangled in his hair. "Neither have I Kisuke and I must agree." Ichigo said as he mimicked the other vampire's actions and placed a kiss on the pulse of Renji's throat.

"Really I don't know what you find so disgusting about it, it's meaty fat juicy and the flavour...well not much but if you throw up enough salt it has!" Renji spoke, his mouth full as he munched on his fries. He pulled his hair back to press his wrist closer to Kisuke's mouth and tilted his head away to bare his neck. "I'm feeding so ya two should feed as well. Oh, I know why don't we go out later?"

Both vampire's smiled and nicked the skin offered. "So eager to please," Ichigo said huskily, drawing his tongue across the pierced skin. "Yes he is," Kisuke agreed. "And I think going out later would be a wonderful idea. Where would you like to go darling?" Ichigo hummed his agreement as he lapped up more blood.

Renji purred a bit and then looked thoughtful. "Wellll...I wanna dance...and get drunk. So we'll go clubbing." he grinned again before purring again as he watched Kisuke drink, since well he couldn't see Ichigo.

"Clubbing it is," Kisuke muttered as he feed Renji more fires and slipped his teeth into the human's flesh to allow more blood to flow. It coated his teeth and tongue, staining them a dark pink color. Licking the slow dribble of ruby liquid, he let out a moan at the taste. He still wasn't used to how delicious it was. Ichigo smirked at Kisuke's reaction and trailed his fingers down Renji's chest. He was not giving this little minx up. Not for quite a while.

Renji slipped his other hand out of Ichigo's hair as well and moved it to his own chest to take a hold of Ichigo's hand and press his fingers against a nipple. "I'll get a ring with an 'I' and a 'K' for them, another way to show who owns me." he spoke huskily before slowly inching his wrist closer to his own face so that Kisuke would follow and leaned in to kiss his cheek, and then place one just above Kisuke's lips pulling back to nip his nose.

"I'm flattered Renji," Kisuke said, now ripping pieces of the burger to feed them to him. The kiss he had returned for the few scant moments they had shared it until Rneji had backed away. The nip on his nose had been so cute that a smile settled on his lips. Ichigo pinched the offered nipple and smirked into the bite. "Wonderful idea, pet. I'll get you one."

Renji's eyes fluttered a bit and he let out gaps, his breath picking up a bit. "Don't have to be flattered, s'just me..." Renji licked Kisuke's fingers now, seemingly more interested in that then eating his food. He still ate it, just after thoroughly sucking and licking on the blonds fingers.

"Don't be modest." Eye slightly clouded, Kisuke gasped and hummed. "You seem more interested in teasing than eating, my dear." His fingers joined Ichigo's in their quest over the red head's skin. Teasing the other nipple, they pinched it harshly. More bits of food were pressed against Renji's lips. Ichigo grunted as Kisuke spoke only to distract himself with the human by sucking more blood into his mouth and swallowing. His finger stroked the pert nub beneath the digit.

Renji groaned and parted his lips to take in the offered food. "I won't Kisuke-sama." He whispered, chest arching followed by another pleasurable sound and a content sigh. "I'm such a lucky pet, two owners treating me so well. Every other pet will be so jealous."

Ichigo smiled and unlatched his mouth to speak. "You are lucky, love. And since you are so inescapable in your lust, we will satisfy you. But we won't put your arse through any more pain." He chuckled as Renji reacted so nicely to their ministrations. "After, you will get a shower and we will clean you." Kisuke nodded his head and continued feeding the human his food. He paused to let him sip the soda. "Last night was fun I'll admit but putting your body under anymore strain would be inhuman of us."

Renji was smiling warmly and nodding. Normally he didn't like being taking care of and fused over, but with these two…it felt so nice and good. He could get used to this. "Thanks you Masters." He purred, grinning a bit.

"Oh it is nothing," Ichigo purred as he untangled himself from Renji and trailed his fingers up and down toned abdominal muscles. His tongue poked out from behind his lips to drift lazily after his fingers as they ventured downwards. Kisuke watched his progress and soon set aside the food.

Renji's hands found themselves back in Ichigo's hair, combing stroking and playing with the untameable locks of hair. He felt himself relax yet tense up. Such nice caresses, such sweet caresses made him relax, but the idea of what Ichigo would do….it tensed him. "hmm." He purred, locking eyes with Kisuke." That feels good…" He licked his lips and looked seductively at the other vampire.

"As will this," Kisuke growled and captured Renji's mouth with his. No foreplay, just raw primal lust as his tongue entered his mouth to entwine with the red head's. Pale hands went to comb the fiery red locks as Ichigo grunted in response to his own hair being toyed with. The orange haired elder reached a semi-hard erection and he stroked until it was fully erect. "My sweet, you are mine," Ichigo said, his words were enforced as his hand stroked faster.

Renji's hips lifted in time with Ichigo's stroking, soft whimpers and moans leaving his body as he felt pleasure taking over his system. "Pierce me now, please pierce me now." He asked with a pleasure filled and hoarse voice.

Kisuke raised an eyebrow to the words falling from the lips of the lust driven human. Looking over at Ichigo, he saw his friend nod his permission. Renji may be flying high on endorphins but he knew what he was saying. "My little pain slut," Ichigo chuckled. The words didn't sound harmful coming from him, more endearing than anything. His voice was soft and silky as he watched Renji pant and moan. "If you wish," Kisuke said and fetched some sterile piercing guns. Withdrawing them, he placed one over each of his nipples. "Ichigo if you would." Ichigo nodded and put his hand over one of them. "One, two…three!" CLICK! They punched through the skin and the pierced flesh bled. His hand still stroking Renji's cock, he watched his face for expression changes.

Renji's eyes rolled into the back of his head as a cry tore from his throat. His nipples burned and ached, it hurted so fucking good. Pre-cum spilled from the head of his cock, hips bucking up a bit. His eyes looked up at Ichigo with a warm look in them. A lone tear slid down his right cheek, but a positive pleased look on his face, even if pain shimmered through it.

Ichigo licked Renji's cheek and the tear disappeared. "You okay, love?" He asked with a tender tone, eyes soft and warm as well. "Do you want another?" He slipped down the human's body to lap at the leaking head, cleaning him. Kisuke leaned over to lick away the blood the had spilled in result of the piercings.

"God...yes please." Renji spoke with an unsteady voice. "It burns...and throbs..."He whispered. "So nice" He smiled a bit, reaching down to stroke a hand through Ichigo's hair.

A hesitant nod from Ichigo and Kisuke got another piercing gun. This one he placed at Renji's left eyebrow after he unwrapped it. Not even counting down this time, he clicked the piercing through the flesh and inhaled as more of Renji's blood was spilt.

Renji let out another cry, fingers curling more firmer into Ichigo's hair and tugged onto the orange strands a bit. Renji was trembling a bit now, panting harder as his eyes moved to Kisuke now, tracing over the hot blondes face and body.

He groaned from the strain put on his hair. Resolving to distracted Renji somewhat, Ichigo dipped his head to deep throat the gorgeous red head withering in pain and pleasure. He worked his throat and tongue over the swollen head and sides, a hand going to lightly graze his balls. Kisuke returned Renji's stare and pulled out the last piercing gun. "Open you mouth," he said, voice low.

Renji was moaning again now, Ichigo deep throating him felt so good he nearly lost his mind. His hips twitched a bit, his fingers tugging and stroking through Ichigo's hair a bit more before he nodded and opened his mouth to stick out his tongue for Kisuke.

Growling around the cock inside his mouth, Ichigo watched as Renji willingly subjected himself to having steel bars put through his flesh. It was odd how humans thought of this as expression their individuality and how well they could tolerate pain. And whatever else they did these things for. Placing the gun on the appropriate spot of Renji's tongue, Kisuke clicked it on last time and as soon as threw the used tools away, he went to kiss Renji.

Renji realized he was coming when he felt his hips bucking up to try and get more from Ichigo's mouth. The vibrations he felt when Ichigo growled, the pain that was created by the last all just pushed him over the edge. He returned the kiss he got, even if his tongue hurted and he knew it would swell up, he wanted to return something to Kisuke for the gifts he got just now.

Ichigo was surprised that Renji had lasted that long and wasn't ready for his orgasm. Swallowing, he almost choked but he managed to force it down as he cleaned him up and found Kisuke plundering the poor humans' mouth just after the piercing. He was really getting into this sadist and masochist thing. Lying next to the kissing men, he watched through half lidded eyes.

Renji had noticed that Ichigo was having minor problems down below, but really he couldn't ask if he was okay, not with Kisuke plundering his mouth like that, completely forcing him further into the submissive state he had been gliding into. Renji figured Ichigo was fine since he lay down next to them, the redhead could feel the bed move under the others weight and knew it was Ichigo and not the blond, since Kisuke hadn't moved.

Simply enjoying the view, Ichigo smiled as Kisuke skillfully subdued Renji. Auburn eyes drifted over the new metal adorning his pet's body and ruefully thought how mush they must hurt. Then he noticed how into the kiss Kisuke was becoming and became concerned about where this would lead. "Kisuke," Ichigo said as he put out a hand to move his friend away, "I think that you will end up causing Renji some serious damage if you do not stop." There was a warning in his tone that broke no argument. Hurting Renji even more when he was in this state, no matter how much he would enjoy it, would only make it harder and longer for his body to heal. Kisuke drew away from the willing human and sighed regretfully. "I must agree with you Ichi. It would not help him in his healing,"

Renji's breath was coming in short fast pants, his eyes closed and his mouth still open. It took a few minutes to regain his mind and shake off the fogginess. "It's okay Ichi, the tongue piercing really doesn't hurt much, besides the overdoses of vampire saliva caused some healing since it's not swollen up and only feels a bit numb." A soft smile graced his features as he opened his eyes to have a look down at his chest. "Nice they glister and shine like awesome in the light." He looked at the blond who had been kissing him silly only a few minutes ago. "Thanks for doing them." His gaze moved to Ichigo now. "Thanks for allowing Blondie to put them through my flesh." He spoke, turning onto his side a bit and leaning in to give Ichigo's lips a soft and gentle kiss before laying back down on his back again.

"If you are happy then I am happy," Ichigo said in response. He gazed fondly on Renji's joyous expression upon receiving the piercings. A slim finger slide down the red head's chest to circle around the newly pierced flesh. "I must say that they suit you," Kisuke smiled, fangs glinting.

Renji shivered and closed his eyes. The flesh around the new piercings was extremely sensitive now, since the jewelry had just been shot through. "Course they fit, piercings go with tattoo's." The redhead grinned a bit.

Chuckling, Kisuke settled into Renji's side. "That they do, my dear." His tongue came out to flick over the mentioned flesh. "Now now Kisuke, we should let Renji rest after all this excitement." Ichigo looked over at his friend with disapproving eyes.

Renji let out a shaky breath and moved his hand to rest on Kisuke's shoulder. "Later, Blondie-chan. I'm really to tired and sore all over right now." He gave the vampire an apologetic look before closing his eyes again and actually trying to get some sleep, the more sleep he had to soon he'd heal was the thought, and Renji wanted to heal quickly, and with that thought falling asleep wasn't so hard.

A sigh of relent came from Kisuke as he got comfy. "If you insist." His gray eyes fell halfway shut as he just lay there, content. Ichigo grinned and pushed away the hair on Renji's forehead as he fell asleep. "Sleep well," he whispered into the red head's ear as he followed Kisuke's example.

Renji slept through the entire day, and part of the night as well before he woke up. Groaning and shifting a bit before yawning, exigently clicking the metal bar in his tongue against a teeth before Renji stuck out his tongue and touched around it.

"Good morning," Ichigo said, smiling at the amusing display. "Kisuke left to take care of work so we can just lounge here or go out. Whatever you want to do." His hair was gently tussled from spending sop much time in bed.

Renji turned his head to look at the other, the retracted his tongue and closed his mouth. "Morning." The redhead stretched his body and mostly his back by bending backwards, then pulling himself back up straight. "A shower sounds good." He spoke, reaching out with a hand to see if he could fix Ichigo's hair a bit. His own was tangled and messy because Renji had forgotten to braid it before going to sleep.

"What a fine idea if I may say so myself," Ichigo agreed. "And I think I'll carry you since we put you through so much." A devilish grin played on his lips as he hoisted the sleepy red head into his arms and carried him to the only other door in the room. Opening it, a master bath was revealed. A Jacuzzi set into the floor looked tempting.

Renji was growling and resiting, he could walk just fine! Then though he saw the Jacuzzi and blinked, rubbed his eyes and blinked. To much fancyness so early to believe it right away. "Ichigoooo, you are to rich!" He whined a bit, just settling down now and folding his arms together.

"To be fair this is Kisuke's house, not mine, and he just likes luxury. I so happen to agree." Setting Renji into the Jacuzzi, he started it up. As it filled with water, he began setting the jets. "And indulging oneself isn't wrong. It helps to boost self esteem."

"Well you both are rich!, then." Renji had blinked, and just figured his mind was all foggy from sleep. The redhead leaned against the side of the Jacuzzi and reached up with his hands to start working some tangles out of his hair.

Ichigo hummed with pleasure as the jets pounded his back. 'This feels oh so good." His tongue went out to moisten his lips and he watched Renji. "Here let me get that." Pulling him into his lap, Ichigo began to untangle the crimson strands.

Renji blinked, before just resting against a strong and well defined chest. "Alright." He purred. Closing his eyes as he enjoyed the hot water and Ichigo's hands in his hair. "I'm lucky to have come across you."

"Oh now Renji dear," Ichigo smiled as he gently worked his finger through the other's hair. "You flatter me too much. It is I who is lucky. Plus I got to kick Shuuhei's ass as well. And he needed it badly." Humming a random tune, he combed his fingers all throughout the hair.

"I guess he was acting to high for his rank or something. He's always like that...well most of the times. And I was pretty mean to him, but i don't care, if I find somebody better then the person I'm with I just break up and hit on the other. "Renji shrugged. "Pretty simple actually."

Ichigo didn't pause but he had a thoughtful expression on his face. "I guess it would be for you. Since you don't have to deal with being a vampire and all the hierarchy nonsense hat comes with it." He took a shampoo bottle and squirted some of it into Renji's hair. Working up a lather, he slowly washed it.

Renji sighed contently and purred a bit. "Though I did get myself a high up partner this time." he chuckled a bit and grinned.

"Yes you did. And that guarantees you safety from others as well." Fingers worked expertly, massaging his scalp and doting on every strand. "Kisuke doesn't have a family but he does have age and he likes you as well. Even better for you."

Renji hummed and turned around so he was straddling Ichigo's lap and so he could lean in to give the vampire a kiss. "True, I did pick out good vampires." Renji chuckled a bit, placing another kiss on those lips before returning to his previous position.

"Very good taste, I must say," Ichigo said with a chuckle. He washed the shampoo out and circled his arms around Renji's waist, leaning back just a little. "I haven't been in one of these for a while. I'd forgotten just how good it felt."

"So used to luxary that you forget it." Renji chuckled and leaned against Ichigo. "This is nice like this, after just having woken up and all."

Having closed his eyes, Ichigo cracked one to stare at Renji's back. "I guess you could say that. I have been known to take my situation for granted." Sighing happily, he lazily rested his chin on the other's shoulder. "Yeah it is nice."

"Why don't we go out hunting?" Renji suddenly spoke up. "I do remember you liked it, and I always wanted to try it out..." The redhead grinned, tilting his head sideways to look at Ichigo.

A worried frown settled on his lips as Renji brought up the subject of hunting. "You sure you fell up to it? You ass must be still sore unless you have sort of amazing healing ability you haven't mentioned." Though hunting with Renji did sound fun.. He would be able to test out his abilities and find if his own were still up to par. Not that he was worried since Ichigo's body would never age nor loss it's strength but if one's senses weren't constantly challenged they could dull.

"I can do it. I slept through the worse pain, so with moving it doesn't really hurt all that bad. My asshole just feels raw and sore, and any penetration would be hell. But moving, I think I can do that." Renji said, nuzzling Ichigo's neck a bit as he moved a hand up to play with Ichigo's hair.

"I really can not allow it until you are fully healed." Ichigo's voice was stern as he looked down at Renji. "Besides…" His lips turned upwards in a smirk. "It won't that fun hunting a half healed human. If you can't run properly then I'll catch you in no time."

Renji pouted. "Just ya see, one day I'll so defeat ya." He leaned up towards Ichigo for a tongue less kiss and then yawned before getting up. "Toilet is mine." Renji informed since he had to go take a leek." I'll get my piercings checked up with Blondie, then get back here to cuddle ya to death." Grinning widely Renji got up with a slight hiss and headed over to his first destination. He did still limp, but he felt much better already. After doing his business and yanked on a pants he limped down the stairs. "Urahara-san, can you check up on my piercings? Oh and tongue them? Since my tongue feels really good." He spoke, grinning a bit before walking into the parlor.

Ichigo watched, chuckling as Renji left. As Renji walked into the parlor, Kisuke looked up from cleaning his instruments and readying them for his next customer, whoever that may be. "Of course I can check them Renji-kun." Getting up he closed the distance between them and tentatively brushed his fingers over the nipple piercings. Meanwhile, he moved to capture the redhead's lips in a kiss.

Renji shivered a bit, the just pierced skin felt so sensitive, and along with the still hurt from then...Renji lifted his right hand up to wrap Kisuke's hair around his fingers and tug a bit when he returned the kiss as the other arm hung next to his side.

Murmuring his approval, the vampire slipped his free hand in Renji's other one. Kisuke slipped his tongue inside the willing mouth and probed the new piercing through his tongue. It felt smooth and hard against the pink muscle of his tongue.

Renji gripped harder at Kisuke's hand as he shuddered a bit, he could /feel/ the metal move inside his tongue, touching and bumping into the sensitive sides of the hole, still this one hurt less. Mouth wounds healed faster that was a fact, but Renji just knew it was because of the kiss he had gotten before.

Taking a step forwards, he kept moving until Renji was pressed up against a wall. Pulling his mouth away from Renji's, Kisuke trailed kisses down his jaw until he reached the tender nipples. Sticking out his tongue, he used the tip to circle them.

Renji let out a little gasp and rested his head against the wall behind, his chest was falling and rising quickly, the sensations coursing through his body made his head spin, fuck, whomever said pierced flesh was sensitive hadn't been lying.

Grinning, he used his teeth to gently tug on the barbell that was put through the flesh. "So how do you like them?" Kisuke asked, indicating the new additions to his body. His free hand went to trail around his belly button.

Renji's hand let go of Kisuke's so it could move up to his mouth where the redhead bit into it to stop the sounds from rolling over his lips. Fuck, that felt good! "I...I like -nngh!- them alot."

"Good to hear," he smirked as his hand dipped down to tease Renji's cock. Kisuke used one hand to tug on the neglected nipple. "You are never satisfied are you?"

Renij's chest arched towards Kisuke, hissing in delight before grinning. "Got that right. I'm one hell of a horny bastard." His hips wanted to twitch, move closer to that hand, but Renji forbade it.

Kisuke laughed outright at Renji's response and licked his fangs. "Lucky Ichi," he said, his hand pressed harder against the hardening flesh. "All that pain you like and get hot from…" He muttered as he slipped a fang into the pectoral of muscle before him. Licking up the drops of blood, the blonde moved his mouth downwards.

Renji groaned and pulled on Kisuke's hair, glaring a bit before that expression was lost in a pleasured one. "It's handing, enjoying pain while with a vampire, and I've got two of them, damm Lucky guy.'

"Yes you are lucky Renji my dear," Kisuke said and placed a kiss on the red head's inner thigh. "And you may take full advantage of that fact." Eye darting up to take in the sight, he scratched at the other's sides.

Renji purred, his thighs spreading a bit before he moved down on his knees and pressed his hands down on Kisuke's shoulders. "Ya know, even though I'm to sore to be ain't." He wiggled his eyebrows suggestively as he licked his lips.

Eyes twinkling at Renji's suggestion, he chuckled. "I see that you are not as submissive as you act." His voice deepened and he pressed closer to the red head. "If that is your wish, then take it."

Renji chuckled as well. "I can switch, though I prefere submisive. Anyway, I wanna fuck, and there's no way I'm getting my ass stuffed, since you are such a nice Master I'll do you good. How do you like it?" Renji asked, pushing Kisuke onto his back and leaning down to nip his jaw, moving towards an ear to graze it with his lips and nip the sensitive point behind it.

As he was lowered to the floor, he relaxed against the hard material. "I'll like whatever you choose to do to me Renji." Uttering a small gasp as a sensitive spot was attacked he hummed in approval. "I'm no china doll as you know." Kisuke reached a hand up to tangle in the luxurious red hair that crowned Renji's head and yanked on it.

Renji's eyes fluttered close and he took in a sharp breath. "True." He spoke as he nipped and sucked at an earlobe now, his hands ripping up the shirt the vampire wore before ranking his nails down, one hand staying there to pinch at nipples while the other reached down further to grip Kisuke's hip, placing his body firmly against the others and started grinding.

"Mhmm yes Renji," Kisuke sighed as he felt his body assaulted. Aching into the grinding of his hips and shuddering as nails scratched his skin, the vampire bit his lip and used his free hand to slip between their bodies and tug again on the pierced nipples. His mouth moved over Renji's seeing as he had yanked his head away from his ear. Placing a kiss on the red head's lips, he licked at one corner of his mouth.

Renji groaned pressing his lips fully to Kisuke's before parting his lips and asking entrance. Both his hands slid down before moving underneath Kisuke and gripping his ass in a firm, possessive hold.

"Yes," Kisuke gasped. "Make me yours." Growling, he scratched his way down Renji's back, nails making angry red lines on the flesh. Opening his mouth to welcome the other's tongue inside, he slipped his own tongue out and intertwined it with the redhead's.

Renji hissed in delight when he felt nails in his back, he pressed there entwined tongues into Kisuke's mouth and nicked both on a fang before kissing deeper, harder and messier, not caring that he swallowed some blood. The thought of making the blond vampire his had never sounded more appealing then this moment. Renji was sure it was a new record when he hastily tore of both of there remaining clothes. The redhead was trembling a little bit, he was so exited, so aroused, he wanted Kisuke and he wanted him now. "Sorry…not gunna be able ta wait." He growled his voice hitting the low tone it always did when he was aroused. Sliding down the others body as he pushed two fingers into Kisuke's mouth while closing his lips around the head of his cock, looking up with smothering eyes through a fringe of red hair. He slid his mouth down, taking it in half ways as he pushed his fingers in deeper. The redhead wondered if the door was locked or that customers could just walk in, and then he came to the conclusion he didn't give a shit and focused on blowing the sexy male beneath him, sucking, stroking with his tongue taking it in completely and swallowing before moving back up to play with the slid using the barbell through his tongue.

Groaning in surprise as Renji shoved his fingers into his mouth and then began to suck him off, Kisuke went to work lathering up the digits in his mouth. When the red head dominating him took more of his erection into his mouth, he involuntarily bit down on the fingers in his mouth causing them to bleed the slightest bit. Rolling his tongue over the blood droplets, he chuckled.

Renji hissed a bit when he was bitten but never stopped. The redhead could be very impatient, on both sides, his fingers were yanked out, one of Kisuke's legs was lifted over the redheads shoulder as his fingers started probing before one of them slid inside up till the hilt, checking up on Kisuke before thrusting it in and out then adding another finger to start scissoring.

"Fuck," Kisuke hissed out in a long moan as Renji's fingers penetrated him roughly. It had been such a long time since he'd been taken. He knew it would get better since the ones he had taken hadn't minded too much after the process got under way. "Forget the fingers just take me."

Renji looked up to study Kisuke for a moment, then pulled his fingers out, pulled off of his cock with a little 'plop'. The redhead sat up on his knees and gripped the vampires hand to yank him up along with him to a standing position, pushing at the mans back to have him walk to the tattoo chair, Renji gripped a hip to steady the male, the other pushing down on his back to make him bend over. "Hold on and wait." Renji growled, giving a slap to the blonds ass before he searched for that jelly used when tattoooing, when found he quickly coated his twitching erection with it them moved back behind Kisuke, gripping his hips in a hard grip and positioning his cock. He pressed against Kisuke's entrance, fighting with the muscles there before they suddenly gave in and his slipped inside with a gasp, his eyes closing as he trembled in pleasure, quickly thrusting all the way inside before bending over Kisuke's back, nuzzling his neck. "How does that feel?" He asked.

A small tremble wracked the body of the blonde vampire as he was thrust into. It felt deliciously painful but hurt like a bitch all the same. "Fucking hurts now move." Hooking his legs around Renji's waist, he gasped as he felt the red head move deeper within him. Stretching his neck to allow the other more skin to roam, the vampire wrapped his arms around his torso.

"So demanding." Renji spoke amuzed, nipping rather rough at the skin of Kisuke's neck. "Oh move you say? Like this?" Renji pulled out terribly slow before moving back in only half ways before pulling out slowly again.

Kisuke cursed and his eyes had a crimson gleam to them as he all but snarled at Renji. "Fuck you." The torturously slow movements of those hips were driving him mad with want and need.

"Well yes I am fucking you, that correct, you'll gain one real thrust for speaking the truth." Renji spoke, smirking as he pulled out and thrusted in hard and completely before going o the torturous thrusts.

That one complete thrust cause him to moan in utter delight but as the thrusts became slower like those of before, Kisuke panted and growled as he wound his legs tighter around Renji's waist. "Please," he said.

"Please? Please what my dear, please stop? I can do that if that's what you want..." Renji put on a hurt look and stopped the movement of his hips completely.

"You are infuriating my dear," Kisuke nearly howled and felt his fangs grow. "Fuck me hard and proper is why I was saying please." Mouth going up, he traced the tattooed slash marks on Renji's chest with his fangs, red liquid dripping from them.

Renji closed his eyes and shuddered. "I should just wait until you say: Fuck me hard Renji, please, but the waiting is kinda not nice, since yer terrible tight, not used to getting screwed?" He asked, bracing himself on the chair with his hands before he pulled out and slammed back inside with a grunt, only repeat it over and over, staring down at the animalistic look Kisuke wore. His fangs large and deadly, his eyes deep red and definitely not human. And he, a mere human, was fucking the creature.

"Yessss!" Kisuke hissed as Renji finally got around to penetrating deep and thrusting into him hard. "And no I haven't been screwed as you put it for a while." Fangs still out, his eyes clouded to a murky red as he jerked when his prostate was hit.

Renji grinned down at the vampire, leaning down to latch his teeth onto the skin of Kisuke's neck, then sucking to make a hicky. "Yer such a pervert, any customer could walk in and seeing the tattoo artist being screwed in his own chair."

"Turns you on doesn't it?" Smirking and flashing his fangs at the man dominating him, Kisuke bared his neck for the abuse. His nails scratched down Renji's spine, leaving a trail of red marks.

Renji groaned lowly and thrusted inside harder when he felt those nails in his back. He looked smug. "Yes it does, I almost wish somebody would walk in." He chuckled into Kisuke's ear before biting down hard on the man's neck, hard enough to break the skin. He nuzzled the bite wound sucking around it a bit and flicking his tongue at some of the blood, he then pulled back, fingers digging into the chair to hold on better as he started to speed his thrust up, panting as he looked down at Kisuke.

A loud snarl made his lips stretch across his teeth as Renji hit that one spot that made all of this worth it. "Oh fucking hell yes!" Moving his hips in time with those of the red head, he kept voicing his pleasure at the treatment. "Harder!" Hands going to grip taut shoulders, they gripped with an intensity that pierced flesh, making little rivers of blood run down.

Renji gasped loudly and his body shuddered a bit as he got used to the burning and stinging sensation on his shoulder. Fuuuuuck Kisuke was muuuch louder when on the receiving end, and so animalisitc, primal...Renji shuddered and complied with the blond underneath him, thrusting as hard as he could into the willing and heavenly body underneath him.

Groaning in delight, he could feel himself throb at the sensation of Renji inside him. He shuddered as the thrusts struck his prostate each and every time. "Damn…Not much longer!" Kisuke could feel the beginning of his release as his muscles began to spasm. "Renji…!" He came screaming between their bodies, a faint sheen of sweat covering his unblemished, perfect pale skin.

Renji felt lost as he saw Kisuke cum below him, and the feeling of him tightening around him, screaming his name, those nails further into his skin. "Fuck!" He grunted out, thrusting a few more times, the tattooes decorating his body seemed to stretch around his muscles, shining from sweat and at some parts blood. He moaned out loudly as he came, groaning when his hips slowly halted and he let himself drop against that perfect pale body, the contrast nice against his own, slightly tanned and tattooed skin.

A small grunt came from the slightly smaller vampiric male as the other fell on top of him. The smack of their skin hitting was dulled a little by the sweat and semen between. Panting a little, Kisuke grinned and ran his fingers through Renji's slightly damp hair. "That was the best lay I've received in a while."

"It's the only lay ya've had in a while, KisUKE." REnji snorted a this own joke before outright laughing. "Damm ya really are primal!" Renji spoke, looking at his still bleeding shoulders. "But it's cool, I loved it."

Snorting at eth lame pun, he shut his eyes and cracked one open. "I will admit I am more…vocal and expression on the receiving end." His now gray eyes moved over Renji's body and saw the damage. "And you were supposed to be resting." He sighed and tapped his chin. "Ichi may be mad."

"Ahh, it'll be fine, I'll just shake my ass and have him forget." Renji blinked then. "Ooops...I was gonna get back to him and cuddle..." He grinned a bit nervous and pulled out of Kisuke. "He'll be mad! Sorry vampie, I was gonna cuddle with ya, but that has ta wait." He gave a peck to Kisuke's lips before getting off of him and walking back up to the second floor to see if Ichigo was still in the Jacuzzi.

Kisuke chuckled and watched him go. "Later then dear." All the while Ichigo had fallen into thinking about past memories. Of being turned, of his family before being a vampire, his family now… They ran together into a sort of movie that replayed all the part only with different characters in each scene. He had neared a trance like state, almost like when he rested.

Renji studied Ichigo for a while, before he walked behind him, leaned his chin on the others shoulder and wrapped arms around a lean yet muscular body. "Ichi…sorry I left ya alone so long….but I was screwing Kisuke's brains out." He chuckled a bit then.

Jerking out of his memories at Renji's touch, Ichigo returned to the present. "You did?" Ichigo laughed with delight. "I bet he almost ripped you in half dear." A small frown wrinkled his brow. "But you shouldn't be straining yourself so soon." His gaze went over the various cuts that Kisuke had inflicted on his red head.

"Dun' worry Ichi, it was cool. I'm not the type of guy to just sit around doing nothing." He grinned. "And yeah, he was pretty...expressional.." Renji rolled his shoulders. "Shall I join ya, pretty boy?" He asked, licking Ichigo's cheek.

"Hn, join me dear one." Ichigo smiled and took his hand, pulling him into the Jacuzzi. Settling the red head in his lap, he kissed a path from his neck to his jaw line. "And I do know that you are rather active. Even when you shouldn't."

"Following commands ain't funny, and I usually only follow them either when I want to, or when there forced onta me." Renji seemed to think for a bit then nodded and rested against Ichigo's chest.

"Such a fiery spirit you have," Ichigo smiled into his neck. "And it would be unbecoming of me to crush it." He agreed with Renji's words, relenting. "This warm water should help heal your wounds if they aren't already healed."

"I"m fine, Ichi-chan. Ya two ain't the first vampires I get fucked by and fuck, ya know. These are just scratches, I'm more then fine, don't worry so much." He leaned his head back against Ichigo's shoulder and closed his eyes. "SO what shall we do today?"

He stopped pursuing the subject. "Since hunting is out of the question," Ichigo said," I hadn't really thought about it." Today has been a lounge around day for him seeing as he had been rather active recently. "Is there anything you wish to do?" Feeling Renji relax against him, he leaned back himself.

"Hmm dunno, something fun,it gets bored doing nothing so quickly." He sighed gently before turning himself around on Ichigo's lap so he could look at him, then leaned in to kiss his vampire lover.

"You are like child in that manner Renji. Easily bored." Shaking his with fond disbelief, Ichigo kissed Renji back. "Well there is something I've always wanted to try…"

"I'm no kid!" Renji spoke, if he were to have dog ears they would have fallen down sadly, but then perked upright away. "Wanted to try something...? Ohhh why don't you tell me?"

Looking embarrassed, the elder vampire coughed. "I've always wanted to go skating…" His usual confident manner was now slightly dented. "I've never done it."

"Skating...?" Renji asked surprised then chuckled softly, soon turning into a huge laugh fit, ohhh funny!!! But mostly the embarrassment he could see on the always confident vampire. "Sure, ha ha, what kind? Roller skating? On a skateboard? Or ice skating? Ya name it." He laughed a bit more, amusing himself greatly.

"Now it isn't nice to laugh. Especially at your elders," Ichigo chastised, his tone low and threatening. His hand snaked down to grasp Renji's cock and pump slowly. Kissing down the side of his neck, he paused at the beating pulse and slipped his fingers into the skin on either side.

Renji's laughing died down, choking a bit over the sound before just chuckling when he got used to sudden sensations. "I can do whatever I want. Ichigo, even if you are older then me." He grinned his trade mark grin and didn't even try to move an inch as he cock started hardening.

"I can still retaliate," Ichigo chuckled and continued to stroke the hardening organ. Lazily, he drank some blood and removed his fangs. "Want to go skating now?"

"Ya'd do bad in the army, not even dishing out any punishment to your subordinates when they misbehave." Renji muttered, his eyes darkening a bit as pleasure started to race through his body.

"So punishment is what you want?" Ichigo arched an eyebrow at the red head's words. He hadn't had to resort to that in a while. Usually because most people were agreeable but Renji wasn't that was sure.

"I was just stating a fact, since you really wouldn't do good in the army." The redhead grinned before smirking a bit. "Who knows what I want. It's a Se-cr-et" He spoke, wagging his finger in frond of Ichigo's face.

"Well if it's a secret," Ichigo pulled his hands away and stopped touching the coy male. "Then you can just go without my attentions." Smirking, he closed his eyes and let the Jacuzzi relax him.

Renji pouted a bit, then leaned forward to press his lips against Ichigo's neck. "But Ichigo-sama, what I want might be a secret, but that I /need/ ya ain't right? Ya should know Ichigo-sama." He whispered hotly into the others ear, flicking his tongue over the lobe before tracing the shell and biting down on the top.

"Insatiable," Ichigo muttered and felt a grin tugging at corners of his mouth. Lifting a finger, he drew it over the recent mark he had put on him. "I am becoming spoiled by you my dear."

"Ichigo-sama..." Renji whined a bit, sliding his hands up over Ichigo's sides. He gave a bite to the others earlobe before moving down to trace his tongue over a pale neck.

"Fuck like bunnies is that it?" Sighing and opening his eyes, they had darkened and were looking upon the other with relish. "Do honestly expect me to be at your beck and call?" Ichigo straightened up at the touches.

"Che, ya sure know how to kill the mood." He pulled back from Ichigo and got out of the Jacuzzi, gripping a towel to dry himself of.

Shrugging, Ichigo followed him out of the bubbling tub and began to dry himself as well. The textured fabric rubbed against his skin, drying it off.

Renji felt a bit annoyed, toweling himself of rather hard before yanking on a pair of underwear and heading to the kitchen to see what he'd have for breakfast. Nobody had ever turned him down, not that Ichigo did that...not really, felt like it, Renji rolled his eyes before continuing his search.

Also putting on a pair of boxers, he followed Renji into the kitchen. "There's more to life than screwing love," Ichigo stated. "You should know about that seeing as you will die."

"I don't fear death nor welcome it. And I know how life works. Now shadup and go skating, that's what ya wanted right?" He smeared butter on two bread slices before looking in the fridge to see what he'd put on it.

Frowning in frustration, he watched his movements. "I would rather go with you than by myself. And no need to get your knickers in a twist because I don't feel like getting sexual every single moment." Ichigo almost growled as this man acted absurdly.

Renji turned around to glare at Ichigo. "That's how I am okay? I screw around every single second I can. So sorry, but if you can't take that I'm leaving. I won't change who I am. And I just grew up with screwing, guess my life wasn't as perfect as yours. Vampy-chan, with your perfect manners and perfect looks. I"m just street dog. Ya shouldn't even be with a low life like me." Renji sighed a bit

before turning over to go back to investigating the fridge. He knew he was behaving stupid and irradical, still he acted before thinking, that was also him.

"Now now Renji I'm sorry if I offended you because I didn't mean to. You are not some dog to be thrown out for misbehaving either." Ichigo went around and hugged the red head to him, his chest pressed against the human's back. Placing soothing kisses across the back of his neck, the vampire tried to sooth his ruffled feathers.

Renji's body was stiff before he sighed and eventually relaxed. "Guess it got to me...It's just on the streets, affection is shown by mindless fucking, hell 'bout anything is shown by mindless fucking."

"That is a shame," Ichigo said. "You deserve more than that." And he was sincere. Nobody needed to be treated like a toy, nobody.

"It's fine, I don't mind, i'm not on the streets anyway, not anymore. When I finish my breakfast we'll go out skating kay?" the redhead smiled a bit as he pulled out the cheese.

"If you insist." Ichigo stopped pursuing the subject and let his pet get on with getting his food. "And skating would please me. With you there, I'll have someone to hold onto if I feel myself falling." He left himself chuckle at that picture of mild shame.

A cheesy grin lit Renji's face. "Now that's something I think I'll enjoy." He laughed a bit before proceeded to shove his breakfast down his throat.

"Oh I bet you will." It wasn't everyday a person saw an elder vampire embarrass themselves willingly, but Ichigo had wanted to learn to skate and had never had the time to do so until now.

Renji was grinning when he walked around to collect his clothes, he kept on giving Ichigo looks, before outright laughing, oh yes, this was going to be good.

"Ha, save the laughs for when we are actually skating." Ichigo growled and went to get some clothes on. "What kind of skating are we doing first?"

"That's all your choice love, it's not me who's going to be skating ya know." Renji reminded him, walking up to the vampire to kiss his cheek and then pull back again.

"Roller skating it is!" Now fully clothed in loose jeans and a hoodie, the prince of darkness smiled and wrapped his arm around his pet. "And who said you weren't skating?" Ichigo chuckled before leading Renji out to his car and holding his door open. As they got in the car, the orange haired vampire drove off with Renji at his side.