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There is no Anzu bashing in this one. Like with most of my other fics, Anzu is a friend to them and helps get Atemu and Yami with Heba and Yugi.

However, there will be Vivian bashing. It won't be as extreme as in my other story, Mistakes and Surprises, if you've read that one.

I doubt that Leo, Yuesei, Sayora, and Kyla will be in this one.

I changed how I'm going to do the story a little, but it still has the same basic idea.

I doubt that there will be any mpreg in this one, but there may be lemons later on. Won't be happening too soon, though.

Summary: Yugi and Heba Mutou are new students to Domino High. Yami and Atemu Sennen are the popular kids, and they take an instant liking to them. However, Yugi and Heba are a bit secretive about thier past, which brings up the question of why they are secretive. Things get more complicated when Seto and Mokuba Kaiba have a connection to them that no one is willing to explain. Yami, Atemu, and thier friends are determined to find out what connection thier cousin has to thier new crushes, and they also want to know about thier past? What's going to happen? Will they find out about YUgi and Heba's past? What is this connecton that the Kaiba brothers have to Yugi and Heba? And will Yami and Atemu be able to win Yugi and Heba over and steal thier hearts? Find out! Pairings: Established SetoxJou, MarikxMalik, BakuraxRyou, TristanxAnzu eventual: YamixYugi, AtemuxHeba there will also be slight AknankanonxAmara, not much of that.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything except for the plot.

Chapter 1- The New Students

Yami and Atemu Sennen, twins, walked to Domino High School.

Outside the school stood Katsuya Jonouchi, Anzu Mazaki, Hiroto Honda, Ryou Bakura, Malik Ishtar, Bakura Reisu, and Marik Ismal, majority of Atemu and Yami's friends, were waiting for them.

"Hi, guys!" Anzu said happily.

"Hey. Sorry we're running behind." Atemu said.

"No prob, man. We know that you always run behind when your parents are away." Katsuya Jonouchi, better known by his friends as Jou, said.

"How did your weekend go?" Yami asked as the friends walked into the school.

"Ours was great." Bakura said.

"So was ours." Marik added.

"Bakura!" Ryou exclaimed.

"Marik!" Malik growled.

The others laughed.

It was well-known that Ryou and Bakura were an item as well as Marik and Malik. Unfortunately, Bakura and Marik were rather crass, which usually caused Ryou and Malik to scold them.

"What? It's true." Marik said.

"How about you three?" Yami asked quickly, turning attention from the four.

"Ours was fine. Anzu and I did something together." Hiroto Honda, known as just Honda to his friends, said.

"What did you do?" Atemu asked.

"We went to see a ballet and then we went to see some kind of race." Anzu said.

"Monster truck rally." Honda supplied.

Anzu and Honda had been dating for about a year. They usually did things together on he weekends when the group had no plans, and they always did something they each liked, and the other would go because it's what the other liked to do.

"What about you, Jou?" Yami asked.

"I was just out of luck. Seto had to go out of town for the weekend on business, so Mokuba and I ended up just spending time together this weekend, which was nice, too." Jou said.

Jou was dating Seto Kaiba, the president and teenage CEO of KaibaCorp, a gaming company. Jou lived at the Kaiba mansion with Seto and his younger brother, Mokuba Kaiba. Seto and Mokuba were Yami and Atemu's cousins.

The group went to their lockers to get the books that they would need for their first class before they all trekked to the classroom, where they sat down in a group.

The entire group were juniors.

Atemu, Yami, Anzu, Ryou, and Malik were at the top of their class while Jou and Honda struggled slightly although they still did fine with Bs and Cs. Bakura and Marik just skated by with the help of their boyfriends.

"Little Miss Perfect is glaring again." Yami muttered.

The group knew that he was referring to Vivian Wong. She wasn't a rich girl, but she had the attitude of one and thought that she did no wrong and that everyone should do what she wanted. She had been after Yami and Atemu, but when both declined to date her, she spread rumors that Yami and Atemu were gay, which ended up being true.

"I think she still hated the fact that you two made her look foolish when she said you were gay and hoped to humiliate you, but ended up just outing you two." Jou said.

Atemu rolled his eyes. "Like we care. We were planning to come out anyway. Besides, she shouldn't have thought that she could force us to date her by spreading rumors about us." Atemu said.

"Besides, it's not like we really care what she thinks. She doesn't ask us on dates anymore. Just makes sire that new students know it." Yami said.

"Not that you care who knows." Honda remarked.

"Nope." the brothers said.

"Anyway, are we doing anything after school?" Jou asked.

"We'd like to, but Mom and Dad are supposed to be home when we get out of school, and we promised them that we would come straight home after school." Atemu said.

"Too bad. Guess the rest of us will have to find something to do." Honda said.

Marik smirked. "I think that Bakura and I can find something interesting to do." Marik said.

"Indeed. It should be fun." Bakura agreed.

"You're not doing anything drastic. Last time, you almost got thrown in jail." Malik said.

"That was just one time two years ago." Bakura protested.

"And we're not chancing that either." Ryou snapped.

The others laughed.

"I think that something normal would be better." Anzu said.

"Like what?" Honda asked.

Before anyone could answer, the teacher walked in.

"Okay, class. Settle down. We have to get started." the teacher said.

Everyone turned to face forward.

"Class, before we do start, we have two new students. I'd like you to make them feel welcome." the teacher said.

Two boys walked in. They were both rather short, had tri-colored hair in spikes and both had amethyst eyes. One of them was tanned while the other had pale skin.

The group of friends hid their gasps. The two new students looked almost exactly like Yami and Atemu save for a few difference.

"Please introduce yourself to the class." the teacher said.

"My name is Heba Mutou." the tanned one said.

"I'm Yugi Mutou." the other said.

The teacher noticed empty seats at the back of the classroom right behind Yami and Atemu. "You may sit in the seats behind Yami and Atemu. Please raise your hands." the teacher said.

Yami and Atemu raised their hands.

Yugi and Heba went to take their seats behind their look-alikes.

"All right, class. let's get started." the teacher said.

The class started.

Yami, Atemu, and their friends wondered about the new students. They hadn't thought that anyone could look like Yami and Atemu, but these two looked scarily like them.

'Hmm. I wonder who they are.' Yami thought.

After class, it was time for break.

Yami, Atemu, and their friends met under the Sakura tree like they always do.

"Yami, Atemu. Do you two have two other twins to make you quadruplets?" Jou asked.

"Not to our knowledge. That was just weird." Atemu said.

"You have to admit that they're cute, though." Anzu said.

"Watch it, Honda. You may be losing your girlfriend to one of them." Jou said.

"No. I'm just saying that they look cute. I expect that they have girls throwing themselves at them." Anzu said.

"Yeah, and I bet that Vivian will be one of the first ones." Bakura said.

Ryou noticed that Yugi and Heba were walking across the schoolyard to sit under another Sakura tree. "Hey. There they are." Ryou said.

The group looked to see the boys sitting under the Sakura tree, talking.

"Never thought that we'd actually meet anyone that was shorter than you two." Marik joked.

Yami and Atemu sent him death glares although what he had said was true. Neither one was very tall, and most of the kids their age were taller than them, but these two were even shorter than them.

"Wonder where they came from?" Honda mused.

Atemu and Yami hadn't been able to take their eyes off of the two new kids.

"Oh, that's so cute." Anzu said, clapping her hands together.

"What is?" Honda asked.

"Yami and Atemu have crushes on the new kids." Anzu said.

"We do not!" the brothers exclaimed at the same time.

"Oh yeah. Then why do you keep starring at them?" Anzu asked.

"We're just curious about them. They are new." Yami said, trying to contain his blush.

"Then why are you blushing?" Malik asked.

"We don't even know them. How can we have crushes?" Atemu asked.

"You like how they look. Just a natural attraction. " Jou said.

"I just hope that you're not crushing on the same one." Marik said.

"We are not crushing on anyone, Marik!" Atemu snapped.

"Even if we were, there's nothing to say that they are gay." Yami said.

"They could be bi, you know." Ryou pointed out.

Anzu looked up and her stare hardened. "Uh-oh. Miss Perfect is making her move." Anzu said.

They all looked to see that Vivian was approaching Yugi and Heba.

"Great. Wonder what she plans to tell them." Bakura growled.

"What she always does, probably." Honda said.

Yami and Atemu could barely contain their growls. Even though they wouldn't admit it, Atemu was crushing on Heba, and Yami was crushing on Yugi, and they didn't like the thought of Vivian approaching them because they had a feeling that Vivian would do more than tell them that they were gay.

"I think that Bakura and I will sneak up and see what she says." Marik said.

"Marik, you promised me no more spying." Malik said.

"Could you let them just this once?" Atemu asked.

"Well, okay. Just because we need to know what she says." Ryou agreed.

Bakura and Marik snuck over to hide in the bushes close to where Yugi and Heba were.

"Hello. You're the new students, right?" Vivian asked.

'You're in our class, so you know we are.' Heba thought.

"Yes, we are. Can we help you?" Yugi asked.

"I'm Vivian Wong, the most wanted girl in school. I thought that maybe one of you would like to date me." Vivian said sweetly. 'Yami and Atemu are going to regret not going out with me. I'll just date one of these twerps until they come around.' Vivian thought.

"I'm sorry, but we're not looking for dates right now." Heba said.

"Why not?" Vivian hissed.

"We just moved her a few days ago. Neither one of us are interested in dating. We'd like to get to know the school and town before we date." Yugi answered.

"You'll fine no one better to date than me." Vivian told them.

Heba frowned. "I think that you've come to the wrong people with your vendetta." Heba said.

"What vendetta?" Vivian asked innocently.

"The one you have with Yami and Atemu Sennen. You see, you hear a lot of things through the school's grapevine. This is our first day, but we heard that you have been after them for years. You're planning to use us to get to them, and that's not happening." Yugi said.

"You'll have to find someone else to make them jealous." Heba said.

"You'll pay for that. No one turns me down." Vivian growled before she stormed off.

"How long before the school had rumors about us?" Heba asked.

"By lunch time." Yugi answered.

Bakura and Marik rejoined their friends, laughing.

"What's so funny?" Honda asked.

"The grapevine's done it's job." Bakura said.

"Meaning?" Ryou asked.

"Well, Little Miss Perfect asked one of them to be her boyfriend. She didn't care which one. Turns out they had already heard about her obsession with Yami and Atemu and knew that Vivian was going to use them to try and make them jealous. They turned her down flat and told her that she wouldn't use them. She stormed off after saying that they would regret it." Marik said.

"Great. That means Vivian will spread the rumor that they are gay." Yami said.

They knew that Vivian spread the rumor that any guy who turned her down was gay, and the only way to end the rumor was for the guy to go out with her.

"Well, I wonder if they'll break like all the others." Atemu said.

"I guess we'll find out soon." Yami said.

The bell rang for break to be over, so the group gathered their things and headed to their next class.

Atemu was in the advanced biology class, so he was alone in the class. He was also alone on his lab assignments since there was an odd number of students. He was startled when Heba walked in.

"Sit down class." the teacher said.

Everyone did as they were told.

"We have a new student joining us, Heba Mutou. Mr. Sennen, since you have no lab partner, Mr. Mutou will be paired with you for the rest of the year. Now, get in your partners." the teacher said.

Heba joined Atemu over at the lab station.

The teacher came over and said, "Mr. Sennen, I would like you to catch Mr. Mutou up on what we've done." the teacher said.

"Yes, sir." Atemu replied.

The teacher nodded, and walked off.

"Well, we just started in cell biology, so we were supposed to do a lab on studying the cell today." Atemu said.

"Yeah. I read that in the lab manual." Heba said.

"Okay. We can do the lab and then I'll help you catch up with where we are now." Atemu said.

Heba nodded, and the two got to work.

Atemu and Heba were the first ones done with the lab and there was till an hour left of class.

"Well done. I'm glad to see you have a challenge now, Mr. Sennen." the teacher said before walking off.

"What did he mean?" Heba asked.

"Oh. I've been at the top of the class with no one to really challenge me. I guess he just means I have someone who can keep up with me now." Atemu explained.

"I see. Well, I don't compete with people in school. I just do the best that I can." Heba said.

"That's what I do." Atemu replied. He looked over at Heba and said, "Heba, can I ask you a question?"

"Sure. What is it?" Heba asked, a little wary.

"I was just wondering if you and Yugi are related and are you twins?" Atemu asked.

"Yes. We're twin brothers. I take it that you and Yami are, too." Heba said.

"Yeah. Yami and I are twins." Atemu agreed.

Heba smiled. "That wasn't hard to figure out." Heba said. He then glanced at Atemu and said, "By the way, were the two in the bushes spying on me and Yugi when Vivian came to talk to us your friend?"

Atemu looked shocked. "You knew they were there?" Atemu asked.

Heba nodded. "They were discreet, but Yugi and I usually are very aware of our surroundings." Heba said.

"Yeah. You see, we know Vivian, and we were afraid she's trick you into going out with her." Atemu said.

"Your school has a very profound grapevine. We knew pretty fast. Besides, someone that straightforward can't be good. She also said it like a snob, and I don't care for people like that." Heba said.

"Just so you know, she'll be spreading rumors." Atemu said.

"Thought that she might." Heba said.

"Listen. Do you and your brother want to eat with me and my friends at lunch?" Atemu asked.

"Do you think that they'll mind? I don't want to intrude." Heba said.

"It's no problem. Believe me." Atemu said.

"Well, I'll see if Yugi wants to." Heba said.

"Okay. We always eat under one of the Sakura trees." Atemu said.

"The one that you were under earlier?" Heba asked.

Atemu nodded.

"Okay. We'll meet you there." Heba said.

Yugi and Yami had advanced mathematic together, much to Yami's surprise.

Yami hadn't thought that anyone he knew would want to take such an advanced class.

Since the teacher wasn't there, Yugi wasn't sure where to sit until Yami waved him over.

Yugi decided to walk over and sat down in one of the desks beside Yami.

"I guess you're one of the few to chance this class." Yami said.

Yugi smiled slightly. "I guess so. I've always liked a challenge, and any other math class would have been too easy fro me." Yugi said.

"If you're looking for a challenge, then you'll get one. This is a pretty tough class. The advanced biology class that my crazy brother decided to take is the only class this school offers that is harder than this class." Yami said.

"When does he have advanced biology?" Yugi asked.

"Right now." Yami answered.

"I guess he'll be seeing my brother. Heba's taking the class, too." Yugi said.

"I don't see why anyone would want to take that class." Yami said.

"Neither do I, but Heba said the exact same thing to me about the math class." Yugi said.

"True. Atemu also said that to me." Yami said.

"How far in the book are you?" Yugi asked.

"We're on chapter three, and we've only been in school a month." Yami said.

"I've got some catching up to do." Yugi said.

"I'll help you out." Yami said.

"Thanks. I think that I'm going to need it." Yugi said.

"If you don't mind my asking, are you and Heba twins?" Yami asked.

"Yes, we are, and unless I miss my guess, you and Atemu are, too." Yugi said.

"Yeah. We are. We couldn't be more different, but we are." Yami said.

"Except where academics are concerned." Yugi said.

"Excuse me?" Yami asked.

"I heard that you and Atemu are at the top of the junior class." Yugi said.

"Oh. Yeah. We are." Yami said. He looked at Yugi and said, "I take it that you are, too, considering the fact that you're taking this class."

"Yeah. Heba and I were at the top of our class at our old school." Yugi said.

"I guess Atemu and I might want to watch ourselves." Yami said.

"By the way, were the blonde and white haired guys who spied on us while Vivian was talking to us your friends?" Yugi asked.

Yami looked at him in surprise. "You knew that they were there?' Yami asked.

Yugi nodded. "Yeah. They were discreet, but I'm pretty good at observing my surroundings." Yugi said.

"Yeah. Marik was the blonde, and Bakura was the other. Ever since Atemu and I turned down dates with her, she's been determined to make our lives a living hell, which she doesn't manage, and that irks her even more. We wondered if she would try and trick you into dating her." Yami said.

"Well, this school has a very good and fast grapevine. We found out before class even started. I think that we'll have rumors about us soon." Yugi said.

"Yeah. You will. She cannot stand being turned down." Yami said.

"I guess these have been bad blows to her ego then." Yugi said.

"You have no idea." Yami replied. He thought a moment before he said, "Would you and your brother like to eat lunch with me and my friends?"

"I don't want to intrude on you and your friends." Yugi said.

"You wouldn't. They won't mind." Yami said.

"Well, I'll see what Heba thinks." Yugi said.

"Okay." Yami said.

The teacher walked in and said, "Class, settle down." She looked around and said, "I believe that we have a new student, Yugi Mutou."

Yugi raised his hand.

"Good. Find a student to help you catch up." the teacher said.

"Yea, ma'am." Yugi replied.

"Now, let's get started." the teacher said.

All the students got out their books and notebooks, and the teacher started to teach the class.

Okay. That's the first chapter. I hope that you liked the start. It should get more interesting as it goes. Sorry if this one wasn't very good.

The next chapter has Vivian trying to stir up trouble during lunch. There'll be some friendship bonding between Yugi and Heba and all the others.

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